100 Sweet Pick Up Lines for Girls and Guys

Sweet pick up lines are delivered for the girls with the aim of impressing her or turning her mood on. If your girlfriend is upset with you and you, want to make her happy then offering these sweet pickup lines to her, will definitely bring a smile on her face.

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In this modern era, most people use to pick up lines into her regular talking because by the help of such type pickup lines, anyone can easily share his/her heart feelings font of your special person, which you want to make happy.

100 Sweet Pick Up Lines for Girls and Guys

Let’s focus on top 100 sweet pickup lines, hope bellow collection will proving helpful for you and bring a smile on your partner face.

1). It’s not my mistake I fell in love with you. You are responsible for it.

Perhaps the girl’s charm and beauty is responsible for making him mad for her. Perfect line for couples. Try it!

2). Ok, I admit my crime, it was me who has stolen your heart. You can take revenge by thieving mine.

3). Could you please tell me the path of reaching your heart?

Again an excellent piece of work from the collection. The guy is curious to know the way through which he can enter her heart.

4). Yuk! This coffee is tasteless; please dip your finger in it.

Through this sweet pick up line, the guy is trying to say that her sweetheart is so sweet that she can make his coffee taste sugary.

5). Am I dead? Then why I am in heaven?

This pickup line simply reveals that the guy is trying to call her sweetheart an angel.

6). Baby, you are here, and I was searching you in my dreams.

The guy is trying to compliment the girl by calling her his dream girl.

7). It seems that all the stars from the sky reserved the place I and your eyes.

This could make her heart race for you.. The guy is admiring her eyes.

8). I just brought this red rose to show it that how extremely dazzling you are!

Admirations always work in the case of girls. You can’t fail with these kinds of sweet pick up lines.

9). I was reading my contact list and I recognized that I don’t have yours.

In simple phrase, the guy wants her number.

10). I may not be a god, but I can fulfill your all dreams.

One of Very sweet pick up lines. Try it.

11). No one can erase your name from my heart.

Very appealing and attention-seeking love pickup lines for girls.

12). My life is like a story book and you are the most beautiful chapter of it that never ends.

It seems that the guy is very happy to have her in his life.

13). Hey, I just lost my key, so could you please lock my lips with yours?

Whoa! Guy is taking the chance to kiss her. Try it only when you know the girl pretty well.

14). Is your name airport? Because my heart is taking off.

Avoid using it if you are approaching the stranger.

15). I am losing my energy, could you please smile so that I can gain some vigor.

16). In my dictionary, you are the meaning of the word ’the world’.

She will be flattered after hearing such sweetest one liners. After all, the guy is calling her his entire world.

17). Now I don’t have to pay my electricity bills as you are enough to light my world.

Again the heart –touching pickup line for girls.

18). If I were a superhero, then my name would be your man.

One of unique sweet pick up lines. Apply it to your loved ones.

19). Are you busy? Yes, I’m busy thinking about you!

Whoa! It is delivered in admiration and always works in your favour.

20). I was so lost in you that I hit my face on the wall.

21). I think, I should charge some bugs for spending so much time in my dreams!

The guy simply tries to tell her that she is the most common visitor of his dreams.

22). In a rose garden, you are a perfect rose.

The Girl is being compared to the red rose via this sweet pickup line.

23). Kissing is a language of romance, so how about a conversation?

The guy is desperate to make the physical contact with the girl. Try it only on the girl whom you know very well.

24). If prettiness is the synonym of pain, then you must be hurting!

Drop-dead compliment for the all-girls. Apply it.

25). Do you have a fever? Because you are damn hot!

Deliver to your sweetheart and wait for the reaction.In most of the cases, these type of romantic lines are successful.

26). The sky is not blue today because all the blues are in your eyes.

Again, this is the finest compliment any girl will ever get. So apply without fear.

27). You are like pizza, always delicious.

Great line to impress your girl.

28). You should get the gold medal for being so gorgeous.

What a sweet pick up lines to woo any girl! Apply it.

29). Just provide me some oxygen. You took my breath away!

LOL! Very sweet text for both girls and guys.

30). I can read faces. And your face is showing that you want to kiss me right now.

Great excuse and idea to be kissed by your girl. However, this love one liner may go in the wrong direction. So beware while delivering

31). Want some brownie? Take it from my lips.

