Open Relationship Rules

Today’ article is about open relationship and open relationship rules, so what is an open relationship. Well, it is a relationship between a couple that allows having sexual experiences with others as well.

What is an Open Relationship?

If you are in open relationship meaning you can have sex with your partner and other individuals of your choice. The rules are just uncountable that are required to be in an open relationship because it’s hard to see your partner with anyone else.

So why you take this open relationship definition in your life, because sometimes you want to get sexually involved with other persons too and you give the same freedom to your partner.

Only one person can’t decide to go in an open relationship, but both must agree and only then it is possible. There are not always benefits to go openly, but there are several challenges as well that you may face keeping your present relationship alive.

Today’s culture and wide mentality only can make adopting the open relationship rules possible because there are several troubles to hold this type of relationship.

Open relationships are just off-limits to many of you but if you want it to work then following some open relationship rules may provide you a better love life.

Open relationship rules can be a bit tricky, but if you follow them wisely, you can have a great relationship ahead. So let’s focus on some effective rules here that are necessary to have a successful open relationship.

Open Relationship Rules to Make It Successful

Open Relationship Rules

1). Be Ready For It

Before taking any further step, you both should be ready for it. If anyone of you goes wrong in these open relationship rules, your relationship can end miserably.

So think about it deeply that can you really see your partner sharing bed with others before taking it as a benefit for you.

You must have the power to accept this fact and must have an open mind to accept any circumstances in future.

Don’t do any rush if there is any confusion or any part of your heart is saying no to follow these open relationship rules.

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2). Take a Test First

If you both agree to have an open relationship and want to take up open relationship rules, then don’t just jump in. You should first examine your feelings, and for this, you should try a test before going further.

You can organize a party ad call some of your friends, try a one night stand with any of them. Allow your partner as well to try this and let’s see how you feel next morning.

If you think that everything is fine, then it’s time to take the next step, but if anyone of you feels that this is wrong and should be happening, then it’s better not to try to fall in an open relationship.

3). Understand Your Desires and Then Take Step

When you are in a relationship for a long time, sometimes you can feel the relationship boring, and you think about moving on with a new person.

So first determine that is it only your lust for a new body for some time or not. If you get involved in open relationship rules just because your lust then you may realize later that you have done it all wrong and should move on to the previous life.

So understand your feelings better and then the decision to keep yourself from any bad phases.

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4). Avoid Doing with Any Known Person

Open relationships go well when you do it with an unknown person because that way you can assure that the person is not going to ruin your lives later.

So if you are going to take it beyond then always hook up with the person that is totally unknown to you, and for him, you are a complete stranger.

Never allow anyone to interfere in your personal life because this way you may face difficulties in your love life.

So do it with the unknown person but let your love know the truth and your every step and you can expect the same from him.

When you tell the truth to your partner, then that person can’t do any harm if he ever thinks to take revenge or anything.

Also, you don’t need to tell that outsider that you are in an open relationship and you can save your back from being publicized about your relationship.

So always have it like an affair in which your partner doesn’t know anything about it, but in actual, you tell him everything and continue following open relationship rules.

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5). Have an Open Connection with Your Partner

An open relationship is all about trust, and it is the main key that keeps the relationship going on. If you do anything that harms this trust, then there are chances that you can face a breakup.

So, establishing a proper balance between your love life and your lust is mandatory. Don’t do anything that makes your partner feel insecure.

Always tell him what’s going on and with whom you’re involved while following open relationship rules.

6). You Don’t Need To Fall In Love

You always need to remember this thing that you’re doing it only for physical purposes, and you are not supposed to fall in love with that person.

If you want a healthy relationship, then don’t even think about love things with the outsider. For this, you have to avoid all those things that can make you fall in love with that person such as cuddling.

Always remember that it is all just for having sex and none of this is real but an infatuation.

7). Always Use Protection

Take it as a main rule of an open relationship that no matter what happens you won’t forget to use protection. This way you are not only among you but your partner also from any STDs.

Always keep in mind that you are only sharing your partner but not any sexual disease. Each time you involve is sexual things, keep that protection ready and also remind it to your partner regularly.

