Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend: Good Questions to Ask a Guy

Cute questions to ask your boyfriend : Have you ever try to thought that why relationships these days break so easily? It is because people lose interest in each other. They do not even try to put some efforts. They just stop talking to each other and call it off so easily.

And being a girl you are always insecure about your partner. As he moves around very much, meet new people, talk to many female colleagues. So its natural to be get distracted. And what leads to get away from your partner is your lacking interest in them.

So ladies it is your high time to talk to your love and try to make a special bond with them so it can not be easily broken.

Good Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Here are some really cute questions to ask you boyfriend to know him more. And to keep your relationship healthy with him:

1. Start with the past

Ask him that how many times he lied to you in past. Try to know why and when. Don’t let him feel like you are investigating him. Also do not over react if he ever did so cause it was his past and it should never effect your present and future.

2. The childhood mania

Ask him that what was the worst prank he ever did as a child. To make the conversation a bit more interesting ask him that how many times he got slapped by parents for such pranks?

3. Some choices of him

Try to know him more by trying these cute questions to ask your boyfriend-

Which actress you like more than me?

Which actor do you admit is extremely sexy?

What are your favorite hang out places?

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4.Something fictional

To make the conversation a bit crazy you can try these cute questions to ask your boyfriend. Because whenever you turn silly it attracts him even more.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Have you ever encountered any spirit around yourself?

Are you an atheist?

If you believe in god then why did I never see you worshiping?

5. Brand consciousness

Try to know whether your boyfriend is brand conscious? If he is then your wallet will going to cry at its best. Try such good questions to ask your boyfriend for this purpose-

What is your favorite brand in watch?

What about clothes? Do you like monte carlo?

Are you a prada sleeper’s lover?

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6. The automobile world

Almost every guy is crazy about cars and high tech machines. So it is the time to put your feet in his shoes. Try to inquire what type of car he is crazy about?

Good questions to ask a guy 

What would you choose? A fast car or a classy one?

Lets make a choice, Ferrari or Lamborghini?

If given a choice what would you choose between bikes and car for a long drive?

Such questions by you will seriously amaze him as he know that you do not like it but still you are trying to know his taste out of love.

7. His dark secrets

Try to know what he has done earlier that he didn’t tell to anyone. Try to go close to him like nobody is. Try to be his special one.

What is that one thing that you never told to anyone?

Tell me the thing you ever wanted to say to me but never managed to gather that much strength?

Have you ever been arrested or warned by police?

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8. His dreams

Try to know what he wants to achieve in his life. What is that one thing that keeps him going all the time and inspires to work even harder? Try to know his goals, his ambitions and his passions. You will get to know another side of your partner that you never knew exists.

Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

What is that one thing you ever wanted to achieve and why?

What is your real passion?

What would you describe yourself in one word?

What is you dream job?

9. His emotional side

Inquire something that nobody knows. That one thing or one incident which stops him from living a normal life. It is the time to enter his real world.

What was the worst experience you ever had?

What was the life changing incident that took place in your life?

Have you ever lost someone you loved a lot?

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10. His crazy side

Give him a chance to explore himself completely. His crazy thoughts and fantasies and all other dreams that he never shared with anyone is something he will definitely share with you.

What is your wildest fantasy till date?

What is the craziest idea that you thought and failed drastically?

11. His romantic gesture

Ask him his opinion about you.

Do you find me cute or hot?

What do you like the most about me?

What did you thought about me when you saw me for the first time?

12. His grey shade

Ask whether he ever did something that he shouldn’t have done. You will come to know that your hero was once a villain.

Have you ever cheated on someone?

Have you every stole something really dear to someone?

Have you ever left someone in the middle of a critical situation?

13. The conditions

Give him some conditions and you will get to know some really amazing answers. Also you will get to know his real side and opinion about life:

What if you will have to choose between me and your best friend, whom would you choose?

What if you are alone on an island without any help, what would you do?

If we get married and me and your family get into a conflict, whom would you defense?

14. His general perspective

You can try such cute questions to ask your boyfriend which neither hurt his feelings nor offend any of his views. You can ask him such questions very gently which does not lead to any conflict between you two

Do you believe in feminism?

Do you think both men and women should be earning considering the point that the woman is earning more than a man?

Are you partial on the basis of cast?

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15. The you and me questions

His perspective about you is something what is really important you to know. These cute questions to ask your boyfriend will surely help you upon this:

What comes first in your mind when somebody takes my name?

What kind of girl do you think I am?

What your friends think about me, does it matter to you?

Have you ever been jealous of my male colleagues or male friends?

16. The embarrassing moments

Ask him about his vulnerable moments that are only hidden between him and his friends. Dig out the real side of him by the trick of these cute questions to ask your boyfriend.

Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend:

Have you ever drunk and drive and ever got caught?

Have you ever attended any rave parties?

Have you ever got caught by parents while watching adult films?

17. Something superficial : Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Ask him some crazy questions based on the fantasies that he ever did. It can be about anything that he like and do not exist in real.

What are the superpowers you would ever like to have?

Which superhero would you like to become?

Do you believe in after life?

Do you believe in reincarnations?

18. Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend about Relationships Views

Use some cute questions to ask your boyfriend which can take out his real views about any relationships. Let him take his heart out and you will come to know his point of view on relations.

Do you believe in marriage or just live in relationships?

Do you feel free to dump anyone?

Do you hesitate while betraying someone?

Have you ever double crossed anyone?

Have you ever done double standards with anyone?

19. The office guy: Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Try to know his perspective about his work and office life. Inquire whether he likes it or not and if not then suggest him to immediately switch to somewhere else before he get depressed.

Do you like your boss?

Are you satisfied with the salary provided on your work?

What changes do you want in your office?

What is that one thing that keeps you on your work in office?

20. Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend About His passions and creativity

Ask some really cute questions to him so that he can tell you about his hidden passions and creativity that he ever did or wants to do in future.

What are your passions apart from your work?

What would you have been doing if you were not here?

Can you consider yourself a happy and content person?

What are your favorite holiday destinations?

If given a chance would you follow your passions?

21. Some other questions:

You can try these cute questions to ask your boyfriend and can get to know him even more:

How far you can go for money?

Can you kill someone for excessive money?

What is that one thing you are always afraid of?

If you become the richest man on the earth what will be the first thing that you would like to do?

Would you mind hurting someone for your benefit?

Questions help to know each other more better. It makes strong bond between you and your partner. Understanding make relation strong day by day.

You can try these questions to ask your boyfriend without hurting his feelings and it will help you guys to come closer to each other.

if you like our questions to ask your boyfriend collection, don’t forget to share this with your colleague. I am sure they will useful and thank to you.

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