Dirty Truth or Dare Questions (200+ Questions)

Dirty Truth or Dare Questions: Truth or Dare is the best game when it comes to spending some funny and unforgettable time with your group of friends. You can use several dirty truth or dare questions as it is a well-known and adventurous game where no one can get bored with all these great game’s rules.

Also, it is a great way to know your friends better and in a different way. So when it comes to talking some dirty then what can be better than dirty truth or dare questions?

Today, I bring you a set of complete dirty truth or dare questions that are specially made for adults, so both married and unmarried couple can enjoy these with their friends.

These are just right if you are planning a spicy and hot night with your partner, there are really dirty and full of funny things to do. So get all the participants and let it be dirty like never before and enjoy this dirty truth or dare questions.

Dirty Truth or Dare Questions (200+ Questions)

Dirty Truth or Dare Questions

The game involves all the adults that are above 18 and you can ask these dirty truth or dare questions if your finds are really comfortable to have some real fun. So be prepared and read all those dirty minds.

Dirty Truth Questions:

1). Have you ever done intercourse with a married man or woman?

2). Can you count on how many times you have had sex till now?

3). Have you done your sex fantasy? If not, then what is your greatest sex fantasy?

4). Have you ever imagined any man while masturbating?

Get her dirty thoughts by asking dirty truth or dare questions.

5). Have you ever done sex with the same gender or do you have feelings for the same gender?

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6). How many types of sex toys have you used so far? Which one do you enjoy most?

7). What so you say about licking a dick? How does it taste?

8). About how many types of sex positions are you aware of?

Know about the sex positions from your friends and tell them your favorite one by this dirty truth or dare questions.

9). Is there any time when you love to have sex?

10). In which year do you lose your virginity?

11). Have you ever watched animals’ porn and felt horny?

Have you ever felt like pregnant before marriage? What did you do then?

12). What is your preferred sex position of all time?

13). For how much time do you perform foreplay? What do you like in foreplay?

14). Do you know how to use your hands during foreplay?

15). For how much time can you give a blow job?

16). Have you ever had a group sex?

17). What do you think of threesome? Have you ever had it?

Know her opinion about threesome by this dirty truth or dare questions.

18). Do you and your partner watch porn videos together? Have you had sex after it?

19). What are those three activities you do that make a man begging for sex?

20). Have you ever seen your partner having sex with someone else? Did you join him or left him?

21). What is that part of your body where you want to be kissed again and again?

22). Have you ever receive a blow job and for how much time?

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23). What are your favorite body parts in a man’s body where you love to kiss?

24). Have you ever enjoyed sex with two men at a time?

Have this dirty truth or dare questions and know their sex secrets that they haven’t told anyone.

25). How do you feel when you are about to orgasm?

26). What can you do for an orgasm while having sex?

27). What are your sex limits or you love limitless and painful?

28). Have you ever had a dick in your butt?

29). After having sex how do you both sleep?

30). Do you wear any clothes while sleeping with your partner?

31). If I am naked in front of you, what can you do to arouse my sexual desires?

Know what she can do by dirty truth or dare questions.

32). Have you ever given a blowjob without taking off the pants?

33). Have you ever had it in public?

34). How many times can you have sex in one night? How many orgasms do you normally experience?

35). Do you like it when your hands are tied and I can do just anything to you?

36). Do you spit it or swallow?

37). Do you take it inside your mouth or just use your lips?

38). What was the size of the dick you have seen last time?

39). What is your perfect size of a dick?

40). How good am I in giving you a blow job?

41). In the scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate me for your sexual satisfaction?

Rate your partner from 1 to 10 by this dirty truth or dare questions.

42). Do you love it when you go down on me?

43). What is it that irritates you while giving me a head?

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44). What is the best sexual experience you have ever had?

45). How do you define a bad sex?

46). Have you ever had sex and didn’t get satisfied?

47). What is your favorite room to have sex?

48). What about having a shower sex?

49). Have you ever used shower tools to masturbate?

50). Ever dreamed of having sex with your teacher?

51). Has anyone other than your partner seen you nude? Have you ever felt anyone’s dick on you in public place?

52). Have you ever had any regretting sex after drinking?

53). What are the craziest things you do in bed?

54). Have you ever taken drugs and had sex? How much you enjoyed it?

55). When did you first go down on anyone?

56). Have you ever lied to your partner that you are having periods?

Ask this one among these dirty truth or dare questions and get to know if she ever lied to you and also know the reason.

57). Where do you love my mouth and your body?

58). Do you love it when I use my tongue?

Do you like me touching your nipples first or down area?

59). Do you love it when I touch you on your crotch?

60). How much do you like to eat my pussy?

61). Would you like it to be gentle or extra hard right now?

62). Is there any friend that you want to invite with us in bed?

