101 Good Morning Quotes To Wish Good Morning

Good Morning Quotes Just imagine how blessed you will feel the whole day when you start your day with a nice good morning message from your loved ones.

You should follow the same practice and try to make someone’s day special by sending him/her good morning messages every morning with the sunrise.

Here, we have brought you some of the most versatile collection of Good morning texts for you. You can go through them and find the best good morning quote for your dear ones.

Good Morning Quotes for Him

Make his day a wonderful one by bringing an early morning smile which keeps him charged up all day. A wise phrase on wisdom would indeed help him to overcome bad thoughts and lead a positive day.

Here is a list of lovely good morning quotes for him.

1). My first thought in the morning is always you. I love you! Good morning, baby!

2). I hope you slept well through the night and woke up with the brightest smile as you looked down on your phone to this message. Good Morning, babe. I love you!

3). I cannot start my morning without dropping a good morning text to you! Good morning baby! Have a day as dashing as you. I love you!

4). The sound of the alarm clock makes me frown but then I turn around and look at you next me, which brings a wide smile on my face. Good morning, sweetheart! I love you so much!

good morning quotes for him

5). My mornings are good only because I have you in my life. Good morning, love! I love you!

6). I want you to be my goodnight cuddles and my good morning kisses! I love you! Good morning, honey! Have an amazing day! I love you!

7). I thought to write you the sweetest good morning text but all I could think of was you so the best I could say was ‘Good Morning’. I love you, baby! Good morning!

8). I go to sleep at night thinking about you and wait for dawn to wake up next to you. Good morning, baby! I love you! Have a great day ahead!

9). We all have someone in our dreams and mine happens to be you and I am lucky enough to date the man of my dreams! Good morning, sweetie! Have a wonderful day! I love you!

10). I want to be embraced in your arms every morning so that I could hide away from the cold mornings! Good morning, baby! Love you!

11). Things I like to see in the morning – you, you, and you! Good morning, honey boo! May you look up to a fantastic day!

One of cute good morning quotes from a cute girlfriend to him 🙂

12). Whether if I have tea or coffee in the morning, it doesn’t matter because I still feel the same just like I do every single day with you in my thoughts! Good morning! Have a day as lovely as you! Love you, babe!

13). People wake up every day to chase their dreams; lucky me! I live my dream because you are my dream! Good morning, sugar! I love you!

14). I saw you lying next to me and I thought I was dreaming but just to be sure, I tried to kiss you and you smiled! Good morning boo! I love you!

15). No sunshine is as beautiful and ideal as your hugs and kisses in the morning! Good morning, my love! Love you, boyfriend!

16). In this busy and competitive life, we don’t get time for anyone at all, but I wanna take out at least one second of my morning and tell you how much you mean to me! Good morning, handsome face! I love you!

17). We are created to be with each other like the sand and the ocean, perfect match for one another! Good morning my Mr. perfect! Love you!

18). You are the reason I want to wake up every morning and cherish the day with you! Good morning and have a good day ahead! I love you!

19). To see that beautiful person lying next to me is a true blessing and I am happy and blessed to have you in my life! I love you! Good morning!

20). May this day bring you happy memories and joy! Good morning! Have a great day ahead! I love you!

  • Good Morning Quotes for Her

How lovely would it be to wake your girl up with a smile on her face and make her day with beautiful good morning texts. So why are you waiting, choose one from below collection and send one now to her.

Here is a list of romantic good morning quotes for her.

1). You are the sunshine I want to see every morning. Good morning Sexy !

2). I love how I start my morning by seeing your beautiful face every day! Have a great day sweetheart!

3). I didn’t ever think that I would wake up to something as beautiful as you in my arms in the morning each day love! I love you so much! Have a great day!

good morning quotes for her

4). I can sleep peacefully at night knowing I will wake up to you every morning. Morning, sunshine!

5). If you could read my mind, you would find nothing but you in it all the time. Good morning, cupcake!