This simply means that the guy is inviting the girl for a kiss.

32). Beware! The tiger is arriving. You can hide in my arms.

The guy just wants to take the girl in his arms. Apply on the known person.

33). You look sugary. May I taste you?

Perfect and often delivered for girls.

34). I know we just met but would you mind if I propose you?

This guy is in love with the girl.

35). Is your name chilly? Cos you’re drop-dead hot. !!!!

Great line from the collection of sweet pick up lines.

36). A rose is saluting your beauty

This line simply reveals that the girl is more beautiful than the rose.

37). I lost my home, can I sleep in yours?

Apply with care otherwise this line could go against you.

38). Hurry up! Get up and cuddle me, I am going to die within seconds.

Best excuse to make physical contact with the person you love. Apply it!

39). Are you twitter? Because I am following you.

40). I love your smile more than you. So always keep it on your face.

Aww! Very heart-touching pickup line for lovers. This line depicts the true love for your sweetheart.

41). Whenever I think of the most precious things of my life, then you are the first thing that comes to my mind.

For the guy, you are on top most priority as you are the most valuable thing he has.

42). All the stars are jealous of your pretty eyes.

Again, the line delivered in admiration. Such sweet pick up lines will always help you to impress your sweetheart in one go.

43). See, the breeze is blowing just to tell you that how gorgeous your hair is.

Such sweet pick up lines are delivered with the goal of admiring her hairs.

44). I think, there is some problem in my eyes, as I can’t take off my eyes from you.

45). Rum, whiskey, tea, or me?

Witty pickup line. Try it on the known person.

46). You’re hotter than the sun and gorgeous than the angel.

Deliver this line to your sweetheart on the romantic date and make your date even more special.

47). Those diamonds in your eyes are more real than your ring.

Great compliment for any girl. They will surely love this.

48). You are like an antivirus of my life, I feel safe and protected when you are around.

Again the deliver is expressing his feelings like how worthy her presence is in his life.

49). My contact list is missing your number

Intelligently delivered sweet pick up line to ask for her number.

50). Don’t you feel sad for being the only star in the sky?

The guy is comparing her angel with a shining star.

51). I want all of you. All of your mistakes and faults, I want only you.

Awwwwww! So sweet! After this line, your sweetheart will fall in love with you.

52). Hi, I’m James. I think you are the ideal choice for marriage. So marry me.

Although this line sounds corny but may work in some cases.

53). Are you princess? Because you look like the queen of beauty.

Guys, no doubt, you will get a tight hug after delivering this sweetest one-liner.

54). I am sick, please inject the syringe of your love.

Cute and romantic pick up line loved by all girls and guys.

55). You are two in one. A beautiful lady with a beautiful soul.

This will definitely bring a sweet smile on her face.

56). I heard that you are a coffee lover. Fortunately, my name is coffee.

Lol! Sounds funny but effective to try on your lady.

57). Don’t put on makeup, otherwise, it will be like a scar on the moon.

The deliver want to deliver that you are naturally beautiful so don’t mess with your perfection. Very genuine and honest opinion about someone.

58). I am a philanthropist and I am here to donate by heart to you.

Again, the most common one-liner delivered to propose someone.

59). I need a doctor, my sugar level just increased as soon as you entered.

Whoa! Best line to deliver when you want to admire someone’s sweetness.

60). Your demand is increasing in the market, but I want to be the only client of it.

The deliver wants to occupy the space in her life.

61). I did my diploma in photography only to capture your beauty.

Simple and adorable sweet pick up lines for girls.

62). Whenever I look at you, two alphabets strike my mind- QT.

The guy is calling his lovable cutie.

63). I can’t lick my lips, can you do it for me?

This line may sound creepy in some circumstances but if delivered to the right person, then it will surely work.

64). On a scale from India to America, how free are you today?

A Simple question asked in the twisted form. Most girls will faint for this sweet one liner.

65). You can buy me free of cost with a lifetime guarantee.

Your loved one wants to spend the whole life with you.

66). Hey , could you please hold my hand so that I can stand on my feet as I am falling in love with you again and again

Best proposal ever! This cute pick up line is delivered when you are proposing someone for the first time. Apply it on the ones whom you love.

67). Yes, I am heartless because my heart is with you.

68). I will lock your sadness and unlock your happiness.

