Top 10 Hot Fox News Female Anchors & Contributors

Hot Fox News Female Anchors & Contributors: Fox news channel which is also known as FNC is a popular news portal owned by Fox Entertainment Group. You all have watched this news channel on your TV but have you ever noticed those fox news female anchors that were the most talented ones performing for the FNC.

Well if you haven’t, then surely this article is going to greatly help you to find out the most amazing fox news babes ever worked on FNC.

It is obvious that audiences always get attracted to any show or news channel because of the talented anchors that were capable of drawing your attention to the show.

Top 10 Fox News Female Anchors

Similarly, these hot fox news anchors that I am going to describe here are full of beautiful features so you can crawl here and find your favorite one among these hot and gorgeous News Anchors.

1. Martha MacCallum

Martha MacCallum

Martha was born on January 31, 1964, she has been known for anchoring for Fox news channel. She started her anchoring on the fox channel in 2004 and before that she was famous for being an anchor in The Live Desk.

She also used to anchor in place of Megyn Kelly for the American news show The Kelly File. In this year 2022, MacCallum also anchored for the show The First 100 Days, a program by Fox which later became permanent and named as ‘The Story with Martha MacCallum.’

This way, Martha is a well-known face now who has participated in several Fox’s TV shows and established herself as an essential part of the Fox News team. Presently, she hosts her own show called aired on America’s Newsroom with co-anchors Bill Hemmer.

She also got fame because of regularly reporting for the presidential races every time, and her career got started with NBC, so she has performed several roles from 1997 to present. Due to her demanding personality and hot body features, she comes among the amazing fox news female contributors.

2. Lea Gabrielle

Lea Gabrielle

Among these sexy news anchors, she is a successful woman for sure who achieved very much, and it is the reason she deserves a place among these fox news female anchors that are attractive with mind-blowing personalities.

She took birth in 1975 and she worked for years as a journalist for Fox News Channel and performed the duty of general-assignment reporter for the news show Shepard Smith Reporting.

She completed her graduation from United States Naval Academy in 1997 in mechanical engineering. After getting it done, she entered the U.S. Navy Flight School in Florida from 1998 to 2000 and qualified as the commercial pilot.

Later, she got in the United States Navy and served there for twelve years. She also performed some other major duties such as being a fighter pilot, landing signal officer, and squadron public affairs officer as well.

For her journalism career, she attended the New York Film Academy and earned a journalism certificate. Then, she joined the NBC News and covered their stories and also as an interviewer for the White House and Political Correspondents.

Later, she joined the Fox news channel and her beautiful looking face with well-managed long legs made her every presentation successful there.

3. Katie Pavlich

Katie Pavlich

Katie was born on July 10, 1988, Arizona. She is known for being a Fox news anchor and an American journalist. Her other famous works are the online news magazines, she authored the book Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Cover-Up.

Before the Fox news channel, she also made her appearance on several TV shows, but she got noticed after working for FNC. Katie is a 29 years old woman and she looks charming enough to be in this list of fox news female anchors that look attractive and hot.

She completed her journalism graduation from the University of Arizona, the city where she was born and raised. After her graduation, she worked for Fox News program and the and these both are her greatest works yet that made her famous in the TV world.

She also gained the award Conservative Leadership in 2013 and Woman of the Year award in 2014. This woman’s bold looks and attitude makes her stand among these hot fox news women anchors.

4. Kimberly Guilfoyle

Kimberly Guilfoyle

If you have seen her performing then you know her broad smile is enough to attract viewers worldwide. This lady was born on March 9, 1969 and in her career she has worked as an American news personality who currently hosts the show ‘The Five’ aired on Fox News.

When she was not a TV presenter, she worked as an attorney in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Kimberly is also known as a former wife of Gavin Newsom, a politician and a former mayor.

Her birthplace is San Francisco, America and she got birth to Puerto Rican and father Tony who was Irish. She was then raised in the Mission District and Westlake and she got her schooling from Mercy High School.

Guilfoyle had to face an emotional trauma when her mother died of leukemia and this was the saddest phase of her life because at that time, she was just eleven.

The lady has done her graduate degree from the University of San Francisco in law studies, and without any doubts, she also comes with these hottest fox news female anchors for her tall and captivating body structure.

5. Anna Kooiman

Anna Kooiman

Anna Kooiman is n undoubtedly hot lady who is very famous for her bikini looks with her girlfriends. Her figure from head to toe is so mesmerizing that makes this 33 years old woman look like just twenty-five or less.

Like all these ladies here, she has also worked as an American news anchor and for the FNC channel office based in the New York City.

Her role was of a co-host when she used to work with Fox News for the FNC’s FOX & Friends. Later, she joined the Network Ten and appeared on various news programs.

