Top 10 Smallest Person in the World (Men & Women)

Top 10 Smallest Person in the World: You all know dwarfism and maybe Cinderella was the first story you saw dwarfs the first time. Have you seen them in real or the person who is as small as a dwarf but still living their lives?

It can be some sort of scientific explanation like osteogenesis imperfecta which is a bone disorder that keeps a person from growing to his full adult size. Due to this disorder, there are several smallest people in the world who haven’t gained their full growth and stay dwarfs.

This article is about them that are the shortest people in the world due to several hormone deficiencies that stopped their growth. Reasons may vary some are known and some are unknown because there are like 200 conditions according to science that can cause this dwarfism.

Top 10 Smallest Person in the World (Men & Women)

I am going to describe here the smallest person in the world and their situation how they suffer in their daily life and other related issues because they are not fully grown. So stay with me and get to know how these people spend their life like a normal person.

1). Hatice kocaman- 28 inches

Hatice kocaman

She comes in the category of smallest person in the world as a woman. She has achieved a height of only 28 inches with just 15 lbs. According to records, she has been suffering from a bone disorder, and due to this her growth stopped at this small height.

She is in her 20’s and lives in Kadirli, Turkey. Due to her short growth, she holds a record in Guinness world book as being the shortest woman in the world.

She has a condition called dysplasia, and according to the doctors, she gained this abnormality from her parents. Despite her no growth, she always tries to be a help with her mother’s works at home.

She told the world that she faced several bullies due to this short height in her school, but my small growth made me famous, and now I feel truly taller than anyone.

She always hopes positive, and she says she is waiting for that one person who will make her feel special in the way she is.

She always wanted to become on TV, and this dream came true when one investigator found about her and invited them to Istanbul.

2). Stacey Herald- 28 inches

Stacey Herald

She is just 28 inches and has declared as the shortest woman in the world. She has got married to a fully perfect man who is 5ft 9inches, and they have three babies.

She is in her 40’s with a height of 2ft 4inches, she managed to have 3 babies even after being warned that the baby’s size can get big and it can crush her inner organs like lungs and heart.

Stacey has been suffering from a condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, so her growth stopped and got her underdeveloped lungs and brittle bones.

Because of the condition, she feels fragile that she can’t even walk, so his husband manages to take her on a wheelchair to move around the home.

Her children have also inherited her condition, and that means the stopped growth just like their mother while her second daughter Makya is an average sized.

Her baby Malachi was born in good condition without any broken bones as their mother tells that people born in this stage have broken arms or legs because of the fragile bones. So Malachi is all fine and they gave her proper care.

She is a perfect example of the smallest person in the world, yet she never compromises in living her life and manage all these difficulties.

3). Edward Nino – 27 inches

Edward Nino

Edward Nino stopped growing after reaching 27 inches; he is the man from Colombia who has been declared as the world’s shortest man by Guinness World Record.

His born year is 1986, and her mother told that he has not grown since he was two. Nino enjoys being a part time dancer and he feels that he is unique and he is happy about it. Nino also declared having a girlfriend who is not longer than 5ft.

Nino always wanted to be in the spotlight and then he found a role in a film where his role is a drug thief. He often feels difficulty with his vision that gets blur and now he is managing it all.

He also told that he feels irritated when people touch him and pick him like a baby; he told that he feels it difficult to write anything because of his stubby fingers.  He may be small in height, but he is intelligent and sharp who loves to laugh.

4). Bridgette Jordan- 27 inches

Bridgette Jordan

Bridgette Jordan is famous for being the smallest person in the world, and her height is only 27 inches. She is a cheerleader that makes her the world’s shortest cheerleader. She was born in 1989 and she also holds a Guinness World Record for her growth.

She has been suffering from the primordial dwarfism type 2 that is a rare and happens to one in every three million people.

The condition gives her some abnormalities, but she is still able to enjoy her cheerleading activities. She has also attended Kaskaskia College in Illinois and she is now recognized as the smallest woman in the world.

She and her brother Brad both face the dwarfism and he is 38 inches tall, so they both are recognized as the world’s smallest siblings. Her brother is interested in fashion designing and playing basketball along with karate and they both think that it’s OK to be different.

5). Lin Yü-chih- 26.6 inches

Lin Yü-chih

He has a height of only 26.6 inches, and with this height, he was declared as the smallest man in the world. He was born in 1972, and he suffered from hormonal causes that are responsible for stopping a human’s growth.

