67 Cute Good Morning Texts for Him and Her

Cute good morning texts are enough to give the strength to fight through all the issues in the entire day and show your love. Here are 67 sweet and cute goodmorning messages for her and him. So, Go ahead and check out the collection.

67 Cute Good Morning Texts for Him and Her

sweet good morning texts
sweet good morning texts

1. I don’t know what I miss more you or your cute smile. I love you Honey. Good Morning

2. Missing you cute smile and sweet face. Can you click a pic for me and send to me. Good Morning Sweety

3. Good Morning Handsome, You were amazing last night. I am still missing those kisses and hugs.

4. I become perfect when you are with me. Good Morning

5. Wake Up Honey and Come on Skype. Show me your cute face. I am missing you so much.

6. You are my world My Love.

7. Your smile make me happy. So wake up and smile Honey!

8. Doesn’t matter how many days we have spend together still every morning when I see you, I fall in love you with again.

9. Every Morning I wake with your thoughts Handsome!

10. You were always into my mind. Now dositance doesn’t matter. I feel you are always with me.

11. You are the one who I stole my heart in first meeting.

12. I admit I did crime but it is not my fault. Your smile killed me.

good morning message for him
good morning message for him

13). You Taught Me What Love is

There are different perspectives of love for different people. But the best one is that which cannot be confined into the definition of love. You just need to tell them what kind of love you learnt from them and how special it is for you.

14). Dear Love, You are very special to me. Every moment, I spend with you, it become special for me.

You can write the cute good morning texts for him/her in the form of diary writing. This is so simple and after you put the salutation of dear love then everything should go easy. Just write what you feel and end it up with something romantic and that’s it.

15). Love the Way You Look At Me. Love the way You care me.

This one always works no matter what. Of course your love looks at you in such a way that no one else can ever be. Praising him for what they are is really adorable and can start a cute conversation in the morning.

16). You Are the One whom I can spend whole night.

Of course they are the only one in your life. What else can be the best time other than the morning to start a day full of love? You can do this by sending them the cute good morning texts. Just let them know what it feels like by having them by your side.

17). Hey Love, Have a sweet Morning!

When you are out of every possible text then this will be a savior for you always. If you are longing for a great conversation in the morning then you can simply text them this one. This short one is actually very helpful all the time.

18). My Day Starts With You, My Day Ends With You.

Telling your partner that he/she are the first thing that comes into your mind when you wake up is really sweet. Such cute good morning messages are like reminders that your day starts with them and ends up on them too.

19). It Seems As If It Was Destined

Meeting them for the very first time is always a memory no one can ever forget. Tell them that the bond you two are sharing seems as if it all was destined before. This would make their mornings even more romantic than ever.

20). Missing Your Presence

In the crowd of thousands of people, it is their presence and existence which matters the most for you. This is what you have to make them realize through this sweet good morning text. There is no one who can fill up the space that they are filling in your life.

21). The Touch

It is the touch of them that can arouse you even in your sleep. The passion of love that you have in your heart must be conveyed to them through words. You can do it with the help of cute good morning texts by creating the perfect illusion for them of being with you.

22). All My Problems are Gone with You

It is natural to feel absolutely happy when you are with the one you love the most. All your problems and stress feels fine when they are around. This is what you have to convey with the help of texts in the morning.

23). Sleepless Nights

Such cute good morning text messages can really create a perfect visual of you in their eyes. Telling them their importance in such romantic words is something which cannot be compared to any other feeling in the world.

24). I Miss the Cuddling

Reminding them about the cuddling and that too in the morning is the most painful thing because you guys are not together right now. But more than that, it is the sweetest thing to say in the morning to them.

25). The Coziness

Through such cute good morning texts you can easily convey your love to them and the coziness that you two shared. Obviously you cannot recreate those moments again over the texts but you can at least remind them about the beautiful moments.

26). First Thing to See In the Morning

There are various things people remarks as the lucky charm of their life and wants to see first in the morning. But for those who are in love, their partner is their lucky charm. Tell them that they are the first thing you want to see in the morning.

27). Hugs and Kisses

good morning text for her
good morning text for her

You can use a lot of kissing emoticons to send as cute good morning texts to the love of your life. You can just simply wish them good morning along with different emoticons full of love. You can tell them that you are missing their hugs and kiss a lot.