When Anna was in her college days, she got a work of reporting for Fox sports in 2004 and her all these appearances with Fox channel made her a well-recognized face.

When she finished her graduation, she pursued the journalism career and in this way, she got AWAY and NBC as her career companies before joining the Fox News.

So Anna has made her place among the sizzling fox news female anchors for co-hosting the Fox news channel and several major events.

6. Harris Faulkner

Harris Faulkner

Harris Kimberly was born on October 1965 and she works as an American newscaster and host for several TV programs. She was a host for Fox News Channel and she gained lot fame as being a co-anchor on this news channel.

Her birthplace is Fort McPherson, Atlanta, Georgia to Bob Harris (father) who worked as a Lieutenant Colonel in United States Army. In her raising days, she lived in several places including Stuttgart, Germany as well.

She got enrolled in the University of California for her graduation where she studied mass communications. After getting it done, she began her career and LA Weekly was her first chance of her career in journalism where she was chosen as a freelance business writer.

While being a FOX Anchor, she worked as a host for the Fox Report and also appeared in the Outnumbered as being a co-host. She has also done hosting for the “Outnumbered Overtime” aired on Fox.

She may not have that much fairness, but she is way more than just her looks. She is considered as a talented TV presenter who won six Emmy Awards for being the best Newscaster in her special ways and it makes her being among these talented and beautiful fox news female anchors.

7. Maria Molina

Maria Molina

Maria is also known as Maria Molina Timmer who was born on April 7, 1987 and she worked as a meteorologist who forecasts about the weather. So this weather-woman has worked with the Fox News Channel from 2010 to 2016.

Her birthplace is Nicaragua and she was raised in South Florida and she wished for pursuing the meteorology after she faced the Hurricane which she experienced when she was just five in her hometown South Florida.

She graduated from Columbia University, New York in 2015 here she studied Masters in Climate and Society. Presently, she is an active student at Central Michigan University for her PHDs.

In 2010, she started working with FNC as a meteorologist and appeared on “FOX & Friends.”  Before experiencing a career peak, she used to work as a bilingual television meteorologist in State College, Pennsylvania where her two languages were English and Spanish to broadcast the weather.

Due to this early age of achievement, she got an award as the youngest meteorologist on cable TV in 2012. In 2014, she got engaged to Reed Timmer, a meteorologist and storm chaser.

8. Dana Perino

Dana Perino

Dana Marie Perino is a May 9, 1972 born. She is an American political commentator, and she is also famous for working as a Press Secretary under President George W. Bush for two years from 2007 to 2009. She was raised in Denver, Colorado and her role of Press Secretary brought her as the notable personality.

She comes as one of the hot fox news female reporters who works for the Fox news as a political commentator, serves ‘The Five’ aired on the Network and works as a publishing executive at Random House.

Perino is one of the five co-hosts who is recognized for the most thoughtful discussions going on in politics and other issues like culture and sports.

She finished schooling from Ponderosa High School and graduated in mass communications from Pueblo University in Colorado, 1993. She also got her minors in political science and Spanish.

9. Heather Nauert

Heather Nauert

Heather, a January 27, 1970 born who is an American journalist and also serving as a spokesperson for the US States Department since 2022. She has worked as a co-host for Fox & Friends and ABC News as well.

Her origin is Rockford, Illinois and her father was Peter Nauert who worked in the insurance. She also has three siblings Justin, Jonathan, and Joseph.

She attended the Mount Vernon College for Women and earned degree in communications, for her masters in Journalism, she attended the Columbia University.

Heather Nauert is one of fox news female anchors who started working in FNC in 1998 and she rejoined in 2007 on the post of an anchor.

Before getting the Fox News Channel, she worked as a reporter in First Business, a weekly business program. She married to Scott Norby, a banker and they both are happily living with their two children.

10. Heather Childers

Heather Childers

Coming among the good-looking fox news female anchors, she is an American news anchor, and she also works for Happening Now aired on Fox News Channel. Heather got in contact with the FNC in 2010 and she was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Her school was Sharon Elementary School and she got her graduation from Myers Park High School. After getting done here, she attended the University of North Carolina, and she got a UG degree in English.

When she was 16, she faced a reconstructive facial and oral surgery after crashing her car into a tree in 1964. Before joining FNC, she used to serve the News 14 Carolina as an evening anchor and she worked with WLOS-TV and WFLX-TV as well.

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Here I listed all ten hottest fox news female anchors ever that are loaded with talent and beauties. There are other beauties as well, but these women are recognized as the top ones among all of them. I hope you will enjoy this article about hot and sexy Fox News babes.

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