Top 10 Hottest Anime Girls

Top 10 Hottest Anime Girls: Other than the glamour world, there is an animation world that has also gained billions of fans for producing several 3d anime of different genres.

Just like your favorite actor and actress, this anime world includes thousands of female characters having different features and beauty that are enough to capture just anyone’s attention in just one watch.

Today, our discussion is about these hottest anime characters who rule the anime world regarding beauty and hotness. These girls are not real and are a result of great animation, but these Japanese hottest female anime characters always attract even if they don’t exist in reality.

Top 10 Hottest Anime Girls

There are different categories of these anime like young girls, mature women, fighter girls or soft-hearted. So there is a vast variety of these girls that are all unique for their dressings, genre, actions, and style.

So get along with the article here and get to know some of the hottest anime girls.

1). Kaede Sakura – Kampfer

Kaede Sakura

Kampfer is a Japanese anime series aired on TBS, BS-TBS, and Sun TV. In the series, Kaede Sakura works as an opponent or the main enemy in the program. A student named Natsuru Senō falls in love with this lady Kaede.

She is known as the most beautiful girl in the school and many people love her and admire her and Natsuru Senō is one of those admirers. She is a blonde having blue eyes and a good personality wearing miniskirts that make her even hotter.

Seno has his liking towards this hot girl Sakura, but on the other side, Sakura has her crush on a female named Senou Natsuru so she doesn’t have any affection for a man like Seno. Sakura is an obsessive girl in this series where she can put herself in any trouble just to get her crush.

So the series is about Sakura and other anime characters spending their school life and meeting different circumstance, ecstasy and sorrows. You can go to this anime series and watch Sakura that is one of these sexiest female anime characters.

2). Busujima Saeko – Highschool of the Dead

Busujima Saeko

If you have seen Busujima Saeko, you know that she is a sword girl that makes her the hottest anime girl.  She is a student of the survivor group in her school named Fujimi High School which a school of death.

She survives it anyhow and becomes the captain of her school’s club kendo and she is a third-year student. The anime is about a zombie apocalypse where Saeko is a great survivor and she joins up the team and Komuro Takashi is the leader there and they all continue struggle to survive from the zombies.

Saeko is a strong female and a fighter carrying her sword all the time. She is a perfect beauty if hard girls are your liking, she has purple-ish hairs, blue-ish eyes, sturdy personality, and her big breasts make her one of the hottest anime girls.

She is very proficient with her blade and able to blade off just any obstacles coming in the way. So she is reliable in the series which can be trusted and the most eligible fighter in the team.

3). Cthuko – Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

Well, this pinkish one may not have that wild personality, but she is hot enough who is always considered when it is about the hottest anime girls.

In this program, this anime girl is designed as the goddess of the lien world named ‘Cthugha’ but later she takes the form of a soft teenage girl. This girl is obsessed with playing video games and the love of her life Nyaruko who is also an alien from a different spicy.

In this great and entertaining anime program, Cthuko entertains the audience because she is a kind of pervert and there are many scenes that show off Cthulhu and Nyaruko in these corrupt scenes.

She is a gamer by nature, but at the same time she knows being a fighter and she is aware of her abilities and she uses fire as her main power and it is enough to make her hot in the program.

For her appearance, her tails are always red or pinkish sometimes, her eyes seem to have the same color as her hairs, she is a good looking girl with not very tall form but her unique features and her acts are enough to make her a looking like a flame.

4). Erza Scarlet – Fairy Tail

Erza Scarlet

Erza- one of the hottest anime girls, she is from the Japanese manga series Fairy Tail, she is a strong red-headed girl who is perfect with her sword skills. In the beginning, she lives on her own and follows the rules, but with time, Erza feels changes in her that make her a loving and independent woman.

Her past still haunts her as past is not a thing you can run away. Among these anime series, she seems an epic woman to me who builds herself strongly to face challenges in her life full of circumstances. So in this list, she deserves being among the hottest girls in anime for her bold looks and cool feature.

She is very wise in her capabilities and her sword is just like her body part which is always connected with Erza’s palms. Her hairs look beautiful in the reddish color, wide-open, and a pony as well. Her eyes are black and she wears a dress like an army woman that makes her the sexiest one in this anime series.

She always stays brave and fights against her enemies but still stays pretty, she is full of unique fighting techniques, so this str9ong one with her beauty can be your perfect choice.

5). Lucy Heartfilia – Fairy Tail

Lucy Heartfilia

This girl from these hot anime characters female has the ability that can make her look like an innocent and a tough one at the same time. She is also from the Fairy Tail series in which she has the magic called celestial spirit and she use this power to gather spirits from the other side.

