How to Flirt with a Guy : Best Ways to Make him Totally Yours

How to Flirt with a Guy: Do you want to date someone who is cute as well as hot? Do you really wish to speak all those flirty tag lines to a hottie hunk? Then you have come to the right place. This is the time to break the myth that only guys can flirt with the girls. Girls are always seen as the weaker sex. But actually this is totally wrong. Girls can also flirt, can have pick up lines. They can also have a particular joke they narrate to every guy.

No matter how bad that joke is. If the girl is cute, the guy will definitely laugh on it. And this is what we call the icing on the cake. Flirt with them like never before. It does not matter whether you two would end up dating or not. What matter is that you are just trying your luck over a guy?

When guys flirt with girls they know that they are the one who initiated it. But when a girl flirts with a guy it seems that the guy initiated it. They make the entire situation in such a way that the guy seems to be the one approaching the girl. This is not longer a big question for girls that how to flirt with a guy. Just a smile of yours can directly touch the heartbeats of a guy.

It is so simple to make a guy fall for you just like that. The flirting only adds the guarantee that the hunk would be totally on you in the next few days. But still there are many girls who could not break the issue of how to flirt with a guy.

But now you do not need to worry at all about it. We have listed out 20 tips for you. These are the tips to follow when you really want to conquer over how to flirt with a guy. These easy tips and tricks would end up getting you the guy of your dreams. Just a bit of effort and they guy will be all yours. All you need to do is just take care of these small things while flirting with a guy. This will make your work seem effortless and more effective too.

1. Make Eye Contact

Eyes are the best way to sort out the problem of how to flirt with a guy. Eyes are that weapon which can directly attack on a guy’s heart. It is so easy to make a guy go crazy over you just by the action of your eyes. But make sure that you are not staring him completely. You guys can have a lingering eyes contact.

This is something which will give indications to you also. If he maintains the constant eye contact to you then it is a sign that he is in. It is a gesture of him to tell you that he is equally interested in you. If he finds you looking at him then do not turn away. Maintain the eye contact and then blush.

2. Smile timely

Smile can change everything in your life. If you are in major problems but you face them with a smile on your face then you can fight through it easily. Life is small, so do not waste it in crying. Smile, or in fact laugh out loud till your stomach hurts.

You can make a guy yours just by your smile. It is the easiest way to work on how to flirt with a guy. When you guys are engrossed in talking to each other then keep a smile on your face. A smile is enough to say that it is just meant for that guy only. A conversation without smile can seem to be formal and a bit of harsh. So always maintain a smile on your face.

3. Use Positive Body Language

Body language is something which can totally change the game. Always keep such a body language which gives positive vibes to the person with whom you are talking. Body language includes the eye contact, posture of your body, way of talking and mannerism. All these things can really work on how to flirt with a guy.

Body language is something which can make its effects without even uttering a single word. It can include flipping your hairs, playing with your locks and many more. And never cross your arms. Crossing your arms gives a very rude and negative vibes to the person. Keep on playing with your jewellery as it will draw his attention towards you. You can use your necklace or earrings for it.

4. Cross His Paths More Often

Flirting with a guy not only means just talking to him in parties. It means that you would have to be well aware with his habit and schedules. Do not wait for the moments to meet that guy. Instead of it, you should create such moments which make you go closer to that guy. Nothing will happen automatically. You will have to put some efforts for it.

Find out that what he does in the evening. If he goes to a particular park or garden, then you can also go there. You can make the excuse of taking an evening walk with your pet. It will be very good as it will give you guys some time together. This is a simple trick to work on how to flirt with a guy.

5. Look Your Best

Never forget that it is so easy to kill a guy with your looks. Some changes in your regular appearance and he will be totally on you. It is the smartest move to play on how to flirt with a guy. If you want to make a guy yours then start dressing up nicely. But make sure that you save that final diva look for a special occasion.

Keep on wearing cute attires that always draw his attention towards you. But make a final move when you think it is the right time. Choose a random party that both of you are attending. Dress up like a diva on that night. Wear the skirt and high heels look and he will be yours just like that.