6). I was leading a meaningless life until you stepped in and gave my life a meaning. Good morning, princess!

7). Today’s specials are hugs and kisses served to a very special and important person in my life. Good morning, baby girl!

8). You are the first thing on my mind when I wake up! Always and forever! Love you baby!

9). With you, I end my day and with you, I start my morning. Good morning, love!

10). I am so glad to be dating someone who walks with me through the storm and dances with me under the rainbow. Good morning baby! I love you so much!

11). Kissing you good morning and seeing you smile makes my heart melt every morning.

12). Every morning, I wake up and think to myself how I got so lucky as to have a girl as beautiful as you in my life. Good morning, honey!

Very beautiful good morning quotes though which a boy is claiming that he is very lucky that he found very beautiful girl.

13). There is only one remedy to cold shivery mornings – warm cuddly hugs with you.

14). It is funny how we are so far apart but only a ‘good morning’ text from you can instantly make me smile for the rest of my day!

15). I hope you wake up with a bright smile and lead a good day today. Good morning, sunshine!

16). I saw you in my dream last night and am seeing you again this morning. I must be lucky to see the girl of my dreams every day! Good morning, baby!

Very romantic and cute good morning quotes for a cute girl. Send this one of beautiful good morning text to your girl.

17). You are my princess and I am your prince. Let’s leave the world behind to create the perfect love story! Good morning baby!

18). You are the butter to my toast, the sugar to my coffee and the good to my mornings!

19). No alarm can wake me up except your sweet sound in my ear. Good morning baby!

20). Last night, I had a dream that I was holding you in my arms and when I woke up this morning, you were cuddled in my arms and nothing in my life has made me happier than you. Thank you for being my baby. Good morning!

Good Morning Quotes for Friends

Here is  a list of good morning quotes for friends. Make them feel special each morning by sending lovely messages. Be the source of happiness in your friend’s life.

1). I am blessed to have a friend as amazing as you in my life. Good morning!

2). It is difficult to survive in this world alone and I am glad I came across someone as amazing as you who stuck by my side. Good morning!

Good morning quotes for friends

3). Friendship is just a tag for two people who hang out together. The true meaning of it is when the same person is there through the roughest day of your life and can bring a smile on your face and that is you for me! Good morning friend!

4). You are such a special person in my life that I wouldn’t want to trade you for the world. Good morning, friend!

5). I wake up knowing that no matter what, I will still always have you by my side. Good morning, friend! Have a great day!

6). A friend like you is like diamonds in the rough; rare and beautiful. Good Morning!

7). If anyone would come and ask me the meaning of a true friend, I would simply tell them your name! Good morning, friend.

8). A friend like you is like an extra cheese topping in my life.

9). You had some many better options to choose someone as a friend but I am really glad you chose me. I must be lucky! Good morning!

10). You are an angel in the form of a best friend. Morning, love!

Very lovely good morning quotes through which a friend is saying his friend is an angel.

11). Don’t promise me anything more than to be my friend for the rest of our lives. Morning, friend!

12). Friends make bad times good but good times the best. Have a great day ahead!

13). Having a friend as amazing as you is what I have always wished for; thank you for being a major part of my life. Good morning!

14). I sometimes wonder what I would have done without a friend as wonderful as you in my life. Good morning!

Good Morning Quotes

15). Friends will guide you, motivate you and give you the courage to do something but they will never let a teardrop fall down your cheeks. Good morning!

16). True friendship is when you go without talking for days and months with each other but when you do, nothing is changed! Such is our friendship! Good morning!

17). Truly great friends are found with a lot of difficulties and are definitely unforgettable. Good morning friend!

18). A friend is like a tide that will come and go but true friends are like sand that will stick to your foot. Have a wonderful day friend!

19). Everything seems silent when you are with your best friend ‘cos we are too busy having the times of our lives. Have a day as awesome as you!

