How to Be Seductive

How to Be Seductive: Do you have someone that you want badly in your bed and your life? Sometimes it seems complicated to find out how to be seductive around the man you like or you have a crush on.

But if you concentrate on some small details, it can help you a lot on how to be the seductive woman. These changes in your body will get him to look at you and eventually he would be begging for you.

You just need to use some effective personality changes if you want the “how to be seductive” term to work.

Effective Tips on How to Be Seductive

Many women can get confused when it is about how to be seductive, and many of them have no idea. So for all of you, I bring here 20 effective tips on how to be seductive that work like magic to seduce your man.

1). Use Your Eyes Rightly

The first thing and very effective is to make the eye contact.  It should be in the best way that can seduce your man or at least hint him that you feel special for him.

You have to use the right eye contacting techniques like the seductive eyes so he can feel that lust for him in your eyes. After you learn the art of seductive eyes, you need to hold these eyes to get his attentions and congrats you are performing well on how to be seductive using eye contact.

When he comes to you and makes a convention, you should look into his eyes to make a better eye contact. When you look into someone’s eyes while talking, they feel it a nice gesture, and the seductive way of looking will hint him for your desires.

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2). Have a Look at Your Expressions

It is a truth that if you use the right and precise facial expression while you look at him can help you a lot on how to be seductive when you are with him.

You have to add some seductive and subtle facial expressions while having a talk with him. Also, you need to add a light smile with the closed-mouth because this will work as highly seductive.

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3). Learn To Be In Correct Body Form

Postures are also very effective on how to be seductive around your man.  You all know that a man can be easily attracted just be a woman’s body posture.

It is a highly seductive quality if you use it in the right form. Instead of standing with a closed posture like closed arms, maintain an open body posture, this will show that you are interested.

When you are talking with him, don’t put your hands in the way to your chest and let it be shown. So he can keep a look at it and this way he would get seduced.

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4). Learn To Use Your Touch

If you think that he is inserted and feels the seduction for you, then you can start the lust with a light touch of your fingers. When you touch a person, it brings the sexual feelings in just no time, and this one would hint you that he also wants you.

When having a conversation, you can start touching him by holding his wrist or touching his arm gently. If you are properly seated beside him then touching him near the knees would also helpful on how to be seductive with him.

5). Tone of Voice Matters

If you speak in a gentle and soft voice, this attracts the person’s ears, and he listens to you with more concentration and interest. If you do the opposite like using a loud tone that is harsh can make him off, and he would try to shut the conversation off.

6). Fill Him with Compliments

When you compliment others, they value more than the previous time. Complementing shows that you respect their work and the things they do.

You man gets seduced easily if you compliment him for his work and the way he does it. So next time, when you praise him for anything just use the right body language and seductive voice tone so he can make the steps forward.

So if you’re making him feel good in a seductive way, then you are progressing correctly on how to be seductive.

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7). Make a Better Connection

If you want to work effectively on how to be seductive, you should always try to make a connection with him by having some small talks.

This way he tells you something and you listen to him interestingly, now you tell him and he listens to you in the same way. This is how you create a connection with him, and you get to know him, and he knows you.

All these things make you both attracted to each other. Don’t forget to follow the previously mentioned steps like making an eye contact, using a correct body posture, talk in a soft tone, etc. while having a talk with him.

8). Make Yourself Laugh

If you’re working on how to be seductive, always try to spend a good time with him. Always put a smile on your face whenever you see him.

Whenever he makes a joke then laughing and giggling can be a great help. A man likes a woman who laughs at his jokes. He will be flattered to see you laughing at his jokes.

9). Tease Him in a Seductive Way

To approach the right way on how to be seductive, you have to learn some teasing techniques to use on your man. Invite him sometimes to watch any of the TV shows and just start your play like put your head around her chest so he can feel your breathing on his skin.

Don’t put it for too long, just for some seconds. Another one is lying down on her thighs; this will be seriously a teasing but don’t make him realize they are doing it on purpose.

You can put your hand on his waist going downwards but not actually or you can do something that you feel sensual in the way to tease him.

These steps make him turn on and wanting more teasing from you and at this point you two can bring that lust on.

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10). Try To Make a Good Cuddle

Cuddling is a great thing for both showing your love in a cute way and also working on how to be seductive. When you cuddle man, you bodies touch each other and sometimes men get on easily because of the touches of your body.

The big advantage of cuddling is that it is an innocent activity and at the same time you can seduce him without any dirty touches.