28). Your Looks are Unmatchable

It is an obvious fact that no one can look great while waking up in the morning. But you should better praise them for the same thing. Remind them they should not look in the mirror otherwise they will fall in love with themselves only.

29). Motivation

Apart from telling them they how much they motivates you, you can also return the favor through cute good morning texts. If they are going through a tough time in their life then you can motivate them with the help of these texts in the morning.

30). The Growing love with Each Second

They do not even realize that with each passing second they are being loved more than ever. You just need to show them the same with the help of sending them cute texts in the morning. They must know how lucky they are.

 31). Can’t Wait to See You Again

Generally when people start meeting too much then they get bored of each other. If you do not want the same thing to happen between you two then you can take help from these cute good morning texts.

32). My Mornings are Beautiful Because of You

Cute Good Morning Texts
Cute Good Morning Texts

Each day that you witness the morning, make them acknowledged that it is just because of them that you find these mornings so beautiful. Sometimes it is important to show your love rather than keeping it in your heart.

33). Little Sweetness in My Life

With the help of some amazingly romantic cute good morning texts you can add some sweetness in their life who is adding a lot of sweetness in your life. My point is just to let them know that they are the one who is giving you some moments of sweetness.

34). You Are on Every Page of My Life’s Diary

If there could be a book on the story of my life then I would have mentioned you in each and every page of this book. This is what you should say while starting a beautiful day, to your partner. Little things are enough to make a huge difference.

 35). Dreaming About You

Through such kind of cute good morning texts you can really make your partner feel special like never before. These are the little ways and ideas through which a relationship can be made really beautiful and strong.

36). I Will Never Let You Go

Don’t let go those people who are really special to you. No matter what so ever be the reason, you just need to hold on to the person you really love with all your heart. It is the promise that you should make to your love in morning.

37). You Are My World

It is impossible to see a life without the person you are deeply in love with. Such kind of cute good morning texts are really loving and caring. Your partner is surely going to love such kind of texts in the morning itself.

38). You are Like the Strong Coffee of Morning

What else other than a strong coffee is needed in the morning to wake you up completely? Your love is just like the coffee everyone need in the morning. These kinds of flirty texts in the morning would be served as complimentary along with the coffee of your partner.

39). You are the Sun that Lighten up My Life

There are very few cute good morning texts which can hold such strong emotions. This is one of those kinds of texts. It is like referencing them the positivity of your life and all the sources which provokes you to work even harder each day.

40). You are the Best Decision I Have Ever Made

There is a past associated with each and everyone and it is not necessary that everyone has only one relationship. Tell them that they are the best decision that you have ever made in your life and you are never going to regret on it.

41). The Perfection Out of All Imperfections

No one is born perfect and even after trying so hard none of us can achieve perfection in their lives. The point of sending such kind of cute good morning texts to your love is not to remind them about their imperfections.

42). Say It with Emoticons

When you are running out of texts to send to your partner in the morning then you can take help from the emoticons. There are various emoticons available in the social media apps and you can use the cleverly to wish your partner a good morning.

43). Your Warmth

The body temperature that they have is like the personal heater that every person would like to have. But you are the lucky ones among all who finally got them. Telling this crazy but cute good morning texts to your partner would surely make their day.

44). You Are the Best Thing Ever Happened to Me

Tell your love that they are the best emotions you have ever felt. They are the best thing ever happened to you. They are the best adventure you ever had. Tell them that they are the best of everything in the morning and make their whole day beautiful.

45). Your Smell Drives Me Crazy

good morning text for him
good morning text for him

This is one of the sexiest and steamy kinds of cute good morning texts. Nothing else can be sexier than the fact that the smell of your partner drives you crazy like hell. It is their love only which is making you so crazy about them.

46). You Have Spellbound Me with Your Love

There are various reasons of falling in love with a person. Tell you love in the morning texts that you have fallen for them because you got no other choice. They have spellbound you in their love in such a way that now you just cannot escape from it ever.

 47). You Give the Boost to Carry On

These cute good morning texts are really different from all those head over heels in love messages. This is perfect for those who believe in a very practical love life. Morning is a perfect time of the day to tell your love that they are the one who keeps you going all the time.

