Cute Pick Up Lines That Can not Fail (100+ Pickup Lines)

Cute pick up lines are generally delivered for girls, as tags like “cute” and “sweet” are often used for girls. So whether your girlfriend is upset, or you want to express your feelings in a special way, don’t forget to begin the conversation with these cute pick up lines

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100+ Cute Pick Up Lines That Can’t Fail

Let’s focus on top 100 cute pick up lines

1). I am hungry and craving for a sweet dish. May I eat you?

Sweetest line from the pack of cute pick up lines. Girls always love to be called sweet.

2). Here is my medical report and it is written that I am lacking the vitamin U.

Very creative line from the collection of cute pick up lines. You are the cure of his disease. Provide him vitamin U. Lol

3). You are my heartbeat. I will die if you leave me.

The guy is crazy for you. Don’t leave him.

4). Am I the only one who is lucky to find you?

Someone is lucky to have you in his don’t let the guy go with pick up line.

5). Congratulations! You are declared the winner of the beauty contest.

Best cute pick up lines for praising someone’s beauty. You must apply.

6). I am a painter, and I want to portray a girl with the cutest smile. I didn’t find anyone except you.

Yeah! Girl, get ready for being portrayed on the canvas.

7). You are so beautiful that I forgot my pick up line.

The guy is so lost in her beauty that he forgets everything. Great pieces of work from the cute pick up lines

8). I am a philanthropist and I want to give my heart and soul, my lady.

Awwwwww! Again great piece of work from the deliver, depicting true love for her lady.

9). You are not the first one with whom I slept but I want you to be the last.

Sweet marriage proposal! Unique and different, guys with this kind of cute pick lines are often successful in impressing their sweethearts.

10). Even the google is displaying only your name in suggestions for the cute girl.

Best among the cute pick up lines. She will definitely hug you after this.

11). Sweetness is my biggest weakness. Sorry, I couldn’t leave you.

Praising with tags like “cute” and “sweet” are always loved by girls. So delivering this kind of cute pick up lines will definitely going to work.

12). I am astrologist and my crystal ball is predicting your future with me.

Guy is expressing his feelings for the girl. Great idea to propose someone.

13). Even the keyboard keys display “U” and “I” together.

Your lovable wants your company for life and that’s what he is indicating via this cute pick up lines.

14). I want to taste the sweetest thing. So may I have the pleasure to taste you?

Perfect cute pick up lines for those girls whom you find sweet and cute.

15). I think you lost your way! Can I drop you to my heart?

She resides in his heart and he wants her too. So don’t think and enter his heart.

Rather than taking it seriously Guy takes the girl’s comment in a funny way and asks very casually as how she can be out of her relationship

16). Although my name is Sam, but you call me “your love”.

Hmmmm! Very clever yet cute pick up line. Nice way to find out her feelings for you. Go ahead!

17). You are my favorite outfit. I want to wear you every day.

Very romantic cum cute pick line for girls. Cute pick up lines like these could turn on your fiancé’s mood.

18). This liquor is tasteless. Could you please take a sip and make it sweeter?

The Best example of cute pick up lines. Pick up lines like this are spoken more often because it always works.

19). Your eyes are expressing your love for me. Now you can’t lie dear.

Whoa! The guy is very curious to know her feelings for her. So girls, express your feelings!

20). Do you know me? (no.) oh, then why you are smiling at me in my dreams?

Via these cute pick up lines, your loved one wants you to tell you that he thinks about you so frequently that you occupy the major part of his dreams.

21). Hey, could you keep my heart with you for one life?

He is simply proposing you in very casual manner. I hope you will love his way of delivering. So don’t hesitate before saying yes.

22). She is more beautiful than you! (The guy shows her a mirror).

Best line from the collection of cute pick up lines. Apply and wait for the response.

23). I don’t have patience, so quickly decide whether you want to marry me today or after one week?

Hahaha! Both options are in his favor. So girls quickly decide which option you want to choose.

24). People outside are wondering that how I could get such a gorgeous lady like you!

Again a word of praise! Awesome cute pick up lines for girls.

25). I don’t believe in making relationships, but after seeing you my outlook changed completely.

This pick up line is trying to tell you that he wants to be in a relationship with you.

26). My mother gave me this bangle and asked me to give it to her daughter-in-law. So kindly take it.

Awwwweee! Very cute and demanding line from the collection of cute pick up lines. Very innovative ad unique pick up line of the marriage proposal.

27). Whenever I am angry, I imagine your cute smile.

Your lovable is crazy for your smile, so keep smiling.

28). I don’t like asking questions so I straight away take you to the temple for marriage.

Hahahaha! Interesting pick up line. Try on your girlfriend.

29). Hey, rose don’t mess with me. The girl sitting next to me is more beautiful than you .

Your lovable finds you more beautiful than a rose. So girl, great compliment for you!

30). I am the theater artist. I am looking for the cutest girl for our play.would you like to join?

Again very effective cute pick up lines.

31). Can you come with me for the party tonight? as I want to tell my friends that I am carrying the most beautiful lady of the world

So girl, don’t blush, say yes to the guy with this cute pick up line. After all, you are being praised by him in such a beautiful manner.

