Relationship Questions to Ask in Relationship for Couples

Are you looking relationship questions to ask a guy/girl? No look more.

It is so simple to fall in love with someone but it is next to impossible to keep up with that love for a lifetime and especially in the current world scenario. The love these days is as complicated as the rocket science and even more than that. It is very tough to trust on someone in these days.

People just stay together with someone for their own benefits and when they get done they just leave them. In such conditions it is important for girls to focus on questions to ask your boyfriend about your relationship.

Before getting committed with someone it is important that you know about them thoroughly. In such conditions you should definitely ask the relationship questions to each other to know each other well.

Before saying yes you should totally go for deep relationship questions so that you can get to know about the person inside out. Keeping that in mind we have listed out various relationship questions for you right below.

Relationship Questions to Ask a Guy or Girl

relationship questions

1). How long can you stay away from me if we have a fight?

2). How did you get to know about me?

Such kind of good relationship questions can lead to various conversations later on). This can be so fun to ask such questions to your guy). This can prove to be good as well as interesting question for both of you.

3). When we first met did you think that we can end up being together?

4). What will you do if the world is getting destroyed today?

5). How much do you know the person you love the most?

6). What is that one trick you can never go wrong with?

7). Can you pursue something which takes time of years?

8). Will you find something hidden in your home if it is not necessary?

9). If I die today then what are the things which will remain in your heart that you could say to me?

Such questions to ask in a relationship can strengthen your relationship). This lovely chit chat can lead to the serious commitments too). It is always nice to have such conversation with the help of these relationship questions with your guy which is full of love and affection.

10). Do you think that best friends can make the perfect couple?

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11). Do you think that a girl and guy can never be best friends forever?

12). If your female best friends get committed to someone then would you feel jealous?

13). What is that thing you cannot bear in your room ever?

14). Do you feel like having some privacy from even your parents?

15). Do you think that it is necessary to fall in love once in your lifetime?

His thoughts about love are something which is important for you to know). Such deep relationship questions can give you the excuse to know what he feels about the love).

16). Just because you are going to have a love marriage, would you allow your kids to do the same?

17). What is the advice you would give your kids to lead their life?

18). Do you think it is okay to cheat during examinations?

19). Having an extra marital affair is a sin or is it just out of love for someone?

20). Can you justify that killing someone in your own defense is right?

21). If you had to live in a room full of darkness for 5 days then would you do it?

22). What is the better option for you, extra brightness or extra darkness?

Such types of questions are conceptual based relationship questions). It does not matter that what he likes). But it seriously reflects a lot over his personality.

23). Can there be any understanding between two enemies?

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24). Do you think you have such enemies who can try to kill you?

25). If you are not going to have kids then whom would you give all your property?

26). Do you think it is justified to give away all you have for the sake of your kids and family?

27). in the options of own life and sacrifice for family what would you choose?

28). What was the longest duration you took to get ready?

These types of questions are really fun relationship questions). It can be fun to know that how much time he takes to groom himself). Well, it can be almost an hour too). Usually guys do not take too much time to get ready so this can be surprising).

29). Do you think life can be amazing when you are single?

30). Can you live with a girl who is after your money just for having sex?

31). What is the biggest secret you ever hold for someone?

32). What was the shortest duration you had a relationship for?

33). If you have a choice then would you break unicorn’s horn or tear apart angel’s wings?

34). Which one is your favorite among Seven Wonders of the World?

35). If you had to pick one number of birth among seven then which one would you pick as your present one?

36). What will you choose among rafting or paragliding?

Such type of relationship questions is an indirect way to know his choices). This can reveal that whether he is more of a mountain type of person or does he like water sports more? It would be much simpler for you to make plans according to it.

37). What is that magical moment in your life which you can never forget?

38). What is the most amazing thing that you have ever experienced?

39). Which is your favorite cuisine?

40). Which is that one restaurant you can never get bored of?

41). Which movie is a must watch by your side?

42). Who do you think is the most epic personality in your life?

43). What do you think is the thing which no one can own except you?

