Corny Pick Up Lines (100+ Pickup Lines)

61). I don’t want to miss the opportunity to take you on the date.

The Guy wants to take her sweetheart on the date. So girls, don’t refuse.

62). Are you naturally sweet or you get sweeter after my kiss?

The lightheartedly delivered corny pick up line.

63). People are not aware of your beauty. I want to tell them, so may I take your picture?

Nice excuse to take her picture. Isn’t it?

64). You are not audible so please raise your voice and say that you love me.

The guy wants to know her feelings via this corny pick up line

65). Your sweetness can’t be defined in any dictionary.

Again a word of praise! You will never fail with these kind of corny pick up lines

66). I will bend down on my knees to tie the shoelace of our daughter.

Oh wow! Pick up line definitely valued by your sweetheart.

67). So now when I knew the truth, kindly tell me where did you hide my heart?

Another corny pick up line to express your feelings to someone.

68). Do you love cheese? Because your pick up lines are very cheesy.

Hahaha. Now this is really stupid pick up line. No one will love to hear that.

69). Are you scientist? Because you are the one who discovered beauty.

Every girl will love to hear pick up lines like this. So deliver without fear.

70). Hey, sweetie, there is no electricity at my residence, could you please come and lit my room with your smile?

This pick up line will fall in your favour irrespective of the mood and situation. So apply without hesitation.

71). Have you resigned from heaven to join my company?

Heaven is known for angels. So the guy is comparing his girl with the angel.

72). I will become rich only when I will reach my goal of keeping you happy forever.

Again one of the best heart-touching pick up line for girls. Your lovable wants to see you happy forever.

73). You know who is the cutest girl in this world? Read the first word of the sentence.

The guy is calling her sweet via this pick up line.

74). I want my children to be good-looking, so marry me!

One of the best corny pick up lines when it comes to proposing.

75). Yesterday I dream of getting married with my dream girl. So let’s turn it into reality.

Try your luck. Rest leave on her.

76). Today the sun is shining more brightly by watching the spark on your face.

Make her feel special by this corny pick up lines

77). Wouldn’t we look perfect together in our family picture?

An Indirect way of proposing for marriage. Go ahead.

78). You look more beautiful without clothes.

Deliver only when you are 100% sure of succeeding otherwise be ready for tight slap.

79). I am homeless right now. Let’s build a new relationship and live there.

Amazing corny pick up line! The coin will drop in your favor

80). I want to take my last breath in your arms. So be there at that time.

Heart-touching corny pick up line for girls.

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