Questions To Ask People to Get To Know Them

This is always good to have questions to ask people, this provides you a way to know them more and easily. This also helps you to make a conversation with them just about anything.

You all often need having some conversation whether it’s your coworkers, acquaintance, or just some random person. To know them a little better, you have to ask and sometimes it’s hard to make a quick connection with them.

To solve this worry, I bring you some of the top questions to ask people so you can clear your doubts and queries and know them fast.

Here are several varieties of questions to ask people to know them at different levels. So these are perfect when you want to know someone at a deep level and to make your understanding better with them, so go to this set of questions to ask people.

Casual Questions to Ask People to Get To Know Them

Questions to ask people

1). What’s your favorite color in clothing?

2). If you don’t have to sleep, what would you do?

3). What’s your hobby?

4). What do you do to earn money?

5). Do you own a house?

6). Are you in sports?

7). What is your favorite job to work on?

8). Have you ever climbed a tree?

9). Have you ever won a medal for sports activities?

10). Which thing annoys you the most?

11). What are you really good at?

12). What is your favorite brand of car and motorcycle?

13). What is that thing on that you can spend more to get the best? Get to know about their favorite things by these questions to ask people.

14). Are you obsessed for any celebrity?

15). Who is your ideal person?

16). How do you begin your next 5 years?

17). Have you ever eaten anything gross?

18). Is there any veggie that you absolutely hate?

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19). What’s your easy to make lunch other than a sandwich?

20). What’s your favorite restaurant that you regularly visit?

21). Can you cook something really delicious that other people don’t abuse it?

Random Questions to Ask People

1). What is the most adventures thing that you have ever done?

2). What’s your favorite touring destination?

3). Is there any place that you want to visit?

4). What would you do if you have unlimited funds?

5). Do you consume any energy drink?

6). Do you go to the gym?

7). How often do you visit bars and pubs?

8). Have you ever visited a dentist?

9). From which state are you from?

10). What is your favorite childhood song?

11). What is your favorite movie?

12). Do you go to theatres on weekends?

13). Do you play Xbox or any video game?

14). How often do you do online shopping?

15). Have you ever visited a snow park?

16). Do you have any best friend?

17). Do you have any pet? What’s your favorite pet?

18). How often do you help others?

19). How much time do you take to be ready every day?

20). What do you do to feel fresh the whole day?

21). Is there anything that puts you off if you see it?

22). What’s your favorite band?

23). What is your favorite TV channel?

24). Have you accomplished something extraordinary?

25). How much money do you expect to make in your life?

26). Have you ever think taking out parents to old age home?

27). Have you ever been busted?

28). Have you ever fall in love?

29). Have your friends ever pranked you in the name of love?

30). Are you jealous of anyone?

31). Do you think life is about experimenting?

32). What is your date of birth?

33). What is your place of birth?

34). Are you close to any of your cousins?

35). What is your Favorite Food?

36). When do you enjoy more, in the night or in the day?

37). Is there any drug or anything that you are allergic to?

38). Do you like wine? Which color, Red or White?

39). Who’s Your Favorite Author?

40). Have you ever played Golf? Have you ever seen golf courses?

41). Can you play chess?

42). Have you ever played snooker?

43). Do you know any Magic Tricks?

44). Are you a tea person or prefer Coffee?

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Interesting Questions to Ask People

1). What is the ringtone on your phone?

2). Do you remember the brand name of your last shoes?

3). Which shirt you recently wore?

4). What’s your favorite saying?

5). What was the last time when someone said: “I love you”?

6). What is the current wallpaper on your laptop’s screen?

7). What is the recent song you listened?

8). What is your favorite superpower?

9). What do you like at the beach, sand or water?

10). Have you ever felt for your best friend’s boyfriend?

11). What is your favorite history character?

12). If the world is ending in two days, what would you do?

13). Have you ever wanted to get fame and money?

14). Is it anything that you do in an old-fashioned way?

15). What’s your favorite music? What is your favorite singer? So you know about their favorite music and singer by questions to ask people.

16). How often do you go on beaches?

17). How often do you visit restaurants?

18). Are you a food lover or just eat to live?

19). Have you ever visited any romantic place?

20). How many members are in your family?

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21). How do you relax when you go through a hard day?

22). Have you ever read any novel or fantasy book?

23). Who do you love the most in your family?

24). Has anyone ever asked anything annoying?

25). Is there any topic on that you can speak continuously?

26). Do you have anything in your mind that you want to do at least once in a life?

27). Do you like sky games as gliding or water sports?

28). From where did you complete your education?

29). Have you ever traveled so far?

30). What is Your Horoscope Sign?

31). Do you read your Horoscope daily?

32). How would you define your parents?

33). What are the items in your Bucket List? Can you name one thing?

34). What is your Favorite Subject to learn?

35). Have you ever gone scuba diving?