48). I Discovered the Best of Me with You

There are very few people who can give a good direction to your life. It is the perfect time in the morning to tell your partner that they brought out the best out of you. And in their company you find yourself more confident and happy.

49). My Strength and Weakness at the Same Time

Such cute good morning messages for her are just perfect to deliver the love you have in both the aspects for them. The idea of let them know that they are your strength and weakness at the same time is that how much importance they hold for you.

50). You are the Synonym of Happiness for Me

There is no other better way to invite happiness in my life other than you. You are the one who has come in my life being a synonym of happiness. These romantic and cheerful lines are just perfect to tell your partner in morning.

51). You are the Fantasy I Ever Imagined

This is one of the most perfect kinds of good morning text that you need to send to your girl. Every girl wants to be the fantasy, her guy has ever dreamt of. Morning is the most perfect time to tell her how you have always thought about a girl like her.

52). The Recipe of My Smile

They are the one who instantly makes you smile without even making any effort. It is just their presence which is enough to set the curve of your lips right. It would not be wrong to call them the recipe of your smile and that too in the morning itself.

53). Nothing Fascinates Me More than Your Face

The most beautiful thing that you have ever seen in your life is the face of your partner. Mornings are beautiful just like their face and it is a match that really needs to be described.

54). I’ll be there for you

Promise your love in the morning texts that no matter what happens you will never leave their hand in any situation. You will always be there for them.

55). I Want to See My Future with You

A life spent with love is worth living no matter how small it is. This is what you need to show to your love that how desperately you want them in your life forever.

56). Missing that Smile

It is that smile only which is the real strength of you to keep you going always. It is the smile which can say a thousand words without even voicing them. Praising them for their smile is such a wonderful idea for cute good morning quotes.

57). My Day is Incomplete without Texting You

Tell your love in the morning that there is not even a single day of your life that you can spend without texting the one you love. Describe these things in your morning texts and make them cuter than ever.

 58). You Complete Me

With the help of such kind of sweet good morning message you can remind them that how lucky you feel because of being with them. It is their presence which completes your life and gives them a meaning.

59). The Perfect Start of the Day

There can be no other way more perfect than texting you to start every single day of my life. You guys are surely going to have the sweetest conversation ever when you will text them things like this in the morning.

 60). I am Addicted to You

good morning texts for him
good morning texts for him

These good morning love messages are really passionate and full of love to send to your partner. It would let them know that no matter what time it is you are always like top on the notch of loving them with all your heart and soul.

61). I Can See You Even With My Eyes Closed

My love does not require the brightness of the day and lights of my eyes to see you, it can feel you even with my eyes closed. Such kind of texts would be really romantic to start your day with. And your partner would surely blush over it.

62). A Love Letter

Just like I discussed about sending him/her a message in form of diary entry, you can also send them the cute good morning text in form of love letter. Obviously the content of this letter would be more about what you are feeling for them by relating it to the morning.

63). You are Like the Blood Flowing in My Veins

Generally people find various things to compare their love with. You can do the same by telling them that their love is like the blood flowing in your veins. And you can feel it with every passing second in your body.

64). My Shining Star

These are the most romantic kind of cute good morning texts for him. There is no way that they cannot end up being emotional after reading this. And for sure there will be a great conversation afterwards.

65). The Love That Needs No Proof

The bond with I share with you is something that requires no proof. This is what it is when you are in love with someone. Tell your special someone that you love them in such a way that requires no proof for someone else. It is the best thing to say in the morning to your love.

66). A Poem

You can send them a poem written by yourself. Such kind of cute good morning sms are something which makes them different from all the other kind of texts and stand out among all. You can prepare a poem on your own.

67). I Like Nights When I Am Dreaming About You

You are the only reason I like sleeping because these days you are the only one I am dreaming about. These beautiful lines are proof that how much you love them. Telling all such things in the morning would totally make their day perfect.


All the cute good morning texts given above are nothing when you do not attach your feelings with them. To make them realize that how much special they are for you, you need those feelings full of love along with these texts.

If you are thinking that what difference can these cute good morning texts can make then you never know this. They can really set the mood right for your partner even when they are totally upset. You just need those little efforts and your dull relationship can totally revive just like that.

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