Truth or Dare App for Android (Best Collection Ever)

Truth or dare app is an amazing app for the youngsters and teenagers. In fact, this game can be played by any age group excluding the kids. Truth or Dare is an amazing game for all age groups. Moreover, it is the awesome game to peep inside your friend’s heart by asking him the truth.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to think of unique truth or challenging dare, and you freeze at that moment. If this is a problem you face whenever you play truth or dare game, then you don’t have to worry. Many truth or dare apps are available on Google play store and iOS that will add ice to your party.

These apps are designed and developed for those people who love playing their favorite game online. The best part about these apps is that you don’t have to think about the tricky tasks as all the tasks are inbuilt in these apps.

Truth or Dare App for Android (25+ Apps Collections)

Let’s look at some of the best truth or dare apps for all age groups:

Truth or dare app for android

1). Dirty game – hot truth or dare

dirty-gamesThis app is mentioned at the top because it is the top most app for truth or dare questions. Ranked no 1, this truth or dare app is being loved and played by the majority. If we look at its reviews, then you will find around 5,000 reviews with a 5-star rating. In this app, you will find the best collection of dirty truth or dare questions

Although is truth or dare app is free for all, but if you really want to play the real truth or dare game online, then you can go ahead by emptying your pocket, spending few bucks and unlocking the categories and more advanced features. But don’t worry, the price is within your reach, and the app is worthy of it. The only difficulty you face in using this app is the unavailability of this truth or dare app in Google play store. You will find this truth or dare app only on iOS.


2). Truth or dare for adults

truth-or-dare-2Not for kids, this truth or dare app is available only for adults. While it’s the most pricey app on the list, it is definitely the most visited app on your play store. This app is attractive in the way that it is updated on a regular basis for improvements.

The app is rich in features like interesting rules for dares, instead of one you may have the choice for double dares, hot and physical dares as well as the truths that will blow your mind.


1). Excellent app for adults with a 5-star rating.
2). Instead of one you can give more than two dares to the player.
3). Surprising truths for adults.
4). Completely free app for adults


3). Truth or dare – 18+

truth-or-dare-18This is another interesting truth or dare app for adults. The most interesting fact about this truth or dare app is that you have to shake your device whenever your Turn comes. It makes this app more realistic and fun loving. However, this app is not updated for many years.

Therefore you will find many errors and old features in this truth or dare app. But still, it is an excellent collection of truth or dare questions. It’s also fairly popular with over 700 reviews.


4). Truth or dare – hot party game with spin the bottle

truth-or-dare-4Another entertaining and free truth or dare app for adults. This app will keep you alive with the bulk of interesting truth or dare questions.  It has thousands of questions. This app will also give you the choice to opt between and clean and dirty truth or dare questions.

Even you can add your own customized questions in this app. The best part of this app is that it is available on both Android and iOS. Overall a great app that is regularly updated.


5). Truth or dare!– free

truth-or-dare-5Again this truth or dare app remains the first choice when it comes to selecting the best truth or dare app. But it is only available on ios. This app also requires your mobile to shake when your turn comes. The best part about this app is that you can include as many players as you want. There is no limitation for that this means you can easily play with larger groups. This app is applicable for both adults and teens.


6). Truth or dare

Many users prefer this truth or dare app because it is free and available o both iOS and Google play store. Also, this game is developed both for kids and adults. Although it is free but it does have some cons like display of unwanted ads in between the game which can annoy you.

But you can remove all these ads by spending some bugs. It is the best app with more than 10,000 reviews and is designed for all age groups. You will find different type of truth questions and dares for kids that will make this truth or dare game even more interesting


7). Truth or dare for adults

This truth or dare app is designed only for adults and contains more than 500 questions. This app doesn’t appear in the top list of truth or dare apps because of lack of features and outdated version. This app has not been updated since years. Great app for beginners. Try it!.


8). Truth or dare for kids

This one is only available on Android. It’s best-selling with over 89,000 reviews and an average rating of 5. This app is designed, and tasks are developed specially for the kids.The app is specially designed for kids but not suitable for kids below 12 years of age.