She has magic powers so obviously she is a magician in this series who has fifteen celestial keys and it is a very good number for any celestial magician. She holds a good company with her team Natsu, she has a lot of amazing features like she is very cute and smart as well who is capable of solving her every tragedy.

These all make her an incredible anime character, so she can be the one for millions who love the hot anime girls. She can be funny and adorable and she is also wise enough to get through her problems and help her team.

She has bright yellow hairs with dark-brown eyes and she always wears a ribbon with her hairs and having perfect-sized breasts. Her dressing sense is amazing which is collared tops, miniskirts and black long boots that cover her legs to the knees and yeah a belt is always around her waist holding a whip.

6). Nami – One Piece


Nami is a bikini character from the fiction One Piece just like the name of the anime series. This character is famous for wearing Bra with tight trousers most of the time. Eiichiro Oda is the creator of this manga series One Piece who got this hot character from his previous manga series Romance Dawn that makes her one of the hottest anime girls.

Nami is a hot girl and just her hotness is enough to attract anyone and make some love. Her smoking hot personality can make your dreams full of Nami in her wild dresses.

She is an intelligent girl that doesn’t annoy at all and her body with the magnificent boobs is like a heaven to men. Seriously, she has got something in her physique that makes everyone looking at her limitlessly.

She is materialistic and holds herself for money purposes and it is the reason that makes her even sexier and in the season one where she used to help the villagers shows off her human side as well.

7). Yoko Littner – Gurren Lagann

Yoko Littner

She is a red-headed girl with grayish eyes, spiky hairs around the edges and a long ponytail.  She is a fighter fictional character for the anime program Gurren Lagann who was created by Gainax and Aniplex, and Konami took part as producers, and this was directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi in which the amazing storyline is written by Kazuki Nakashima.

Yoko is a truly sexy woman that puts her among these hottest anime girls; she is a warrior, so she tends to have a captivating personality. As being the fighter, she loves her weapons and loves her over-sized gun.

She has the perfect -looking boobs surrounded by her bra and for bottom she prefers wearing shorts with a belt around her waist decorated having thorns or some spooky looking things. Her looks end with a scarf type thing around her neck, her armors for hand and white boots that have closure using the giant zips.

8). Mirajane Strauss – Fairy Tail

Mirajane Strauss

Mirajane from Fairy Tail has the power to get transformed into a few forms. She plays the role of Lisanna and Elfman’s sister and also a magician whose opponent is Erza Scarlet in the series.

In her early days, she used to work as a criminal and was a complete villain look before her sister Lisanna died. Later, she transformed herself into a sexy looking woman like an angel who wears gowns with a pendant and having white-colored hairs with slight curls.

So with no doubts, she is a sexy soul and beautiful looking among these hottest anime girls. In the Fairy Tale story, she suits in her role well just like any fairy with blue eyes.

Mirajane looks attractive in her average height and she is such a fashion icon having a curvy body and large breasts. Mirajane is also known for being on the Sorcerer Magazine.

9). Naomi Tanizaki – Bungou Stray Dogs

Naomi Tanizaki

She is one of the hottest anime girls from the manga series Bungou Stray Dogs, and her role is being a member of the Armed Detective Company, she also plays a role as the younger sister of Junichirou.

Naomi is in her teenage and her appearance includes long black hair having a stylish cut.  She wears an attire called seifuku with a skirt that reaches to her knees and for her feet, she wears long black socks and under those tan-colored loafers.

Naomi is a bold character that never steps backward from being in any case and she often gets involved in some disputes related to her agency, but she also refuses to leave. This one from the hottest anime girls is a detective, so surely she is clever and quick who as the ability to solve puzzles with her intelligence and patience.

The most abnormal thing is her love and feelings about her elder brother that is more than a sisterly love and you can see some romantic scenes between them.

10). Rias Gremory – Highschool DxD

Rias Gremory

Undoubtedly she is one the hottest anime girls listed here who is the lead character in the manga series Highschool DxD. She is the only daughter of Zoticus and Venelana in the program who is in her first-year at Kuoh Academy.

In her school, she is the number-one beauty and a great lady that everyone is a fan of. This beautiful woman has very fair skin, greenish eyes just like her father and a figure having large breast but with a slim body.

She has these red-colored long hairs reach to her thighs and seem inherited from her father. Rias has a good height approx. 172 cm that makes her look slender and one of the attractive and hottest anime girls.

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Here are all the hottest anime girls who have made billions of fans even when they are not real just by their sexy looks. There are several illustrators who carried these anime that feel like being the perfect women in this world.

Anime world is always full of hot anime girls so picking out the top hottest is slightly a tough work, but here I have covered some of the fantasy girls that you would enjoy reading about.

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