32). Happy birthday my lady! As a birthday gift, I want to gift, you, and myself for the lifetime.

Great gift for your sweetheart! Isn’t it? So accept the gift with pleasure.

33). Everyone in the town is talking about your extreme cuteness.

Attractive pick up line for girls. Again the guy is talking about your cuteness in a special manner.

34). I am an advocate and I am here to investigate on your cuteness.

Your lovable is mesmerized by your cuteness.

35). I don’t need to drink, as I am already got intoxicated by your eyes.

Your eyes are so intoxicating that he don’t require alcohol for it. Lovely line.

36). I love my name the most when you spell it.

How cute pick up line! Isn’t it? So go ahead and impress your girl with this pick up line.

37). I am suffering from the disease of lovearia, and you are the only one who can heal this disease.

Love is in the air! The Guy is crazy in your love. He is suffering from the disease of love. So, girl you are the only one who can cure his disease.

38). I started loving the red color since I saw your lips.

Whoa! The guy is admiring your red lips. Great compliment for girls!

39). Do you like mangoes? [Yes and you?] .yeah! I used to love it until I met you.

You are so sweet than even the mangoes are nothing in front of you. This is what the guy is trying to tell you.

40). Don’t be so cute, it’s distracting.

Awwwwww! The Guy is unable to stop himself from watching you .

41). Let’s live in our own dreamland where I will fulfill your every dream.

Someone is calling you sexy! Cheer it and enjoy the compliment.

42). Pardon me! I have committed one sin! I hijacked your heart and in return demanded your cute smile.

Hahaha! Although funny but cute pick up line from the collection.

43). Let’s play hide and seek, you may hide inside my heart.

Hmm! Again one of the best cute pick up line for girls.

44). If I search the word “cute” on google, then your image will be displayed at the top.

Wow! Impressive! Isn’t it? Your girl will definitely blush after hearing this pick up line.

45). You are the sweetest dish I have ever tasted in my life.

Another great compliment for cuteness. Try it on your loved ones.

46). Among the 7 wonders, you occupy the topmost position.

Oh, you are among the 7 top wonders of the world. The Guy is trying to make you special by delivering this line.

47). Hey! I saw you somewhere yesterday. (Where?). Ammm… in my dreams.

You are his dream girl! An Impressive line to woo any girl. Apply it.

48). Before dying I want to see the girl I loved the most, so be present at that time!

Another example of the true love. Guy is expressing his love for her sweetheart.

49). I am warrior and I am here to I invade your heart

Whoa! Warrior is romantic by heart. LOL. So don’t think, just be captured by him.

50). Are you a designer? Cause you are making my life beautiful

What a lovely line to express your love for someone, isn’t it?

51). Are you free? Ok, so let’s play kissing game.

Try your luck only on right person otherwise, you may get a punch on your face.LOL.

52). Are you feeling cold? You can use me as a blanket.

Definitely, you will succeed in your mission to impress your girl after serving this cute pick up line from the collection.

53). I just love babies! Would you help me in producing babies?

You may apply this pick up line on your girlfriend but it might be risky if you deliver with the intention to flirt with someone.

54). Even chocolates are envious of your sweetness.

One of the best and frequently used line when it comes to delivering cute pick up lines. Apply it without risk.

55). Hello, my name is Romeo. Will you be my Juliet?

Again, when we think of delivering cute pick up lines with the thought of proposing your loved one, then this pick up line occupies the top position.

56). I failed in my mission, a mission to make you smile, do you want to me to fail?

Aww! Girl, please smile for the boy’s sake! He wants nothing except watching you smile.

57). Nothing is more painful than watching your gloomy face

Wow! Again the perfect definition of true love. Your sweetheart will love you even more after hearing this cute pick up lines.

58). To just get kissed by you, I am ready to act like a frog.

Those who have heard about the story of the frog prince will definitely understand this pick up line, where when kissed by princess, the frog turns into the handsome prince.

59). People often ask me about the Secret of my Happiness. But i am not going to tell them about you

Whoa! You are the secret of his happiness. Hug him after hearing this pick up line depicting true love for you.

60). My camera wants to capture the picture of the most beautiful lady, so if you don’t mind, may I capture yours?

OH! He is trying to call you the most beautiful women via this pick up line. So let him take the picture of yours.

61). Police is keeping an eagle eye on me as I am hiding the most precious treasure with me. Yeah! That’ you.

According to the guy, you are the most precious and valuable thing he is having with him. Therefore, he doesn’t want to lose you. Great line!

62). You are my life support system. I will die without you.

Don’t let him die. Be with him always.

63). You remind me of the spring season, as you blossoms like a flower.

Great comparison with the spring season. Girls will love to hear this from their loved ones.

64). Oh! You are so innocent baby that the heat of my anger suddenly vanished.

Your innocence is enough to kill his anger. Awesome line from cute pick up lines.

65). You are the memory card of my life phone. M useless without you.

You are the support system of your loved one. He can’t live without you. So don’t let him live without you.

66). Congratulations! You are hired for the position of my wife!