This can be simply his prized possession too). This is something which he can never replace in his life). Such type of questions to ask your boyfriend about your relationship can reveals a lot about his list of important things in his life.

44). What makes you different from others?

45). Do you think you can understand girls?

46). Who is the most adorable person in your life you are proud of?

47). How would you prepare for the exam tomorrow?

48). Is there something in your life you are absolutely proud of?

49). Have you ever won any award in any category?

This is an excuse for you to know that whether he has achieved something in his life or not). These types of relationship questions can have a lot of answers). He can even lie to you). Or he can also include his school or college life achievements in it).

50). Which movie do you think is the real winner of Oscar?

51). Have you ever seen someone dying in your arms?

52). Who is the most recurring person occurring in your dreams?

53). Which one is your favorite fruit and why?

54). If you had to exchange one fruit from vegetable then what will be your choices?

55). What was the most tremendous upheaval in your life?

It means that what was that moment which turned his life upside down completely). You should know that whether something happened in his life which changed him completely). It can let you know about his weakness and problems too). Such good relationship questions are the medium to know the insides of his life.

56). Can you name the person who is responsible for what you are today?

57). Who is your ideal in the corporate sector?

58). Which one is dirtier, politics or business?

59). What is your idea of removing terrorism?

60). What would you like to become in your next birth and why?

61). Have you ever been arrested for the crime you never did?

62). Do you think there are twin partners of each and every person?

63). What was the most hilarious thing you ever did in adrenaline rush?

This is total fun thing to try). Such relationship questions are really nice). You can get to know about the limit of what he can do when in anger or energy). This is just an excuse to know his weak and strong points.

64). Whom you would consider the prettiest person in your life?

65). Do you believe in the superstitious things?

66). What was the worst way in which you ever criticized someone?

67). What gives you the enormous strength and inspiration to do an impossible task?

68). If you had the chance to change your birthplace then which place you would have selected?

This is another question in the list of relationship questions). This is totally hypothetical condition but still fun to ask). You can ask him this question and get to know about the place he loves so much).

69). Do you think that being a single child gives you lots of advantages?

70). What are the merits of being a guy?

71). What do you think should be the national game of our country?

72). If you had to change the rules of one sport then which one would you choose?

73). Do you have a disastrous allergy to something?

74). What is your favorite idea of chilling?

75). Do you think that alcohol can increase the fun in happy moments?

This is an indirect way to ask that whether he is too much alcoholic or not). Excess alcohol can prove to be a bad sign for you). So these types of fun relationship questions give you the idea that whether he booze or not).

76). Whose picture is that which always remains on your office table?

77). Which is your favorite video game?

78). What was the highest amount you lost or won in poker?

79). What was the worst mind game you ever played?

80). What is your breakfast idea?

81). What was the costliest food you have ever eaten?

82). Are you a high school musical fan?

83). If you could fulfill one wish even after dying then which it would be?

This would help you to know about the wish that he is keen about being fulfilled even after dying). Such relationship questions are a key to enter his heart). Well, this can also be comprised with some quirky and kinky ideas too). So be ready to be amazed.

84). Who is that friend of you with whom you are very much envy?

85). What will you choose between a museum and a zoo?

86). Do you like the ideas of modern art?

87). What is your most favorite place for a dinner date?

88). What is the best thing that you have ever cooked?

Well, it would prove to be all in your favor). If you guy knows cooking then what else can be better than this to you? Such relationship questions are totally for fun purpose only). This would let you know about his hobbies a bit more). Such questions really lead to some interesting conversations.

89). Name the best place you have ever travelled to?

90). What was the most amazing function you have ever been to?

91). Where do you like to spend your time when you are sad?

92). What was the most breathtaking ride you have ever enjoyed?

93). Do you like partying out on every weekend?

94). In your dream concert, which singer do you want to perform?

95). What do you do in your alone time?

This is another type of relationship questions to let you know about the moods and favorite pastimes of your guy). This is not necessary that what he likes is your hobby too). But with the understanding and better communication you people can establish a good equation with each other.

