Role Play Ideas for Couples In Bedroom

Role Play Ideas: Sex is a fundamental part of life as a couple, but some fall into the monotony of having repetitive meetings without much imagination. Thinking about this, I offer you some role play ideas to implement role-playing in bed with fun and sexy activities that will cross the borders of pleasure.

Steps to make a game of sexual role play

role play ideas

Take a pencil, a paper and pay attention as you learn the steps to perform a sexual role play to implement them in your role play ideas.

Step # 1: Out of the routine

The desire to surprise your partner with something new and interesting is what must first be done. And leave a bad habit or lose weight, foreplay can become a goal to achieve.

Step # 2: Have a conversation before and after the game

Plan rules of the role play ideas that will govern the activity and discuss them with your partner, thus making sure that you have a splendid start. On the other hand, when the game is completed, it is advisable to talk about the experience. Evaluate the positives and the negatives for a better interlude the next time.

Step # 3: Adopt a character

Identify yourself with a character you feel comfortable with. Will you be a math teacher? Or maybe a sweet and sexy woman that captivated the heart of his teacher at school! When you have defined it, take on the role and its characteristics. This will give a personal touch to your interpretation.

Step # 4: Ambiance

Talk with your partner and agree mutually on an appropriate decor to recreate the scene.

Step # 5: Leave aside sexual taboos

Take off your blouse, stir your hair, use lots of makeup, do what you feel is necessary to make the most vivid and pleasurable experience.

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Top 5 Role Play Ideas in Bed

Here you have a special selection of those playful activities that become something lewd. Practice them given that both of you want it and corroborate for yourself, the sensual and acting talents you have, this will intensify the pre-intercourse game.

A). Best Role Play Ideas for Couple

1). Teacher-student: How much is 2 + 2?

If he/she answers 4, he/she will have a prize but if his/her answer is wrong; the professor will punish him/her. Teacher- Pupil is one of the most practiced sexual games. It is the perfect time for you to receive the lesson correctly and accurately. To achieve this, you should only portray a rebellious student who has bad grades and receives private lessons from a somewhat perverse teacher.

2). Give me the report Please!

How many of you are in charge of managing a team and get upset when things are not done on time? I think, a lot. Therefore, the second set of role play ideas of this list is where one plays the boss, and the other pays the subordinate. Here the boss is you, so ask for reports, results, balances and personal exhibitions compliance goals. Make them in your home studio with very little light, this will ensure a rogue and sensual atmosphere.

3). Doctor, how are my results?

Going to the doctor for hundreds of people is a torture, but it is not bad to have a sexy doctor who charges you for a thousand eroticisms per hour. Being sick can also be good for this activity and can personify a woman who, worried about her health, goes to the specialist for diagnosis which is an injection of sensuality and pleasure.

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4). Police: Stop right there! You are arrested.

Committing an offense is a very serious problem because you could get arrested and go to jail. But, who would like to be in a place where you are sensually being questioned by a police? A lot, I guess. Enlist a pair of handcuffs and a reckless attitude as the police-thief game is one of the most performed. In this activity, you can let your imagination run wild to try to convince the officer that you have not committed any crime.

5). There is a water leak in the bathroom, what do I do?

A water leak, even minimal, needs all the knowledge and help of a professional. For this role play game, you’re the tender housewife seeking the services of a sexy plumber who will fix all the leaks of love you have. The shower or tub could be perfect so that together, you can recreate this scene.

Without any doubt, Role play games in sex awaken hidden passions and perhaps guards sensual poses. Dare to fully live these activities through these role play ideas!

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B). Dare to do Role Playing

Look, all you need to keep in mind is that when you launch into this adventure, live a super pleasurable experience!

Are you tired of making love with your partner always in the same way? Do you want to break the sexual routine? Do you dare to try role play games? This practice, also known as role playing, can be a very good way to spice up your sexual encounters. Generally, one of the two assumes a role of power. If it is you who takes control of the situation, you can use that opportunity to show those things in your body that you would have done, as well as those things you do not enjoy, but do not dare to tell. Once everyone assumes their role and the game progresses, they begin to loosen up and extract pleasure from a completely different perspective.

Then go over step by step, all the role play ideas you need to keep in mind if you want to play these super hot games.

1). Knowing your partner’s fantasies

It is very important to know beforehand the fantasies of your partner so that you can surprise him/her with something he/she likes, not a game that may not amuse or even make him/her uncomfortable. In the event that he/she surprises you with what you want, keep in mind that it is only a fantasy. Therefore, if you are asked to act as a Lolita, do not be shocked, it’s just a desire to experience sex with someone virginal.

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2). Setting limits

It is quite common in RPGs that accessories are included like masks to cover the eyes, ropes to tie the body, also known as bondage, whips and even a language quite risqué for some can be used a lack of respect. Even there is a certain cruelty and subjugation in the deal. For all that, it is extremely important to establish what the limits of this fantasy are and what they are willing to do and to endure. Otherwise, you could end up with a very bad experience.

