Best Green Tea Brand for Weight Loss

Best Green Tea Brand: Those myths has been vanished where people used to believe that only working out hard can give you the body you have been longing for. Although work out is the main part of the weight loss regime but diet also contributes a lot in this process. And one thing that most of the fitness trainers suggest is the Green Tea. But the issue is that which is the best green tea brand?

Before I give you brief about the best brand of green tea, you should know that what green tea actually is?

Green tea is basically a beverage which is loaded with antioxidants and other nutrients that are super beneficial for health. Green tea consumption accelerates the process of fat burning, improved brain function, physical performance. And most importantly it gives a rapid boost to the way you start your mornings.

Green tea is also an appetite suppressant which ultimately results in low fat consumption hence fast weight loss. With lots of advantages, it is really important to find out that which is the best green tea for weight loss brand?

Best Green Tea Brand for Weight Loss

Given below is the list of different and most importantly best green tea bags brands which would help you to lose the excess fat and weight of your body.

Best Green Tea Brands

1). Go Matcha Green Tea

Go Matcha is our 1st pick in the category of best green tea brand. It cleanses with garcinia cambogia powder. You can buy this product for just $14.95 for an amount of 7.2 ounce.

It helps in detoxifying the body by removing the harmful chemicals. It also helps in reducing the weight to a great extent. You just need to mix 1 table spoon of it with 6-8 oz. of hot water and consume it before the breakfast on regular basis. Instead of the whole leaves, they use their powder for greater impact.

2). The Black Raspberry Green Tea

The black raspberry green tea is available on a price of $9.50. It is a product by The Republic of Tea. The most interesting part of this green tea is that it is neither blackberry nor raspberry but has similar taste though.

It has amazing antioxidant level and even a single sip contains health nutrients which proves to be very fast in burning the fat. The amount of caffeine is less than a quarter a cup which is way less than other beverages. It is also gluten free, sugar free, carb free and calorie free.

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3). Uncle Lee’s Green Tea

Uncle Lee’s green tea is an organic product hailing from the legends of China. It is believed that it comes from the Fujian province of China and is grown without the use of pesticides. Its careful plantation and preservation makes it one of the best green tea brand.

The caffeine content per cup is quite low and the tea bags are also oxygen bleached which means no deterioration of flavors and taste. You can get it for $9.07 and this pack included 100 bags per pack.

4). Prince of Peace Organic Green Tea

Our next pick in the category of best green tea brand is Prince of peace organic green tea. At a low of price of $8.26 you can get 100 tea bags in a single pack.

This green tea is claimed to be 100% organic and the leaves used are fresh, tender, young and freshly harvested too. It is prepared by the pan frying process which gives it a dark color and great taste too. This is surely one brand that you can keep up on as well as you can rely because of its freshness and antioxidant contents.

5). Davidson’s Green Tea

Davidson’s green tea does not come in the leafy form packed in tea bags but it is one of the best green tea brand which sells the green tea in the powdered form. For 1 pound of green tea you would have to spend $9.99 which is quite reasonable too.

It has a very strong and deep flavor comprised in the organic green tea hailing from China. It does contain caffeine but the amount is too low. The packing comes in paper bag packed through aluminum lining to maintain the freshness of the pack very well.

6). Lipton Green Tea

Lipton is surely the best green tea brand and I hope you have already heard about it through advertisements or from your friends. Lipton has become the renowned brand in the entire world in a very short span of time.

The tea is absolutely free from any sort of preservatives and coloring agents and hence leaving it delicate and pure in its original form. This green tea also contains honey and pomegranate which is the best option of weight loss.

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7). Tazo Green Tea

Tazo green tea is one of the most famous brand of green tea and the most important thing about it is that it is easily available too. The USP of this product is its taste which has helped this brand to reach such a height.

Tazo is surely deserved to be on the 7th spot of our list of best green tea brand. They also have a very interactive site which allows the examination of the world of a wide range of the tea.

8). Yogi Green Tea

Yogi Green tea is a rising name in the industry of best green tea brand and thus gained the 8th spot of our list. It contains a lot of antioxidants that results in delivering energy and nutrients to the body and improves its natural defense system.

This brand also provides green tea with various flavors which increases the boring taste of the tea a lot. This tea proves to be amazing for the overall health of the people.

9). Twinning Jasmine Green Tea

Twinning Jasmine Green Tea is our 9th pick in the category of best green tea brand. After preparing this tea, it gives a light yellow glow of lemon which looks really perfect and attractive.

It involves low calorie content and effective antioxidants too. The green tea leaves used in this brand is picked from the best areas and this makes it pure and natural. Twinning jasmine green tea comes in flavor like lemon, mint, jasmine and earl grey.

10). Tetley Green Tea

Not only green tea but Tetley is one of the largest manufacturer of all kind of teas. Tetley is growing day by day and now counts in one of the best green tea brand.

Just like the other famous brands of green tea, it also contains antioxidants that fight against harmful chemicals and improve the overall health. It also comes in various flavors like aloe Vera, ginger, Citrus, lemon, cinnamon, honey and lemon etc.

11). Chamong Organic Mint Green Tea

Hailing from the tea capital of India Darjeeling, Chamong organic mint green tea is one of the finest quality green tea that we have in this list of best green tea brand.

You can easily find this tea in market or on any online shopping portal. The fine tea leaves packed in this product has capability to contain antioxidants and nutrients together. They work as a whole on the health problems and heals them slowly.

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12). Domatcha Green Tea

Domatcha Green tea is basically a fine powder made by the grinding the green tea leaves. It is one of its kind of product and hence gained the 12th spot on our list of best green tea brand.

