How to Get Over a Crush

How to Get Over a Crush: Crush is a common thing that happens in every teenager’s life, no matter what your gender is. Crush happens when you enter in our teenage, then a lot of factors happen such as puberty, hormonal development and seeing things.

Basically, crush is affection or infatuation that you feel for the opposite gender and it can also be for the same gender. It depends on the person’s choice. You often misunderstand crush with love but as you grow up you leave believing things like a crush.

Crush is not always easy to get and to forget, for example, if you have a crush on your best friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend, then chances are zero to get him/her. Now you can only imagine them in your dreams because in reality, this does not exist.

This is the situation where you may need some tips on how to get over a crush. Crush is more like a roller coaster, if you get it then you feel like high in the sky but if you don’t which actually happens more then you feel like there’s nothing left in the world to live and you face depression.

Tips on How to Get Over a Crush

So, I’m here to solve your problem and to get you tips on how to get over a crush, no matter what your age is you will really enjoy following these steps. There is not any fixed order to follow these; you can follow just any step.

1). Know the Reason and Then Back Up

This is the very basic way on how to get over a crush, you just know the reason that why you are attracted to that person. What qualities or features attracted you, start finding these qualities and ask yourself is that person really worth your feelings?

Look for anything that you are not feeling good about them, like if you have talked to them and you don’t feel that good as you thought then believe yourself.

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Find the reason that you think your crush doesn’t deserve to be more than that. In any second if you feel like, I shouldn’t give her importance this much then seriously you need to back up.

2). Being Sad Is Good Sometimes

If you are not able to move on, let just be sad as much as you can. Cry over a night as much as you want and you will really feel better when you rise up in the morning. Treat yourself with something you love as an ice cream, a cake or it can be anything.

So let your sorrows out and happiness gulp in, you can even watch any sad romantic movie. This will bring out all your emotions and free you from that crying lump in your throat know how to get over a crush.

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3). Know How to Get Over a Crush by Distance Yourself from That Person

This is the fact that if you see her the whole day, you are not going to forget anything; in fact, you will face something even worse. So if you seriously want to know how to get over a crush and want to bring that happiness back, then distance yourself completely from that person.

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Try to ignore her face, her group of friends, and everything about her. Just keep her aside as a part that doesn’t exist in your life. If you are in the same class, sit anywhere from that you can’t get her face and her voice and after a few weeks of practice, you will start feeling better and then her presence won’t bother you at all.

4). Delete Your Crush from Everywhere

This is another perfect way on how to get over a crush if you two are on any social platform as Facebook then delete her completely and immediately. Never check on her profile page, deleted her number or you can also block her.

Stop following her from everywhere like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat because maintaining the distance on social media is compulsory if you really don’t want her in your life.

Stop visiting the places and the restaurants where you know she can be or her friends’ group, if ever she asks you out then decline it immediately, because you have a crush on her and she doesn’t. So it will better to face some distance today than to face circumstances tomorrow.

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If you accidentally say yes and go out with her then it’s not going to make you happy as her presence will keep torturing you and this will hurt you bad.

5). Let’s Don’t Think About Her

How to get over a crush will be a simple question to you if you are ignoring her from every physical and virtual place. Stop daydreaming about your crush, this will take time but you have to practice it to control your mind.

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Ignore her thoughts that you face about her and gradually your brain will start working that way. Just put your mind to other places, in doing other things as what’s your favorite hobby like reading, playing guitar, dancing, cooking etc. and now you know how to get over a crush.

6). Start Meeting New Ones

Go through this advice on how to get over a crush by meeting new people. It is always a great way to make new connections and better conversations. So just start hanging out at some new places and meet people there, have a talk and you can continue these talks regularly.

Join any club or membership for any extracurricular activity, so this will be a great way to join new people there and it will be a fun for sure. This way you will get to know how to get over a crush and maybe you meet a bunch of new guys and girls and make them friends. So you will get rid of your former crush and have a good time with your new friends.

