Top 10 Biggest Mall in the World

Biggest Mall in the World: The world is full of miracles and things that our eyes often refuse to believe upon. There are Seven Wonders in the World which are too amazing to be true. There is rocket science and there are sculptures and artifacts on Earth which are beyond our imagination.

Some of these things are made naturally but a lot of things are man-made. And that is the reason that people say these days that nothing is impossible.

One such things is the biggest mall in the world. This is larger than any of your imagination and once you will see it you would not be able to believe your eyes. Do you want to know, what is the biggest mall in the world?

Top 10 Biggest Mall in the World

I am understanding all your curiosity about these wonderful biggest mall in the world and therefore I have compiled a list which includes top 10 of them right below.

1). New South China Mall, Dongguan, China

Our first pick for this list is New South China Mall, Dongguan which is the biggest mall in the world by its gross leasable area which is 659,612 square meters. It has a space for more than 2350 stores. This mall is divided into seven zones.

The zones in this mall are named to particular areas like, venice, paris, egypt, amsterdam, rome, california and carribean. The place also possess some of the replicas of the famous tourist destinations here.

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2). Golden Resources Mall, Beijing, China

Golden Resources Mall is also in China and has a gross leasable area of 557,419 square meters. It is also known as Jin Yuan or the Great Mall of China.

This mall has branches of famous brands like Ralph Lauren, Chanel and fast food chains like Papa John’s Pizza. The mall is situated in Beijing at the fourth ring road. However, foreign credit cards are not accepted here.

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3). SM City North EDSA, Quezon City, Philippines

SM City North EDSA, Quezon City has gross leasable area of 482,878 square meters. Apart from being counted in the biggest mall in the world it is also the largest shopping mall in the Southeast Asia.

It is very old too as it opened in 1985 but has gone through a lot of expansions and redevelopment. The mall is comprised of over 1,100 stores, 400 restaurants and cafes and other utilities. The entire mall is divided into eight zones.

4). Isfahan City Center, Isfahan, Iran

Isfahan City Center is an ambitious project in Iran and first opened in November 2012. It covers gross leasable area of 470,000 square meters. It has more than 750 stores and different hypermarkets, shops, stalls, restaurants and airline offices.

In other utilities it has seven star hotel, seven cinema halls, financial center, trade center and an entertainment center. It is the largest shopping mall in entire Iran and Middle East.

5). 1 Utama, Selangor, Malaysia

This shopping mall was opened in 1995 and covers an area of 465,000 square meters. This mall was redeveloped in 2003. The mall has around 700 retail shops which are enough to include itself in the list of biggest mall in the world.

There are supermarkets, namely AEON and Cold storage in the mall. Apart from it, there are two cinema providers namely GSC and TGV. It is a great mall established in Malaysia.

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6). Persian Gulf Complex, Shiraz, Iran

Another mall from Iran that we have in our list of biggest mall in the world is Persian Gulf Complex. It covers gross leasable area of 450,000 square meters and also known as Fars shopping complex.

This is the largest mall in the world in terms of shops and services provided with 2,500 shops in it. The mall also has swimming pools, tennis court, convention center, amusement parks, bowling alley, billiard hall and six cinema theaters.

7). Central World, Bangkok, Thailand

Central World is a mall in Bangkok which covers gross leasable area of 429,500 square meters. It was opened in 1990 and has 495 shops and services.

It also has hotel, convention center, office tower and parking structure. It was originally the World Trade Center but later named to Central World.

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8). Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mid Valley Megamall is almost as large as Cehavir Mall comprising gross leasable area of 420,000 square meters. It was opened in 1999 and has 430 stores and other services in it.

Apart from the mall, it has a convention center in it and a 646 room business hotel called The Cititel Midvalley. It also has a boulevard hotel and 11 storey office tower in it.

9). Cehavir Mall, Istanbul, Turkey

The complete name of this mall is Istanbul Cehavir Shopping and Entertainment Center and in the local language it is also known as Sisli Kultur Ve Ticaret Merkezi. This biggest mall in the world is surely lacks behind from the other malls in the total gross leasable area which is 420,000 square meters.

This is the largest mall of European Continent and has 343 shops, 48 restaurants, 12 movie house, a show stage, a balling hall and even a roller coaster ride.

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10). Sunway Pyramid, Subang Jaya, Malaysia

This giant pyramid shaped mall is so unique that you cannot ignore it if you are in this area. This giant mall acquires the gross leasable area of 396,000 square meters. This mall has a giant lion standing guard at the entrance of it.

It was opened in 2007 and went through the redevelopment in 2007. This mall has more than 800 shops of different things. The entire building is designed in a way that it looks like an Egyptian place.

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The vast area that these skyscraper kind of biggest mall in the world is surely kind of intimidating for other normal malls in those areas. There is probably no limit to the imagination of humans anymore. Now you just imagine it and the experts turn them into reality. With the utmost hard work and unbelievable engineering techniques, these imaginations have turn out to be real.

I hope that now someone asks you questions like what is the biggest mall in the world and where is the biggest mall in the world, you can answer them promptly about it. These are not just malls but a marvellous example of the best engineering techniques and human capabilities.

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