96). Did you ever have a laser surgery for a wrong tattoo?

97). What are your basic needs for everyday life?

98). What was the best experienced you ever had on your job?

99). What is your worst memory about first day to office?

100). What is your idea of a perfect Sunday outing?

101). What was that X factor that pulled you closer to me?

102). Have you ever considered someone else while we were dating each other?

103). Do you believe in the fact that we are meant to be together forever?

104). If we would ever have some argument then would you say sorry even if it is not your fault?

Such kind of relationship questions are really important to ask). This would show that what matter the most for your guy). It can be his self respect over you). Instead of being shocked on his answer you should try to know more about his nature and behavior.

105). What made you feel attracted to me?

106). What counts the most for you, face or heart?

107). What do you notice in a woman when you first meet her?

108). What is the best thing that has happened to you after you meet me?

109). How do you think life changes when you get committed to someone?
Now, this is what you can call one of the most important types of relationship questions). The way he is going to describe the changes can really help you to decide that whether you should stay with this guy anymore or not.

110). How far you can go to win over someone’s love?

111). How much your freedom means to you when you are in a relationship?

112). What is the meaning of personal space for you?

113). How would you describe me in one line?

114). What is that thing which can instantly turn you on?

115). How would you describe the way I smell?

If you are expecting some poetic kind of answer on it then such relationship questions would work as the eye opener for you). his answer can be like anything and it can be something that you are not ready to hear.

116). What is the perfect synonym of sex for you?

117). How do you explain the way I am to your friends?

118). How long did you take a shower with someone?

119). How it feels to you to lose someone you really love?

120). How was the feeling for you when you kissed me for the first time?

121). Do you believe that we are in true love?

122). What is that one thing you never want me to do?

123). What kind of activities you want us to do together?

Get ready to hear some unexpected kind of answer on such types of relationship questions). If you are expecting some naughty answers on it then you should have some patience because this can be possible that he can go for the mainstream on this.

124). What are the things that I do which really turn you off?

125). What would you do if both do not agree on something very important?

126). What is the most romantic touch for you?

127). What is the first thing that you want me to do when you get home after office?

128). What do you want me to change in myself?

This is important to take account of the choices of your partner). But this should be in small extent). With the help of these relationship questions you can get to know what the things that he does not like about you are.

129). Where do you see us in next five years?

130). What inspires you the most when you look at me?

131). When did you feel the most hurt because of me?

132). Do you think we are going somewhere wrong in our relationship?

133). What was the funniest moment happened between us according to you?

134). Which is that habit of mine that annoys you the most?

135). How would you set up negotiation between two of us when we want different things from the same day?

It is important to ask such kind of relationship questions). These are enough to know that how he would establish understanding between two of you.

136). How would you makeup if I have a bad day in office?

137). How would you cope up if we get caught in a financial crisis?

138). How would you indicate me in public that you are sexually turned on?

139). Where do you think I am lacking behind in this relationship?

140). Would you just let the relationship go if we fall into a huge rant?

141). What is the best memory till date that you have with me?

142). Have you ever felt tempted to another person while you were still with me?

143). Do you trust me enough to share your deepest darkest secrets with me?

144). Did you ever tried to buy someone’s love from money?

Keep your fingers crossed on such kind of relationship questions). I am very sure that you want to hear a ‘no’ on this.

145). Do you believe in the idea of making the short girl as your girlfriend?

146). Can you leave a girl because of her dominating nature?

147). Are you comfortable enough in dating a tall girl?

148). Have you ever encountered a serious affair in your life?

149). Do you think that blind dates can find you the right partner?

150). Would you consider taking revenge from someone you loved?

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If it is not now then it would be never. You should not wait for the right time to ask the relationship questions to the one you really like. It will help you to know that whether you should take the next step in your relationship or not. It will also prove to be that important decision which will take your friendship to a whole new level.

If you want then you can also go for the fun relationship questions or you can stick to the good relationship questions too. It completely depends upon you that what kind of equation you share with your partner. I would just wish you luck in your quest to know your special someone more.

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