The app is good with basic features of spinning the bottle. The app is loaded with some of the amazing dares and truths. Excellent app for parties. You can add your own dares and truths.


9). Truth or dare spin the bottle

This truth or dare app is the best version of spin the bottle. This app is the complete package of crazy questions and daring dares. This game can turn to be the ice breaker at a party. As the name suggests, you have to spin the bottle and whosoever the bottle points to have to become ready for the challenge. In addition to inbuilt dares and questions, you can even add your own set of collection of truth and dare questions to the app.

Spin the bottle is a game where all the group members sit in a circle.  This app is available on Android and iOS both and is free of cost and designed for all age groups.


10). Truth or Dare Adults – free

This app is amazing in a way that it is completely customizable according to your requirements. You can add your own fonts, colors and style your truth and dare questions the way you want, the feature absent in all other above mentioned truth or dare apps for selecting the categories of questions you have to long click the button. You can even change the dark /light mode by swiping the screen. Use redo button for new dare or truth. Or you can even shake your device for the new set of questions. This truth or dare app allows 14 players at a time. This app randomly selects the player for playing. These features make this app more appealing and interesting. You can play this game in a party. It is supportable on both android and ios version of mobile.


11). Truth or dare party

It is the amazing game for teenagers if your goal is creating fun in a party. Assemble all of your pals . Pass the bottle in your circle and choose between answering a question or doing a challenging dare — it’s fun, lovely, realistic and totally unrestricted!  The game is divided into many categories and includes the bulk of questions and dares for each and every category. Questions are included according to your age group.

Like if you are a beginner then select “for beginners” category. Similarly, this truth or dare app includes questions and dares for experts, experienced and fresher. You can download and play this game only on Android. It is free of cost and downloaded by more than thousand users.


12). Dare wheel

Dare wheel is an awesome truth or dare app for all age groups. As the name suggests, dare wheel app contains wheel instead of the bottle that will spin.

Just spin your phone to see some new features:

1). Dare wheel for tricky and interesting dares for couples. This wheel includes action dares related to action or physical activity.
2). Truth wheel for asking typical questions to your partner.
3). All the tasks are designed according to the situation.
4). You can play in a large group and have fun with this app.
5). The dare wheel is available only on Android version of the mobile


13). Spin the bottle

This app is the most popular truth or dare app among adults. Spin the bottle and ask the funny questions. Spin the bottle includes around more than 3,000 questions and dares. Perfect Game for making your eve party more special and entertaining. This app is available on Android and has a 5-star rating with more than 4,0000 reviews.

The rules are very easy. Just call your friends and sit in a large circle. Spin the bottle and give the funny tasks to the one to whom the bottleneck points. Fun game to play with your relatives and friends.


14). I dare you!

An interesting and fun loving app for giving daring dares to your friend. The app is designed for only dares. If you are unable to think of some challenging dare, then you can go for this app. This app includes all type of dare starting from funny to challenging kind of dares. You can also create your own dares and truths and make the game even more interesting and challenging.


1). Free of cost.
2). Play with your own dares and truths.
3). Complete package of crazy and hot dare.
4). Designed and developed for all age groups.


15). Spinner

As the name suggests the app contains spinner which keeps on spinning for a limited period and stops to pick the player randomly. Shake or click to spin the spinner. The spinner makes this game even more interesting and challenging. Spinner is loved by thousand of users and is 100% free.


1). Best used because of amazing spinner
2). Automatically adds truths and dares.
3). The app is regularly updated for bugs
4). Free of cost


16). Truth or dare English

In this app the game is designed for Android with great features, This app requires only one phone for playing the truth or dare game. This Game is designed according to the situation. If you are only two people, then tasks are given accordingly.

If your group includes only girls, Then the questions are asked accordingly.You can even take the pictures of your friends, either play in a row or rotate the bottle to be picked randomly.