36). Have you ever installed an aquarium?

37). Which Season is your favorite, summer or winter?

38). Who is Your Favorite football Team?

39). Have you seen any sports sitting in the stadium?

40). Are you satisfied with your name and surname?

41). What is your favorite character in a comic, the good guy or the villain?

42). When did you last meet your Best Friend?

43). What did you like the most when you were a kid?

44). What are the apps that you are so addicted to?

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45). If you have the option to watch only one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?

46). Have you ever participated in a vehicle racing?

47). What is your favorite celebrity that you follow on Instagram?

Personal Questions to Ask People

1). Have you ever seen any funeral?

2). Have you ever relocated a new place?

3). How are you changing as you’re growing up?

4). Are there any hidden talents that you have?

5). What types of extracurricular activities do you do?

6). What is your must-have accessory that you can’t live without?

7). Have you ever faced any unbelievable thing?

8). Do you have any person from which you receive your best advice?

9). Can you do anything for the person that you care about?

10). Have you ever given any major opinion to someone?

11). What is the best compliment that you have received, and on which thing?

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12). If only you are left on the earth alone, what would you do?

13). Who is your greatest inspiration? Use these questions to ask people and get their views about the important person in their life.

14). What is that thing that you thought in your childhood to complete when you grow up, but you haven’t?

15). How would you defend yourself if you feel any danger?

16). What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?

17). Have you ever disappointed someone very badly?

18). What is that thing you will never do again?

19). How many times in a day you lie?

20). How do you spend most of your time?

21). Do you ever read any type of magazines?

22). Have you ever read a book that inspired you for a long time?

23). Do you believe in god? What is god according to you?

24). Is there any memory you wish to erase?

25). Do you have any person that you are most proud of having?

26). Are you addicted to any drug or pills?

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27). What is your great sadness? You may get to know about the great sorrow in their life by questions to ask people.

28). Are you afraid of getting older?

29). Can you recognize people with their scent?

30). Are you afraid of dark and heights?

31). If you have only one hour to live, what would you do? So you would know their heartily desire through these questions to ask people.

32). Have you ever given any donation?

33). With which name your friends call you often?

34). Do you stand with the right every time, no matter what happens to you?

35). What is your greatest doubt?

36). What is that memory that you want to remember in the next life? So you know about their favorite memory by having these questions to ask people.

37). What is your favorite fragrance for a candle?

38). Do you know the best things about you?

39). What’s the best present you’ve ever got from your parents?

Funny Questions to Ask People

1). Do fishes also get thirsty?

2). What is the antonym for opposite?

3). Why are the alphabets 26 in the number? Why not 28 or 32? Check their humor by these questions to ask people.

4). Do good things really come to those who wait or just leftovers of the people who went before them?

5). Don’t you think the Disney World is a trap operated by a mouse?

6). Why is Greenland covered with ice, why not with grass?

7). Why don’t we consider chocolate as a vegetable, as it comes from the beans?

8). Why superman wears the panty over his pants?

9). Why hairs get off from the head by age and not from the armpits? Have some really funny conversation and use these questions to ask people.

10). What do you think about banks having branches when money doesn’t grow on trees?

11). Why do 2 minutes of noodles get 10 minutes to cook?

12). Why heavy sunlight gets our hair lighten but our skin darker?

13). Why some bras are called training bras, is there anything you teach them?

14). What is the meaning of making scented toilet paper?

15). Why whales look like a sack when Swimming shapes us right?

16). If the cream is already sour then why is there any expiration date on it?

17). Have you experienced that food labeled as “easy open” are never easy to pen?

18). What’s that weird thing I don’t know about you?

19). Do you love watching horror movies?

20). How many relatives of you are there in jail?

21). What crazy do you do when there is no one around you?

22). Do you sing while taking a shower?

23). What is your favorite, your hands or feet?

24). What would you do if your hair goes up like no gravity?

25). Have you ever sleep wearing shoes?

26). Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

27). Do you enjoy midnight snack when everyone is sleeping?

28). Do you still have your childhood toy?

29). What is the useless subject according to you?

30). What’s your favorite month of the year?

31). What’s your favorite day in a week?

32). Do you brush your teeth daily?

33). Have you ever been at a casino?

34). Have you ever been in an aero plane?

35). How many times in a day do you brush your teeth?

36). Have you ever made a snowman and attached a carrot as a nose?

37). What is your favorite cheese? Get these questions to ask people and know their favorite type of cheese.


If you have really wiser questions to ask people, they can make your small talks to a great and memorable conversation. All that matters is asking the right questions and you can know very interesting facts about that person.

Sometimes you both can discover the mutual interests and develop your relationship reality with more understanding.

Just ask these questions in the way that no one feel like to be in an interview. Just be casual start from some simple questions, I hope this list of questions to ask people will help you through the institutions and embarrassments.

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