Female Led Relationship: Complete Truth Guide About FLR

Female Led Relationship: Relationships are the most crucial part of a man’s life. No matter wherever he go, these relationship chase him until he dies. Every type of bond that he makes with different people weighs equally or sometime differently in his life. Above them all, there is a relationship of love which ultimately turns into marriage for a person. This relationship often weighs more than any other kind of relationship. And because of this, a term came to existence know as female led relationships.

You must have been thinking about such kind of relationship where female counterparts lead their male counterparts. It is also known as wife led relationship, girlfriend led relationship and concerned name with concerned relationship.

If you are a male then this would have been sounding a bit absurd to you as no male wants to be dominated by a woman in any scenario. But if you are female then you must be thinking about it very hopefully.

Well, there are different aspects of female led relationship for both the genders. It seriously depends upon the mutual thoughts of both the companions that how they want it to go. Basically, no relationships are perfect. But to make a difference in their lives people often go for a female led relationship.

There are always some perks and flaws of each and every type of relationship. And this is what we are going to discuss right here. This section is all about clearing the air on female led relationships. This would totally change your mind set about the conventional theories on such kind of relationships and it will burst your bubble regarding their myths too.

What is Female Led Relationship?

Before we proceed to discuss about merits and demerits and other aspects of a female led relationship, we should better understand it thoroughly. We must know the actual meaning of this kind of relationship. It is really important to know some aspects inside outside before being judgmental about them.

Female Lead Relationship

Female Led Relationship or popularly known as FLR is basically what is sounds. This is all about women leading men in different aspects like business, society, politics, education, technical field or any other scenario. This is seen in everyday life that how a woman is progressing day by day and earning great respect. We see powerful women leading us in different areas and they are doing it like a pro too.

What is different about such female led relationships is that they also accounts for the personal choice of a man. Suppose that, there is a man really successful and have gained a great position in his career. But he chooses a woman to lead him in his personal life. Like when he returns to him, he likes to cook for her. He likes to follow her orders and manage a home in a way that she wants.

This makes two aspects of Female led relationship. One aspect is personal and another one is professional. Everyone has different criteria to define their FLR. Some men are forced to be in it and some men are willing to be in it. It all depends upon the women who are making the rule.

Types of Female Led Relationship

If you will examine even thousands of people to study about the FLR they are living in then you will find different answers from each and everyone. But you can classify these answers into two broad categories. These categories are made on the basis that how a female led relationship is affecting the life of male and how the results are being yield from it.

There are two types of female led relationships and these types are:

a). Female Led Relationship with the Motive of Controlling Man

It totally depends upon the man that in which kind of FLR he wants to be in. If he is choosing a female led relationship which is solely about the control of women over them then it is their choice. They must be looking for a woman who can control them and correct them over their mistakes.

You can understand this kind of FLR through these points-

  • There are some men who have the fantasy of being controlled and authorized by a woman. Such people love to be in a female led relationship which is solely about controlling them personally or even professionally.
  • These are the kind of men who wants a woman to correct them over their mistakes from time to time. The idea of correcting them is harsh and affects them emotionally. They have this urge of being pointed out in a strict and harsh way.
  • This can also be a kind of relationship where both the counterparts are doing what is exactly opposite to the stereotypes. For example, in such relationships, man is the one taking care of the household whereas woman is the one going out to work.
  • Man who loves to be in such kind of female led relationship can be called as masochists. These are the people who love to be in the fear of a woman in their life and they enjoy pain.
  • You can say that this is something kind of a dark type of FLR. Men in such types of relationships tend to get bored when the women stops being harsh towards them. They want 100% attention of the women on them which is actually not possible after some point of time.
  • People can have successful female led relationship if they focus on keeping their women happy instead of demanding her to be stricter towards them.

b). Female Led Relationship Which Empowers Women

This is another type of FLR which solely focuses upon the empowerment of women. Empowerment, which has always been a great issue for feminist people, is something which is truly explored through such types of female led relationship. They are the best type of female led relationship which let the women decide things without even suppressing their male counterparts. It is not about making the men feel less but it is about making the women feel more.

