Corny Pick Up Lines (100+ Pickup Lines)

21). Hey, my astrologer told me that I will be able to take a nap only if you will sleep beside me.

The guy wants her love to sleep with him.

22). Don’t be upset with your break up. I am here to heal your wound.

The guy is taking the advantage of the situation by providing his shoulder to her.

23). People outside there are talking about our relationship. Please,Shut their mouth by accepting it.

Hahaha! Great way of convincing someone for the relationship. Go ahead.

24). Your smile is fallen there, kindly pick it up.

Very sweet pick up line for girls. With this pick up line, you will definitely find your dream girl in your arms

25). Excuse me, your tears are precious, they should be handled with care.

Delivered straight from the heart, this corny pick up lines will go in your favour.

26). Let us study together. You will teach me how to kiss and i will revise it again and again.

Again, apply with care, otherwise you may get into trouble.

27). One glass of scotch is nothing when you are beside me.

The guy is intoxicated by you more than the scotch. Good pick up line to apply on your sweetheart.

28). I am having a cold, could you please give a warm hug.

Again the corny pick up lines loved by all girls.

29). If you don’t like sweets, then why you are so sweet?

Flirty kind of pick up line. Apply and see the revert.

30). I can’t live alone,may I get your company forever?

If you want to propose someone for marriage, then go with this corny pick up line.

31). Put on some weight, otherwise, you will be blown away by the storm.

Although delivered in a fun way, these type of corny pick up lines, will definitely not liked by all girls. So deliver according to the situation and mood of the person.

32). Your voice is as sweet as your smile.

Again, girls love to be praised. So this corny pick up line will definitely pull your girl in your arms.

33). If gravels try to obstruct your path, I will be there to remove them.

The corny pick up line with the deep meaning. This line will make your girl fall in love with you.

34). I think, your beauty and my mind would be a good combo for today’s night.

Try on your girlfriend. Don’t deliver to the girl whom you are approaching for the first time.

35). Open the door, your dream is waiting outside.

Lovely line from the collection of corny pick up lines. Nice way of proposing.

36). I love my teddy bear more than myself. So never leave me.

The deliver is calling you his teddy bear. So don’t leave him.

37). Recently I met with an accident and lost my heart. Will you give yours?

Lovely line from the collection of corny pick up lines. Nice way of proposing.

38). My ears are very curious to listen to your melodious voice.

Make your loved one happy by singing in a melodious voice.

39). Don’t you ever try my patience, I am very bad when it comes to kissing.

Not accepted by all girls. So try on close ones.

40). Although I don’t believe in love but in your case, I am ready to change my opinion.

The guy is in love with the beloved).So lady, give him one chance.

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