Most Expensive Water Bottles Brands

Here I am going to take you to the most expensive water bottles that come handy with millionaires and the price is not just for the water but for the bottle as well. You can consider yourself lucky because you are going to know about these precious water brands at free of cost.

Water is the most vital thing as being a living this on this planet as our life directly links to every single drop of water, and if there is no water there is no life.

Some people or you can say millionaire and billionaires pay a huge amount of money just to drink a small amount of water. There can be several reasons for picking up these most expensive bottles of water and one of them is saving themselves from pollution or polluted water.

It is beyond expensive, and so the water comes beyond pure and in flavors as well. Bottled water is always healthy so it’s like a trend in some countries and as a result, people go for the world’s most expensive water.

Top 10 Most Expensive Water Bottles in 2022

So, just contouring this article about the most expensive water brands, let’s start with least expensive to most expensive.

1. Berg – $6

BergIn the list of most expensive bottles of water, Berg comes first for $6 from least to most expensive.

It is the price of one bottle, this brand comes among the expensive water brands because the water is directly derived from the parts of glaciers known as icebergs and glacier water, of course, should come with a high price tag.

These handy water bottles receive the water from the icebergs located at the seaside of Newfoundland, Canada so the name justifies the water that resides inside.

Berg may come for six dollars, but its design and water quality always attract people who want a pure treat of water in the branded water category. It comes all natural and fulfilled with minerals, it tastes all clean and pure and all these characteristics give it the reason to be as the most expensive water in the world.

There is no water until it takes a lot of efforts of breaking those massive icebergs, melt them and store them in a proper way so the water doesn’t lose its quality or minerals.

2. Aquadeco – $11

AquadecoAquadeco was started when the Aquadeco owner found a company related to glass producing, so he can get the finest glass quality for his water bottles. This way, Aquadeco was launched and after traveling for almost 18 months through Europe, Armenia and Nepal, he found a perfect aquifer as a source of groundwater.

After founding the erect sources, the company started building this precious looking water bottle that is similar to any trophy at shape made of transparent glass with a silver colored paving the finest build quality.

The decoration and the build quality won thousands of hearts and people now with heavy money prefer having Aquadeco as one of the most expensive water bottles.

The water packed in these bottles come with the purest version of water, it goes through a filtration process make it a high-quality water.

The water goes through several phases for purity purposes which as a final result provide water that eliminates all the ions, pollution and any undesirable compound. So the water brand Aquadeco deserves being at the price if eleven dollars per bottle.

3. Evian 2008 Limited Edition – $13.95

Evian 2008 Limited EditionAs you can feel by seeing the bottle that comes limited as the Evian version, there is no doubt that this is also recognized as the most expensive bottled water. It is not just the water but also the finishing of the bottle that pushes the price to a great extent.

The glass used in manufacturing this Evian version is so precious having a sturdy quality for its power. The company tied up with Christian Lacroix and assigned it to produce a limited edition of these expensive water bottles in 2008.

As a result, two sets were given with the graphics like snowflakes and also the doll-shaped bottles and each of them were decided at the price of $13.95 that makes it the among the most expensive water bottles.

This way, these bottles are created every year to celebrate the Evian limited edition water bottles and those who don’t care about money but their health, never delay in buying these bottles.

So the brand is like promoting purity with creativity as the embroidery design was used to make these bottles stand out of all the water brands and later it became as the iconic design.

4. 10 Thousand BC – $14

10 Thousand BCThe bottle seems more like a vodka bottle but it is actually famous for being one of the most expensive water bottles. It is famous for its classy and elegant looks other than the purest water filled in.

The brand fulfills its requirement for the special water from the Coastal Glacier Mountain Range

That comes to an isolated watershed near the coast of Canada.

As this watershed is protected and there is no habitation of any human or animals there so no one can consume until you go through the misery to find water here.

Now you can feel why this water charges you some more bucks than the above-mentioned water brands. The name is 10 Thousand BC due to the age of this water, but the BC is not a clear thing here and no one is going to find out the actual BC.

This most expensive bottled water is special as it comes from glaciers in a melted form that is 200 miles north of Vancouver. This water has been served a part of Canadian Prime Minister’s dinner and also in the VIP suites situated at Las Vegas Hilton.

The gas bottle gives a frosted look with minimum graphics on it that features the mountain range with the logo of 10 BC and their motive written on it.

5. Veen – $23

VeenVEEN has been producing its bottled water since 2006 that was first bottled in Konisaajo. The brand name is Veena that means Mother of the Water and it also falls among the most expensive water bottles.

Veen features smooth water that directly comes from the Konisaajo spring, Finnish Lapland and even after its ultra-expensive price; it makes a great number of purchases by Europe.

