Instagram Bio Quotes [Cool, Cute, Creative, Funny, Awesome, Short]

Instagram Bio Quotes: There is no need to describe that how Instagram fever among youth is gaining popularity with each passing day. Now the focus of people is shifting from facebook to Instagram. With its huge popularity Instagram was acquired by facebook later on. But it should be noted that under the supervision of facebook being the parent company Instagram grew by 23% where facebook only by 3%.

It should also be noted that it has been only 5 years since Instagram came in existence but it has more than 100 million users and more growing with each day. The best part of Instagram is that it is driven by facebook.

Instagram is basically a photo and video sharing application. It also provides the advantage of personal chats and exchange of media. Deprived from the facility of emoticons usage Instagram is still a huge hit among youngsters.

If you are a new comer on Instagram or an old one and want to update your Instagram bio quotes with wonderful options then you have come to the right page.

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Instagram Bio Quotes Collections Forever

Here are amazing and eye-catching Instagram bio quotes collection on the basis of the category. They will help you out to describe you more with the help of fewer words. But it only depends upon you that how to present yourself better than the rest.

Instagram Bio Quotes

Table of Content:

Cool Instagram Bios

After being on Instagram for a while it automatically comes to you be cool and look cool. To make it look absolutely perfect we have some great ideas for you for the cool Instagram bio quotes. Here are the cool Instagram bio quotes to make your introduction totally different than the one you would have written.

1). I do not care about describing me, and am sure neither you do. So, why to waste each other’s time?

2). If you are going to judge me over my DP then let me give you chance to see more.

3). I don’t know what is hotter in me? Is it my face or my hairs?

4). Follow me and get to see the best webpage of your entire life.

5). Click on follow and swipe right into my heart.

6). I was born fantastic but education and Instagram spoiled me.

7). Not a rich spoilt brat to woo you, but a cool and well behaved guy to win over you.

8). I am crazy when I seem normal, and I am normal when am flirting.

9). There is only similarity between you and me. If you would follow me I would follow you back.

10). I need one glance, and you would not be able to take your eyes off.

This is one really cool Instagram bio quotes for different users.

11). There are only two things which are reliable one is apple and the other one is me who has belly with the apple.

12). There are mysteries to be solved but just waiting for your try.

13). I think you are not using a nice phone; you are not able to click on the follow option.

14). If you are thousand miles apart then I will be the Google map for you.

15). I am bad with hash tags but I am good at flirting.

16). If you are reading this then you are devoting some seconds on just me which is actually super cool.

17). I am like chocolate, I don’t come with the warning I just make you addict of me.

18). Love is nothing but just a step to follow someone.

19). An apple a day keeps you fit but a doubt a day makes you sick again.

20). I am an artist waiting for a follower to reach perfection.

Now still searching cool Instagram bios, not found any good and eye catching bios in offer 20 bios quotes then no problem, I also have full detail cool Instagram bios post that has more than 140 cool bios quotes ideas let’s visit.

Cute Instagram Bios

This particular section is especially for the girls. As you can make out through the title itself that no guy would want to keep their Instagram bio quotes cute as hell. This feeling can also be expressed through the words but sometimes we do not know that how. So, this is the section for the Instagram bio quotes full of cuteness and innocence.

1). If being cute is all about cute looks then I am sure you would not find someone cuter than me.

2). You know when you can’t fall asleep, when you have someone in your life to make your reality better.

3). If you want to feel adored then you must follow me.

4). Being known can lead us to being friends, then think where would being friends would lead us to?

5). Do you believe that you can be fortunate only once or should I send you follow request again?

6). After being marvelous, tremendous, and fabulous all alone it’s time to actually end up with ‘us’.

7). Isn’t it funny how people who are meant to be together can cross path through any medium?

8). If you are lost then don’t worry I’ll follow you.

9). The craziest joy lies in the spontaneous decisions of choosing friends.

10). Follow me and it will lead you to the smiling you.

This is something really intense as well as cute Instagram bio quotes.

11). I would love to be the waiter while waiting for you.

12). There is no such thing like cute if you are not good at heart.

13). A pretty face and a smart brain are the deadliest but cutest combination in this world.

14). I am beginning to like Instagram from the day my steps started to follow you.

15). I love stalking especially when you get likes for it.

16). Pretty good liars are as true as you saying that you don’t want to follow me.