Know your partner’s sexual fantasy if he/she wants to include someone in bed by these dirty truth or dare questions.

63). In which underwear do you find me sexist?

64). Do you love it when I get an erection?

65). Have you ever cum in your sleep?

66). Do you like it to have in morning just after waking up?

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67). Have you ever dreamed of me having sex with you?

68). What is your favorite pair of my underwear?

69). How fast can you cum? How much do you moan?

Know if she is a silent make a moaner by these dirty truth or dare questions.

70). Do you love it when I tease you and torture you in bed?

71). Have you ever wanted to have sex with my friends?

72). When did you fake an orgasm with your partner?

73). Which type of condom do you enjoy most?

74). What’s your favorite flavor?

75). Have you ever had sex just to make your partner happy and not by your will?

She will tell you if she has done it by dirty truth or dare questions.

76). Has anyone ever thrown himself on you?

77). Have you ever seen anyone’s erection other than your partner?

78). Have you ever enjoyed strawberry while having sex?

79). Have you done it using ice for sexual arousal?

80). How much would you like it if I massage your pussy?

81). Have you ever thought of another man when I was having sex with you?

82). How much do you like it if I pour your whole body with champagne and then lick it?

83). How much do you like to perform on a stripper pole?

Have you ever practiced it? Get a pole and see her sexy dancing and also knew her interest in strip dance through these dirty truth or dare questions.

84). When you wake up in the morning, do you walk naked in your home?

85). Which one is your favorite “doggy-style” or “missionary”?

86). Have you ever done it standing and from behind?

87). How much do you love anal? Have you ever had sex for money?

88). Have you ever had sex for your personal profits? What did you get?

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89). Have you ever tried it like Mr. Grey?

90). Have you ever made your own sex tape? Have you published it?

91). What is sex for you?

92). What is your worst sexual experience?

93). Have you ever led while having sex?

94). Have you taken the full size in your mouth?

95). Do you like being spanked?

96). Have you ever done it like a punishment?

Know if she enjoys doing it as a punishment through dirty truth or dare questions.

97). Do you enjoy being submissive?

98). Have you ever taken two dicks inside at a time?

99). Have you ever got hurt during sex?

100). Do you like background music while having it?

101). Do you like watching porn while having sex?

102). Which is your favorite nude beach? Have you ever been to it?

Get to know if your partner knows about any nude beach and had he been there by these dirty truth or dare questions.

103). For how many days can you go without sex?

104). Do you consider yourself a sex addict?

105). Which thing makes a man or a woman sex addict?

106). Have you ever faced child abuse?

107). Does your partner hurt you really to have more fun during sex?

108). Have you ever talked dirty on phone?

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Can you get satisfaction by phone sex with your partner?

109). Have you ever had sex with your best friend?

Know the naughtiest things that your friend has done just by having these dirty truth or dare questions.

110). Who was the first man with whom you had sex?

111). Do you choose a theme while having sex?

112). Do you act like any of your favorite porn star in bed?

113). Have you ever visited a strip club? Which one is your favorite in this city?

114). Do you wear tight underwear to support your sexual arousal?

115). Have you ever felt like too dried in your down area?

116). When did you feel it lie too much wet that you wanted to have sex the whole time?

117). Do you like becoming a stripper?

118). How do you like it, lights on or off?

119). How does a dick size matter to you?

Know her ideal size by this dirty truth or dare questions.

120). Do you talk while having sex?

121). Have you ever felt any embarrassing moment?

122). Has anyone ever seen you having sex?

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123). How many roles have you played in your sexual life?

124). Have you ever acted like Christian Grey?

125). What is your most sensual spot?

What would happen if your partner sees you having sex with another man?

Just now how would he react and enjoy the whole situations she pictures by using this dirty truth or dare questions in your friends’ meeting.

126). How much flexible in your body to make just any position?

127). Who supports better in bed?

128). What is your sexiest outfit in your wardrobe?

Has your partner ever gifted you a bikini?

129). What would you say if I dreamed you last night having sex with me?

Know what she thinks of you by dirty truth or dare questions.

130). Can you continue having sex for two hours?

131). What makes a male as a perfect man in bed?

132). Does your partner understand your sexual needs?

133). If your pager just turned into an animal and you have to do sex if you want him to a human again, so with which animal would you find comfortable having sex?

134). Have you ever sniffed your girlfriend’s underwear when she was not there?

135). Who was the hottest female teacher and why?

What was so hot about her? Know about your partner’s fantasy about the school teacher and have fun by this dirty truth or dare questions.

136). Have you seen any of your relatives naked?

137). Have you seen anyone naked in your school?

138). If you have the choice to change the size of any of your body part, what would you choose?

139). How would do you get when it comes to fulfilling your sexual needs?

140). Have you ever imagined yourself as a homosexual?