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11). Make Him Want You More

If you are a mysterious woman, you are more seductive to him. Because it all starts with knowing each other, the more you know about a person the quickly you lose interest.  So keep it slow and have some mysterious talks, so he expects you to meet him again.

Whenever you two meet, be first to end a conversation, meeting or a date. It is the trick to making him wanting more, and he would ask questions like when are you free next time?

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12). Use the Seductive Dressing Sense

After using your body language, it’s time to choose a seductive dressing sense on how to be seductive. You can try by adding some spicy things in your wears like some experimentation that make you look seductive.

You can try out wearing short dresses having cuts on shoulders, back, waist or belly. If you are putting jeans, you can try a damaged one that shows off your leg skin.

Also, wearing a half sleeves shirt with button down and tucked in your pants will be sexy. Other than preferring dresses having cuts, women who prefer wearing red look more attractive.

As compared to other colors like blue, gray or white, red is always a symbol of a sexy and seductive lady, and by bringing out some red dresses in your wardrobe, you can make that man fall for you.

So choose dresses that have cuts and also some cleavage on them. Cleavage is an instant turn-on for just any man, so if you want your man chasing you, then cleavage can ease your work of seduction.

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13). Bring That Attitude

No matter how sexy words, seductive body languages and dressing sense you use. If you don’t know the art of handling these things, then these are of no use.

You have to the attitude along with these attractions; you have to believe in yourself without thinking about your flaws.

Even if you’re not that curvy, but know how to maintain your body structure, then you have the power to attract the man of your dreams.

Your attitude and belief give you a fantastic look very first, and then other things work. So always remember seduction is in you more than the things you apply or wear.

14). Use Those Naughty Words

When you are alone with your man and having a simple conversation you can add up some naughty sentences in your conversation but in a normal way.

For example, if he is busy repairing his car and you are having a talk. Now you can add up a sentence like “you muscles look hot in this tank top.” You will like to read an article about 60 Dirty Things to Say in Bed.

Warm sentences work like a charm to seduce him, the more you talk seductive, the more he finds you attractive.

15). Use Lipsticks Wisely

You can often go with just any lipstick shades like red and orange to have that seductive appearance. But to get a more seductive look, lipsticks in pink shades with a glossy effect always work best.

Vibrant colors don’t always work, but light shades like pink and other variation with some shining won’t fail.

16). Get a Seductive Body Fragrance

Your skin fragrance is the top factor when it comes to terms like traction or seduction. Not only men but women also notice men wearing seductive fragrances.

Your perfume should be plain and light that refresh the soul of our man and should not be too hard. Always use it on some perfect places like on your wrists, behind your ears, on your neck, your belly and work nicely with how to be seductive.

17). Manage Your Hairstyles and Keep Them Looking Shiny and Clean

You can wear any hairstyle that suits your best because there is not any particular seductive haircut or hairstyle.

Other than keeping a quality hairstyle, it is advised to keep your hair always smelling good and clean. Your hair should be dirt free all the time and smell good (keep any dandruff issues away).

Always wash your hair if you are planning a hang out with him, apply a small amount of mousse or gel to keep them soft and toned. Choose a shampoo that always gives a mild an attractive fragrance to your hair.

If you follow this condition then you will be much more seductive to him, so don’t bestow your time and manage the tricky balance in the way that you are always there but not always to hang out.

18). High Heels Take the Seduction High

High heels serve ladies as the quickest seduction tip; wearing high heels always make you look sex whether you are at work or home. People notice instantly when you are walking in those high heels as these heels enhance your sexy appearance.

When you use high heels with any dress, it improves the looks and makes you a person with a perfect dressing sense.

Other than that seductive appearance, heels also serve you with increased empowering that means you look more strong and confident and that’s the thing men find most attractive.

19). Put A Good Makeup

You should include some good amount of makeup if you are working on “how to be seductive.” It is a quick and effective method that offers you a beautiful look because a good makeup always hides those cuts, blemishes, and scars very beautifully.

20). Always Use A Sense of Humor

Not only men but everyone praises the lady with a good sense of humor. By having a sense of humor, you automatically establish yourself a sexy and attractive woman.

By having a sense of humor means you have the power to make some comedy moments with him and with others so that everyone can enjoy your company.


You need to know the right tricks and tip to be a reason of seduction for your man. Here are the tricks and by combining these wisely, you can make him always waiting for you. I Hope you would love these tricks and tips on how to be seductive for your man.

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