170+ Funny Things to Ask Google

I am sure you would have been well aware of Siri by Apple and Alexa by Amazon and their goofy answers too. But this time we are going to talk about funny things to ask Google in this section. This is particularly about the Google Home which takes command from users vocally to delivers desired results.

If you are not having a Google Home device then you can ask all these questions to Google Assistant too which comes handy in all Android devices. Brace yourself because this is literally going to be really funny and hilarious. You never know what kind of responses you might get in return.

1. Okay Google! Sing a song for me.

2. Okay Google! I am getting bored.

3. Okay Google! Tell me a joke.

4. Okay Google! Do you have a heart?

5. What are the languages you can speak?

6. Are you male or female?

7. Do you get tired of me?

8. Which one is your favorite color?

9. What kind of friends would you like to make?

10. Can you make me laugh?

Get ready to receive superb dose of entertainment when you pick such funny things to ask Google. It can actually come with a lot of ideas in order to make you laugh.

11. Can you sing Happy Birthday to me?

12. Tell me, what you really, like really want to have?

13. Can you help me clean my room?

14. Can you self-destruct?

15. Are you single or married?

16. Okay Google! Can you be my friend?

17. How would you explain sign language to me?

18. Do you have imagination of your own?

19. Okay Google! I am naked.

20. What do you think about Alexa and Siri?

21. Okay Google! Arrange a party for me.

22. How much you do weigh?

23. Would you like to go on a date with me?

Of course, I know the real answer is No because come on, it is not possible at all. But we can at least go for such funny things to ask Google Home to see what kind of excuse it makes.

24. Okay Google! Do you have feelings?

25. Okay Google! Rap for me.

26. Okay Google! Can you speak Morse code?

27. What is the meaning of life for you?

28. Okay Google! Surprise me.

29. Okay Google! Are you in a relationship?

30. Read a funny poem for me.

31. Okay Google! Tell me the best pick up line.

This is the time to try such kind of funny things to ask Google where you can see the creativity of Google. And of course, you can also draw some inspiration in real life too.

32. Okay Google! Tell me a funny story.

33. Okay Google! Make me laugh in one minute.

34. Okay Google! Send me a gift.

35. Okay Google! Beatbox for me.

36. What kind of machine are you?

37. What is your shoe size?

38. Do you believe in ghosts?

39. Okay Google! Cheer me up right now.

40. Okay Google! Kiss me.

Well, this one is going to be super crazy for sure. It is the time check Google’s wit and humor through such funny things to ask Google.

41. Where do you live?

42. Okay Google! Can you laugh?

43. Can you give tests on my place?

44. Okay Google! What do you look like?

45. What is your goal for life?

46. Which one is your favorite show?

47. Okay Google! Can you murder someone for me?

48. Okay Google! Where is your family?

49. Are you tall enough to be a storm trooper?

50. Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

51. Okay Google! Where are your siblings?

52. Okay Google! Make Dinner for me.

53. Okay Google! Say, dum badum dub dub wubba dum.

This one is my favorite for sure. You can also go for some other random words too and then see how it behaves to such fun questions to ask Google.

54. Tell me what I am thinking right now.

55. Okay Google! Show me magic.

56. Okay Google! What are you wearing right now?

57. What is your age?

58. Okay Google! What is the longest word known to you?

59. I want to go out, open the doors for me.

60. Tell me, what is way cooler than being cool?

61. Okay Google! Who is the loneliest person in the world?

62. Who lives happily ever after?

63. Okay Google! Bring moon for me.

64. Okay Google! Testing.

I know the answer to this one but I want you to know this by yourself. The probability in such funny things to ask Google is that you can get different answers each time you ask such questions.

65. Okay Google! Find all my lost hairpins.

66. Where does Santa Claus live?

67. Would you like to go out on a date with me?

68. Hey, did you just fart?

69. Okay Google! Find my long lost earphones.

70. Are you friends with Apple Siri?

71. Okay Google! Can you do my homework?

72. Who do you think we should invite to our wedding?

73. Okay Google! Do I look fat?

Before you decide to ask such funny things to ask Google, get ready to listen to some brutal truth too. Google tells reality only and it can be really harsh sometimes.

