How Important is Sex in a Relationship

Apart from reproduction purpose, have you wondered how important is sex in a relationship? Making babies with your partner is one thing and getting connected and intimate with your partner is another. And more than physical, I think it is important for emotional needs. So, let’s talk about this important aspect of a relationship in details.

10 Reasons of How Important is Sex in a Relationship

Of course, you cannot just bound this section in some mere reasons and that too only 10 of them but I think it is better way to understand the need of this physical connectivity. And of course, it does not get restricted to heterosexuals but all types of people sharing love between them.

1. Physical Connectivity

I think men and sex goes parallel with each other and undoubtedly that men are generally more inclined towards sex in a relationship as compared to women. But I think more than just a sexual activity, it is a better medium to get physically connected with your partner.

Of course, you need to establish a sense of mental and emotional stability and connectivity before it but I think no relationship can get completed without this physical intimacy.

This is how important is sex in a relationship as it connects two people together in a much intimate and closer way. And of course you get to explore your partner in a different way and this is what brings you two closer than the rest of the world.

Sex is definitely a consensual matter and despite being in a committed relationship or marriage you cannot force your partner to indulge in it. But once both of you are on the same page, I think you guys should make most of it.

2. The Hormonal Balance

In order to consider how important is sex in a relationship you should know about its benefits on your hormones and internal functioning of your body. The course of sex gives rise to the secretion of testosterone in males while estrogen in females.

Regular sexual activities boosts the amount of hormones in your body which of course not only helps in increasing your sex drive but also leaves positive effects on your body too.

This is so important to keep these hormones in balance as their lack can cause a lot of negative impacts on your body. The boost of testosterone leads to bones and muscles strengthening in males while boost in estrogen leads to protecting them from heart diseases.

However, sex is somewhat more important for a man in order to avoid various sexual issues because basically men have no control over it. This hormonal rage also affects the mood and desire of a man and woman and hence you can easily witness a change in their behavior with the change in these hormones.

3. Romance

Although many people might not agree with me but I personally think sex and relationships are something which goes hand in hand. And no matter how much you deny or ignore it, but there comes a point in your relationship where you would have to get engaged in sexual activities with your partner.

Sex is not something taboo to be talked over but actually a very important part of our day to day lives. And it is so important to have sex in order to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

Romance lies in this little things that happens between a couple like a quick smack on cheeks or a hug before leaving for the office. If you won’t break the wall of sexual tension between you two, I don’t think you guys would be able to enjoy these perks of romance in a relationship.

Moreover, these moments of love and romance in a couple also leads them towards living a happy and satisfactory life. And I think you should give more time to foreplay and cuddling in sex for amazing romance.

4. Stress Release

Sex works as a sure shot stress buster and it totally defines that how important is sex in a relationship. There is no doubt in the fact that life is much harder in the current time than it used to be which totally leads a person towards stress and anxiety.

Amidst this when you get back home, I think your partner helps you in getting distressed and this connectivity ultimately leads to having sex.

Sex is not just about getting rid of all your worries, frustration or bad mood but it gives you time to look at your partner and forget about the rest of the world. And once you reach to orgasm, the calmness and relaxation received afterwards cannot be compared to anything else.

And when you are this relaxed, you tend to sleep well which ultimately gives a perfect solution for your stress and worries of all day long. So, whether it is a quickie or an hour long session, I think sex is definitely helpful in distressing.

5. Emotional Strengthening

There is no denying over the aspect of emotional strengthening through sex and I think this is the most cherished and witnessed importance of sex in a relationship. When you are exploring your partner, closer than ever, you are getting more emotionally closer to them than you are physically.

However, for this you need to have those feelings and emotions of love in your heart. Having just a fling or one night stand do not portray the same outcomes because people are not feeling anything in their heart.

Talking about a committed relationship, I think this is how important is sex in a relationship as it builds an emotional shelter for both of you. This shelter is perfect to hide from the hardship of life, stress and troubles in practical world. In fact, it completes you in a way no other thing can ever.

