Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In the World: Everyone is a fan of pets, and just like those cute and adorable dogs, cats are also loved by many of you as your favorite pet. Pets always are a part of your culture, and they support you better sometimes as being in your household.

Pets just demand a little love from your side, and they offer you their whole loyalty. They can’t speak, but they have the power understand you and your emotions, so it is worth having a pet just like cats as your companion.

People who want to adopt a precious act breed can head forward in this article to know more about expensive breeds of cats that you can have as your pet.

Cats are always neat and clean and the one major thing is that they don’t need long walks like dogs, so if you consider useless a busy person, then a cat is the best option to choose. You need to pay some extra dollars, then get ready to this list of most expensive cat breeds and let a cat be your next guest.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Here is a list of top 10 most expensive breeds of cats. Go ahead and explore this list to know about these expensive cats.

1). Ashera – $100,000


Ashera is one of the most expensive cat breeds, and it can be your choice if you want an exotic domestic cat. This breed was produced from the Asian Leopard cats same as the Bengal, so it features some contrast spots that provides it a leopard-like appearance.

The cat is an expensive one that can charge you up to $100,000, these cats have a friendly nature, they are good with family and they are comfortable with evening walks.

These cats need special care in winters as these cats were originated from a hot climate, so you need to take care of her warmness when it is chilling outside.

This cat can be your perfect pet if you want an exotic one that is unusual and you don’t see commonly in other homes. This exotic feature makes it this much expensive, these cats can have some temperament issues as they were produced from wild cats. So take care of this thing and there is no doubt that this cat is intelligent and loyal.

2). Bengal – $25,000


This one is really beautiful for being a cat, so it deserves to be on the list of the most expensive cat breeds.

She is an attractive breed; Bengal was created using a combination of domestic feline and Asian Leopard Cat. The breed continued producing and we the cat got the right temperament, she deserves to be in your homes as a gentle domestic cat.

Pet owners should take care that the Bengal has crossed its four generations before taking them to your home as the generations remove the Leopard properties and make these cats kind and loving.

It was a breed of Leopard Cat that offers it a leopard looks but a right generation makes it a domestic cat without any wild properties. There is no need to worry if you want to own this cat as there are no effects seen like Asian Leopard cats.

So forget the temperament issue because now it comes as a pure domestic cat but with a wildcat look.

3). Savannah – $22,000


Well, it is the champion at due to its looks, strong, and body structure. It is a hybrid cat that produced using the combination of several and a domestic cat. This breed also falls among the most expensive cat breeds known as the heaven like name ‘Savannah.’

She is also pure domestic and very much loyal just like the dogs. Also, they make great bonds with dogs if you have any already in your home. They’re not just loyal, but they are also very intelligent and understand things deeply.

These cats remain more conscious as you can see with their straight ears that sense everything. It is a medium-sized cat that became popular from 1990 to 2001, but they are still famous when it comes to adopting a strange and domestic breed.

The coat comes with several spots on light brown fur and a cat having these features can only be accepted as Savannah. Their shades can be different like marble, snow color, blue, cinnamon, lavender, and others.

The cat is overall slim and tall, and they don’t weigh much even having large bodies. Though size can’t be same all time as it depends on their sex and generation as well.

4). Allerca Hypoallergenic Cat – $6,000

Allerca Hypoallergenic Cat

It is the most expensive cat named Allerca Hypoallergenic as the cat comes with no allergy issues at all. Allergies are the main issue with cats that most cat owners find it irritating and they ignore having a cat.

To overcome this issue, the Allerca Hypoallergenic was developed, and with the cat, you won’t find any allergy troubles. These are furry pets, so you can feel some allergies on your hands or body and this cat is the solution for that.

If you go and own this one, you would find a sensitized pet that keeps you away from any skin issues. So you can go to this one which comes expensive around $6,000 and sometimes up to $28,000 which makes it stand among these most expensive cat breeds.

But this price is nothing for real cat lovers and those who want their fluffy pet without giving them any hypersensitivity.

This breed was developed after researchers found that protein that causes these reactions. This protein is found in cat’s saliva and their skin named as Fel d1. It may not eliminate the allergy issue, but it prevents you most of the times.

5). Persian cat – $5000

Persian cat

The Persian cat is a well-known cat breed for its long hairs and white shades, other shades can also be found.

So the long-hairs, round face and short mouth are the main deities for the Persian. They are also known as Iranian cats or Shirazi cat depends on the location.  There are always mysteries about this long-hair cat’s origin, but they are called Persian because they were first brought from Iran (Persia) in 1620.

