How to Spice Up Your Marriage

How to Spice Up Your Marriage: Every one of you experiences this stage in life when your marriage life seems a spoiled era because it’s not about you and your partner, but now you have responsibilities more than you thought.

Responsibilities like raising your kids, paying bills, making insurances, loan repayments, etc. you don’t find that excitement in your marriage and feels all covered up with this mess.

It can be difficult for many of you to manage your relationship because of all these extra issues. They don’t feel loved anymore, and many of you may have faced not doing sex for months, so it’s all about how to spice up your marriage even after all these years.

I know that feels awkward if a couple hasn’t seen each other naked from months, but I am here with the solutions on how to spice up your marriage sexually.

You feel like all tied up with all these routines and your life is going on and on without any fun in that bed. You should follow these rules here to spice up your life and get that passion back.

Get that hot sex back, all their feelings, romance, and even erection and be ready to rip your partner’s clothes again. Be the naughty wife again like you’re newly married and take pleasure of your marriage both emotionally and sexually.

How to Spice Up Your Marriage

How to Spice Up Your Marriage

1). Act like Strangers and Take Things Forward

Think when you two were strangers and barely know each other.  When you were facing that first phase of your relationship and when all you wanted is taking off your clothes and get on the bed.

To play the how to spice up your marriage game perfectly, you two have to play the strangers game. You both are needed to act like strangers just you did at the beginning of your relationship.

Don’t take this game at home, call your partner to play this game and meet him at a bar. Now pretend that you both don’t know each other and he offers you a drink.

He tries hard to pick you up and puts all his efforts to take you home, and you react like you did that very first time when he tried.

So pay things game like you both are not married and just met or play it like you both are having an affair with each other.

You can imagine any situation and let the game going on and feel the pleasure of that first sex after all these months.

2). Send Those Dirty Texts Again

Remember when you both used to send dirty texts and sayings to each other, all those kinkiest things on each other’s smartphones.

You need to do all that again, so use your smartphone for getting the romance up and not just telling your honey to bring milk for kids.

To learn how to spice up your marriage, you need to be tricky and naughty, you need to pick up some hot texts to turn him on and to make him want you madly.

You know things like sexting, so be ready to catch him by all your dirty thoughts because nothing is stopping you from getting kinky again.

3). Send Your Sexy Looking Photos

You are doing sexting already, so don’t stop at words, but keep it hotter by sending him your sexy looking and almost nude photos.

Use technology to get him back and send nonstop hot pictures with the dirtiest text ever. You are married, so nothing is wrong with doing all these naked things after all he is the one that you want in bed and showing his lusty face.

If you get this trick, he is going to be turned on and this time, even more, harder as you to have not touched each other for months, so this way you get good with how to spice up your marriage.

So get him on your heels by sending these hot visuals of your body like in a bikini with a lusty look and see the next message he sends you.

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4). Prepare His Lunch with a Note

Send your love through a lunch box that you prepared especially for him and let him know that you still feel for him.

Prepare his favorite recipe with a thermos full of hot coffee and a note with some text of your choice.

Like you can make him a sandwich also and a note in his bag that he gets at his lunch hour and his mind gets filled with your thoughts.

These are some little things that keep relationship breathing and those feelings alive. These make the bond stronger, and he may feel like getting sexual with you.

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5). Be In the Kitchen Together

To know how to spice up your marriage, this little kitchen tip is going to be a great thing. Being in the kitchen and making something can be really sensual if you want it to be.

You two are in the kitchen and need all those tools like a knife, cutting board, spoons, recipe book so your hands get touched then your fingers, and now his eyes get a look at your face, your lips and then your breasts of course.

So this way, making a meal improves your relationship and also provides you some quality time with delicious food.

It works because you’re at the same place until the recipe gets cooked and prepared well, so you share words and talks.

It improves your connection with each other, and you get each other’s thoughts better. If you have already approached his hormones, he can ask you to get his dessert in bed.

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6). Start Dating In Those Restaurants

Either you’re married or in a long-term relationship, if you haven’t experienced your love life with your partner then it’s time to be on dating again.

Ask your partner for a date at your favorite restaurant or some newly opened in your town and get rightly with how to spice up your marriage.