17). The more I stalk you the more I feel jealous of not being with you.

18). I get more nervous while deciding on a request than I have ever been for a result.

19). The scariest thing in my life would be you rejecting my request.

20). A follow for follow would make the whole Instagram connected together.

Under this section, I mention only 20 cute Instagram bio quotes, if you are still looking more bio quotes then visit 140 cute Instagram bios quotes ideas for you.

Creative Instagram Bios

This section can be considered for every age group on the Instagram. Those who are searching for some really cool and creative stuff for their Instagram bio quotes then they will surely be not disappointed. The basic problem is that Instagram does not give you enough word count for those long and creative bio description. And in that context we have some great collection of Instagram bio quotes out here.

1). My verdict may vary between good and bad but it will be a fact that I am right.

2). I may seem crazy to you but trust me I don’t give a damn about what you think.

3). I learn from people’s problem after they agree on my decisions.

4). Don’t follow me am lost too is an old fact. I want you to follow me in order to get lost in me forever.

5). If love is covering your eyes then marriage would open your eyes.

6). My life is totally unique. What has been left is not right and what was right has not been left.

7). If you would follow early to bed and early to rise then I would come to see you at your grave.

8). My job is so secured that nobody wants to take it.

9). I have five digits income and 6 digits expenses.

10). If I could time travel then I would find myself in past.

11). If you would keep patience then you would never be a patient.

Such Instagram bio quotes are creative as well as wise too.

12). If you have not waste your waist then you have not taste what has been most tested.

13). Life is short and so is my creativity.

14). To keep yourself alive you would have to put yourself on snooze.

15). I am single because I cannot handle two hot personalities, one is me single and another one is me in relationship.

16). If you have had enough soreness then you should go for the tequila.

17). In order to update your status you really need to upgrade your status.

18). To come up with great thoughts you would have to act not think.

19). I roll my eyes only when I see your profile from left to right.

20). The least you can expect from me is the more I can give to you.

Do you want to get more creative Instagram bios quotes then click here.

Instagram Bios for Girls

You can say that girls are those who rule the world of Instagram. There are some female celebrities like Rihanna, Shakira, and Selena Gomez who are ruling the Instagram world. It is natural that everything about the Instagram bio quotes of a girl would be totally different from that of a guy. Here are the options that how you can make that difference through these Instagram bio quotes.

1). Instagram made me so addict to it that I started liking flowers, dishes and attires that I can never have.

2). I am the girl who speak what is in her mind and who acts what is in her heart.

3). If I ever fail greatly then I would need a man not to pick me up but to extend a hand so that I can get him down too.

4). I believe in telling the truth by myself rather than waiting for someone to serve as hot news of the town.

5). I want to be the girl who does shopping blindly but with the money of her own.

6). In order to excel something you would have to enjoy it first.

7). Nothing can stop you from climbing a cliff only if you know how to fall.

8). Instead of the heavy tiaras on my head I would love to have light wings on my back.

9). You are not a girl until you watch the same episode twice or thrice and each time you cry more than the last time.

10). I want to be single but the chocolates do not want to break up with me.

This is totally a girl thing and such Instagram bio quotes totally describes it.

11). In order to be successful, you would have to focus on your mistakes, not on your victory.

12). It is not the high heels that makes me look higher, for that only my flamboyant hairs are enough.

13). I am not intense I am just concentrated enough with my smoky eyes.

14). If I could win over the entire world then I would start with the shopping sites.

15). I am a girl because of whom all the business is running whether they are concerned to us or not.

16). If I know how to forgive that is only because I know how to punish.

17). Being a girl is not easy; you have to deal with the seven shades of pink you never even heard of.

18). Only one day you wear the wrong combination and you are being doubted as a girl.

19). Only a girl can understand that how much rain and white are envy to each other.

20). Don’t throw shade at me because if I would do that then you will be painted black forever.

Funny Instagram Bios

Sense of humor is the perfect way to be attractive. A funny Instagram bio can seem to be really great and attractive to anyone. But make sure that you maintain from making it look childish instead of funny. Putting the funny Instagram bio quotes on your account shows that you are a witty and happy go lucky person. People love such kind of personalities and they would love to talk to you if you would use these Instagram bio quotes.

1). I think god has created me while doing his favorite pass time thing.

2). Life is too short, why to waste it in updating Instagram bio?