The Veen bottle doesn’t have any extra creativity, but it is made of using extra-flint glass that gives a high refractive index, so it is such a classy looking bottle that you won’t want to throw away. The design took place by the famous designer Antti Eklund who has already gained several achievements for the impeccable design.

As I mentioned the water comes from the Konisaajo spring with five styles like Effervescent, velvet, Light, Classic and Bold and these all styles are very popular in seven European countries.

VEEN’s water line connects to Bhutan that means the Himalayan range, so it brings you pure water with all the Minerals present that is perfect for your hydration.

6. Bling H2O – $40

Bling H2O

Bling brings the bliss because of its ornamented look that is build using very high-quality Swarovski crystals and yes, this single bottle charges you up to forty dollars. The price is high because of its beautiful decorated looks that make this water bottle a limited edition.

Consumers who expect the purest water quality and the super luxurious looking water bottle prefer this Bling H2O for their hydration. The bottle comes with the most beautiful decoration with over 10,000 Swarovski crystals, so undoubtedly it’s fair at $40.

The origin place of water that is always filled with these Swarovski studded bottles come from the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee that Bling H20, company itself fills in after going all the proper filtrations.

Bling H20 one of the most expensive water bottles is actually an expensive product because of the design studded that makes its look extraordinary. Also, the frosted bottle and the cork lock as a cap are the reason behind its great pricey thing.

Initially, it was limited to some athletes and celebs, but now it is available to some more people and it has made its appearance to many award functions and also at the MTV Music Video.

7. Tasmanian Rain – $60

Tasmanian RainTasmanian Rain bottle is a simple looking water bottle that comes among these most expensive water bottles. As it as name, the water comes from Tasmania and it has been in swelling since 2009 when it was first launched in the US.

Tasmania which is an isolated island is popular for having the cleanest air and water, so it makes the perfect water source for this brand Tasmanian Rain. The design is all about an appealing look that stays far from any decoration and tagged with the motive ‘All Natural Drinking Water’ and that’s the reason behind this expensive price tag.

The place Tasmania is famous worldwide for its purest environment for both the air and water so there is no case of impurity in water collected from here.

The specialty of this company is that they collect the raindrops in the area before they hit the ground so now you know the concept of pure air and how much it is important to bring the purest rain. One more special thing about these water bottles is that you can either order the still version or the sparkling one.

8. Fillico – $219

FillicoFillico is a Jewelry Water bottle and very popular among millionaire ladies. These water bottles are me using high-class material and the same goes for the water filled in that is extremely mineral water.

The bottle is a result of an excellent Japanese craftsmanship which can attract anyone to own this bottle just by the exteriors. The deco is truly an inspiration from a heritage named as The Trulli of Alberobello, Italy.

The sophisticated look including the shape, the graphics and the crown like a cap attracts women very much to own this fine shaped bottle that represents purity and innocence. Several ladies use this bottle as a gift for their beloved as a sign of love, promise and other lovely endings.

There are several Swarovski Crystals are used in the deco of Fillico bottles and they are also available in skull version in four different shades of black and silver.

Fillico is known as one the most luxurious water bottle and also the most expensive water in the world that charges you up to $219 for a single bottle.

The glass used is a frosted one in which Swarovski crystals are used as the ornaments and on the top it is a king or queen crown cap that provides it security from splitting all over.

9. Kona Nigari Water bottle- $402

Kona Nigari Water bottleKona water bottles are famous for having its origins from the deep ocean of Greenland and Iceland filled with melted glaciers that provide this brand an extraordinary reputation and make this the most expensive bottle of water.

The water bottles are filled with these melted glaciers that have all beneficial electrolytes that flow all over the ocean and river at the Island of Hawaii.

These all properties make this brand one of the most expensive water bottles that only Kona Nigari provides from thousands of feet below the Pacific Ocean.

10. Acqua di Cristallo – $60,000

Acqua di CristalloNow, it comes to the most expensive one that covers the place of being at the top in the category of most expensive water bottles. When you drink a bottle of Acqua di Cristallo, you consume the beneficial elements of Fiji and France’s spring waters.

Acqua di Cristallo comes at No. 1 for the class and luxuriousness, the bottles come in a shape of a face, and it is topped using 24-karat gold dust having a quantity of 5 mg.

This bottle is affordable only if you have uncountable bucks in your pockets and willing to spend millions just to buy 750ml water for your hydration. This bottle is designed by the Amedeo Clemente Modigliani, and it went on auction for $60,000 as being the most expensive bottle of water.

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These days water also comes at a really expensive cost for just one bottle, these most expensive water bottles are filled up with different types of waters and added flavors as well. I hope you enjoyed reading out world’s most expensive water, don’t forget to share your views.

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