You can understand this kind of FLR through these points:

  • When a couple agrees to run their life on the basis of such kind of female led relationship then they are tend to be happier than the above stated type of FLR.
  • There are no such things like complaining or demanding in such type of relationship. It goes smooth enough to not let each other’s life being affected through it and especially of the men.
  • It has been seen that in these types of relationship children are tend to grow up in a loving environment where they see both the mother and father helping and supporting each other.
  • These relationships are those in which women are seen progressing like never before and all this turn out to be possible by the tremendous support of their male counterparts.
  • In such kind of female led relationship the spark is always alive. The man is always there to please and help his woman. His first priority is always the woman in his life.
  • One can identify that a man want such kind of FLR when he always asks her for her opinion over something. He never hesitates to say yes to the choices and decisions of his female counterpart.
  • These are the kind of female led relationship which are tend to last longer than the one where man demands to be dominated instead of empowering women.

Levels of Female Led Relationship

This may sound absurd to you that how can a FLR have some levels. Well, this is a lot like the types of the FLR but it defines the degree of such kind of female led relationship. This is actually a measure to know that how deep is the FLR being shared by a couple and what can be the possible results because of this.

These are the four levels of a female led relationship-

1). Lower Level FLR

As the name is indicating well, these are the kind of FLR where the level of leadership is very low. It cannot be named as leadership of female because everything that happens in such relationships is on the basis of mutual consent and discussed decisions. This can be discussed well through these points.

  • The woman does not have to dominate her male counterpart in order to apply her decisions. A great understanding is being shared by both of them.
  • Instead of giving more importance to one out of two, both of them are the significant ones. Both treat each other with equality in terms of love and career.
  • It has been seen that the sex life of such couple are better than others.
  • Women let their male partner do the households not willingly but because he wants to do so. Sometimes the situation can be annoying but the mutual understanding solves it all for them.
  • Everything that the male does for the female is a low key affair and cannot be labeled as too much.

2). Moderate Level FLR

This is a level which is slightly more than that of the lower one. Here the female also enjoys leading her man but in a moderate way. She does not understands the extremes of it and sometimes not able to satisfy her partner as well because of her different behavior over different situations. We can understand it more through these points.

  • In such kind of relationships, women have a point or two where she thinks that she is leading the man. This gives the boost to the female led relationship between the two. However, the man is always ready to be dominated in it.
  • They do tell their male partners to do some work for them or to pamper them. They like all the attention and services of their male counterparts without being guilty conscious.
  • Such women do not like to punish their man over some disputes. They do not think that this is worth doing and therefore always try to avoid this part.
  • Man who wants a more dominating woman in their lives does not like this nature of a moderate female leadership. Therefore this may sometimes results in calling off the relationship.

3). Formal Level FLR

This relationship is a lot like the motherly relationship. The relationship between the two is more formal than comfortable one like in the lower level or moderate level FLR. This is something really different from the above two categories. We can understand this female led relationship through the given points.

  • The woman in this kind of relationship solely believes in the idea of ruling over their partner. They feel comfortable enough in ordering their partner to do some kind of work for them.
  • These women are amazing in controlling and managing their life with their partners.
  • They lead their partner and because of this the male counterpart of them does only such things in which the woman is comfortable.
  • This is a lot like the relationship where male plays the role of a submissive and woman is the one who is leading him in all the aspects.
  • The difference that this kind of relationship makes from the extreme ones is that the woman serves the man as well in some aspects.
  • The areas of interests which are equally shared by both the partners are financial decisions, free time, important decisions of life, household work, sex etc.

4). Extreme Level FLR

This is the most extreme level of a female led relationship. These types of relationship are actually very intense and serious ones. This extreme case can be like anything.  This level stands out among all other levels of FLR and it can be easily understood through the following points.

  • In the extreme level of female led relationship woman treat their male counterparts just like servants, pets, slaves or some kind of objects.
  • If you have ever heard about BDSM (Bondage, Dominance, Sadomasochism and Masochism) then all of them applies here.
  • This is more like treating your man like a dog and he sits when you say so and waves his tail when you give something to feed.
  • The extreme nature of such kind of relationships is very high to understand. For a visual perspective you can imagine a man being governed with a whip by a woman.
  • There is no such feeling like guilty conscious from a woman’s perspective in it. She enjoys punishing her man and wants to get everything from him in return without the trace of resistance.

