Corny Pick Up Lines (100+ Pickup Lines)

81). Do you have a heart? Because I can hear it beating for me.

How sugary! One of the best corny pick up lines.

82). Even Thousands of books would not be enough to describe how beautiful you are.

A Unique way of admiring someone’s beauty.

83). Since you are so hot, you should chill with me.

Again the guy is trying to impress you with this hot compliment.

84). Can you exchange my “X” without asking “Y”?

The Guy is approaching the girl to become his girlfriend. So girl. Go ahead.

85). Today I saw the women of my dreams in reality. Yeah! I am talking about you.

Yet another piece of compliment from the assemblage of corny pick up lines.

86). You keep hating me and i will keep loving You. Let’s see who will win in the end.

That called the confidence. It seems that the guy loves you from the core of his heart. It is better to lose in this game.

87). You are the Cinderella of the twenty-first century.

Again, Cinderella is the personification of gorgeousness and cuteness. Therefore, he is comparing you to the Cinderella

88). Have you resigned from the duty of killing people with your smile?

The Guy is admiring your smile via this corny pick up line.

89). Can you please ask your lips to make the contact with mine, so that I can tell my friends that a sweet girl kissed me today?

Whoa! Staring may turn against you as the guy is flattered by your look.LOL

90). Hey, you’re pretty and I’m handsome. Together we’d be pretty handsome.

Another great corny pick up lines. Your girl will definitely cuddle you after this.

91). My lips are desperate to meet yours.

Apply on your loved ones. In 90% cases, such corny pick up lines works successfully.

92). Your name sounds good when it is taken along with mine.

Another heart-melting corny pickup line from the collection to influence your girl.

93). Media is behind me, can I disclose the secret of our relationship to the world?

Hahaha! Nice corny pick up lines to woo your girl.

94). I always believe in taking risks. So on my risk, I want to kiss you.

Try it at your own risk. Play your card safely.

95). Just by looking at you, I can confidently say that you are searching for me.

I think the guy is face reader.LOL.

96). I don’t want to kiss you but my lips are very stubborn, they want me to!

If you apply it on a stranger , then you might get a tight slap on return, so try to deliver to your wife or girlfriend

97). See, I am sweating, you are so hot.

Another corny pickup lines often delivered in admiration.

98). I am hungry. I want to eat a sweet dish. So may I eat you?

Wow! This corny pickup lines is enough to soften someone’s heart. Attempt it when your girlfriend is distressed.

99). As a punishment , you will remain in my custody forever.

Awwwwww! Great line. Must

100). Do you smoke? Because you are smoking hot!

Guys, please beware while speaking this corny pick up line. Some girls will hate such corny line.


So here you see, just by delivering few corny pick up lines you can easily woo any girl or the guy. So guys, what are you thinking? Take your girl on the date, and welcome her with these corny pick up lines.

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