You are in a live-in doesn’t mean that you don’t need a date; a date is always a romantic idea to spice up things between you two.

When you are on a date, you get a time that you can’t experience anywhere else. You two get romantic, you allow that romance in your words, and you hold hands and feel those flames again that provoke you to want your partner badly.

So get yourself in any restaurant or aromatic place full of peace but with romance and forget talking kids or future and just focus on the moment.

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7). Dress Up Sexy

I know he has seen all your sexy sides as you both are married and laid for all these years together. But not let him realize this and to work forward on how to spice up your marriage, present yourself in a sexy way as much as you can.

You’re married to him, so you know him better than anyone. You need to dress up just like he used to dream about you in early days.

Pick up a sexy dress that covers only half of your body and let him see your sensual places. Put a light perfume on your body to make the moment even hotter and push him on the bed.

Couples often get bored because they have seen each other in every worse condition. You two live in the same house, so it’s obvious to do all the activities as you have suffered from diarrhea, vomiting and every type of gunk in front of each other.

So it’s time to dress up for him just like his favorite actress and let him know that you are available only for him tonight.

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8). Try Different Places for Having Sex And Have It More and More

You want tricks on how to spice up your marriage, and the most effective one is to have sex as much as you can.

Whenever your partner shows even a little interest, don’t say things like you’re not in the mood, you are tired or don’t feel same.

Try to make up your mood, out all the dirty thoughts in your mind and let him touch you. Also, try to have sex in places that you haven’t had before.

Trying sex in different places can get things exciting and motivate you both to have it more. You can always try it in the kitchen, while taking a shower, in the car, on the couch, in front of that full-sized mirror, on the stairs, etc.

Always experiment with your sexual life like trying new sex position and exercise that unique orgasm ever.

Always say yes to sex, and you will feel wanting it more. Just remember to clean the places as you don’t want the kids to find your things.

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9). Get Sex Toys and Kinky Things

Sex toys can add a huge pleasure to your sea life. Always your guy to do something new to your body and ask him to bring some sex toys.

You can get some very sensual toys to increase the pleasure greatly like a blindfold, a vibrator, ropes, handcuffs, etc. and learn how to spice up your marriage.

Remember to place your toys always in the locked drawers, so your kids don’t find them after you have sexually worked up.

The more you experiment with your sexual life, the more you find your marriage exciting, and this will always make his mood to keep his thing inside you.

10). Get In the Pool of Teasing

You are already in a relationship, but this doesn’t mean that you should stop flirting. You are in a relationship for years so seeing each other naked now feels normal, but you should continue those flirting actions to get wisely with how to spice up your marriage.

Flirting has its own advantages for you both, and it can be even more dangerous when you don’t feel your relationship any longer.

Allow you both to flirt with each other in public places, parties, casual meetings and anywhere you feel comfortable.

You are together now, but you should stop showing affection to your partner and let him do the same. To get your relationship high again, take your steps to the level of naughtiness.

For example, if you two are walking, then hold his hand, run your fingers in his palm, wink, show seduction and take actions that invite him to eat you.

11). Book a Hotel Room and Enjoy Your Bed Night

Get out of that house if you want to work with how to spice up your marriage. Give yourself some time from those busy schedules and book a couple-suite in any of your favorite hotels.

You don’t have to think about managing kids, cleaning out the house but concentrate on your relationship. Drop your kids to their grands or call a nanny and plan your romantic trip for 2-3 days.

Forget that you have gone through all this emptiness without your partner, so keep holding his hand like never before.

Check into a hotel and row yourself in that strange bed and enjoy the room service for the entire trip and let our erotic relationship grow.

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12). Go For Porn Together

You can plan it at your home or in a hotel room, convince him to bring a porn CD and watch it together and forget the world.

Discuss the things together that you both like and dislike about that porn and get horny after following this trick on how to spice up your marriage.

Be ready to try things like you are in a new relationship and be open-minded, so you won’t face any embarrassment watching porn together.

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Marriage life sees many difficulties, and couples don’t feel the romantic connection anymore because there are things that have taken your attention.

But it’s time when you want to be a master on how to spice up your marriage and these steps are perfect to let you learn all these tricks. So read out these points and get your relationship back.

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