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7). Be A Little Flirty With Someone Else

This will surely give you boost up and your answer to how to get over a crush and you will forget her rapidly. You just have to bring the habit of flirting inside you for someone else that you find attractive even a little bit.

Because I know you have a crush and you see her whole day and night and in every moment around your head, so there are fewer chances that you find someone attractive. But keep practicing this on how to get over a crush and keep your brain away from her thoughts.

Invite any your old friend to dinner, club or parties or you can also start hanging out in clubs with new people at the bar. This casually flirting will relax your mind as it’s a scientific fact that when you flirt you lessen your stress.

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8). Have a Discussion with Your Friends on How to Get Over a Crush

If you are finding it difficult to throw her out from your mind ten going to your friends and taking their opinions is a much better idea. Of course, your friends already know about your crush, but let them know that you really want to move on and they will surely help you out.

Just have a one-time discussion with all your friends together and know their opinion about that girl, you will surely notice a change in your feelings the next day that will be a blessing on how to get over a crush.

You can also consult it with the persons who have already one rough this path, they will assist you best and advise you best on how to get your mind from her. This step can really be a kick-start in your life to move on.

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9). Make a List of Bad Things about Your Crush

This will be really easy to find a way how to get over a crush, this trick will be very effective if you do it in the right and understood way. You are attracted to gr because you see only good features her, the money to notice something bad in a person you start hating her or ignoring her.

The same you have to do with your crush, just fetch some bad qualities of her that don’t attract you at all and now you can forget her so perfectly and would stop dreaming her.

You just need to find how ugly she is, how cheap she is and she is not of your level. You deserve someone better than her. You just need to say these things repeatedly and get rid of her.

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10). Tell her what do you feel

To get to know perfectly how to get over a crush, you can also have a talk with her and tell her about your feelings. But before sharing these things, keep in mind this conversation can hurt you very badly or you two can end up with a friendship band.

You both should have a mature understanding and if she won’t accept you ten you will have to accept the fact and the reasons why you two are not going to be in a relationship.

This event can hurt your self-respect, so this can be a difficult part for you. If you really think that the girl really deserves to know then just say it directly to her and be ready to listen to her carefully.

This also has its own benefit because maybe that person would tell you for having a friendship or would like to give you a chance to have a relationship with you.

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You can also start by writing a letter to your crush, but take care that no one else reads it or send her a private message to meet you at any calm place. The letter writing can be really easier than other methods as you get the freedom to write whatever you want to tell her without speaking it in words.

11). Take Care of Yourself

Now if you have discussed her about your feelings and you received the negative answers that you weren’t expecting. So it’s time to handle yourself both physically and mentally and here are some points that you need to remember on how to get over a crush if she said no.

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This is the time that you should utilize only for yourself; you have to understand your values in life and have to take care of yourself in all these conditions of mental torture.

  • Take care of your physical appearances; give yourself a new haircut or a new hair color by visiting a good saloon. When you look good from outside you also feel that fresh from inside. This will also boost up your confidence and bring you happiness.
  • You can organize your accessories like your garage, get your car a new look and go on a long ride with your friends arrange your wardrobe and have some new looks in it.
  • Go to a spa and take a body massage there to make you feel relaxed and fresh.
  • Join a gym and start working out, exercise takes away all the stress and depression and keep your mind focused. You can also look out some other activities like running, swimming, biking that improve your mind and fitness.
  • Practice self-talk daily and motivate yourself to do something new, discuss your flaws and try to get them away. Talking in the mirror is always a proved method to get a better you.

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Crush is just a casual feeling and it’s on us how do you see it.  You can have fun with your crush without telling her anything or you tell her and run everything because it’s not possible every time that someone has the same feelings for you.

Here a crush can be complicated and can really crush your all fun and happiness.

So if you are going through this condition, then my list of tips on how to get over a crush can really help you. Just follow the above steps and see improvements.

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