He always fought against his brittle bones that made it hard for him to spend his life as a normal man. Due to this condition, a wheelchair was assigned to him and to take care of his condition well he used the wheelchair for moving purposes.

His suffering named as osteogenesis imperfecta that this man was facing and it stopped the bone growth and kept him to the height of a toddler. He was totally unaware of his condition until he was told about his disease during a conference.

When he got to know about his condition, he was in his twenties, these days this man works as an author and social activist and he is a resident of Taipei, Taiwan.

6). Khagendra Thapa Magar- 26 inches

Khagendra Thapa Magar

As per the records, Khagendra Thapa Magar is 26 inches tall in all his adulthood and that means he is not going to grow more. For this height, the man is the smallest person in the world from Nepal.

Magar’s condition from he is suffering is known as primordial dwarfism and in the year 2006, Thapa was discovered by a businessman when he is in the Baglung district of Nepal.

Magar is also known as “Little Buddha,” and on 14th October 2014, he was declared as the shortest man in the world.

While asking, his mother told some facts about his childhood. She said that he was very tiny on the birth time and most of the times it was hard to clean him up as he was really small in size.

His parents also got upset when they realized that their son doesn’t catch growth as other children of his age, but they always consoled him that height is not a big thing and it doesn’t matter at all.

Magar told that he is always interested in his bride who will be a right match for him. He also says that he wants to have kids. Magar often enjoys dancing troupe and karate in the foothills of Himalayas.

7). Madge Bester- 25.5 inches

Madge Bester

Birth date of Madge Bester is 26 April 1963, she was declared as the shortest woman in the world. She is from South Africa and she is approx. 65 cm and suffering from osteogenesis imperfecta that is responsible for her dwarfism.

Her growth stopped at an early age so there is no doubt that she has that brittle bones condition too and she always uses a wheelchair to support her body from place to place. She has held the title of a campaigner for disability rights and she stays in the village Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Her mother passed away in 2001 and records say that she was also suffering from osteogenesis imperfecta and she was approx. 70 cm.

This short height of this South African 25.5 inches tall makes her place in the list of smallest person in the world which is even smaller than a one year old.

Her records prefer her as the smallest non-mobile woman in the world and she always says that you are the only one who can take charge of your life. Forget your disabilities and use your abilities.

8). Jyoti Amge- 24.7 inches

Jyoti Amge

Jyoti Amge was born in 1993, she is from Nagpur, India and she is only 24.7 inches tall. Amge has been suffering from a condition called achondroplasia and due to that her growth got frozen after one year of her birthdate.

Just like any other suffering from dwarfism, she also has the issue of brittle bones and due to this issue, she always requires special care and her parents and friends always support her with the condition.

When asked, she told that she always dreamed of becoming a Hollywood actress and won that pretty Oscar award, and then she applied for the Bollywood’s ‘Pan Supari’ and appeared in the movie in 2012.

On her 18th birthday, she got a present from Guinness World Records by winning the title of world’s shortest woman.

9). Junrey Balawing- 23.6 inches

Junrey Balawing

He was recognized as the smallest person in the world on his 18th birthday which was in 2011. He is a 1993 born and after getting his smallest person award, he lost the Chandra Bahadur Dangi title after a year.

Records say that he has not grown up after a few months of his birth so his growth got stopped at 23.6 inches and he weighs only 11 pounds that is approx. 4KG.

He has weak bones, so he feels it hard to walk all by himself and due to his fragile knees, he requires anything as a support to stand up straight and move without any trouble. He has an undiagnosed condition, but he was suspected suffering from endocrine that is a birth defect.

10). Chandra Bahadur Dangi – 21.5 inches

Chandra Bahadur Dangi

There is no doubt that Chandra Bahadur Dangi received the title of the smallest person in the world with a height of just 21.5 inches. He was born in November 1939 and his condition is primordial dwarfism.

Due to this, he remains so much small in height. Dangi is from a remote location which is a small village in Nepal and he told that he got no medical examination before he recognized as the shortest person in the world in 2012.

He got medical attention at the time of receiving the Guinness Book Records and at that time doctors recognized that he is perfectly fine in his condition and don’t have any serious health problems.

This smallest person in the world also stated that he didn’t demand any  Guinness title as he and his family were totally unaware of such thing as they all re uneducated.

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These people have dwarfism, and that means that haven’t achieved their growth not even the half of it. These people seem small in their appearance, but they don’t feel it inside them, so they live their life fully even after all these disabilities. I hope you now have a clear idea on dwarfism and how these people manage their lives, so enjoy reading about these men and women.

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