This app includes questions for both experienced and fresher.. You can even create and ask your own set of questions and dares for your friends. App is designed for  all the versions of android and ios and is 100% free.


17). Truth or dare shoutout

It is the best game for all age group. The process of playing is simple. Just enter the name of players and press the dice. Dice will randomly pick the player and then you can ask the question or give him any challenging dare.

You can even set the timer if the player takes too long to respond. You can add eight players at a time. You can even shake your phone to pick a player.


1). Free app available on all mobile platforms
2). Suitable for large groups.
3). Play the game without the interruption of ads.
4). Speedy app with more than thousand reviewers.


18). Spin the bottle for friends!

It is the best spin the bottle game for all age groups. The most interesting part about this game is it is free of cost and compatible with all mobile platforms. It has a large collection of funny dares. Play with your pals and enjoy this fun loving game for free.

This App includes more than 800 humorous dares and truth in three different languages. You can also customize your game and have fun to create your own dares and truths.


1). This app allows 4 to 12 members at a time.
2). This Truth or dare app is updated regularly and is 100% free.
3). The game comes with a 4-star rating and is available on both android and ios.


19). I spin bottle

Another one of the best Android truth or dare app for turning your party into fun. This truth or dare app is loved by all age groups and is counted among best truth or dare apps. Just like other truth or dare app, this game also asks you to spin the bottle. Even you can add the names of the players by the inbuilt function of this app.  Other features included in this app are music, the choice between an arrow, a bottle for clocks, etc.


1). you can add the name of players.
2). you can choose between an arrow or a bottle for spinning.
3). This app is 100% free and downloaded by millions of users.
4). Available on both Android and iOS.


20). Truth or dare pro

This is the premium version of real truth or dare game on Android. This app includes best and over thousands of clean to dirty tasks for all age groups. You can add your own dares and questions to the app. Because of the advanced features, this app is gaining importance nowadays. You will never get bored by this app and could play for hours. With 5 star rating, this app is downloaded by billions of users in the last four years and counting.

Best features are:

1). Millions of truths and dares for kids to adults.
2). Add your own set of truths and darers.
3). Text to speech facility. The app can speak out the tasks assigned to the random player.
4). Play the game without the interference of unwanted ads


21).Truth or Dare -Awesome Edition

This app is available for all mobile versions and is one of the best app for playing classic Truth or Dare app. You can view, add and even remove the dares you wish to remove.

The app is loaded with more than 100 truths or dares. All the truth and dares are clean and available for all age groups. The background music adds to the beauty of the game.


1). The app includes more than 100 truth and dares.
2). Add your own questions and dares that will remain in your app even after you close the app.
3). Enjoy the game with impressive background audio.


22). Bottle Spin

Spin the bottle is a paid and advanced version of truth or dare app that you will love to have fun with. A simple game where you have to spin the bottle and win in all affairs of love laughter, and fun.  Spin the bottle is the best truth or dare game for firing up the situation in parties, get introduced to new friends, and getting a little closer with those who you love.


1). It is the fun game and interesting game
2). This app gains attraction because of its design, effects, and graphics.
3). The best game to get introduced to new friends


23). Game “Bottle”

This is one of the top-quality truth or dare app which you can play online. The app is specially designed for youngsters. 12 person can play the game at a time. The process of playing is simple. Just spin the bottle and get ready for the hot dare or unknown truth.

However, in this game, the dare is fixed. You have to kiss the person on which the bottle points.So this game is especially for lovers who don’t ant to miss the chance to kiss his/her sweetheart. Instead of kissing, you can also tell your own wish.


1). Available on all mobile devices and is free.
2). The app is designed especially for lovers.
3). The app is gaining importance because of hot dares.



So, friends, I hope you liked these awesome truth or dare apps for the game lovers. Whether you are at a party or at home, seated with a large group or are just two, these apps are designed for every situation and the environment. With the help of these awesome apps, you get the opportunity to know your friends and loved ones.

So friends, what are you thinking? Call your friends, arrange the snacks, set up the environment, download your favorite app and start playing truth or dare game.

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