20). No matter how much a friend insults you, they will always beat up anyone else who will insult you. Good morning friend!

Good Morning Love Quotes

There are some very amusing good morning quotes on love which should surely be sent to your partner for making his/her a lovely experience. This would count as an amazing gesture that would make them happy.

1). No matter for how long we are together, I still get butterflies in my stomach every time I see you. Good morning! I love you, babe!

2). You are the first thing on my mind when I wake up. Good morning, princess! I love you!

3). The only way you learn to love again is when you fall in love again; thank you for coming in my life and making me realize what meaning the word, love, holds! Good morning, sweetheart! I love you!

4). I fall short of words when I want to tell you how special you are and what you mean to me. Good morning, baby! I love you!

5). Every love story might be beautiful but ours is my favorite. I love you! Good morning honey!

6). You define the word perfection the best. Morning sunshine! I love you!

7). I could talk about you all day and night and never get tired of it. I love you! Good morning, honey bun!

8). I loved your flaws, on your worst day, and I will continue to love you always and forever! Good morning! I love you so much, love!

9). You know what the best part of us is? Read the first word of the sentence! Good morning! I love you, baby!

10). If anyone ever asked me what the meaning of love is, I would simply take your name. Good morning! I love you!

11). Waking up in the morning knowing that there is someone who loves you unconditionally is the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life. Thank you for always loving me! Good morning, cupcake! I love you!

12). If you really want love, then don’t seek for it. Wait for it to come to you and trust me that it will be something good. Good morning! I love you!

13). Do you want a love story? Then don’t wait for the perfect moment! Start writing your chapters! Good morning! Have a great day! I love you, babe!

14). Once you are in love – time, distance, age are just numbers that should not come in the way! Good morning! Good day! Love you!

15). Before I met you, love songs were just songs with beats. Now that you are in my life, all the songs make sense now and I can relate to them! I love you! Good morning!

16). They say that commitment is scary but I think with you, it’s just beautiful. Good morning! I love you!

17). Without U, there will never be an US. Good morning! I love you, babe!

18). If it’s true love, it will never stop you from loving yourself right! Good morning!

19). You will never have to ask your love to make you their priority…you automatically become one! Good morning! I love you!

20). It is better to be alone than to be with someone who makes you feel lonely. Always love you! Good morning!

Good Morning Inspirational Quotes

There are some very effective good morning quotes which can motivate the other person to start the day with a bang. Be the saviour in someone’s life by sending quotes that offers guidance in a complete form.

Here is a list of inspirational good morning quotes.

1). Do not wait for the perfect moment or the perfect day. Just know that it’s TODAY! So get up and be the change you want to see. Good morning!

2). Every morning is a new beginning for a new day; an opportunity to do things in a new way. So start doing yours this new morning!

3). Each new day is like turning a new page. What you choose to draw or write is what stays on it forever; so choose carefully. Good morning!

4). A day once passed will never return so make the best of it. Be a good friend, a good teacher, a good confidant; encourage someone who needs that push and comfort someone who needs support. Let your words and actions heal and not wound. Wake up this morning and go for it!

5). We spend our days trying to be like someone else; someone who inspires us when it would be so much better if we tried to be the best we. You be the best you, and I be the best me! Morning!

6). Be who you are and do what you feel because those who mind shouldn’t matter. Do what the heart says today! Good Morning!

7). A day will come when all the confusion will make sense and all the entanglement will straighten out. Till then, smile through the tears, laugh through the pain, love through the hate and remember that everything happens for a reason. Have a great day!

8). We aren’t born in this world to live for others. The most difficult thing to do is to make everyone happy while the simplest thing to do is to try and be happy with everyone. Let that be this morning’s lesson for you!

9). When you rise, when you fall, you either win or you learn. Remember that there’s no such thing as failure. Good morning!

10). When you wake up every morning, getting back to dreaming or getting up and chasing that dream is the decisive factor between failure and success. Remember that when you start this morning!

