Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids: You know why Christmas is the most favorite occasion for the kids? Because this is the time when they eagerly wait for the Santa Claus (Actually, their parents in reality) to fill their stockings with some amazing gifts. This not only keeps them excited and happy but also strengthens their bond with parents.

Parents who know all their wishes, fill these stockings with their favorite gifts. It is rather easy to fill these stockings for adults but sometimes it becomes so hard to think of any stocking stuffer ideas for kids.

Kids are so innocent and they only need some little things and not something extravagant. It really becomes a question mark to come up with some creative stocking stuffer ideas for kids.

We usually have so hectic schedule that we as a parent are not able to understand the desires of our kids. But that should not be a barrier in fulfilling their every little wish. They are innocent but at least we can come up with some ideas.

So, take some time out of your busy schedule and spend some time with your kids so that you can understand their feelings. If you are still not able to make out what should be done for stocking stuffer ideas for kids then we are hear for you.

Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Given below are some great and cute ideas that would be loved by your kids for sure. They are simple and filled with things that kids really wish for. I hope you people would also be able to come closer to them through these stocking stuffer ideas for kids.

1). Crayons Set

Kids love the coloring and what else can be perfect than giving them what they actually enjoy doing. You can give them a set of different types of crayons. You can also include water colors, acrylic colors and more in it.

This is one of the cutest stocking stuffer ideas for kids and they would surely cherish it a lot. In fact they would start using it immediately.

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2). Mini Notebooks

You must have been annoyed with the habit of your kids to write on walls or on everything they see. But now you can give them your own area to write whatever they want. These mini notebooks are too cute for your kids to use and they are going to love using them.

These mini notebooks come in different themes too so that you can give your kids these notebooks according to their choice.

3). Gloves

Christmas means winter and winter mean warm clothes and extra care of kids. It is so common in these days that kids come home with their gloves lost in schools or parks. You can think of the perfect stocking stuffer ideas for kids for the same.

You can buy a lot of pair of gloves for them in different colors. It will keep them happy as well as warm too.

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4). Reindeer Ball with a Santa Note

Kids are kids, they believe in Santa Claus and their cute Reindeer too. Remember the sparkly reindeer ball we see in every Santa pictures? You can give them same to your kids as the Christmas present.

Give them these balls along with a note which should be written on behalf of Santa Claus only.

5). Kids Magazines

There are a lot of good kids’ magazines which can be used as the stocking stuffer ideas for kids. You can use National Geographic Magazine, Ranger Ricks and much more.

All these are educational magazines and their amazing pictures are going to be loved by your kids. It would not only increase their knowledge but would also amaze them with a whole new world.

6). An Inspiring Book for Kids

Kids are in such a tender age that their mind and thoughts can be molded in whichever direction you want. Christmas is the best occasion to give them something which can be useful for them for a long time.

You can give them a book which has the great collection of inspiring short stories. This would inspire them and they are interesting to read too.

7). Water Bottle

A new water bottle for the school, isn’t it just the perfect stocking stuffer ideas for kids? They love new school accessories, be it a new pencil box or water bottle.

You can add some fun to it by personalizing it a bit. You can print their photo on it or their name too. You can also buy a water bottle with their favorite cartoon character’s picture on it.

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8). Play Doh

For the little kids who are below 5 in age, Play Doh is the best idea for them. Kids at this age need something through which they can share their thoughts and imagination. A playing dough gives them the liberty to mold and make anything they want.

There are a lot of variety in these Play Doh and you can buy the complete set for them. This would prove beneficial for their overall development.

9). Cute Personalized Milk Mug

It is really important for kids to have milk on daily basis. Usually, kids do not like to drink milk but through such kind of stocking stuffer ideas for kids you can make them drink it in no time.

The cute personalized milk mugs with the picture of your kids on them are going to make your kids really happy. This is like turning their boring mugs into a creative canvas.

10). Candies/ Chocolates

It is Christmas and which means it is the time to make your kids happy with a lot of candies and chocolates. If you are not able to think of anything else as the stocking stuffer ideas for kids then this will gonna help you a lot.

You can stuff the stockings with different flavored candies and chocolates. This is something you can never go wrong with in case of kids.

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11). Super Bouncy Balls

Dealing with kids is like having a long and endless cardio session. They are like running from one room to another. And at the end of the day, they are still left with so much energy to do a lot of things.

You can now utilize their energy in dealing with these super bouncy balls. These small colorful balls are so cute and they bounce so high that your kids would love to play with them. They are like the super energetic stocking stuffer ideas for kids.

12). Kid Jewelry

Yes, people, kids have their own jewelry and if you have not bought it yet then Christmas is just the perfect occasion for doing so. There are a lot of wonderful options to buy some amazing piece of jewelry for your kids.

You can buy some necklace, bangles, hair clips, hand bands etc. Kids and especially girls are so going to love this cute gift in their stocking.

13). Kids Toothbrush

Do not buy those same boring toothbrushes for your kids and rather go for something creative. There are some cute looking and innovative kind of toothbrushes which can be used as stocking stuffer ideas for kids.

You can buy electric ones or the cartoon ones too. You can buy those innovative toothbrushes that do not fall down at all. Along with cleaning their teeth, they can even play with them.

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14). Rubik’s Cube

To let the mind of your child be developed and more curious, you can get them these Rubik’s cube. Everyone know how it works and your kids would love to play with it.

