How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Room?

Planning to paint your house and curious to know how much does it cost to paint a room?

Getting a room painted is the instant method to make it attractive and uplift its look. But there is a cost to paint a room, and that can vary as it is not a fixed thing that charges the same as you think.

Choosing a budget can be overwhelming sometimes and especially for the first-timers who just got a new home and want paint in every room. They are unknown to the painting schemes, how to choose budget and quality painter, etc.

You can spend hours just thinking when to start, if you are in the situation, then don’t worry, just go with this article and get all your answer on the average cost to paint a room.

These days, most painters offer samples so you can have a look and decide accordingly.  You see the color on the wall and match it with the rest of your home. If there is something you don’t like, you can tell the person to modify it with new changes.

So here are the tricks by which you can calculate how much does it cost to paint a room and how you can save your precious bucks and get a quality painting.

Calculating How Much Does It Cost To Paint a Room

Suppose if you are on the way to paint a room that means only the walls and not the ceilings and the size is 10X12, in this case, you can expect the cost to be from $380-$790. If you decide it to do it by yourself, then the cost can be $200-$300.

The main factor in calculating how much does it cost to paint a room is to measure how much paint a room will require. The professional painters also take this factor on the priority and then their service charges and other factors come.

You need to consider the area first which is required to be painted. For example, if you are aiming only for the walls, then it will cost you less than the situation where you want to paint the ceiling, windows, and doors of that room. This way, the area is the main factor in deciding the cost approximately.

Factors About How Much Does It Cost To Paint a Room

To decide the approx cost, take care of these factors I’m going to list here:

1). Get To Know the Size of Room

It is the first and mandatory step on how much does it cost to paint a room to get the exact idea of the cost you are going to pay. You have to buy enough paint to work in the room, so you need a dimension that how many liters of paint your room is going to need.

The more area a room has, the more it is going to cost you because a larger room charges more labor and that means more cost.

2). Determining the Walls Type

It is also necessary because it determines how many gallons of paint you should buy. There are different types of walls like the smooth and the textured ones.

If your walls are of the smooth type, then the paint cost is not going to increase. But if you have walls in textured type, then you need to increase the quantity of paint as textured walls mean more area to paint and more labor.

All you need is adding the extra surface area in those textured walls and get an estimate about required paint while calculating how much does it cost to paint a room with other factors.

3). Calculate the Time Required

There is no doubt that a painter is going to charge you for his services and the time he is putting to paint the room.

You need to know how much does it cost to paint a room, so take this one as a third factor. You will be charged more if it takes more time to complete the job, so you need to estimate the total time to complete the painting for the room.

It is all based on the painting services you choose and how much they genius and experienced in their work. Some of them complete their work fast, and some take time.

You can easily calculate the time as it takes 1 hour to paint an area of 100 to 120 square feet. If the paint is going on wood or plaster, then it is going to take more time to paint 100 to 120 square feet.

Other than this, drying out time should also be considered that means how much time first coat will take to dry to apply the second coat.

4). Choose Plan for Rooms or Whole House

It is also necessary to determine how much does it cost to paint a room. So decide whether you want multiple rooms to paint or the whole house.

If you want to paint multiple rooms that mean you need to choose different colors for each room and the patterns, so they look connected without being different. Secondly, each room has a different size, so you are going to charge more if you select services for different rooms.

To save the cost, you can choose the plans that go for the entire home that comes with the same color and pattern, so the cost gets low because it’s a less time-consuming process.

Multiple rooms cost high because of the following factors:

The individual color choosing process, the gloss for each room, the size of each room and labor required. So consider all these things to know how much does it cost to paint a room.

5). Cost of Supplies Needed

It is an obvious thing that you must consider on how much does it cost to paint a room. When you hire a quality painting service, they provide you both the supplies and the painting for your home.

But if you want to save a few bucks, then you can go with proving them all the basic supplies. This way they are going to charge you only for the labor and not the supplies.