This brand hails from Japan and it is also grown, processed, and harvested in Japan only. It does not contains any sort of additive and delivers an amazing taste too. Its antioxidants have properties like anti-aging, weight loss, blood regulation, and healthy cholesterol level.

13). Tzu- The Green Tea

Tzu is changing the way people look at green tea. They are trying to make it creative to increase the selling of their product. Tzu- the green tea is our 13th spot company for best green tea brand. They have come up with some amazing flavors and varieties of green tea which makes the process of being healthy, interesting too.

This is surely a fresh brand in the green tea industry but in a very short time, it has gained a lot of popularity because of the outstanding result of its green tea.

14). Jay Green Tea

Jay Green Tea claims that they sell the unprocessed type of green tea which means it keeps up all the ingredients natural without any human or machine processing. It stands on our 14th position on the list of best green tea brand.

Jay Green Tea consists of antioxidants which are competent enough to fight through any diseases. This green tea is also helpful for lower risk of cancer, acne reduction and maintain overall health condition. Jay green tea is also beneficial for boosting up the immune system too.

15). Bigelow Green Tea

Bigelow is one of the most influential as well as best green tea brand which originally hails from US. It has wonderful antioxidants mixed in it which serves as natural fighter supplying healthy cell reliability to the system.

This green tea comes in a packaging of tea bags which have different flavors too. The pockets are quite protective and cover the integrity of chromatic tea. This is the reason this green tea is really popular.

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16). 24 Mantra Organic Green Tea

This is one of the latest brand that I have included in our list of best green tea brand and it has acquired the 16th spot though. With no use of any synthetic ingredients, this product is 100% natural and pure. They have delivered their best through goof farming practicing.

This brand is easily available and it is not inexpensive too. The leaves of green tea comes in powdered form and that is the reason that it leaves residue in tea.

17). Yamamotoyama

Yamamotoyama is not only one of the oldest but also one of the best green tea brand. They are providing the high quality green tea since 1690. Because of the e commerce trading, this company has achieved new heights as the results of their green tea is just explicit.

The variety of flavors also uplifted its popularity to a great extent. This is surely one of the most effective brand of green tea to be used.

18). Basilur Green Tea

Basilur Green Tea hails originally from Sri Lanka and acquires the 18th spot on our list of best green tea bags brands. Apart from their extravagant packaging, they are super effective too. This tea is said to have exotic blends which works directly on the extra fat of your body.

The product said to have 100% Ceylon also, it comes with numerous flavors too which means a wide variety of Basilur green tea. That is the reason that this green tea is very expensive.

19). Maeda-en Tea

This Japanese best green tea brand was much deserved to be on our list on the 19th spot. Maeda-en green tea includes all the natural ingredients required to be in green tea. This brand sell its products to all over the globe and people love them too.

This green tea is different from all as its company is offering the pure green tea. To make this green tea a ritual named Chado is performed by the procedure given. This is one of the prime reason of its increasing popularity and undoubtable quality too.

20). Typhoo Green Tea

Typhoo Green tea is one of the best green tea brand from Britain and hails on the 20th spot of our list. The reason of its popularity and excessive use is its multiple flavors and reasonable price.

Just like any other green tea, it is also effective for the weight loss reduction to a great extent by regular use. Its prime contents are antioxidants and nutrients which does not let any weakness occur because of the weight loss process.

21). Tea Garden Green Oolong Tea

The manufacturer of such best green tea brand claim that they used the essence of black tea, aroma of herbal tea and integrity of a green tea combined in this product. It has multiple advantages like metabolism, weight reduction and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

It also works on high blood pressure and bad cholesterol because of the antioxidants and Vitamin C contents in it. Apart from all, it is also effective in controlling body temperature, immunity enhancement, rehydration, and healing the skin irritation.

22). Golden Tips Green Tea

Listed on the 22nd  spot of our best green tea brand, Golden Tips Green Tea is a green tea brand hailing from the prime tea production location of India, Darjeeling.

It comes with an attractive packaging and one of the most effective green tea too. Defining its uniqueness is the large number of lose leafed variants inserted in it. There variants put in the best effect of green tea in it. However, these lose leafed variants can be strained easily.

23). Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Egyptian Mint

This international product is one of the best green tea for weight loss brand. The handpicked natural ingredients combined in it is the reason of its authenticity and effective formula.

Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Egyptian Mint is a mixture of biodynamic and organic frown Ceylon green tea with the pinch of Egyptian peppermint. This is not an ordinary peppermint that we use but a stimulating and calming ingredient. It also come with a hint of South American stevia.

24). Taj Mahal Green Tea

Taj Mahal green tea is one of the best green tea brand from India which is a product of Brooke Bong Taj. This brand of green tea is one of the most trusted as well as affordable product. It contains huge quantity of antioxidants which proves to be helpful in keeping the body fit and energetic.

It also comes with different flavors too which tries to make it drinkable as you know what green tea tastes like. Its variety is its main USP and therefore it is sold a lot in India.

25). GAIA Green Tea

GAIA green tea is filled with antioxidants and other nutrients which are helpful for treating cancer too. It makes you feel super energized and hence improves the vitality of the body. It not only helps in eliminating the extra fat of the body but also improves our immune system.

It may not be our 1st pick but it is surely one best brand of green tea available. However, it you have any sort of allergies then you should go through the contents and ingredients at least once.


I hope this list would have cleared all your doubts that which are the most popular and best green tea brand for weight loss. All the green tea brands that has been listed above does not cause any harmful side effects to the body and are totally natural.

Best green tea brand should not be judged by their price but by their performance and these handful ones surely leaves behind other green tea brands.

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