Sweet Pick Up Lines (100+ Pickup Lines)

Sweet pick up lines are delivered for the girls with the aim of impressing her or turning her mood on. If your girlfriend is upset with you and you, want to make her happy then offering these sweet pick up lines to you, will definitely bring a smile on her face.

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In this modern era, most people use to pick up lines into her regular talking because by the help of such type pick up lines, anyone can easily share his/her heart feelings font of your special person, which you want to make happy.

Sweet Pick Up Lines (100+ Pickup Lines)

Let’s focus on top 100 sweet pick up lines, hope bellow given pickup lines will proving helpful for you and bring smile on your partner face.

1). It’s not my mistake I fell in love with you. You are responsible for it.

Perhaps the girl’s charm and beauty is responsible for making him mad for her. Perfect line for couples. Try it!

2). Ok, I admit my crime, it was me who has stolen your heart. You can take revenge by thieving mine.

Great sweet pick up lines for girls. Go ahead with this romantic pick up line.

3). Could you please tell me the path of reaching your heart?

Again an excellent piece of work from the collection. The guy is curious to know the way through which he can enter her heart.

4). Yuk! This coffee is tasteless; please dip your finger in it.

Through this sweet pick up lines, the guy is trying to say that her sweetheart is so sweet that she can make his coffee taste sugary.

5). Am I dead? Then why I am in heaven?

This sweet pick up lines simply reveal that the guy is trying to call her sweetheart an angel.

6). Baby, you are here, and I was searching you in my dreams.

The guy is trying to compliment the girl by calling her his dream girl.

7). It seems that all the stars from the sky reserved the place I your eyes.

This pick up line could make her heart race for you.. The guy is admiring her eyes via this sweet pick up lines.

8). I just brought this red rose to show it that how extremely dazzling you are!

Admirations always work in the case of girls. You can’t fail with these kind of sweet pick up lines.

9). I was reading my contact list and I recognized that I don’t have yours.

In simple phrase, the guy wants her number.

10). I may not be a god, but I can fulfil your all dreams.

Very sweet pick up lines. Try it.

11). No one can erase your name from my heart.

Very appealing and attention-seeking sweet pick up lines for girls.

12). My life is like a story book and you are the most beautiful chapter of it that never ends.

It seems that the guy is very happy to have her in his life.

13). Hey, I just lost my key, so could you please lock my lips with yours?

Whoa! Guy is taking the chance to kiss her. Try it only when you know the girl pretty well.

14). Is your name airport? Because my heart is taking off.

Avoid using it if you are approaching the stranger.

15). I am losing my energy, could you please smile so that I can gain some vigor.

Ahaan! One of the Best sweet pick up lines for girls. Via this line, you can make your girl friend, your girlfriend.

16). In my dictionary, you are the meaning of the word ’the world’.

She will be flattered after hearing such sweet pick up lines. After all, the guy is calling her his entire world.

17). Now I don’t have to pay my electricity bills as you are enough to light my world.

Again the heart –touching pick up line for girls. She will be delighted after hearing this sweet pick up lines.

18). If I were a superhero, then my name would be your man.

A unique sweet pick up line. Apply it to your loved ones.

19). Are you busy? Yes, I’m busy thinking about you!

Whoa! Pick up lines delivered in admiration and always workeds in your favour.

20). I was so lost in you that I hit my face on the wall.

Whether you are trying to woo any girl and looking some great pick up line which you can apply at your girlfriend, these corny pick up lines will never fail. So try it.