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8). Be Ready To Feel Jealous


If you’re ready for an open relationship then also be ready to feel jealous. The amount of jealousy is different according to different persons, and you may easily get jealous if you are not getting enough attention as your partner.

It is always easy for women to get attention but for a man, it can be a bit difficult to get a woman’s attention. So while following an open relationship rules, settle your brain and feelings to not come in the relationship way.

9). Keep Your Secrets to You

You just need to share your relationship secrets between both of you two. There is no need to involve the outsider in your relationship’s activities.

You don’t have to tell them that how happy or satisfied you are with your open relationships. Anyone can take advantage of it, or you may also feel embarrassments if they don’t understand your concept.

So, enjoy your perfect open relationship but without involving anyone other than your partner. This way, you will stay away from those judgmental eyes.

10). Don’t Let Your Relationship Change

Always recall that it is just about sex and nothing else and nothing is going to change in your relationship.

You have to understand that this bed sharing is nothing else but taking pleasure of your decision so never let anyone or anything ruin your relationship.

Always tell your partner that you love him and there is nothing wrong between two of you, and you still feel attraction to him, that’s why following open relationship rules, is necessary.

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11). Communication Is the Key


When you are in an open relationship and want to keep all things going on correctly, then communication is the best key to keep your relationship successful.

You don’t have to share every horny detail with your partner, but you should always tell him/her about the persons you are having sex with.

Going into deep details may get him jealous, and you may end up all fighting and break things horribly, so keep the details low but don’t hide the person’s details.

If there is anyone or any person that bothers your partner, then you should avoid that person and don’t go with that one again.

12). Set Your Limits

Before going inside the open relationship rules, you have to set limits that keep a relationship from cheating statements. You and your partner both discuss the things that you want and don’t want in a relationship.

Then follow these boundaries accordingly and do the things that are allowed as per your relationship rule.

Only take your steps in the open relationship world when you two are fully satisfied with every rule and limit.

So talk frankly to your partner and discuss things that you want while sleeping with someone and be truthful always.

13). Say No to Bring Anyone Home

Your relationship is already at a fragile stage if you are in an open relationship. In this case, if you bring someone home to make it more fragile that it can be broken anytime.

Set this as a reminder, that no matter what happens never bring anyone in your home. Your partner may agree on following open relationship rules, but he would never bear seeing someone else with you in front of his eyes.

Say no to bring anyone home because it is your and your partner’s personal space and the love spot when you both have spent uncountable moments and don’t let others ruin these memories.

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14). Your Partner Is Your Priority

No matter how open you are but when it comes to your partner, he is your priority in every case and situation.

So whenever your partner needs you beside him, you have to give him the first preference over anyone you are enjoying with.

15). Set a time frame

To make it more successful an easier, you both have to set a time frame for seeking others and involving with them sexually.

The time frame can be like once in a month or twice in a month or according to your choice and comfort.

Set a time limit and choose it to meet others and interact with them. You are not supposed to make any sexual contacts with others after the time limit is over.

So if you do it as a fixed schedule then things are going to easy and bearable, otherwise, things can get tough.

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16). Be Open about It with Your Friends

It’s not about creating an announcement, but you need to be open while telling it to your friends or close friends who need to know this phase of your relationship.

So, none of them can make your partner a call after seeing you with another person staying so close.  This way, following these open relationship rules are always helpful to establishing a healthy relation with your partner.

17). Honesty Is the Best Policy

You know it very well that honesty is the key to take any relation further. While following these important open relationship rules, you need to keep trust in your relationship.

Honesty is the best thing, and you can achieve it by sharing all your outside sexual life, not every tiny detail but a fine outline and details about the person.

Honesty doesn’t only help in a couple’s relationship, but it is always good to have in any relation even in friendship because you can’t love someone if you don’t trust him.

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Every person is different so the limits and rules can be different. So you need to take care of the circumstances before following open relationship rules. The rules’ list is all long, but the most important and basics are here so you can follow them and have a good open relationship that is always exciting.


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