3). I didn’t want to steal my bio and was too lazy to write one on my own.

4). I am not too good because look at me am true not too good to be true.

5). I always learn from mistakes, not mine but of someone else.

6). Sometimes you have to do something even when you are confused, like updating Instagram bio.

7). I am totally like the thermometer, degree without brain.

8). Just like you don’t waste time in reading reviews, you can save your time here too.

9). I am spreading smiles in the world, just like am spreading the stuff of my room.

10). I love to leave people annoyed, just like I did right now.

Instead of being irritated one would totally smile on such funny Instagram bio quotes.

11). I am so out of money that I cannot even pay attention on anyone.

12). My pick up line since I born was,” best of me is yet to come”.

13). “You only live once” is totally wrong. Come on dude you only die once, you live every day.

14). If you are reading this then am sure you have nothing to do in your life.

15). I am so crucial for historical importance that I am creating history since I was born.

16). I want to lose weight but my craving for a sexy partner is very less than my craving for delicious food.

17). If you are reading my Instagram bio then you would have understood that I am stalking you.

18). Instagram is more typical than rocket science; I mean how you can think about hash tags for even the picture of your food instead of eating it.

19). The height of my laziness is defined as this is my last Instagram bio ever written.

20). If I would have been paid for every hash tag I use then I would have been the richest person alive.

Awesome Instagram Bios

If you are not able to understand that what it takes to be an awesome Instagramer then you should read these awesome Instagram bio quotes for sure. You have really quite some less time for being too awesome and showing off your real strength and charisma. If you are not able to make out the awesome Instagram bio quotes then you should definitely read it out here.

1). I know it is pretty tough but people are trying to be like me? I mean how can everyone be awesome?

2). I have opinions but for others, for me I have decisions.

3). If you are planning to die soon then you should follow me. It can change your mind to die sooner.

4). If you are not jealous of anyone then you should start following me.

5). The best deal that you can make on Instagram is to handle a big deal like me.

6). I know why you are not following me. You are afraid that you will fall in love with me.

7). I started with empty hands and I am maintaining my position very well.

8). To travel the whole distance you would have to take the first step.

9). If you would be nothing then you will have the opportunity to have everything.

10). If you want to shine like a star then you would have to burn like a star.

11). If you will waste your time in doubting then how will you follow the path that leads to me?

12). There is always a purpose behind everything and right now it is me for you.

13). Do you love what you do? Then you would love reading my bio right now.

That an awesome Instagram bio quotes one would surely gush over.

14). If you would not get over your past then how would I make you mine?

15). It was destined that if you would read this then you would fall for me.

16). I am smooth like espresso and strong like wine. Wanna try?

17). I don’t want everything because I want to make space for you.

18). In order to be unique one would have to be exceptional.

19). It takes right amount of patience to talk to a person like me. I can understand why you are taking time to follow me.

20). I haven’t put my birth date for fun; you would have to wish me.

Short Instagram Bios

Some people love to keep it short for their introduction. It is not because they are lazy enough to do so but because short is the new cool among people. And it is totally personifies via these Instagram bio quotes. Usually it is not simple to show off your wit and humor through fewer words but we can do that too. Here are the short Instagram bio quotes that would make you look really smart.

1). This is the shortest Instagram bio you’ll ever read.

2). When it is short it is the best.

3). Practice as worst and act as the best.

4). Stop reading, start following.

5). Too hot to touch, too cool to feel and too simple to follow.

6). Please follow there is no demo.

7). Too lazy to fill the space.

8). Second name is right and first is always.

9). Last time when I was normal I wrote this.

10). Instagramer with benefits.

11). I am sweet, you can have me.

12). Although vegan, still would love to taste you.

13). Pizza to take and love to give.

This is short and sweet and totally cool Instagram bio quotes.

14). It is hard being me but still trying.

15). Childish for selfies and serious for you.

16). To whosoever it may concern, you’re in.

17). Updating bio every second in reality.

18). Don’t be lost just follow me.

19). Instant like Instagram.

20). Single and Alive.


All the Instagram bio quotes are intended for different purposes. Please select the one which completely matches you personality. Being someone else on social media starts to reflect on your personality too. Do not try to be someone who is completely different from the inner you.

There are more than 100 types of Instagram bio quotes mentioned above. You may pick whichever you like the most according to your will. It is not necessary that you stick to the same words.

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