Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands

Most Expensive Clothing Brands: Branded clothing doesn’t just represent your style, but it’s a way to represent your status and how many stairs of success you have climbed.

These designers clothes say and reveal a lot about you. When you go for these branded clothes, you show your income level, your place in society, your high style and your tastes.

Just like buying a branded car, most expensive clothing brands are must for those who care for the sophistication that comes with the quality and durability.

Brands allow you to represent your style whether it is classy and sleek, professional, casual, etc. and your wardrobe is a symbol of the trends you expect to wear.

People like celebrities prefer these most expensive fashion brands because quality comes with a price and if you have set your mind on the highest quality fabric than these brands help you a lot.

Also, models use these brands on the runway to show off their brand’s looks and clothing type.

Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands Ever

Most Expensive Clothing Brands

You are here in search of most expensive clothing brands, read here and pick up your preferred one to feel that luxurious comfort from these top 10 clothing brands.

Keep in mind that this list is not according to the ranking, I am putting these brands randomly.

1). Marc Jacobs

When you wear something from brands, you can feel that sparkle in you and the shine on your face. Even accessories from brands make you feel special because these are not the usual things because of their looks and feel against the body.

Marc Jacobs, everyone is aware of this brand’s name these days. But the situation was not same in the beginning as everyone has to make efforts to put their brand on clouds.

Marc Jacobs also did the same; he tried very hard to establish his brand’s name in everyone’s eyes, so it was not an effort of overnight.

The creator of this brand first worked under the creative direction of Louis Vuitton in the year 1997 that continued to 2013. He got listed among 100 most influential people in the world by the Time magazines and later he established his own brand’s name.

Whether it’s for men or women, his collection on the ramp is always like a spring. His thoughts are luxurious and very much lavishing; you also can experience a funky hint in his collection.

His styles include all a perfect color combination, shapes, vertical and horizontal stripes with all length of clothing like knee height and full length.

His looks are not something that can take rest because he always gets a place in celebrities’ wardrobes. You can also experience a timeless addition to his clothing, and his addiction for fashion continues as being one of the most expensive clothing brands.

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2). Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana widely known as D&G requires spending a big amount of money just to get that D&G label on the clothing. It is an Italian fashion company began in the year 1985; the designer who introduces this great fashion brand was Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

These two great humans make the image of the brand to the highest peak in the fashion industry. When you are going for Dolce & Gabbana, there is no doubt that you are going to fill your wardrobe with one of the most expensive clothing brands.

They took very less time to establish their name among the expensive brands by providing really elegant and stylish clothing in Hollywood. Dolce & Gabbana won the entire crowd’s hearts by their collection for actors and actresses that always make them stand out.

This brand also has its collection for accessories and bags with the logo D&G, this way the brand can be easily recognized even to those who are not into braided things. So it’s a perfect brand to show off your passion for preferring the most expensive clothing brands.

Their pieces are always trend setting as you can notice in the D&G 2015 collection which was highly inspired by fantasy like a fairy tale, and hence they organized their walks with models wearing fantasy pieces.

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The famous quote from the brand Armani- Elegance is not about being noticed, but remembered. Armani is the powerful and elegant brand among the most expensive clothing brands.

The name earned his power as the superior fashion brand because of entering the Hollywood and make unforgettable fashion pieces.

This brand has its high profile of clothing that everyone can sense with just a look of their clothes. Clothing of Armani can easily be recognized by the brand’ logo and the impeccable tailoring that give the power to glam.

It is something that Armani excels in, Hollywood’s actresses always get famous wearing these Armani suits like Richard Gere wore the finely tailored Armani suit in the 1980’s American Gigolo.

Armani always provides well-tailored pieces in the luxurious fabrics that balance in both male and female section for its clothing. There are several labels that you can find in the Armani clothing like Armani Privé, Emporio Armani, Armani Collezioni, etc.

Other than the most expensive clothing, it also excels in accessories like world class Perfumes, Leather bags, and glasses and has also stepped in the industry of bars and hotels. Reading All these features of Armani here, decide by yourself for the affordance of your choosing.


Fendi with no doubt falls among the most expensive clothing brands because of its clothing sense that stands apart all the time and easily distinguishable.

Paola Fendi has its own identity that distinguishes the brand’s name and it has always been a winner for the Italian Show. Other than the clothing section, it also specializes in the Bags and Accessories.

It is known for the best luxury clothing brands with the greatest comfort, the fashion industry was begun by Fendi Couple Edoardo & Adele in the year 1925 and it still provides the world’s most lavish clothing experience.

Fendi is widely known for opening the fur atelier. They always introduce new techniques to opt the lighter fur in innovative ways that can be used as clothing. This way they are the king of the fur world because of adopting the abilities to make the fur attires softer and modern.

