Corny Pick Up Lines (100+ Pickup Lines)

41). I don’t need light to lit up my room, as your smile is enough to do the job.

You will found your girl blushing even more after hearing this pick up line. Try it without hesitation.

42). I forgot my past, at present I can see my future with you

Valuable corny pick up line. Great line to show your feelings to someone

43). The world is going to end today. So it is the last chance for you to express your feelings.

Hmm! Nice trick to bring out her feelings for you. Try it!

44). Don’t irk me with your anger, I usually kiss when getting annoyed.

LOL! This line will definitely fire up her mood. Don’t try with the purpose of impressing.

45). I lost my bath soap. Would you bath with me instead?

Be careful while speaking. Such pick up lines will not work with all girls.

46). There must be something off beam with my eyes, I can’t take them off you.

Oh, the guy is mad at you. He is in love with the girl and trying to express his feelings via this pick up line

47). Is your name gorgeous?

Great compliment for any girl. They will surely love this line

48). My love for you is equal to infinity.

Another example of the true love. Guy is expressing his love for her sweetheart.

49). Is your name midsummer? Then why you are so hot.

Woo your girl with this corny pick up line.

50). Are you an artist? because you are making my life fine-looking

What a lovely line to express your love for someone, isn’t it?

51). Hey, I found the synonym of your name in the dictionary, i.e. sweet!

Simple and effective corny pick up lines for girl.

52). I think after kissing you, I will be able to tell you clearly whether I love you or not.

What an excuse to kiss a girl! LOL. Be ready to get a tight punch on your face.

53). I don’t need sun for brightness because your eyes are enough to light up my world.

The guy is admiring her girl’s eyes via this pick up line.

54). You are the best thing happened to me.

One of the greatest and normally used line when it comes to serving corny pick up lines. Apply it without hesitation.

55). Have patience, you do get a chance to kiss me.

Among the corny pick up lines, this is the best line you can deliver .

56). May I get your phone number? (No). Ok, then take mine.

Lol! In either case, he only wants to get the girl’s number.

57). The more I look at you, the sweeter you become.

Wow! Again the line in praise. Your darling will love you even more after hearing this corny pick up lines.

58). Hi, I am a mathematician. Could you tell me, which is the easiest method to get your phone number?

Guy wants to follow you by taking your cell no.

59). Roses are often jealous of your beauty.

Whoa! Perfect pick up line to impress your loved one. Go with it.

60). Today, I will show you one magic. I will kiss you without touching you.

OH! The guy is making an excuse to kiss you. so guys be alert while delivering this corny pick up line

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