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Widest River in the World: Nature is an amazing place to see miracles live with your naked eyes. It has sky high mountains and oceans deeper than you can ever imagine.

It has vicious northern lights and vast deserts on the other end. There is no way that you can escape the miracle that nature has placed from one spot to another.

In this whole wide world have you ever thought that what is the widest river in the world? Well, I know you have not even give it a thought once.

Let me tell you, it is the Amazon River which is the widest river in the world.

This vast river covers a lot of area by its width and from its length too. There is a lot of facts about this river that I think you all should know.

There are a lot of things like how wide is the widest river in the world and from where it originates?

Widest River in the World Information

Here are some of the interesting facts regarding the widest river in the world which are really eye opening and breath taking. All these amazing things are given below.

1). Amazon River is not only the widest river in the world but it is also the second longest river in the world. The longest river in the world is Nile, although some people believe that Amazon River is the largest.

2). No matter how long the Nile River is, but Amazon River is still the largest river to discharge a huge amount of water every second. You may not believe this but Amazon River discharges 7,831,000 cubic feet or 209,000 cubic meters water every second.

3). You must be wondering that how wide is the widest river in the world. As we are bragging about the widest river in the world that talking about its width is really important. It is estimated that even during the dry season, Amazon River remains to be 6.8 miles or 11 kilometers wide.

4). It is really hard to believe that the width of Amazon River becomes twice its width in the dry season. The width of Amazon River becomes 24.8 miles or 40 kilometers in the rainy season. It should not be forgotten that the length of the widest river in the world is also considerable. Its length is 4,000 miles or 6,400 kilometers.

5). It should also be considerate that the amount of water discharged by Amazon River alone is equal to the water discharged by 7 next largest rivers of world taken together.

6). When the Amazon River enter into the Atlantic Ocean then it forms a really wide and vast estuary. The width of its estuary is 150 miles or 240 kilometers and the width of the main stem mouth is 80 kilometers. This estuary is such a giant formation that it is known as “The River Sea”.

7). The Amazon River is known by different names in different countries and regions. In Brazil, Amazon River is known by the name “Solimoes” above its confluence with Rio Negro.

8). In other countries like Colombia, Ecuador and Peru as well as other Spanish speaking countries the Amazon River is known as Amazon downstream from Ucayali and Maranon rivers confluence in Peru.

9). The source of the widest river in the world, Amazon River is said to be Andes Mountains and the ending point of the river is Atlantic Ocean where it enter into it. However, there have been quite some controversies regarding its source and end point.

10). Amazon River has more than 1,100 tributaries. Out of all these tributaries 17 are 1,500 kilometers long. There is a wave called “Pororoca” which causes flood in this river every year.

11). Whatever fresh water enters in the oceans its 20% is contributed by the Amazon River. The fresh water discharged by the Amazon River in the Atlantic Ocean floats on the sea water as fresh water is lighter than the sea water.

12). The entire Amazon rainforest is surrounded by the Amazon River. It covers territories like Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Brazil.

13). The wildlife and tropical nature that hails in the Amazon Rainforest is harvested and supported by the water of Amazon River. It leads to the biggest biodiversity in the world.

14). In the Amazon basin, more than 3,000 species of fishes have been identified and more are being discovered every year. The shallow water of Amazon even homes the giant Anacondas.

15). If the history of the Amazon River is to be considered then you would come to know that the widest river in the world was originated 11.8 million years back in Miocene Epoch. The current shape that the river has right now was formed 2.4 million years back.

16). There are no bridges formed over the Amazon River. Mainly because there was no need of any bridge to cross the Amazon River as it flows in the rainforest only.

17). The largest city that is settled along the Amazon River is Manaus. This city is located in Brazil and it is home to more than 1.7 million people.

18). The Delta formed by the Amazon River is basically never true. Amazon dumps directly into the Atlantic Ocean and because of high pressure, sediments from the river flow out in open ocean and thus form a false delta.

19). Amazon River forms the largest drainage system in the whole wide world.

20). Amazon River not only supports turtles, algae and crabs but also the meat eating Piranhas.


I hope these facts about the widest river in the world is enough to take your breath away. Apart from this river, there are other rivers too which are really wide but Amazon River tops this list very well. It is important that we should know about some of nature’s amazing sculptures which are never touched by human.

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This knowledge would keep up with your forever and you can do something good by passing it on to others. Now, just pack your bags and start planning a trip so that you can visit the widest river in the world.

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