If you think this is a bit higher than their level then you can get them other puzzles according to their age. This will increase their curiosity and reasoning capability to a higher level. This would also keep them engaged so that you can do your work.

15). Mini Bow Clips

More than the boys, we have these super cute stocking stuffer ideas for kids especially girls. You can buy this ultra-lovely bow clips for them which would not only make them look cute but will also make them happy.

These little accessories are always something that you can adore or sought after. Not only your kids but these accessories are going to be loved by you too.

16). Coloring Book

Kids love the coloring and every parent knows it so well. As I have mentioned earlier about the crayons, you can also consider the coloring books for the Christmas presents.

They are so gonna love it and I can totally assure you about it. There are like thousands of coloring books available in the market and you can buy anyone according to the choice of your kids. You should better consider those ones in which they can do coloring by looking at the previously given picture.

17). Cute Keychain

Some kiddo kind of cute keychains can also be the perfect option for stocking stuffer ideas for kids. You can get some amazing ideas for that. Your kids would love to flaunt these keychains on their school bags.

Apart from getting the one of their favorite cartoon character, you can also personalize them a bit. You can get the picture of your kids printed on them. This will take your kids by surprise for sure.

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18). Finger Puppets

The world of kids is totally different than us. It has stories, dragons, magic, fairies and an imagination which can go beyond stars. Now, you can try to be a part of it through these finger puppets.

At the night when you make them sleep through story-telling, you can use these puppets for the additional creativity. They are going to love this little puppet show and would love to play with it too.

19). Lunch Box

Just like the water bottle, a brand new lunch box is another amazing option for the stocking stuffer ideas for kids. There are like uncountable options for the kids’ lunch boxes.

No matter what design you choose, you must make sure that you are choosing the right one. You should make sure that it keeps the food fresh and hot for a long time so that your kid can get perfect lunch.

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20). Lovely Dresses

This is by far the best option in this list. Feeling some kind of confusion in buying the perfect Christmas present then go for it without any doubt.

There are like millions of dresses perfect for your kids right there. Keep the color of the dress bright and if possible more with the Christmas theme of green and red. You can also buy them different Christmas accessories too.

21). New Shoes

Another perfect thing for the stocking stuffer ideas for kids is brand new shoes. Christmas is all about snow, winters and visiting your relatives. At this time your kids need new shoes which can combat with winters.

Buy some cute little shoes for your kids so that they can sport them everywhere. Your kids are going to love this Christmas surprise from your side to them.

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22). Remote Control Car

A remote control car is the dream of every kid no matter where he lives. Any remote control toy is going to be adored by a kid in the age of 5-8 years. If your kid is in this age group then this is the best Christmas present for them.

They can play around with it along with their siblings and cousins. There is no way your kid is going to stop from flaunting it to everyone.

23). School Bag

Just like every child, your kids must have been asking your numerous times to change his school bag with a new one. Give him all the happiness when he head back to school after Christmas vacations with this new school bag.

This logically is not like the stocking stuffer ideas for kids as it cannot be fit into the stocking. So, you can put a little letter into the stocking and write the name of the place where you have hidden the bag.

24). Tickets to Amusement Park

Don’t waste the Christmas vacations just by sitting at home. In fact, utilize them in doing something that everyone loves.

This can be a great excuse for your entire family to spend some quality time together. Your kids are going to have a blast in this short visit to the amusement park. It is a great escape from all the stress and anxiety in their life.

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25). Sports Kit

Kids love playing around in the home but because of the lack of proper arrangements they are not able to play outdoor games. But with such stocking stuffer ideas for kids, they can play whatever they want.

With things like leg pads, arm pads, helmet and playing essentials of a particular game, you can make the perfect Christmas present for them.

26). Tiara

This is particularly for the small baby girls. In fact, instead of the tiaras, you can present them the tiara making kit as the Christmas present.

You just need to collect some of the stuff like plastic wires, ceramic flowers, and a nice glue. With your guidelines, they can make the perfect tiaras for them. And when they will wear it, they would look no less than angels on Earth.

27). Cartoon Movies

A collection of the favorite cartoon movies of your kids can be the perfect stocking stuffer ideas for kids. Christmas means never ending vacations and cousins all around.

They can watch these movies all day long with their siblings and friends. And you will have no worries about messing up of the home because they won’t be running here and there.

28). Toy Phones

Toy phones are something every kids enjoy keeping. They have multiple tunes set over pressing different digits.

They would enjoy playing with it. You can also go for the toy guns too. These toy guns emit laser light effects along with numerous sounds. They are going to start using it the minute they will find it in stockings.

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29). Hair Brush

Small baby hair brushes for small little wonders can make the perfect stocking stuffer ideas for kids. Kids often like to do their work on their own and this brush would help them combing their hairs. Make sure that you buy the one whose cuticles are not too harsh on their hairs.

30). Letters

At last if you are not able to come up with anything and you have no time to go shopping then you can go with this idea. You can write them some cute letters as parents. Do not forget to draw some cute little drawings on it too.


We can expect some smiles on the face of your kids after finding their favorite presents in the stockings on Christmas Day. Make this occasion even happier through these amazing stocking stuffer ideas for kids.

Kids are the one who are the most excited for this festival, and you as a parent should leave no stone unturned to make it even more special to them. I hope you would like all the ideas as apart from being affordable they are cute as hell too.

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