The line depicting true love from the deliver. Every next girl wants to hear such kind of sweet words.

69). Hi, I am a psychologist and I can read your face and it is saying that you love me too.

This sweetest one liner will work only if the girl actually loves you otherwise the situation may turn against you. So apply when you are sure of your success.

70). I don’t need any jewelry when I have the diamond-like you.

Impressive sweet pick up lines for all guys. It is the best thing a girl can say to her lovable.

71). Is heaven your birthplace? Because your beauty is expressing your residence.

The girl looks like an angel to the deliver that is why he is calling heaven her birthplace.

72). Are you superwomen? Because you are using your power of beauty to attract me towards you.

This sweet one-liner is generally applied when you are approaching any stranger. Try your luck and go ahead.

73). You must be tired as you were running through my mind all day long.

A Catchy phrase to impress your loved one. Try it.

74). When did you come out of the prison? It is illegal to look that beautiful.

Girls will love this sweet pick up line.

75). Thanks for fulfilling my last wish of seeing the a gorgeous girl.

Try this on the girl whom you found extremely beautiful.

76). I am the world’s renowned painter but even I can’t paint the beauty like you.

Again, it is the best sweet pickup line to try on your girlfriend.

77). I am the gateway to your happiness.

The girl/ guy will be happy in the company of their loved ones.

78). Love is blind but I can see you see in my future.

Expressing the true love for the lovable.

79). Because of you, I laugh more and cry little.

Amazing corny pick up line! The coin will drop

80). Hii I am the superhero and I can kiss you without touching you.

You may get a punch if delivered to the stranger. So play your card safely.

81). Your shoulder is my best pillow.

Very attention seeking sweet pick up lines for couples

82). Hey, see, bees are buzzing around you , you are that much sweet.

The guy is complimenting her by calling her sweet.

83). I heard that you are fond of kids. This night I want to gift you the same.

Again the guy is trying to impress you with this hot compliment.

84). Your eyes are like a deep sea. I want to drown in it.

The Guy seems to be lost in her eyes. Sweet pick line to admire the eyes of your sweetheart.

85). Excuse me, do you have just a few minutes to spare? Because it will take only this much time to marry you.

Very unique and heart-catching sweet pick up line for couples. The Best marriage proposal line for all loved ones.

86). I conducted the survey of 100 most beautiful women in the world. But unfortunately, I found none except you.

This line will definitely turn on her mood.

87). I came to know the meaning of darkness when you were away from me.

The separation spreads darkness in the life of the deliver. This is what the deliver try to convey.

88). If you will take my heart then I will steal your surname.

The deliver is expressing his/her love.

89). You are like my oxygen. My heart stops beating when you are away.

If you want to express your deep feelings to someone then go ahead with these kind of love pick up lines.

90). This dawn I saw an attractive flower…and suddenly you came to my mind.

Another great piece of work. The guy founds her sweetheart drop-dead attractive.

91). May I have the privilege of kissing you?

Very sweet question one will ever ask to their loved ones. But just try it on your closed ones. Try avoiding strangers.

92). You can’t blame me for my sadness but I can blame you for my happiness.

Deep sweet pick up line, isn’t it! Don’t give a stress to your mind. This line simply means that the guy is happy only because of her. She is the reason of his happiness

93). Your sweetness is enough to give me cavities.

94). OH, someone please call the fire brigade, as she is burning me with her hotness!

Again the most preferred compliment for all girls.

95). I am even ready to sacrifice my life just to see you happy.

How sweet, isn’t it? Very touching cute pickup line for girlfriend.

96). See, the moon hides behind the clouds after looking at your beauty.

This line simply implies that the guy considers her sweetheart more beautiful than the moon which is an amazing compliment.

97). You have the ability to kill people without touching them, with your beauty.

Great compliment for girls.

98). People often call me by the name “mad” because I am mad at you.

Your lovable is crazy for you.

99). Hi, is your name artery? Because my name is blood and I can’t survive without you.

Hmm! logical. Through this line, the guy simply wants to tell his lovable that he can’t live without her.

100). Hi, my name is eraser and I am here to erase your bitter memories.


Thus, now you know the gateway through which you can enter into the life and heart of your sweetheart. Just serve few sweet pick up lines and see the magic, you will find you’re lovable in your arms.

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