Oh wow! Your biggest appointment in any company, isn’t it? Don’t hesitate and accept the offer.

67). Excuse me! Could I borrow you for one life?

The Guy wants you for the entire life. How cute, isn’t it!

68). Marry me so that I look at the world and proudly say that i am the husband of the most beautiful girl in the world.

Nice marriage proposal for girls. Apply it!

69). Was that you or I heard the voice of an angel?

Indirectly he is calling his lovable an angel. Again, the compliment accepted by all the girls with the smile.

You are cuter than a teddy bear and sweeter than lugduname.
Teddy bear is the cutest object and lugduname is the sweetest sugar in the world. Now you can imagine why the guy is calling her sweetheart cutier and sweeter.

71). Do you believe in love stories? No? Ok fine, after spending one day with me, you will start believing.

Now this is called confidence. Accept the challenge.

72). I was searching for a girl with most beautiful appearance, and my search stopped at you!

Such kind of compliments always works on girls. You will find your girl blushing, hugging and kissing you after hearing such cute pick up lines.

73). Hey, sweetie, exchange offer is going on! You give me your tears and in return take my smile.

Again very cute pick up line for girls. Guys be ready for a tight hug from a girl after delivering this pick up line.

74). I always dreamt of having cute babies and see, you are here to fulfill my wish.

Hmmm the guy wants to have babies with you. So girls now choice is all yours.

75). If god ever asks me for one wish then I would ask him to fulfill your every wish

Aww! Romantic and cute pick up line. Best line to express your true love for tour sweetheart.

76). I plopped down into the river, just to make you realize that our love is as transparent as water

If your loved one is upset with you than this pick up line will definitely work.

77). Will you be my love bird for the entire life?

Love birds have to keep in pairs, otherwise, they will die. That ‘why the deliver is calling himself love bird

78). Don’t be dressed in tear, it looks vilest on you. Put on your smile, it looks best on you.

How sweet! Best among the cute pick up lines. It is clear from this pick up line that the guy always wants to see you smiling as he hates your tears.

79). I am writing a novel based on the true love story and I am thinking of writing ours.

Via this pick up line the person is trying to propose the loved one by taking the reference of the novel

80). Time is money so don’t waste your time, marry me!

Lol! Nice way to propose for marriage. Go ahead.

81). If you like nothing then I want to be your nothing.

How sweet! One of the best cute pick up lines. The girl is going to hug you after this.

82). Are you the forebear of the fairy?

It is clear from the pick up line that the guy is calling her girl the fairy!

83). You have the power to melt even the devil’s heart with your smile.

The person is praising the smile of the loved one by serving this unique cute pick up line.

84). I think my heart is lost somewhere. Oh! Got it, it is with you!

Guy is indicating that he is in love with the girl by delivering this pick up line

85). You won the prize for being the cutest girl on the planet.

Yet another line of praise from the collection of cute pick up lines.

86). Are you alien? because the beauty like you is not found on earth

It appears that it is impossible for the guy to believe that the beauty like this is actually present on the earth. Great compliment for girls!

87). You are the snow-white of the 21st century.

Again, snow-white is the epitome of beauty and cuteness. Therefore, he is comparing you to the snow white

88). When did you shift from heaven to earth?

Heaven is the place of via this kind of cute pick up lines, the deliver is calling you angel.

89). Don’t gaze at me aggressively, you are increasing my chances of loving you.

Whoa! Staring may turn against you as the guy is flattered by your look.LOL

90). I am dying, I have only 2 minutes left so be quick and hug me tightly.

He just wants to cuddle you. So girl don’t waste time and hug him tightly.

91). Hey cutie pie, can I take the picture of yours as an evidence to show my pal that today I met the cutest girl in the universe.

Guy via this pick up line is calling you the cutest girl on the planet.

92). You are the best chapter of my book on life

Another heart-touching cute pickup line to impress your girl.

93). I am a diabetic patient. So stay away from me.

Most popular and placed among top ten most cute funny pick up lines.

94). My hands are shivering! Can you please hold them?

The Best way to hold the hand of your loved one. Go ahead!

95). Hey! I think you lost your smile, no problem, you can keep mine.

The Guy wants you to smile, so girl, please smile for his sake.

96). Is your name tomato? Because your cheeks are as red as a tomato.

Red cheeks make you look super you lucky if you have got red cheeks

97). I came to know the meaning of adorability after seeing you.

Another cute pickup line often delivered in praise.

98). Today you are wearing my favorite dress, your smile.

Wow! This cute pickup lines is enough to melt someone’s heart. Try it when your girlfriend is upset.

99). I want to be your teddy bear so that you sleep by holding me in your arms

Awwwwww! Teddy bear is the epitome of cuteness. So by comparing to the teddy bear, a guy is calling you super cute.

100). Your cuteness is distracting me from looking somewhere else.

Indirectly the guy is admiring your cuteness. The Best way to call someone cute. Try it! Responsive sure will be overwhelming

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Not getting perfect words to express your feelings? Don’t worry , by delivering above mentioned cute pick up lines, you will definitely succeed in your love life. Just speak from your heart and then see the magic.

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