If you are going to DIY (Do It Yourself), then there will be no labor cost, but still, you have to calculate the cost of supplies needed to paint.

These supplies can be:

  • Brushes of different types to fulfill your desired painting purposes
  • Painter’s tape so you can protect the area that you don’t want to paint.
  • Drop cloth so you can save the floor and furniture from the droplets
  • Paint tray to save the gallons of paint by keeping a little portion at a time
  • Paint rollers to give a quick paint to a large area and ladders in case you need to stay high to paint the ceiling.

Important Steps to Reduce the Cost of Painting

Here are some steps which are very useful to reduce the cost of painting. Follow all steps to take complete benefit.

1). Provides Necessary Measurements by Yourself

As I have said, the more time the painter takes to paint a room, the more cost he is going to charge you. It also includes taking the measurement as it takes time and effort to decide the area and paints required.

If you do this art by yourself, then you can save plenty of time and the way your precious money as well. Before hiring a painting service, take the exact measure of the room and get an idea how much paint it is going to take.

So when the printer arrives, you only need him to bring the supplies and paint the room. It is him to save you a lot of time, and hence you reduce the cost.

You don’t need much effort for calculating the area and the gallons of paints. There are several apps like ‘Paint Calculator’ so you just need to install it and let it help you to decide the area and paint.

When you know the exact quantity of paint you require, you save yourself from wasting money on buying extra paint and this way the job seems cheap.

2). Go For Color Palette Wisely To Save Cost

Imagine that you are painting your room the very first time and you don’t know which color is going to look fine. So you plan on trying colors on by one and then paint it with the decided one.

You don’t need to make all this effort and wasting money unnecessarily because there are online articles available that help you to choose the perfect color for a particular room.

For example, if you are going to paint the living room, then you can consider colors like light green on the walls and white on the ceiling, sky blue, light brown, turquoise, etc.

In the same way, choose for every room separately and make the ceiling white and windows and doors with the same colors to make them connected.

3). Don’t Compromise With the Quality

You need an idea on how much does it cost to paint a room and want to finish the painting job for your home at a low price. While considering the cost, you also need to consider the quality.

Taking shortcuts is a wise way, but don’t take shortcuts that only seem short but are way longer. You need to use a little sense while selecting the budget for getting the paint done.

Always take care of the quality paint and the quality services if you are hiring professionals. Choosing an inexpensive paint can get you in trouble, and you may need to paint the room often than you thought.

Saving money is a good thing, but don’t save much that you need to compromise with the quality and always choose the superior product to paint your home so it can serve you for longer.

At the time of hiring professionals, take care of the brand they use for painting and make sure that you have altered all your doubts.

4). Keep Your Walls Ready to Get Painted

As I discussed above to keep the measurement ready, so you save time and cost. The same thing applies to keep your walls ready, so the painter does not face any trouble and provides you the job done quickly.

The longer he works on your walls, the more money you have to provide him. So inspect your walls to confirm that they are in good condition or not.

If there is any plaster or material coming off, then you need to clear the walls and make them ready to paint.

You should remove any wallpaper to save the time and decrease the price of the job. Make your preparations so your painting services can serve you in less time and charge you less.

Also, confirm your painters for the final price and any charges so you won’t face any hidden charges and this is the correct way to work on how much does it cost to paint a room.

5). Take Care of Weather to Decide the Cost

Summer and springs are great to get a painting job done because these are the times when people feel the need to renovate their homes.

In these seasons professional painters are in great demand, and so they charge you more to paint your home. Here you need to take a wise step and hire these professionals in the winter days because their prices get low in winter times as no one hire them in these days.

So whether you want a painting or an interior decoration job done, hire the service providers when they charge the lowest prices and still provides you quality services.

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Painting always improves a home’s exterior and interior looks, but it seems a costly project to get done. I provided here all the details so you can decide how much does it cost to paint a room and how can you get the job at a low cost.

So read out the details here and decide whether you want it DIY by visiting the hardware store and bring all the supplies or need a professional to do it for you.

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