Things You Can Do At 18

Things You Can Do At 18: Believe it or not but you all want to be an 18 year older from your teenage as soon as possible. Being 18 has its own advantage as your life really become adventures at every point of time and there are things you can do at 18.

Everyone wants to enter in 18 because of different reasons, they all want to enjoy their life and explore the things you can do at 18 that are just impossible when you are less than 18.

Another advantage is having friends that are also entering into the phase of 18 and then enjoying life with them is such a big dream for the teenagers these days.

When you are 18 there is nothing illegal except breaking the laws obviously. Otherwise, everything is easy and doesn’t require any permit from your parents anymore. You have your own choice at this age; you can have your driving license and travel the world with asking anyone.

Grownup Things You Can Do At 18

You can do all that stuff that adults do and there is no need to get worried about legal issues so if you have turned 18 just now, it’s time to do things that are undone, so check it out with the things you can do at 18.

1). Enjoy Your Road Trip

You can have your unlimited road drives that were just a dream before 18. So take your friends and don’t worry about any curfew, just ride you wild car with your buddies the whole night with DJ loud. You can just head to any road trip that you always wanted to do with your friends. Now you have a valid driving license so there is no need to worry, just take the key and enjoy things you can do at 18.

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2). Get a Tattoo

It’s time to get a tattoo or piercing, your parent didn’t allow you before, but now there is no problem you are strong enough to get the needle and color inside. Go with your favorite tattoo that you always dreamed and get it done for a new look cool with your gang.

These are things you can do at 18 because 18 is not just an age, it’s a freedom so that you take your own decision and parents are just not allowed. So decorate your body in the way you want and take advantage of being 18.

3). Smoke Out All the Weed and Cigarettes

Have you ever wanted to smoke out all those attractive and colorful cigarettes and weeds? Well, now it’s your turn to change that thought into reality. You don’t have to worry that it’s not legal, now everything is legal and you have the option to buy any number of packets of crested and weeds, so just smoke out your first cigarette with your buddies and feel it how this goes with the things you can do at 18.

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4). What about an Ice Cream Truck

Have you ever imagined yourself with an Ice cream truck in your childhood? It’s time to fulfill your desires for frozen cold ice creams. You’re now allowed to have an Ice cream truck, all you need to hold a valid driving license and you’re done to take your truck on the roads the whole year, so this is something exciting in the things you can do at 18.

5). Have Your Own Home

This is really like putting yourself out from a nightmare so while taking benefits of things you can do at 18, have your own home or apartment. There is no need to live according to your mom and dad’s rules and just buy a home if you are full of cash.

At this age, you can legally have your home and enjoy your freedom there, throw parties like really wild parties without thinking even once. So if you think you’re good at cleaning your home, cooking dinner, doing the laundry then you are all set.

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6). The Show Jerry Springer

Have you ever heard about the show Jerry Springer, it is an American show where you can go and put your issues if you feel like your parent are not real and of not treating you right. So take advantage of the things you can do at 18 and go to this show and have your talk if you are not afraid of showing yourself on the TV.

7). File a Case

You can also file a case against someone who troubles you. Before 18 it was impossible and you were only allowed to do that with a help of an adult. But now filing a lawsuit against someone is a very easy task. Now, you are the man and you can take your decisions to file a case, sign your documents and even hire your own lawyer as things you can do at 18.

8). Blood Charity

What do you think about doing some charity without giving any money and just with your body? Well, the age of 18 also allows you to donate blood as you are a responsible person now and an adult as well. So you have the right to donate your blood, you only need to fulfill those basic medical terms about blood donating. So help your community and take those beautiful blessings.

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9). Enjoy Adventures

You can get into any type of sports whether it’s water or sky, now every gate is open for you, you just need to sign in there. Sports and adventures like skydiving and bungee jumping are allowed now as these fall in the category of things you can do at 18.

10). Buy Your Own Fireworks

Buying fireworks on your own is also among the things you can do at 18, you don’t have to bribe any adult or the person who is already older than 18 because you are fully allowed to do that. Just grab your fireworks from your choice of place and enjoy all the crackers and pyrotechnics.