11). Try, try until you fail. Try again, fail again. But fail better. Use the experience of each failure and build a strong foundation for success. Have a great day ahead!

12). Every morning you open your eyes; make sure the person who wakes up is in some good way, better than the person who went to sleep the previous night.

13). Life’s too short to focus on the negatives and to wake up with regrets. So focus on the things that make you happy and forget the things that don’t. Start today!

14). If you can wake up every morning in the comfort of your own bed and the confines of your own house, know that you’re far more blessed than most of the people in the world.

15). Wake up with determination so you can go to bed with satisfaction. Have a good day!

16). If you wake up each morning, smile and say – Today’s going to be a beautiful day and then definitely, it will be. Have a great day!

17). Wake up each morning, look in the mirror and say – I’m going to make the most of the day! Good morning!

18). One day when you look back at your life, all you will have are memories. It’s in your hands today to mold the memories for tomorrow.

19). What I’ve learned best from life is that happiness isn’t a journey or a destination; it’s a state of mind, the beginning of motivation. So pick yourself up, dust yourself down, move ahead with a smile, never with a frown. Good morning!

20). Whenever I wake up low, I ask myself whether I am truly living or merely existing. It’s the pursuit of this question’s answer that changes everything! Do the same this morning!

Good Morning Funny Quotes

Laughing is a good therapy which works excellently to lead a healthy life. Be the source of laughter for your friends and family members. Share a joke or funny quote each morning which would surely bring a smile. Good morning quotes that are funny can help people relieve from previous day stress. There are some very thoughtful and innovate quotes which are filled with funny elements. Spread the magic of laughter using such words.

Here is a list of funny good morning quotes.

1). No pain can be compared to the pain that we feel every morning when we are compelled to leave the bed! Good morning, friend!

2). It’s ironic how I hate to wake up in the morning but have to wake up at 5 in the morning anyways for work/college. That sucks! Good morning, bestie!

3). I am the kind of person who is ready to stay up till 6 AM but will never be able to wake up at 6 AM. Good morning!

4). I am the nicest and the sweetest person you will ever know but if you dare try to wake me up from my sleep, you will see the satanic side of me! Good morning, friend!

5). I could be any sort of person but a morning person! Good morning! Have a nice day!

6). Every day, I tell myself to sleep early and wake up early but then, who listens to me anyway! Morning! Have a sleepy day!

7). After working for hours, we feel extremely sleepy but as soon as we hit the bed, sleep goes on a vacation! Good morning, friend!

8). How can someone be a morning person? What is so great about torturing yourself! Go back to sleep! Good morning!

9). If you think ghosts are not real, then try waking me up in the middle of my sleep! Good morning and be happy!

10). I will die single because if I had a boyfriend who loved me, he would never get the bed because I like to occupy the whole bed and sleep! Good morning!

11). I regret not sleeping as a child when I had the chance! Good morning!

12). Sleeping is a weird concept because you are half dead and half alive! Good morning!

13). They say your dreams come true if they are dreamt early morning. I dreamt that I would be sleeping today but here I am. Good morning!

14). If I was paid for every time I slept, I’d be richer than any person on this planet! Good morning!

15). I hate those people who try to have a conversation while I’m still half asleep and looking like a zombie. Good morning!

16). When someone texts me good morning and says that I am the first thing on their mind, well don’t because the vibration of the phone disturbs me! Good morning!

17). My ideal morning is waking up and knowing that you don’t have to go anywhere and go back to sleep! Good morning!

18). The most annoying sound in the morning is the sound of the alarm going off! Good morning!

19). They say don’t wait for it, go and follow your dreams; I would if I could sleep some more! Good morning!

20). No food, coffee or man can manage to wake me up early in the morning. Good morning!

Good Morning Prayer Quotes

Praying is a good way to attain peace and serenity. If you have friends who believe in praying then make them feel wonderful by offering them with quotes that talk about the positivity of this practice. Inspire people to pray by offering them with knowledgeable words that make them feel good. Praying helps you stay close to God, help more people get close to the heavenly Father through your good morning quotes that talks about preaching.