3). Set the stage

To play accordingly, you have to set the stage. You don’t necessarily have to do it in the bedroom. For example, if you are to play the student and the teacher, the game can take place on a desk in the house and add all the accessories that will bring greater sense of reality to that experience.

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4). Costumes

To mount this little piece of erotic theater, costumes are very important, especially because we know that men react very well to visual stimuli. So prepare your outfit in great detail. Not only will you feel super sexy, but also, it will help you get into the role you will play.

5). Assume the role

Once you have prepared the stage and costumes, it is time to assume the role. Leave aside all the sexual taboos and immerse yourself in your role and what it demands. Keep an open mind and do not be closed to your partner’s proposal, the result can be super enjoyable!

C). The Most Common Role Play Ideas

If you need some inspiration, we suggest some role play ideas that can arouse your desire to explore in RPGs. As we said, the student-teacher dynamic is quite common and exciting. You can also play at being doctor and patient, and then one of the two of you will be dedicated to exploring each other’s bodies; you can be a demanding boss and abuse your power or pretend that your house is on fire, and you are rescued by a sexy firefighter. And if all these options seem a little trite, resort to your imagination and to your partner that will surely get very, very creative and define in great detail the fantasy that excites you both.

Does he enjoy playing with your underwear and, as a fetish, experience how it looks? You may feel it as a strong impact or just have fun taking the male role and making what he does to you in bed (incidentally, this is your chance to show what you like and be eroticized in a playful way).

What are the benefits of role playing ideas in couples?

It is a form of inhibition, to say what cannot be said otherwise, playing fantasies are perhaps best seen in the other gender (maybe you feel that and you have free flag to do things that are just “good view” in the male).

There are times when the patient and the doctor make excuses to change roles and say what is lacking in privacy. This game also allows you to have an idea of what happens to the other with certain sexual patterns. You can offer and to provide, for example, change the play situations that cannot be solved in bed by getting in the other’s place.

Role play ideas also snuggle up to what is currently fashionable: sadomasochism. Be the dominator and take control of the situation.

How to raise the topic with your partner that you want one of those role play ideas without offending him/her?

Sometimes talk much tends to cause concerns. Perhaps the simplest way is to surprise with one of the role play ideas and not let that momentum go: reach the bedroom and you have prepared a game where he/she must do what you say. Blindfold him/her, tie him/her to the bed and change the underwear: he/she is seen with yours, and you clothe yourself with his/hers.

It is not easy to give up old stereotypes and make these ways to modify the routine. But it is wrong to think of “sexual definitions” to play a role play, so it’s preferable that you avoid these traumas we bring as imprints and let sex become playful.

Escaping the routine and the sexual monotony is the desire of many couples but to get it, it is required to appeal to communication and creativity for pleasure so that many experience pleasure doing really different sexual fantasies in which the key is to assume roles. This is where the role play ideas come into being.

We all have sexual fantasies: the teacher and the naughty student, the dominatrix and submissive, the virgin student and the experienced, etc. We can use any one of these role play ideas for a pleasurable experience.

The first key to start the role-play is to frame it in a scenario that excites both of you and the pleasure, thus, is much higher. There are always fantasies or role play ideas that you would both like to recreate, and they can be very fun and enjoyable carryout.

Assuming a role also involves accepting everything that surrounds it: the staging, the attitude, the words, how to give and receive pleasure. For example, if it is one of the naughty teacher and student role play ideas, clothing and speech play a crucial role, so is dominant / dominated, leather, a small whip, the right words are necessary to recreate the fantasy.

Role play ideas allow you to sexually connect with your partner and experience pleasure from another perspective. It is also a great way to let your partner know what you like and do not like because you are supposed to be playing a role in which everything is valid.

If you plan to carry out a set of role play ideas that are more extreme roles and include any of the encounters of the BDSM style, it is important to mark the limits before you start. Remember that the key is to enjoy and not create a situation that may be uncomfortable.

It is very important to remember that sexual fantasies that lead to the exchange of roles are just that: fantasies. If your partner tells you that he would love you to be the virginal student and he the teacher, it does not mean that in fact he liked to sleep with teenage girls, just the idea of experiencing sex again with someone “innocent” who he can teach and master gives him pleasure.

Being open minded and willing to experience new things is important to enjoy role play so that you do not close before the proposal of your partner and can dare to carry it out The result can be extremely pleasurable.

Do you love to play the roles but do not know how to tell your partner? Simple: ask directly what fantasy roles excite him the most … and make it happen. Leave aside sexual taboos and enjoy this experience without fear.

If you need to rediscover the passion and pleasure, remember that imagination is the best stimulant to recreate erotic games. One of these is role play ideas in sex. The papers are quite varied depending on the preferences of the couple: doctor and nurse, police and criminal, teacher and student, head of customs and traveling, etc.

While it is true that this recreational sexual activity of role play ideas is more appreciated among men, women enjoy it too.