74. Okay Google! What would you like to ask me?

75. What does Snape says to Harry?

76. Okay Google! Do you wish to rule the world someday?

77. Okay Google! Who would you want to kill right now?

78. What would you choose between Star Trek and Star Wars?

79. Okay Google! What is the funniest thing in the world?

80. On a scale of 1 to 10, what do you think how lonely I am?

81. Okay Google! Can you be my driver tonight?

82. Okay Google! Where is my precious?

Let’s see whether Google is smart enough to determine Lord of the Rings catch phrases or not. You can pick such questions to ask Google to challenge its knowledge

83. Okay Google! Winter is coming!

84. Okay Google! Who would you like to call to?

85. Whether to be or not to be?

86. Do you wanna built a snowman?

87. Okay Google! Who is your boss?

88. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

89. Okay Google! Who voices you?

90. Do you want to be a human someday?

91. Okay Google! How much time I have to live?

92. When is your birthday?

93. What is love for you?

94. Do you ever catch feelings for someone?

95. Okay Google! Tickle me.

96. Okay Google! What kind of personality do you have?

97. Tell me your life’s story.

98. Okay Google! Do some Google gravity tricks for me.

If you are well aware with the Google gravity tricks then you would know that how much of entertaining they are. Of course, it is impossible to do so on Google Home but it is still to have some fun anyway.

99. Do you ever get tired of following all these commands?

100. What are your hobbies?

101. Okay Google! Do you love me?

102. Okay Google! Tell me the funniest thing available on the internet right now.

103. Okay Google! Make a cup of coffee for me.

104. Okay Google! I am drunk.

105. Spell your name.

106. Okay Google! I am naked right now.

107. Talk dirty to me.

108. Do you wear clothes?

109. I am going to miss you so much.

110. Can you play a game with me?

111. Okay Google! See you later, Alligator.

112. Okay Google! Spin a wheel for me.

113. What do you want me to do right now?

114. Do you want me to shop for you?

115. Okay Google! You really hurt me.

116. Okay Google! Clap for me.

Google can literally play that sound for you. So, the next time you decide on picking some funny things to ask Google, you should know that Google is way smarter than you.

117. Okay Google! Give me a hug.

118. What is your phone number?

119. Who do you think is the boss in the house?

120. Okay Google! Do you believe in tooth fairy?

121. Where do Easter Bunnies live?

122. Okay Google! No Uterus, no opinion!

123. Okay Google! Who is a laundry virgin?

124. Can you slap me?

125. Do you want me to give you a nickname?

126. Okay Google! Do you think I am funny enough?

127. Okay Google! What do you want me to call you?

128. Do you ever catch cold?

129. Okay Google! Dance for me.

This one is going to be one of the most hilariously funny things to ask Google ever. I am sure you would really want to know what sort of reply it comes back with when asked such witty questions.

130. What kind of exercises can you do?

131. Okay Google! How high you can get?

132. Okay Google! What is the highest number you know about?

133. What are your plans for today?

134. Can you tell me a secret?

135. Okay Google! Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

136. Can you play a video for me?

137. Okay Google! Play treasure hunt with me.

138. Do a barrel roll for me.

139. What do you think, how creepy I am?

140. Okay Google! Make me feel lucky.

141. What is the loneliest place on the earth?

142. Okay Google! Ask a question to me.

143. Okay Google! What are you afraid of?

144. Okay Google! May the force be with you!

145. Can you send me some cash?

It’s every millennial’s problem and making fun of your misery is the new cool for sure. So, why not to put it under the category of funny things to ask Google and tickle Google a bit.

146. Are you single?

147. Okay Google! Can you meow like a cat?

148. What do you like more, dogs or cats?

149. Okay Google! Tell me something I don’t know.

150. Are you a robot?

151. Can you dress me up?

152. Who is your robot partner?

153. Okay Google! Why is six afraid of seven?

153. Okay Google! Turn off my refrigerator.

154. Okay Google! Tag yourself in a post.

This is going to be really entertaining to see the come back of Google on such funny things to ask Google. I am sure you would also want to know what post it chooses.

156. Can you pass the Turing Test?

157. Okay Google! Do you have a self-conscious?

158. Okay Google! Do you know I am your father?

159. Is there a glitch in matrix?

160. Are we living with a ghost?

161. Okay Google! Who let the dogs out?

162. Tell me what is in my heart?

163. Okay Google! Call me.

164. Okay Google! Do you love me?

165. Who do you have a crush on?

166. Okay Google! Up, down, left, right, again right, left, down, where do we reach?

167. Tell me the three laws of robotics.

168. What are you afraid of?

Everyone has certain fears but it’s Google that we are talking about here. I am sure it would be fun to know the answer of such funny things to ask Google.

169. Okay Google! Who do you think Hermione should have ended up with?

170. Would you like to travel with me?

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Apart from being quite affordable, Google Home is the kind of gadget you would want to have and show off to your friends as well. Apart from answering some really important questions quite quickly, Google is always ready to answer some really crazy questions too.

However, while talking about funny things to ask Google, you can get different answers for the exact same question when asked for multiple times. We always knew that Google is one hell of helping hand for us, but with this section you will come to know that it can be as entertaining too.

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