Here is a list of good morning quotes for prayer.

1). Wake up, pray to God and be thankful that you were able to see another morning. Good morning!

2). We crib to wake up in the morning to go to school/college/work but there are people who don’t even get to sleep and be thankful to God. Good morning!

3). God has brought you to the beginning of the day; ask him to renew your heart with strength and purpose and ask for forgiveness for the errors you made yesterday. Good morning!

4). God created you for a purpose and let you see the sunshine so get up and make a difference and complete the purpose. Good morning!

5). As soon as you wake up, thank God for another new healthy start and a beautiful life. Good morning!

6). Thank God for a new day and ask him to clear your heart, path, and mind and guide you through the end of the day. Good morning!

7). When you wake up, leave your life in his strong hands and ask for guidance and light to show you the way. Morning!

8). Ask god to show you the right if you’re wrong; to guide you if you are lost; show you the light even when it’s the darkest hour! Good morning! Have a blessed day!

9). Start your day by loving God and automatically, everything will seem right around you. Good morning! May god bless you with a happy day!

10). Say a Morning Prayer every single day and you will feel good about yourself and others for the rest of the day! Good morning and have a peaceful day!

11). Morning is a blessing from God regardless of the weather. It is an unwrapped gift to a new start that we call life. Good morning and keep smiling!

12). I pray that your day starts with joy and ends with good memories. Good morning!

13). May the joy of lord be your strength this morning and for the rest of the day! Good morning!

14). Thank you, gods, for letting me wake up to a bright morning and witnessing the beauty! Good morning!

15). Oh lord! Give my friends and family the strength to get through the day joyfully! Good morning!

16). Dear lord, help me get through the obstacles that come my way today! Good morning and may god pour his love over you!

17). Dear god, today I am completely giving myself to you – my stress, fears, anxiety, and situations – help me and guide me! Good morning!

18). Every morning, god has plans for you so don’t worry! Go out and make the most of it! Good morning!

19). The most peaceful you will be is when you communicate with God every morning through prayers! Good morning!

20). Start your morning each day by facing god and asking him for forgiveness and then go ahead and face your day! Good morning!

Good Morning Mom Quotes

What a selfless human being mothers are. They strive hard each day to keep the family intact and wrapped in the blanket of love. Highlight her efforts by wishing her with lovely good morning quotes. Make this godly figure receive her share of love through your surprise words each morning. If she is sad or stressed then share a pleasant quote which comforts her soul. Words have the power to cure everything. Cure your mother’s daily tension by wishing her with a bright good morning quote.

Here is a list of good morning quotes for mother.

1). Dear Mom, a big thank you for everything you have ever done for me and for always having my back no matter what! I love you so much! Good morning!

2). Each morning, I pray to the lord and am a little selfish and ask him to keep you safe and happy so I can worry less. Good morning, mum! I love you!

3). Maybe the world sees you as a mother but I see you as my world! Good morning, mamma! I love you!

4). If God ever asked me who he should shower his blessings upon, I’d pick you, ma. Good morning! I love you, Ma!

5). Happiness is being your daughter. I love you, mommy! Good morning!

6). If I was asked to tell who is the most important person in my life, ‘MUM’ is all that would blurt out. I love you! Good morning, mum!

7). God created moms because he knew he couldn’t be there for everyone and I am thankful to him that he chose me to be your daughter! Good morning mum! I love you!

8). My mother is the only one to pick me up when I fall. You are the best person ever! Good morning! I love you!

9). If I was asked to describe you in a few words, I’d say ‘My World’! Good morning! I love you, maa!

10). Who says there is no such thing as love at first sight? I fell in love with my mum when I first saw her and she fell love with me when she first saw me! Good morning, mother! I love you!