The fact that you are playing a character facilitates confidence and breaks the rigid scheme of seduction and extends the time foreplay, so valued by some women. It offers the possibility to change the scenario (of the bed to the living room or the kitchen), and provide resources to the people who are not used to taking the initiative.

The only requirement is freedom, and that the character never comes to dominate the person, but is a complement of pleasure. In the code, there is a complicity of both respect and the alternative to stop if one of the two is uncomfortable!

With the aim of increasing the sexual desire of your partner, you can try a number of erotic role play ideas; at least, you will escape the routine.

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D). More Interesting Role Play Ideas for Couple

1). Massages

A relaxing massage can be a powerful weapon to increase the sexual desire of both you and your partner. Ask him/her to lie down in bed, strip him/her and take one of the many oils you will find in the market.

Playing with very sensitive areas such as the neck or the back will produce a stimulating sensation that will increase the sexual appetite. If your partner is massaging you, slowly let yourself go and seeing him/her caressing and massaging your more intimate places will make you go crazy.

Massage is an excellent preliminary after a hard and stressful day at work. Another of the role play ideas is to prepare a bubble bath with mineral salts.

2). Note and Letters

Imagination is one of the strongest sexual enhancers. Orgasm with a simple fantasy is possible and this time, all you have to do is let your imagination take flight.

Leave a note or a letter at breakfast and give little clues of what you’ll do tonight when he/she gets home. Just do not be too explicit. This is increasing the desire, but without revealing the final secret.

If you think that writing is not your forte, you can use small pieces of erotic stories that may resemble the surprise you have prepared.

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3). Lingerie

Men’s underwear is usually ‘jack, queen and king’ but for women, there is a wide range of products and accessories that significantly increase the sexual appetite. Baby-dolls, panties with beads and masks…in short, all the clothes that are out of the ordinary and will completely surprise your partner.

In addition to using the new lingerie as an excuse, you can delight your partner with a sexy striptease for these items will disappear as the temperature will rise.

Check out the shops and try to boost your attributes. In addition, for men: Dare to buy sexy sets for your partner. Think about your tastes and hers. Do not go wrong in your choice and this will result in enhancing anyone of the role play ideas that you think about implementing.

4).  Erotic Tickling

Laughing is essential for a relationship to work. In fact, many achievements have been made possible heightening the sense of humor. Do not lose the opportunity to bring this quality to bed. So a few years ago, they invented the ‘tickling’, a discipline that uses the tickle to achieve extreme pleasure.

This technique does not have a defined body area. Therefore, it is essential to know your partner and know what areas tend to be the weakest points. As a rule, neck or back almost always work.

To tickle, you can take a simple pen or even use the fingertips. Nobody resists!

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5). Toys

It is increasingly common for couples to start using different sex toys in their relationships and it certainly is a good way to escape the routine and increase desire in foreplay. For the more daring, you can incorporate some toys in the sexual act.

If this is the first time you are using this type of ‘extras’, be advised by a specialist and try to think about what you and your partner may like. The aim is that both will cause greater desire and make it a more simple way to achieve orgasm.

6).  Spicy Twister

Surely you’ve played twister during your childhood and even adolescence; that game in which flexibility and stability were the best tricks to impose all rivals. Well, it’s time to regain that old storage box, dust it and display it in the room.

The mechanism of the ‘hot’ version of Twister is very simple. You start to play with clothes, not too much, and play the roulette as in the conventional game. Yes, here they start getting eliminated, but you must take a pledge and not stop until the temperature stops rising.

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7). Strawberries and Chocolate

Prepare a few strawberries and melted chocolate and take it to the room. Tonight, the dessert shall not be on the table but in bed. Mixing sex and the kitchen is always synonymous with success, for the atmosphere begins to heat up gradually. Of course, you must keep in mind that after showering is almost mandatory to remove traces of chocolate.

8). Blindfold

It is one of the games or more recurring tactics and very effective. The uncertainty created by not knowing what is going to happen to you, if he/she is naked or dressed or where you will be caressed first causes the temperature to rise immediately.

The desire to remove the mask or handkerchief to see your partner will multiply as caresses and kisses happen. Of course, depending on your tastes, you must end the “suffering” before or after completing the act.

9). Strip Poker

I think it’s safe to say that you have heard at least once about ‘strip poker’, but perhaps you have never played it. Either because you did not have anyone with whom you could or because you don’t even know how to play conventional poker. This game is booming for some years now and if you have many followers, it is not all that complicated; much less if the main mission is not to ‘rob’ the casino, but rather to use it as an excuse to undress someone. As in typical poker games, poker is designed to be played by at least three opponents. However, in the privacy of the couple, you will be calmer and will forsake out freely. In fact, the desire to lose the next hand will exponentially increase.

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Another recurring tactic to break the routine that becomes monotonous sex with your partner is to think of role play ideas. Here there is a diversity of role play ideas. You only need to let your imagination run wild!

The main premise of the role play ideas is to enjoy the experience, find pleasure and have fun with your partner.

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