How to Be More Feminine

I am here to share some effective tips on how to be more feminine, so women, get ready to find the perfect methods and apply them in your daily life.

So what does feminine mean, well it’s an art of emphasizing girly features in outside of the body to feel more feminine from inside too.

You can find your answer on how to look more feminine easily if you’re full of attitude, confidence, and know how to implement some ideas naturally in your style to get a more feminine side.

Every woman enjoys being more feminine because it is something that grabs every man’s attention because you are beautiful and charming if you know the art how to be more feminine.

You get several admiration on your style and looks because you always look nice and beautiful to others because of your personality traits and knowledge on how to be more feminine.

So if you want the same traits in your appearance, be ready to follow these 15+ tips on how to be more feminine step-by-step.

How to Be More Feminine

How to Be More Feminine

1. Wear According To Your Body’s Fitting

It is an essential tip on how to be more feminine and perfect looking lady.  You don’t have to force your body to wear something that is not just your fitting.

Always remember, you can achieve good looks even if you avoid those too tight clothes because the tightness is not necessary to enhance your style but the comfort is.

You think that by wearing tight clothes that stick to your body make you look a curvy woman but you’re just wrong because this tightness makes you look weird and not curvy at all.

If you want to look curvy, you have to work on your body’s structure and wearing tight clothes is not an option.

So choose clothes that are just right to your fitting, not too tight and not too loose and you can always take help of a good tailor.

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2. Dresses and Skirts Always Help

To enlighten you on how to be more feminine using dressing, you can start wearing dresses and skirts of several heights from mini to knee length.

These dresses are made in the way that shows off your body and hence gives you a feminine look. Even on any events like in a cocktail, you can always find skirts or short dresses to wear on in colors like black, red or any feminine color.

Also, take care of your comfort and personal choice; do not force yourself to wear just anything to get other’s attention.

3. Use the Correct Body Clothing with Posture

To get the curvy look, you can use your natural body’s curves just by standing in perfect body posture. You can work finely on how to be more feminine by using your female body.

To get a correct body posture, you may prefer clothes that highlight your waist and chest as these are the most attractive parts of a  woman body that help you to look more feminine.

So when you choose clothes that fit in these areas of waist and chest, they make you look curvy.

So always use the tight clothes that make you feel feminine and body posture to look even more feminine. You can also try wearing push-up bras and leggings that enhance your body’s figure.

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4. Accessories Are Great For A Feminine Look

You also need to buy some accessories or add-ons to add a more feminine look with to your appearance. Accessories are not always necessary, but they make you stand out of the crowd.

Adding up things like scarves, bags, hats, bracelets, etc. can help you greatly to enhance your looks in a girly way.

5. Go To Buy Some Jewellery

Jewelries are all made for women to enhance your looks and help you with how to be more feminine.

Every woman loves jewelry, but you have to pick up the right one that suits you and don’t make you look like a burden with your clothing.

These jewelry like pendants, necklaces, chains or rings make you look more attractive and noticeable.

For rings, you can prefer wearing suitable stones like diamonds, ruby, and sapphire. You can have fake stones as well if you are concerned about any zodiac disadvantages.

6. Maintain Your Body Weight

It is as necessary choosing the right clothes, accessories, and jewelry. You have to maintain your body’s structure and weight to look more attractive.

A woman having extra pounds faces several troubles with how to be more feminine than a woman who is slim and sleek.

To achieve a curvy look, you have to maintain the right weight according to your height. So you have to find ways to leave those extra pounds by taking care of our diet and gym routines. A healthy and perfect body always attracts everyone whether it is a man or woman.

7. Don’t Forget To Take A Bath Daily

Hygiene is the most important thing before going to try anything. Everyone notices a woman who is always hygienic and also the unhygienic one.

You want to be more feminine, so you have to be hygienic all the time and taking a bath is a very basic step that you should follow daily and even two times a day.

Make this tip as your number one priority if you want to keep yourself from any disgusting feeling or comments. Enjoy taking shower daily and follow my tips on how to be more feminine.

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8. Prefer Wearing Sexy Undergarments

Your undergarments are not visible to anyone unless you have a night plan with your man. Wearing sexy undergarments will not add any difference in your outer looks, but it will enhance your feelings of being female.

Sexy undergarments are always effective to boost up your feminism from inside and when you feel it inside it automatically goes outside, and everyone sees you as more feminine.