6. Don’t Feel Shy in Making the First Move

You are a girl, why you are trying it so hard? You are a girl; you should not approach him first. You must have heard all these things from many people. These are the stereotypic people who stop you from making the first move to get a guy. But you are a girl, breaking stereotypes is your hobby.

On the quest of how to flirt with a guy, it is so important to make the first move. You cannot afford to wait for the guy to make his moves. You just cannot see him swiped by someone else while you were waiting for him. So do not be shy in approaching him in disc or party. He is your guy, and trying is your luck.

7. Start Calling Him Instead of Chatting

In this modern world, everyone loves to stick to the whatsapp instead of calling each other. Be it birthday or some special occasions, everyone prefer to change their DP and stick to the chatting only. But you should not be someone doing the same like everyone else. Texting is an easy way to stay connected with one another. But emotions are conveyed in a better way when they are conveyed through each other’s voice.

This is a remarkable step to be noted for how to flirt with a guy. You should start calling him. Calling would make you guys feel more connected to each other. He will start waiting for your calls. And when you will stop calling he will do it. This makes the bonding even stronger.

8. Break the Touch Barrier

When a guy and girl are totally new to each other, then things take time. It takes some time to break the ice between the two. You guys are not even comfortable in sharing something with each other. But now you would have to do something which works as the ice breaker between you two.

This can be touching him intentionally every now and then. It can be like when you are laughing out loud then you can hold him. You can also hold his hand while crossing the road. You can touch his arm and say are you working out? You can also find many ways to touch him. It will surely work in your favor on how to flirt with a guy.

9. Draw Attention towards Your Body

Guys are totally flatter over the fact that girls have just the perfect body. You have some great assets, and it is the time to use them to flirt with a guy. You can never go wrong with this step for how to flirt with a guy. This trick is something which will draw the attention of a guy on your body.

While talking to him, you can play with your earring and necklace. It will draw his attention towards your sexy neck. You can also play with your curls and locks. You can also touch your watch timely to bring his attention on your sleek hands.

10. Dance with Him on Soft Music

Dancing with the crowd or in the pubs would only create fun moments between you two. But dancing on some soft songs would create some loving moments between you two. This would break the touch barrier between you two. Apart from physically, this would also bring you guys closer emotionally.

This sweet trick is perfect for how to flirt with a guy. You can dance romantically with him. Make sure to keep an eye contact with him while dancing. When he also maintains the eye contact, then it means that he is also interested in you.

11. Compliment Him a Lot

Complimenting a guy would always turn in your favor. Guys also like to get compliments from girls just like girls like it having from boys. So compliment him every time he has dressed for some parties. You can compliment him about his clothes. You can also compliment him when he is having a new hair cut.

These are the small trick for how to flirt with a guy. This is something which can also give you some clues about the feelings of that guy. If he wears the same shirt which is your favorite, then it means he care for you. it means that he also have interest in you.

12. Tease Him Playfully

Teasing a guy over certain things looks so cute to a guy. You can tease him and touch him timely to get closer to him. This technique is just perfect to sort out the issue of how to flirt with a guy. This healthy flirting will help in bringing you guys closer to each other.

You can make his fun on any topic. You can tease him with the name of a girl that he totally hates. You can also call him joker or some other funny words. You can make fun of his name. You can come out with some funny nick names for him. But make sure this should not turn into insulting him at all.

13. Make Him Want More

There is no need to always complete all the conversation you guys are having. While chatting with him, you should not be too eager to talk to him all the night. You should take some time to increase your pace. You should stop texting in between the conversation and say that you are busy somewhere.

This will work as the conversation starter for the next time. It will keep him waiting for you. He will crave to have next conversation with you to complete the topic which was left incomplete previously. This would be a master stroke by you on how to flirt with a guy.

14. Text Him Accidently

This is the most cunning way to flirt with a guy. Someone can never go wrong with this trick for how to flirt with a guy. This is so clever that your work will be done, and your guy will not even know about it. You just have to pretend that you have text him accidently. But the reality is you did it intentionally just to talk to him.