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11). Buy Your Own Paints

If you are always a fond of doing some art as graffiti or any other than you can now buy your own spray paints and all other accessories without taking your parents to the stores.  You just choose your favorite store and buy all the needed things and start like an artist for any project like school or just for casual craft activities.

12). Go To Strip Club

Take advantage of the things you can do at 18 and go to a strip club because you are now 18 years and old enough to visit the strip club or even become a stripper if it’s your choice to earn a living. You have the power to make your own decisions and it’s legal totally to visit that club at this age and be a stripper to make money in just some minutes.

13). Play Lottery and Go Casinos

You can now play the lottery as much as you want and win some money by trying out your luck. After 18 there are many ways to make out a really handsome amount of money through several ways.

It can also be participating in online surveys, or you can hit the casino tables or other money making machines there, so these all fall among the things you can do at 18.

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14). Join As an Employer

If you think you are really good at something or you have a skill you can now join a company as an employer and can live your life on your terms. Whether you can work part time or full time and make your career in the industry you want. You can also apply for any internship for your choice.

15). Open a Bank Account

Welcome yourself into the banking world, it’s very exciting to enroll you for an adult debit card or for a bank account that has all your savings and future plans. Now, you are an 18 year older, so this means you can have your bank account by your own name, your own signatures with also a chequebook to pay your bills. This is really a cool one among things you can do at 18.

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16). Write Cheques

Begin to write up a cheque if you have not done it already.  Now you have your steps into banking, you have the freedom to pay your bills through your own debit card or cheques. It always feels excellent to bring your own checkbook and you don’t need to ask anyone for this.

17). Get a Credit Card

This is such a blessing when you’re grown up because who doesn’t want to get his own credit card. If you think you have the capacity to manage your all expenditures then get now your very first credit card and go shopping to earn a good credit history.

18). Take a New Name

If you are being bullied by your old name or don’t like it that much then you have the option to change it to these that you want. So eliminate all boring old names and get a new cool name for you and make it your identity.

19). Be Ready For Voting

The biggest advantage among things you can do at 18 is that you can now vote for the president of our country. This is a great opportunity for everyone and all care about their opinions so if you think that way too then it is your chance to vote for your president.

20). Get Married

If you feel like you should get married to the one you love, you can do it even after everyone against this marriage. So you have the freedom tie your knot because 18 is the legal age of getting married.

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21). Adopt a Child

The other advantage that you can gain is adopting a child. If you’re feeling responsible and want to have a baby or a child to take care him, you can do that s you are fully allowed to adopt.

21). Be a Part of Jury

Among all other things you can do at 18 is that you can now enjoy being a part of Jury.

A jury is a group of people that participate in a legal case in the court to take a decision on the basis of proofs provided by the two parties. So with a fair level of understanding and decision taking capacity, you can be a part of the Jury and gain new experiences.

22). Try Defense Services

You can now enlist yourself in any defense services as Air Force, Army, and the Marines. So be a part of the defense services and serve your country in the best way possible.

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23). Watch Porn without Worries

This is one of the greatest things you can do at 18, have some horny moments with your friends because you can now buy a porn video. This age allows you to watch porn and you can buy them from any porn shop or from those who have adult-rated movies.

You can even get a subscription of a porn site; you can visit all sex toys shops and get whatever you want to increase your fun.

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Precaution When You Are 18th

It’s something serious because when you are 18 you are responsible for your own acts and decisions and a wrong decision can even take you to jail and that will be an adult jail.  So always take care of your decision and the things to keep yourself from any legal trouble and if you don’t you will face the law and circumstances.


It’s very good if you have just reached your 18th birthday, you are now a free bird that doesn’t need any permission. You are stepping into a new world where you have to be thoughtful and responsible while enjoying your freedom and things you can do at 18.

Being an 18 year older has its own fun and own responsibilities. You will face what you do and only you will be responsible circumstances for your actions and no one else. So I advise to take decisions wisely while celebrating your fun. I hope you will like these exciting things you can do at 18.

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