11). Mum, without you, I am nothing. Thank you for being my everything! Good morning! I love you, mom!

Very cute good morning quotes for a cute mom from cute baby.

12). The love between my mum and me is for forever! Good morning mom! I love you!

13). I have a mom who is the best in the entire universe. I love you! Good morning, best mom!

14). My mom is not normal; she is a supermom! Good morning! I love you, mother!

One of Great good morning quotes for mom 🙂 Send this lovely good morning message to her now.

15). Mum, thank you for showering your love abundantly on me even when I was on my worst behavior and still loving me the same way you always did. Good morning, beautiful lady! I love you!

16). I cannot see my mother crying because that pierces a hole through my heart; it hurts to see a teardrop falling from her eyes! She is precious and lovely. Good morning! I love you, mamma!

17). A friend will always be tired of hearing your problems; a mother will hold you in her arms and love you unconditionally. Good morning! I love you, pretty woman!

18). Everything seems right as soon as I see my mother and hug her after a rough day! Good morning! I love you!

19). Never hurt your mother; she may not show it but she dies inside every time you hurt her. Good morning! I love you!

20). A mother is a glue that will hold everyone together even though she may be falling apart. Good morning! I love you!

Good Morning Quotes for Husband

Looking for good morning messages for husband?

We have a beautiful list of good morning quotes for husband. I hope you will like this. Without taking no time, let me share.

1). Every morning when I look at you, I think that it’s an honor to have been married to a guy as amazing as you with a beautiful heart! Good morning, hubby! I love you!

2). The only thing that is trending in my heart is you! Good morning! Have a great day! Love you, babe!

3). It makes me happy how I wake up to the man who I love unconditionally every morning. I consider myself the luckiest woman on this planet! Good morning, handsome! I love you!

4). I skipped the sugar in my coffee this morning because, with you around, everything is sweeter and better! Good morning, love! I love you!

5). Good morning to the man whom I promised to love forever and always! I love you!

Very lovely good morning quotes for your man shows a girl has been promised to love him man forever.

6). I am glad that I sleep next to you and wake up in your arms; that is the best feeling ever! I love you! Good morning!

7). The wisest decision that I made in my entire life is that I chose you as my husband! Good morning! I love you, baby!

8). This morning is a new start for the two of us because now, we are one officially one; a couple so beautiful and with hearts that beats for each other crazily! Good morning, baby! I love you!

9). Every morning, I look by my side, smile to myself and think, ‘I could not have done it better’. I love you, honey! Good morning!

10). You are my favorite thing that I want to see from dawn to dusk and I will not even get tired of it. Good morning! I love you!

11). I hate how I have to let you go in the morning and love how we end the day in each other’s arms! Good morning, babe! I love you!

12). The morning of our anniversary feels just like any other day because I celebrate us each day since our marriage! I love you! Good morning!

13). May we celebrate our darkest days with as much passion as our brightest ones! Good morning! I love you, husband!

14). They say marriage is the scariest part of someone’s life but since I have married you, I feel like it’s the most beautiful thing ever! Good morning! I love you!

15). I didn’t know what eternal love was until I met and married you. Thank you for coming into my life and making it sparkle brighter than ever! Good morning! I love you, sweet cakes!

16). I am happiest to wake up this morning with you next to me. Finally, my dream has come true. Good morning! I love you!

17). My husband is everything to me! I love you, my love! Good morning!

Cute good morning quotes through which a wife is claiming his husband is everything for her.

18). A good husband will always make a happy wife! I love you, sweetie! Good morning!

19). God has given me my husband as a blessing and his love is the gift I open every day! Good morning! Love you!

20). I’m an absolute proud wife of a fantastic husband! Good morning, baby! I love you! Have a wonderful day!

  • Final Say

Make mornings of your dear ones pleasant by wishing them with the latest good morning quotes. Find the best good morning quote for your dear ones and send them a text with the sunrise, so that they wake up with a warm good morning wish from your side.

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