Corny Pick Up Lines (100+ Pickup Lines)

Corny pick up lines: Corny pick up lines are the lines delivered in a fun way. These corny pick up lines are delivered for girls. However, these lines are not always accepted. You may fail in your goal to impress someone. So you have to take care while delivering such pick up lines

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I think fun make life more en-joyful and happy, but some type action can make these things possible like, If you have girl friend and you want to impress her then you can try some common ways. You can try cute nicknames, fun games, date ideas, pick up lines and etc.

100+ Corny Pick Up Lines

Here I cover only corny pick up lines, hoe you also enjoy these lines. Let’s focus on top 100 corny pick up lines,

1). I lost my surname somewhere, may I have yours?

Most popular and often delivered corny pick up lines for girls.

2). Are you dictionary? Because I found the meaning of happiness in you.

Corny pick up line liked by all. Such corny pick up lines are most frequently used for girls.

3). My teddy bear is lost somewhere, could you sleep with me for one night?

Very sweet pick up line for all girls. However beware while trying this pick up line on the girl whom you are trying to impress for the first time.

4). You are tastier than the wine.

Again one of the popular line from corny pick up lines. However delivered fun way , it may go against you. So be careful while delivering.

5). I want to meet my dream tonight. So are you free today?

Although very common but most of the time it works.

6). I want to kiss you just to show the world that today I touched the sweetest girl of the earth.

Lovely corny pick up lines. The guy is trying to flirt with the girl.

7). Sweetness is my weakness, so I can’t leave you .

Very common and unoriginal corny pick up line. The Success ratio is 50-50. Try your luck.

8). HI, is your name chocolate? Then why you are so sweet?

Awwwwww! Again the great piece of work from the deliver, depicting true love for her lady.

9). My bed is waiting for you. It wants us to sleep together.

Very cheesy kind of pick up line. Either you will get a punch on your face or a tight hug.

10). Are you as gorgeous on the inside as you are on the outside?

Unique corny pick up line. Best question to ask when you are approaching any girl for the first time.

11). Hey, you are missing something [what?] Me!

This corny pick up lines may go in your favour. Try your luck.

12). In the day, I want to be with you like a shadow and in dawn, I want to be with you like a lamp.

Very heart – touching pick up line for girls).You can deliver this corny pick up lines to turn on the mood of your sweetheart.

13). Hey, sweetie, my lips are missing your lips, so let them meet.

Whoa! Don’t deliver these kind of corny pick up lines for the purpose of impressing your girl. Yeah, you can deliver to your girlfriend.

14). I have to show you the cutest girl I’ve ever seen. (shows her a mirror)

Whether you want to impress your loved one or you want to bring smile on her face, delivering this pick up line will always work

15). My mom wants to meet. (Why?)Because she wants to gift you myself on your birthday.

Ahaan! The guy is approaching the girl for marriage. Once you deliver this corny pick up lines, rest will depend on your loved one, whether she rejects it or accepts this gift.

16). Hey , my pal says that you look perfect with me.

Again,the success rate of this pick up line depends on the girl to whom you are delivering this pick up line .

17). Sorry, I can’t control… I’ve already collapsed for you

The guy here is trying to say that he has fallen for his beloved, and now he is unable to control his feelings for her.

18). Are you free for rest of your life? Because I want to devote my entire life to you.

The Best example of cute pick up lines. Pick up lines like this are spoken more often because it always works.

19). So you are the one who is responsible for killing millions of youths with your smile.

Whoa! pick up lines delivered in admiration will always work in your favour.

20). You did the serious crime of killing me with your beauty. As a punishment, you are sentenced to live with me.

Whether you are trying to woo any girl ir you are applying at your girl friend, these corny pick up lines will never fail. So try it.

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