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141). What is that technique you follow to free your woman to have sex?

142). How do you lovers enjoy sex than a married couple?

143). Have you ever seen any animal’s dick?

144). Who is the hottest couple in the world?

145). If you would see the same sex naked, would you feel anything?

Get to know what your partner thinks about making it with same sex though this dirty truth or dare questions.

146). Do you think to have sex with your old friend?

147). Do you have it in bed or on the floor?

148). What is the least important thing while having sex?

149). What is that stupid thing that you have ever done in bed?

150). Have you ever peed while having sex?

151). Which instrument do you use to get erotic? How hard do you get it?

152). Do you read erotic magazines or read erotic stories just to feel wet?

153). Have you ever tried eating food that is good for sexual health?

154). What do you look in a man when going with him on a first date?

Dirty Dare Questions

After all these dirty truth questions don’t forget to mix-up dares, I’m giving you the dirtiest dare here, so let’s start.

1). Just take off your pants and show your underwear color and act like you are having sex.

2). Imagine that you are fully naked and on the road when everyone is seeing you, now act like that situation.

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3). Do a pole dance in front of everyone.

4). Take a banana and act like you are having anal.

5). Just take that door knob and act like you are having sex with it.

6). Act like you are giving blowjob until the next turn.

7). Please the girl on your right side and then act like making out.

8). Completely strip down and show your crotch area.

9). Make out with anyone here of your choice for 1 minute.

10). Take a girl and let her sit on your head for 60 seconds.

11). Get yourself blindfolded and allow someone to lick you somewhere so you won’t see who it was.

12). Take the same gender and make out for 60 seconds.

13). Kiss someone until your lips hurt.

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14). Take this ice cube and put in your underwear.

15). Lick an ice cube and put it in your girlfriend’s bra.

16). Allow someone to get your body duct taped and don’t move until next round.

17). Just take and random person and ask him to check your clean is your butt crack.

18). Hug the person on your left for 5 minutes very tight like chest to chest.

19). Exchange your clothing, your shoes with the person on your right and even your underwear.

20). Get 12 spanks from the person on your left.

21). Ask a person to get a nude picture of your down area.

Dare something like this or the exact one in front of your group and enjoy having this dirty truth or dare questions.

22). Touch the backside of the person on your left by taking off his clothes for 10 minutes.

23). Take a trimmer and ask someone to trim your pubic hairs. Sit comfortably and after the pubic hair let him trim your head.

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24). Take off your pants (for guys) and bra (for girls) and set a dance show like a stripper.

25). Ask anyone to let you kiss your penis or pussy until the next round. You can also kiss her/him to kiss your private parts if he/she allows.

26). Kiss passionately like the couples who meet after 6 months.

27). Take a strawberry and excite your girlfriend.

28). Get naked and take a swim.

29). Let’s get to the changing room in a shopping mall and have sex there like a really hard sex.

Ask your partner this dirty truth or dare questions and have an adventurous day with sex and shopping.

30). Use your favorite sex to on me.

31). Take me the shower and fuck me there.

32). Get naked and show me your best moves.

33). Get the milk cream on your breast and let me lick it.

34). Lick my penis until I cum.

35). Stay in the house completely nude for 1 day.

36). Take a shower with me while wearing your clothes.

37). Take a raw egg and try to insert it in your vagina.

38). Give me fetish sex.

39). Slap your pussy until it gets wet.

40). Lick the room’ wall like you lick my body.

41). Put me off clothes just with your teeth.

42). Pout my shirt up and lick my nipples.

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43). Take your all clothes off and do a cartwheel until I stop.

44). Tease me as much as you can for next 3 minutes.

45). Get nude and start masturbating right now.

46). Lick your boyfriend from neck to belly.

47). Out of lemon juice on your partner’s belly and suck it up.

48). Rub the butt area of your partner until he turns on.

49). Take your hand and put inside my pants.

50). Make a 69 position with the person in your right.

51). Sit on my man piece for 5 minutes.

52). Get naked and be naked for the rest of the game.

53). Take a nude pic and send it to your boyfriend.

54). Make a sex tape inside with your partner and send it to us.

Get your girlfriend inside and have a passionate sex and be ready to send this to your friends, so you would enjoy a lot by these dirty truth or dare questions.

55). Bite on your partner’s private area.

56). Get the dick and give a hand job.

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57). Be romantic with your partner until the next round.

58). Unlock the bra hook with your teeth.

59). Give a sexual massage to the person in your right.

60). Take your phone and show us your favorite porn site.


Have this dirty truth or dare questions and spit the dirt out. You can play it along with your partner to get ultra-intimate in just no time.

These are some really dirty truth or dare questions that are very suitable for adults and funny a well when you play with your friends. So get to know your friends and their dirty desires with these questions and see their dirty moves.

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