And the outcomes of this cherished sex can be seen through the whole day where you guys can talk just with eyes or when both of you know each other’s needs without saying a word.

6. For Better Health

If you want to know how important is sex in a relationship then you should take a look at the list of health benefits received from it. Apart from hormonal balance in your body, being regular in sexual activities leads to having a more complete and fitter life.

The first and foremost positive result can be seen as the increases blood flow in your body. Increases blood flow in your brain boosts your performance in as well as out of the bed.

And of course more blood means more oxygen which results in better functioning for the rest of the organs in your body. Sex also leads to having great stretching and exercise which also burns calories. In fact, to be statistical sex burns 144+ calories in the course of half an hour.

You can also have fully acknowledgement of your body and its health both physically as well as internally. Also, you tend to focus more on the improvement in order to woo your partner in bed which over-all leads to having a healthier life.

7. Happiness

You cannot deny the fact that sex totally makes you happier than ever. In fact, it has been proven that being satisfied with your sexual life leads to increasing the happiness in your life. And of course, this is quite evident from your actions in the practical world.

This is definitely one of the most important reason on claiming that why is sex important in a relationship.

Having a happy mind also leads you to have better decisions and actions in practical world. Whether it is your day to day activities or your job, you will be able to perform better and with more zeal and enthusiasm if you are having a healthy sexual encounter with your partner.

Of course, there are multiple other options and therapies to keep yourself charged and happy but when talking about how important is sex in a relationship, this one definitely tops the chart. The grin from your ear to ear and that smile for no reason totally boosts your mental stability too. This makes every single part of your body to function better than ever.

8. Boosts the Confidence

The aspect of confidence can be related to a lot of other things too which can be combined together to prove that how important is sex in a relationship. When you are able to please your partner in bed and make them satisfied, I think a sense of confidence takes place in your brain which somehow affects your perspective for rest of the things too.

You also accepts yourself the way you are which spreads the message of body positivity. A sense of being desired develops in your brain which somewhere leads to self-acceptance and assurance.

All of this can be combined together to call it the ultimate confidence required in your life. Not only that it is much needed for a person but also adds to the overall development of you as a human being. And when you are confident, you tend to conquer more in your life along with accepting your failures too.

Sex helps you in ignoring your flaws and makes you focused on your qualities. But of course when you are trying to make it better for your partner, you are trying to work on your flaws which ultimately makes you a better human being personally as well as professionally.

9. Overall Satisfaction

By the term overall satisfaction I give reference to a lot of aspects that we did or did not discuss earlier in this section. If you are still giving seconds thoughts that is sex important in a relationship, I think this point is going to break down a lot of myths for you.

One can lead a life without sex and there are people doing so but they lack a sense of completeness in their life which is needed to cop-up with the realities of it.

Whether it is about emotional strength or mental development or physical acceptance, I think sex over-all improves every single aspect of your life. Not to be forgotten the multiple health benefits you receive because of it. I think I can put it together into the frame that sex improves the quality of life for you.

In order to accept the challenges of life, I think you should first learn to accept yourself the way you are which comes from the assurance you get from your partner in sex. So, more than just a biological need I think sex can be seen more as an emotional requirement of life.

10. Adds Zeal to Your Life

A good business or financial stability in your life excites you more to perform better and I think this is how important is sex in a relationship. It is as important as having a stable job or a house of your own or bank balance.

You should have something to look forward to in your entire day which can keep you going for hours in office. This not only adds an excitement towards work but also adds a zeal in your life.

The excitement of finally meeting your partner after a tiring day and making love to them is actually seen as a great push to many people. Whether you are a man or woman, you would have to accept that you want to feel loved and desired by someone on each day of your life.

I think sex provides you such kind of assurance which also reflects positively in your professional life too. And every person deserves to experience the same.


The importance of sex is completely different for men and women. While may be sex is the reason men gets into a relationship, but for women it is more for emotional bonding. But to be true, I think it is a biological need for both the genders. This article is definitely a detailed and much needed information on how important is sex in a relationship.

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