Least Painful Places to Get A Tattoo

Least Painful Places to Get A Tattoo: Getting tattoo is a tough deal especially for the beginners who always dream of getting a tattoo but are scared of the needling stuff. This process actually seems very painful as you get the ink filled under our skins permanently.

But do you know there are some least painful places to get a tattoo? If you haven’t listened about these places then this article is for you.

Least Painful Places to Get A Tattoo

Least Painful Places to Get A Tattoo
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Here I am sharing with you some least painful places to get a tattoo that you won’t feel even a single tear. By choosing these locations you can really get a stunning tattoo over your body without bearing any pain or irritation.

1). The Neck

The neck is the best and coolest place to get a tattoo since tattoos at neck are easily noticeable and they make our personality admirable.

Neck tattoos are easy to get without pain as there are not many nerves in this area, just don’t allow your artist near the spine. They look sexy whether you put them on short or long hair. So this way your neck is among those least painful places to get a tattoo.

These are also easy to handle if you don’t want to care too much after getting that tattoo. Now you can get a neck tattoo and enter in the tattoo world without feeling pain. This place is very common in women, but anyone can have a tattoo on the neck.

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2). Upper Back

After the neck, your back is the most preferred area to get a tattoo as it provides a wide space and this part has very least endings of nerves. So if you are planning to get your tattoo on the upper back, go ahead and you won’t face any bad feeling.

These tattoos really look great with very little pain and they make a woman looking sexy with her backless dress or a man looking hot when he goes shirtless.

Always take care of your armpit area and the spinal area as these places have more nerve endings and don’t come in the least painful places to get a tattoo.

3). Back of the Ear

A few people know about this area, the tattoos on the back of your ear look cool and unique. Other than looking cool this place doesn’t hurt you much. This tattoo shows up the best when women do their hair up and men from their sides.

You can really surprise others by having a tattoo of this unique place; this area is without many nerve endings so pain is not a deal.

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4). Chest

This area is common in men but these days women are also trying with some fabulous designs. The chest hurts very less because of the fewer nerve endings here, so the chest is one of the least painful places to get a tattoo if you are planning to get a chest tattoo, then go without any fear.

Also, they look great and you don’t have to be topless or backless to show them, anyone can easily notice them. When getting a chest tattoo, don’t go for the underarms as here the tissue is more sensitive.

5). Ribs

Ribs fall under the category of the least painful places to get a tattoo, but they are a bit painful as compared to other places I explained here.

Also, they are pretty famous these days in the tattoo salons because this place doesn’t really lead you to tears and the tattoos look amazing on women in the bikini season.

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6). Stomach

You know the stomach area doesn’t really have many bones; it’s about fat and other tissues only. So it comes in the least painful places to get a tattoo because you won’t experience any pain there.

This place is also good to have your private tattoos or if you want to have a tattoo that only your loved one can look as they are only bikini visible. Some parts as the lower abdomen, side abdomen, and belly button are just ideal to get a marvelous tattoo.

7). The Finger

If you get a tattoo on your fingers, it is really going to super visible to everyone and that’s why they really make you looking different in a better way than others.

There are bones near the finger but as the area is very small so you get a small tattoo and that’s why it doesn’t hurt for long. The top finger is a good place to get a tattoo and get appreciated by everyone.

8). Inner Side of the Wrist

Tattoos on this area really look cute adorable. You can have any statement or just any image that suits you very much. Females prefer this more than men and they don’t hurt you any bad.

They are also easy to get and time-savers, so you can get a nice one on one of the least painful places to get a tattoo.

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9). Thighs Area

Anyone can guess that thighs are the least painful places to get a tattoo. You don’t feel much pain in this area, other than this thing comes into the sensual category. People prefer this area to get a private tattoo or if they wish the tattoo to be seen only by their partners.

The nerve density is very low here; also it gives you enough area to get a large one without pain.

10). Hips Area

Mostly artistic tattoo goes here as this place isn’t very visible to others. The hip area includes several fatty layers and this makes them one of the least painful places to get a tattoo.

11). The Area of the Shin

The area between the knee and just above the ankle also falls among the least painful places to get a tattoo. You can choose a vast tattoo or even a cute and small one.

There is not any intense pain here and it really looks lovely and goes well with jeans and shorts.

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