Advantages of Female Led Relationship

If you are thinking that the advantages of female led relationship is just about the sexual pleasure then let me tell you that this is something really more than that. There are a lot of aspects and merits of such kind of relationship which has not been discussed or explored yet.

1). Exciting Love Life

This is a much obvious point in female led relationship. It definitely spices up the love life when woman takes the charges of ruling over her man sexually. This creates unusual feeling in the sex life which does not let the couple get bored from each other.

2). Better Understanding

When woman gets the platform to speak first then things tends to get simple for both the people in a relationship. Men get the opportunity to explore their feminine side which creates a better understanding between the two. This helps in letting the two come closer to each other.

3). Empowerment of Women

This is also a much obvious advantage. In a FLR women gets to do the things they could never have done in a normal relationship. This gives a boost to their confidence and hence they gets to empower themselves. This is really a great push to self esteem as well.

4). Equality in Relationship

The role and contribution of women increases and hence it promotes equality in a relationship. Women are not certified to do only house chores and this problem is totally solved by FLR. This equality helps in giving rise to their personality.

5). Stress Free Life

With the mutual decisions and better understanding the stress is tend to lower down between a couple in FLR. All the works are divided equally so that it is never the woman who is working more than the man. It also give them more time for each other.

6). Better Communication

The merits given above totally support this point. When there is less stress and equality in a relationship then the communication tends to improve definitely. This communication supports them in resolving issues that they could never solved in earlier times. This allows them to argue less and love more which is a great thing for a couple to last longer.

7). Trust

It is one of the biggest advantages of being in a female led relationship. A relationship solely lies upon love and trust. Without trust there is no probability that whether a relationship would last or not. Woman centric relationships are more likely to gain trust than the normal ones. This means that the time they used to spend in doubting can now be invested in loving each other.

Disadvantages of Female Led Relationship

1). Power Struggle

In the extreme cases of female led relationship, it has been seen that men start losing their control and gets frustrated over the issue of power transfer. They have always been the one having more power and this shift of power can actually irritate them. The results of such relationship can be disastrous.

2). Abusive Relationship

In the extreme level of FLR it has been seen that woman start abusing the men physically, emotionally and mentally. This is a lot more than making your man feel submissive. This abuse adversely affects a relationship and makes it more like a torture than a relation.

3). Dissatisfaction

This is the most probable type of problem or disadvantage of being in a FLR. Either partner can suffer from being dissatisfied with the relationship. They may not express it vocally but it can be easily seen in their behavior. The bossy nature of woman can increase the feeling of dissatisfaction in man.

4). Punishment

This is a part of very less FLR. Not all the female led relationships are comprised of this segment but when they do then it creates problems between the two. After suffering in a FLR the man can probably become violent and arrogant. This can let him take such steps which can prove to be disastrous.

5). Lack of Mutual Decisions

It is a much obvious thing that women are bossier in FLR which means that they are the one taking all the decisions for both of them. This can frustrate the male counterparts a lot over even little things. This is not necessary that women are always right but their bossy nature do not let them consult something with the man.

6). Type of Leadership

Female led relationship is all about let the female lead their male partners. But it is healthy only when the leadership remains to an acceptable and moderate level. The extreme cases can destroy the entire relationship. In some cases being abusive becomes very common in the relationship.


Everybody defines the female led relationship in a different way and that is the reason that it cannot be bounded in a definition. This is a healthy thing for a couple who are constantly fighting over understanding issues. Once you are in FLR things will start to go smoothly. But it should be made sure that this FLR is not harming anybody’s emotions. You guys do not have to be in a FLR if you don’t want to just for your significant other.

Female led Relationships are really a positive thing to empower women in a relationship. Always remember that when a woman feels happy the she tries her level best to make everyone around her happy as well. Therefore value her for what she is doing to you because once she is gone your life would not be the same.

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