Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Sweet things to say to your boyfriend : Stop being a drama queen and stop bothering your partner by making him woo you all the time. If he is doing lots and lots of things for you then it should be your duty to keep him happy now. Open up your heart to him and learn sweet things to say to your boyfriend.

It is all about the words. Words are the most powerful weapon ever made. It can either make him love you more or love less. So be clever while choosing your words for him. Find out amazingly sweet things to say to your boyfriend that can make him smile for the whole day.

Sweet things to say to your boyfriend

Here we are listing out some really sweet things to say to your boyfriend that will help you to grow closer to him as never before. Also it will help you to nourish your relationship even more.

1. First and foremost

Most relationships lose their true essence because you forget to show your love to your partner. Once the relationship crosses the edge of time people stop showering their love to their partner. So it is the time to correct your mistake. Text him I love you quotes or say him “I love you” so often that he feel so much loved.

Not only chant it thousand times but also mean it to keep your relationship go on forever.

2. The first visual

Tell him the feeling you got when you saw him for the first time. Tell him everything about it that how great he was looking and how did you fall for him so much? And ask the same from him. It will let you know about the first impression of each other also it will make you guys remind some old memories shared by two of you.

3. Butterflies in the stomach

You must have heard the phrase saying “I feel butterflies in my stomach whenever I see you” but you can put your own essence in it saying that “forget about the butterflies, I feel the bloody whole zoo in my stomach when I see you.

It will make him smile a lot like hell. He’ll be really when you will use this sweet things to say to your boyfriend.

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4. A life without him

It is a fact to both of you that you guys just can not imagine your life without each other. So why not say the same to him. It is true that you really feel very strongly for him but not telling him about your feelings can be a great mistake. So just let him know that-

it is not that I can not live without you, it is just that I don’t want to live without you. because a life without you is not worth living.

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5. Staying strong in all odds

No matter how much you guys fight. No matter how much ups and downs you face together, your love will only going to grow more and more with each passing time. So whenever you guys have a fight just remember that staying strong will only going to make your relationship just stronger.

6. The heart and its beats

Tell him that it doesn’t matter how much time you guys have already spend with each other. Still whenever she feels your touch on her body her heart skips a beat. This is probably one of the very sweet things to say to your boyfriend.

7. Your smile is my medicine

When life is going through a tough phase, when there is no hope of enlighten. Then it is always his smile that boosts you up to do a bit more than your capacity and potential. It would be very sweet thing to say to your boyfriend that he always inspires you to live happily. Whenever he smiles you forget all your worries just like that.

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8. The best thing that has ever happened to me

Tell him that he is not the best part of your life infact he is your complete life. While remembering all the past incidents you realize that he is the best thing that has ever happened to you in a lifetime. And tell him what importance he holds in your life. You can tell him using Best Love Shayari SMS Messages.

9. The feeling which can not be replaced

He gives you such a feeling which can neither be compared nor replaced by any other thing in the whole world. You always blush while he touches you, you can recognize him by even his smell, you can feel him even with the eyes closed. This makes you believe that he is the one who gives you an amazing feeling.

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10. Missing his presence

Whenever you guys are apart from each other just text him that you are missing his presence like hell and you just can not tolerate this distances between you two. Tell him that you miss his arms around you and you feel it as the safest place in the world. This is a really sweet thing to say to your boyfriend that he is the one you miss all the time.

11. A random text

You can send him a random text saying that “this is just to remind you that someone is missing you so much, yes you got it! That’s me.

Such cute reminders from you will make him feel so much loved and he will come to know that how much you love him.

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12. A life with you:

Show your love to him by using these sweet things to say to your boyfriend that “I just can’t for that time when I will be spending the whole life with you, I’ll be waking up by your side, I can give a hug to you whenever I want. And that will be the time when my life would be complete in real meaning.

13. The best gift of life

You are the present life has ever gifted to me. You came into my life just like a beautiful surprise and you just changed everything after that. My life is completely different from the previous one. Thanks for being the most beautiful gift of my life.

14. The chemistry

Have you ever thought that while we are so far apart still we are having a great understanding then what will be things when we’ll start to live together forever?

Such a sweet gesture and positivity will surely win over his heart.  Tell him that you guys share a great chemistry together and no one else in the world can have a bond like this.

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15. You add to my confidence

Whenever I feel confused at some point of my life you always help me to go through such difficult situations. Whenever I feel nervous you boost me up and a new confidence stimulates in my body like never before. You always take care of the face whether am feeling ok or not.

16. Everyone is irritated from me

You know what you have done to me? Every one of my friend is now irritated from me because I just keep on talking about you all the time. Every single sentence of mine consist your name in it and I blush every time I take your name. and you know I just can’t stop myself from talking about you.

17. Your looks

You look so amazing that all girls are jealous of me that how did I found you? you just compliments me at its best. Even the dream of you can turn me on about you. your eyes are enough to take my breath away just like that. Even your smell is enough to make me go crazy about you. all I can say is you are just a complete package for me which I can never share with anyone else.

18. You are spoiling me

You care for me in such a way that now I feel so lazy while doing any work. You are spoiling me like a damn loved kid. You love me like a small baby as if I can’t do anything on my own. And you know what this makes me fall in love with you even more and more.

19. Interesting guy

You are such an interesting guy that talking to you is more fun than reading any magazine. You are like a google’s brother. Completely updated about any issues. Its such a delight to be with you. loving you is making me learning lots and lots of thing from you. and trust me I respect you more than I love you.

20. I love watching you sweat

Whenever you twist your body of crack your neck after being tired its look extremely sexy to me. It invites me towards you even more. And whenever you return after working out and jogging you look even hotter in complete sweat. The harder you work the more you groom yourself and the best part is even you don’t know about it.

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