Also, these clothes make you feel confident and sexier than wearing just normal underwear. So take it as a necessary tip to work on how to be more feminine, and you will feel more feminine for sure.

9. Don’t Forget To Add Perfumes

When you use perfumes that are light and pleasant, you feel the aroma whole day and everyone that passes by you.

So don’t forget to apply some subtle perfume on your dress before heading to your office or anywhere else.

You also need to apply the perfume in the right way. A perfume releases its aroma in the most effective way when you apply it on your wrist, behind your ears, on your neck bones, and your back.

10. Learn To Apply Makeup

I am not saying that just pack you as a shop of makeup. But you need to apply light makeup every day and take it as a habit just like you apply lotion every day.

To feel more feminine from inside and outside as well, you need to apply light makeup every day before taking your steps out.

So you can use some nude shades of Eyeshadows, Eyeliners matching with your dress, light shades of lipsticks and mascara as well and you’re good to go with how to be more feminine.

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11. Learn Feminine Walk

Suppose if you’re coming to your man from a distance, then he will notice your way of walk and the way in which you put your steps.

The makeup and other things come after it as no one notices it but your way of walking when you are at a distance.

So try to include a feminine walk and if you already have it, then you are perfect to go. When you walk feminine, you show off all your feminine moves and curve automatically, and your hips move in the way that men can’t resist seeing it.

There are some tips on having a good body posture while walking such as having spine straight, tight shoulders like you are full of energy, elevating your chest, etc.

12. No Need to Be Loud

Always watch your mouth before spitting anything out of it. Your all efforts can go down if you don’t have any idea about using your voice tone and the words coming from your mouth.

For example, if there is a charming lady sitting in a bar, you are impressed with her way of eating, dressing, walking and just everything but how would you feel if she speaks up in a rough and loud tone with some shitty words?

You would get completely off even after getting impressed by her everything and every characteristic. So making noise is just not a thing if charming ladies, but boys do all the time.

So to be more feminine, say no to use harsh words and high voice tones and you if you’re following these steps you are working perfectly on how to be more feminine.

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13. Long Hairs Always Help

Short hairs are a thing of tomboys, so ladies always need to have long hair to be attractive to men.

A woman looks gorgeous in long hairs than shorter or shoulder length hairs. This step is not necessary, but you all know that long hair means more feminine lady.

You are not done with just having long hairs, but you have to care them properly and regularly. You need to keep them clean by using shampoos, conditioners, hair mask, etc. so they are always smelling good and looking shiny.

14. Think About Waxing Regularly

You need to be more feminine, so you need to keep your body clean and out of hairs. The hairless body always attracts everyone to you because it is the sign of femininity.

So if you’re a woman looking to be more feminine, then use the methods to remove hairs regularly every month or in some weeks whenever you feel hairy.

You can use any method like waxing, threading, using razors, cream, epilators, etc. to remove hair from hands, legs, armpits, eyebrows, and nose.

15. Nail Art Is Always Fantastic

It seems a little thing, but it is really effective when you are one with all above-mentioned tips. Doing nail art is in trend these days, and it will always be as it is a feminine trick to make everyone notice you and your nails.

Guys often get surprised when you do a good nail-art, they praise you for your art skills and also the time you give to make your nails beautiful.

Always take care of things like manicure and pedicure to make your hands, palms, and legs beautiful including nails to be an attractive woman.

16. Use Intelligence When Needed

To work rightly on how to be more feminine, you are needed to listen to people more than you speak.  When you listen more, you observe more about the people around, you and then you speak the right thing when needed.

Every man likes this feature of a woman when she avoids speaking necessarily. So be a woman who advises at the right time with the right wordings, so this way you will be saved from digging your grave around others.

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17. Learn the Art of Being Shy

Shyness always belongs to femininity; if a woman is shy, she always attracts men because of the shy acts and soft wordings.

If you want men to be around you, you need to learn to be shy if you are not already. Almost every woman is shy, and it comes naturally, so all you have to do is using this shyness at the right time and in the right way.

Shy girls are always men’s choice because they are feminine and if you know how to be shy then you are covering your journey on how to be more feminine very well.


Every woman wants to be feminine and there a lot of tips and tricks if you want to work on how to be more feminine. By following my tips, you can see changes because these tips on how to be more feminine are really effective to make you look attractive around everyone.

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