Intimate Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

To break the ice between you two, you really need to know about the intimate questions to ask your girlfriend. Things are going to be somewhat weird and awkward initially but it will surely help you two to come closer to each other and establish a healthy relationship. In fact, this is actually an important phase to take your relationship to the next level.

Intimate Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

1). Did you ever purposely wear tight clothes to flaunt your curves?

2). How much the importance of sex and intimacy in your love life as an individual or in a relationship?

3). What kind of fragrance makes you go crazy for a guy?

4). Have you ever felt attracted to your best friend, no matter boy or girl?

5). What is the one word that you would like to give to me according to my body type?

These are the kind of Intimate questions to ask your girlfriend which is actually not about her but about the opinion that she has for you.

6). What would you want me to describe you as?

7). If you have a certain “type”, how much would you rate me for it?

8). What do you want a guy to do to you when you are all tied up in bed?

9). What kind of clothes you like to wear the most especially while going out for parties and booze?

10). Do you like to check out men in a way that they like to check out women?

Now, there is no doubt in the fact that guys check out girls all the time. These kind of intimacy questions will let you know that whether your girl does the same or not.

11). Have you ever feel uncontrollably sexually attracted to anyone but you could not do anything about it?

12). What are the qualities that drives you crazy for a man?

13). Is it the looks that matter the most or the nature of a person?

14). How can someone make you feel super desired and special in bed?

15). Which sex position do you think is way overrated?

With the growing proximities, you guys are going to end up doing it anyway so why not to ask her about her opinion on sex positions through such kind of Intimate questions to ask your girlfriend.

16). What goals do you think you have for the two of us?

17). What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you picture the two of us together in dim lighted room?

18). Have you ever tried to touch a man in a sexual way?

19). How big a deal is it for you to lose your virginity before getting married?

20). Do you believe in the idea of open relationships or open marriages?

Well, you need to be really cautious while asking such intimate questions because if it backfires on you then no explanations would be enough to save you from your girlfriend.

21). What is the worst thing you have ever done to attract your crush towards you?

22). Which facial feature of mine arouse you the most in bed?

23). What is the one thing that girls want their guy to do in bed?

24). Have you ever thought of cheating on me with someone else?

25). What if you find out that I am not capable of having kids of my own, would you still be with me?

These are the kind of Intimate questions to ask your girlfriend which are a mix between some seriousness and important decisions. You must respect whatever she says on this.

26). What is the perfect idea of a first time sex with someone for you?

27). Which is the riskiest sex position that you would want to try out with me?

28). What is the literal meaning of taking the relationship to the next level for you?

29). What kind of fantasies you have that you want me to fulfill for you?

30). How often would you like to get intimate with me?

Of course you cannot bound the intimacy in just mere numbers but I think this is good to mutually decide things through such intimate questions ask your girlfriend.

31). What is the perfect idea of foreplay for you?

32). What is the idea of “taking things out of the bedroom” for you?

33). What do you like more, Jacuzzi bath or hot shower?

34). What is your favorite pair of lingerie?

35). What are you wearing right now?

Now, you must be thinking that what kind of Intimate questions to ask your girlfriend I am listing. But this is kind of a move that guys make which ultimately leads to some really intimate conversation.

36). How comfortable do you about kissing in public?

37). What order do you like better, food and then sex or sex and then food?

38). Did you stalk me on social media before meeting me on the first date?

39). What is this one thing about me which gives you butterflies?

40). How much do you like cuddling?

This is most common kind of intimacy questions that guys usually ask their girlfriends to catch up the mutual opinions over cuddling and snuggling.

41). What is this one habit of mine which repels you from me sexually?

42). Have you ever felt suddenly aroused just by thinking about me or seeing me?

43). On a scale of 1 to 10, how sexually attractive you are to me?

44). Have you ever dreamt of me in a sexual way?

45). What is the wildest dream you ever had about anyone?

Now you need not to panic even if she answer someone else’s name on such Intimate questions to ask your girlfriend. But you need to see that you should be the one that she think about from now.

46). How would you like to explain our relationship in just three words?

47). What do you expect me to do the most while in bed?

48). Would you like to go skinny dipping with me some day?

49). Have you ever been into an orgy?

50). Did you ever felt like having a collection of sex toys in your closet?

Well, this can be one highly risky intimate questions to ask to your girl if you two have not talked about such kind of things yet.

51). What is that one thing which gives you pleasure but makes you feel guilty too?

52). When we are going to have shower together?

53). If you would ever want to get hammered, what will you be drinking?

54). How much you are into BDSM?

55). Which is that place where you feel most comfortable while doing it?

56). Have you ever been into fur whip, handcuffs and stuff like that?

Basically you are asking her about soft BDSM through such Intimate questions to ask your girlfriend. Now, you need to see what are her choices and how you can use them to please her.

57). Have your parents ever caught you with a hicky?

58). What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you imagine us naked in a bed?

59). Have you ever experienced a sexual experiment gone wrong?

60). How much taking control matters to you in bed?

61). What do you think I am wearing right now?

62). When would you like to take things to the next level with me?

63). What is the idea of perfect oral sex for you?

64). If I ever buy you an explicit piece of lingerie, would you wear it for me?

65). Are you comfortable enough to start sexting with me?

If you think you guys are just stuck over a phase in your relationship and you want to move forward then try such intimate questions ask your girlfriend as they are direct and much needed to maintain the intimacy.

66). Would you like to Netflix and Chill with me?

67). Do you want me to come over and cuddle with you?

68). What are your thoughts about the lower part of my body?

69). Would you like to hug me with shirt or shirtless?

70). What is the most comfortable pair of clothing that you love to sleep in?

71). What would you like me to use on you, ice cubes or whipped cream?

72). If I was right outside your home now, would you sneak me in your room?

73). Do you want me to see shirtless anytime soon?

74). Which is that clothing of mine that turns you on the most?

75). Did you ever felt arouses when you suddenly woke up from a wild dream?

76). Which is the most erogenous spot on your body and why?

77). What is your favorite sex position?

78). Which one you will like try next time See Saw Position or Amazon Position?

79). How do you feel when you watch a kissing scene in a movie?

80). How you feel when I touch your boobs?

81). I want to kiss at your neck right now. Will you allow me?

82). Will you sex with someone stranger who have very attractive body and make you wet?

83). Do you like to take control in bed?

84). If I were with you now, which body part of me you will want to touch?

85). Can I go between your legs?

86). What you think about role-play in bed? Is there any character which you like to play with me?

87). How often you masturbate in a week?

88). What is your highest score of doing masturbating in a day?

89). If you are attracted towards someone very much but don’t feel love connection, will you sex with him?

90). Did we ever sex in your dreams?

91). How you will feel if I hug you tightly in my arms and bite on your lips.

92). How you felt when we did first time?

93). Can I kiss on your thigh?

94). How often you think about doing sex with me?

95). Do you want to share your dirtiest fantasy with me?

96). Would you enjoy if I slaps your butt while we do sex?

97). I would like to hear your feedback about last night.

98). Will you like to sex with me on beach?

99). Would you enjoy if I invite another coupe tonight in our bed?

100). Whom you allow to kiss your lips first time and how did you feel after doing?

101). At which part you first feel someone lips?

102). What is perfect sexual night for you?

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There are certain things you should know about before going for intimate questions to ask your girlfriend. Just do not pounce over her or make her feel super uncomfortable with some really weird questions. Also, you must not force her if she does not want to answer. Be a gentleman and speed up things slowly to make her feel safe with you.

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