These fur additions are popular among women, and they always show their love for the Fendi fur clothing.

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This Italian Fashion House was taken in the light by Gianni Versace in the year 1978. The brand is widely known as the most profitable brand for fashion and lifestyle.

The brand has its own identities like using the fur, the embellishments and vivid prints for the glamorous world.

The brand promotes all types of dressing like cocktail dresses and iconic gowns that make this brand the most worthy among women even after being among the most expensive clothing brands.

Dresses fall under the brand HOUSE OF VERSACE always represent a Sexy and dazzling impression because of the shine in those gown and evening dresses that add sparkle in every lady’s eyes for sure.

You can easily notice Elizabeth Hurley wearing that Black Gianni Versace gown from HOUSE OF VERSACE and also Jennifer Lopez cover with the green silk chiffon Versace as the most iconic dress of the house.

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Burberry as being one of the most expensive clothing brands, anyone can easily notice Emma Watson the trending girl advertising the Burberry clothing wearing those fabulous gowns holding a handbag.

The brand got famous after launching the Trench Coat addition in the British Luxury Fashion House. The brand was first initiated in 1961 by Audrey Hepburn.

Burberry is a never ending fashion studio because of its modern styles and royal looking clothing additions.

When it comes to Burberry, it means innovation and the brand have always been an inspiration for its limitless knowledge for fashion that has established its empire in the US states.

There are some famous fashion names such as Burberry Prorsum, Burberry London, and Brit that anyone looking for most expensive clothing brands should not miss wearing one piece from Burberry.

It is also famous for its custom line that allows people to create their own designs and choose their trench coat line. It is rarely a high-end clothing brand which goes very smoothly against your skin, so look for the latest collection of Burberry and take your choice for brands.

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It is an excellent brand in the queues of the most expensive clothing brands. It has created its awesome looking clothing sense, and that’s why it is different from others. The brand Ralph Lauren gives you the reason to stand out of the crowd.

Anyone who is a fan of luxurious and classy clothing may prefer wearing Ralph Lauren if this is in your budget. The dressing sense allows you to express yourself freely, consistent and stylish.

The logo represents the man Ralph Lauren that always loved the idea to live freely and do what you want in life. Wearing this brand hints everyone that you are living the life you want with all the luxury and classy style.

There are a few branch outs for the brand Ralph Lauren, so you can identify the tags like Club Monaco, Polo, Purple Label, Lauren & Lauren Jeans, etc.

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Thierry Hermes was the inventor of this luxurious French Fashion brand in the year 1837. The fashion has completed over 176 years, and by gaining all these years of experience, the brand serves as the best-branded fashion clothing.

Just like the win, the fashion brands get polishes with them by earning the priceless experience and prodding the precious quality and looks.

Kelly bags and Silk Scarves were the first collections from the Hermes, and they started with small production to ensure the quality fabric.

Later, Hermes entered in the field of providing men and women accessories like Belts, Sports Wear and also the complete home addition like Bed & Bath Linens, Furniture, and home accessories.

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Gucci is a brand that every single person knows whether he is into branded things or not. Gucci is the famous one for all the events in Hollywood and red carpets.

This amazing fashion brand was established in 1921 by the creator Guccio Gucci. At that time, the company was identified for the Leather Goods, and later it stepped into the fashion industry with clothing and other add-ons as well.

After Guccio, his son Aldo Gucci took place and handled the responsibility better to take Gucci to the rights in 1940, and you can see now how Gucci is rocking among the most expensive clothing brands.

The first bag named as the “Bamboo Bag” in the Gucci Empire and then by the great contribution of American Designer Tom Ford, Gucci’s fate was changed forever and completely, and today it’s known as the most dreamed brand.

If you also dream to have an outfit from their brand, you have to set a minimum expenditure of $2,000.  Some famous Gucci groups are Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint Laurent, Sergio Rossi, Stella McCartney, etc.

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There is no one like LOUIS VUITTON in the most expensive clothing brands. It is a legend and is famous for its leather work for clothing shoes and accessories.

It is famous for its lifestyle products like a trench coat, dresses, shoes, watches, sunglasses, jewelry and other huge collection that never ends.

LOUIS VUITTON is a brand that produces its addition for every single season every year, so they always bring fresh costumes, and you can see celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Jessica Parker and others waiting and promoting LOUIS VUITTON because of the brand’s brilliance.

Louis is always famous for its Iconic bags and has also brought travel accessories. These all things make it incomparable to any brand, and its designs always capture every brand lover’s eyes.

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Everyone on this planet wants a dress and clothing sense that stands out him. These most expensive clothing brands can be your step to achieve your desire to get noticed and remembered for your amazing choices.

Branded clothing takes great bucks than the normal clothing because they have the excellence and the quality of fabric that makes you look unique in the best way.

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