All you need to do is text him like “yeah, you are right. So what are you doing tonight?” Wait for 2 minutes and then write “oh I was texting someone else, btw what are your plans for tonight?” This is something which will work as the conversation starter for you. and you will also get to know about his plans too.

15. Send Him Some Picture Texts

It is the cutest way to flirt with a guy. This is one of the most adoring formulas on how to flirt with a guy. You can never go wrong with it. There are millions of cute and adoring pictures available on the internet. They are just one click away from you. You just have to find them and send them to the guy of your dreams.

If you think that this would look chap, then you are totally wrong. You should select such pictures which should look cute and relate to you. You can send the pictures of a guy and girl depicting the same condition of both of you. These pictures are so innocent and would convey your feelings perfectly.

16. Leave Some Questions Hanging

Once you guys have starting talking over the chat, then do not try to be over enthusiastic. Replying to every single thing he asks would indicate that you are too eager to talk to him. Instead of talking to him continuously, you should apply some breaks over the conversation. Reply to his texts by taking some time, it would indicate that you are talking to someone else also.

He would ask you to reply fast which means that he is interested in talking to you. Try to avoid some of his questions. Do not answer to everything that he asks. It will create some curiosity about you in his mind. This trick should be played carefully for how to flirt with a guy.

17. Ask Him Out

It is a totally stereotype that only guys can ask girls on some dates or outings. Girls can also be the one asking them to hang out with her friends. You can also ask him to get his friends along so that he would not feel awkward with your gang around. It can be very helpful in breaking the ice between you two.

Hanging around with him would give you guys the time to get comfortable with you. It is the best way to work on how to flirt with a guy. Asking him out more often would indicate him that you have a deep interest in him. If he says yes to you every time, then it is a clue for you that he likes you too.

18. Dress up With Hot Colors

Choosing the right colors of attires can really help you a lot in winning over the heart of a guy. Show your womanly side to him to make him feel nervous in front of your beauty. Smart looking and sexy clothes can be really helpful in bringing the guy’s attention towards you.

It is a very simple yet effective trick for how to flirt with a guy. Red is said to be the color of love. And yes it is definitely the color of love and romance. It is proven scientifically that guys are more attracted to the color red in comparison to other colors. So wear a red hot dress while going out with him. He will not be able to control his emotions after seeing you like this.

19. Play with the Facial Expressions

It is very important to display the right emotions at the right time. It should never go wrong that what you feel, you display the opposite on your face. It can totally ruin all your efforts. Your expressions should be eye catching. These should totally draw his attentions towards you. It is a very important thing to note for how to flirt with a guy.

You can smile while he is talking to you. You can make your eyes bigger when he says something surprising. Rising one eyebrow can be the indication of something fishy. You can also use your hands while playing with the facial expressions. It will compliment them. Make sure your facial expressions should not be fake ones to the guy.

20. Chat in the Wee Hours

It is experimentally proved that people are more prone to share their feelings when physically tired. What else can be the best thing apart from it? Everyone feels tired and cozy at the time of night. They just want to lie on the bed and engrossed in surfing net. This is the time when you have to make your move.

Start talking romantically with him. Gradually increase the pace and take the discussion to another level. At a certain point, he will definitely confess his feelings for you. This is such a cute way to work on how to flirt with a guy. Without doing anything, he will tell you the reality.


These cute little and adoring ideas are quite effective for how to flirt with a guy. Generally, they never go wrong. If you are a cutie pie then no guy can say no to you. But all you need to do is not trying too hard over guys. Guys are like flies and all girls know about it. As soon as they see sugar (girls) they automatically approach towards them. They just cannot resist themselves trying their luck on cuties and hotties.

To conquer the quest of How to flirt with a guy you will have to lose your heart. Actually you will find them, but you would have to pretend as if they found you. Never ever admit it to them that you were the one to try your luck on them. Just be them in a myth thinking that they were lucky to catch you around that time.

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