Now, these cats are popular in Europe and they are getting famous in other regions as well being one of the most expensive cat breeds.

6). Russian Blue – $3000

Russian Blue

Russian blue comes in various colors like light silver, dark silver and grey sometimes.  The Russian blue deserves to be your next pet as they are capable of establishing great bonds with humans.

Your cat is going to love you with all its heart, and due to their beautiful skin coat and lovely features, they are perfect to have in your home. This beautiful and dense coat makes their increased demand that people want to own them as their first pet.

Their coat feels so soft that you can draw lines using your fingertips and it goes off when you swipe their coat again just like hose velvet blankets. So the cat comes among the most expensive cats having a royal name ‘Russian Blue.’

You can find a Russian Blue for approx. $3000 if you want a beautiful and soft looking cat that is great with your family. From all these colors, you can choose your choice like grey, silver or dark silver, they look great in every shade.

The name comes from Arkhangelsk Russia as this breed started there and another name is Archangel Blues with a lifespan of 10 to 20 years.

7). Peterbald – $3000


Just like its name, the cat seems a bald one who is also of the Russian origin. This first breed was found in St. Petersburg in 1994 that took place by Olga S. Mironova. This breed is like airless or a breed with hair-loss characteristics.

These cats have very short hairs and they have the hair-losing gene. They often born bald, flock-coated in which their skin looks gathered, velour that feels like having a soft and striped fur or in other forms.

If the cat is born having a good amount of hours, it loses hairs with time as the name Peterbald. Other than different furs, they all have some colors and markings, but a bald look makes them easily recognizable.

So if you find this one attractive, then go ahead for this slim build having a long head, their eyes feel like almond-shaped, small nose, and ears that are set apart. These cats are very good in homes, and also they can help you with some simple tasks like opening that door for you using their paws strength.

This one among the most expensive cat breeds in the world charges you approx. $1000 or more, so be ready to get this smart and sweet creature and surprise your family.

8). British Short Hair – $1500

British Short Hair

This British Short Hair is quite famous; you may have seen her in some movies or videos online. This cat is like having a puffy body with a round and filled face. Due to its popularity, this short hair comes expensive.

This breed is famous among cat lovers that can charge you from $500 to $1500 as the price range fall according to the location you buy it from.

Its origin is Roman, and from that place it was brought to Europe, then, it was bred with other cats and now it is the final version named as British Shorthair among the most expensive cat breeds.

This cat can be found in colors like British Blue and blue-gray with copper-colored eyes that are large and rounded. This cat has a medium tail, the face is rounded and cheeks are often broad.

She looks calm nature and her appearance also seems good that makes her a domestic pet around your children. This breed is powerful having strong thick legs, rounded paws and is found in medium-length. The coat is a dense one without any undercoat and it feels all woolly when touched.

9). Scottish fold – $2000

Scottish fold

This breed Scottish Fold is a domestic cat with the dominant-gene mutation and as a result, the cat has folded ears and sometimes it seems like not having any external ears which make it look adorable.

Those ears that are not easily recognizable gives the cat an owl look, the origin is Scottish, so the cat is known as Scottish fold.

When this breed was first presented in Europe, it was not accepted as the authorities thought there are some genetic difficulties with the cat. Later, the breed was exported to America and there it continued producing.

This breed doesn’t have any problem like deafness or any; it just has the folded ears which make wax buildup in their ears more than any other breed of cat.

They are good-natured that love to mix up with families. They love getting close to human and they hate loneliness more than anything else, so you can go for this one from my list of most expensive cat breeds.

10). Egyptian Mau – $1000

Egyptian Mau

She looks adorable and cute to a great extent and her appearance is so shiny like a silver shade having some greyish spots or stripes on their coat. This Beauty makes them the most expensive cat breeds and the name is also lovely ‘Egyptian Mau.’

They are not very small, not very big and they can sometimes look like the Bahraini Dilmun Cat for their black strips on the coat. This breed was originated in 1952; these cats were named as Egyptian Mau because they were originated from Egypt as per some records.

But, when genetic testing happened, it shows that the breed is from North America and Europe. Egyptian Mau makes it perfect to have as a modern domestic cat and as you can see in the pictures; these cats can be easily differentiated from the normal cats such as their shorter front legs.

There absolutely no trust issues with these cats as they are very loyal and friendly and also, their temperament is not an issue, so they are perfect for your kids.

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Cats are common as a loving pet that can give you as much care and loyalty like a dog. They are famous worldwide for their attractive looks and nature towards a family; so undoubtedly, you can adopt a cat as your pet by choosing one form these most expensive cat breeds.

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