Cute Things To Draw For Your Boyfriend

Cute things to draw for your boyfriend are a great idea when you want to surprise him with your drawing skills that represent the love between you.

Even if you’re not the master in arts that doesn’t mean that you can’t go for cute or romantic drawings for boyfriend.

When you want to show your love and affection through some art or paintings, then cute drawings for him will make him fall for you again.

If you draw some cute paintings that represent your love for him, he is going to adore it very much. If you apply the thoughts carefully, he will accept your paintings gladly even if these are cute.

Now you might be thinking that what are some cute things to draw for your boyfriend and when would you find them?

Well, I’m here to solve your bizarre by bringing you several romantic and cute things to draw for your boyfriend that are all unique.

So these pictures are the perfect treasure that you can draw for him to offer him a really good surprise with a good piece of art.

Cute Things to Draw For Your Boyfriend

Be ready to send him a note with any of these drawings mentioned here and let your love and interest grow for each other.

1). Draw Love Doodles

Love Doodles

Loves doodle is a really easy thing to draw and show your love by just using your pencil’s nib finely. There is no end for love doodles, and so they are always unique and famous among love coupes.

You can draw any of your choice or just numerous on a piece of paper and let your boyfriend know your romance level.

These doodles can be anything like drawing a love shape, cupcake, guitar, ice cream, hearts, and arrows or just some love texts.

So search for love doodles and pick up your favorite kind to draw. These are simple shapes, so they don’t take up much time, and everyone can try these cute things to draw for your boyfriend.

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2). Know His Taste and Draw Accordingly

If you have good art skills, then I assume that you can draw almost anything, right? So all you have to do is getting to know his taste and his choices.

Like every guy is a fan of guitar, some like acoustic and some go with the electric types. If he is in the sports things, then you can also draw some items of his favorite sports like baseball, football, etc.

If he is passionate about bikes and cars, then go with drawing some outlines for his favorite brand of car and bike, or draw a helmet.

If he is into traveling then camping tents, bonfire, barbecue can be his things, and these will be really cute things to draw for your boyfriend.

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3). Go With the Calligraphy


Every single person on the earth is a fan of music, the choices are different, but no one can say “no” to music.

If you think that your boyfriend is a great fan of musical things, then you can find his favorite song at that time and just use its lyrics.

You have to use your calligraphy skills to make it look attractive and make him impressed. So all you need is a calligraphy pen or marker and his choice of band or song.

Now take a paper and use your decorative writing skills, you can also use the band’s logo and some musical signs to make it more appealing.

You can also use this piece of text in different forms using customizing services like on a pillow, as wallpaper in his home, on the light bulb near his bed, etc.

Go with this idea if you have good calligraphy skills and make this one from these cute things to draw for your boyfriend.

4). Draw Pets If He Is a Pet Lover


This idea of cute things to draw for your boyfriend is the perfect one if he’s a pet lover or has a great love for animals.

You can amaze him by drawing his favorite pet or the animal he feels the greatest love for. If you start drawing from the outline, these sketches can be really easy to take shapes.

Dog and puppies are the cutest animals to draw, or you can have a dog’s paws on your paper as and write some loving lines on it and gift him this image full of emotions and cuteness.

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5). Kissing Bunny

Kissing Bunny

It is also the one that is most adorable when you think about cute things to draw for your boyfriend. These scratches look amazing when you pick up the bright colors and shades as it makes the cuteness visible and it’s like an emboss effect.

So try using light yellow, sky blue, gray, pink, etc. to make the cuteness vibrant and gift him these paintings to hunt him about your feelings.

You can scratch two bunnies kissing each other and some green grass around them. Fill them with light colors as I discussed and just see his expressions after seeing these adorable pieces.

6). Animals in Love

Animals in Love

You can also drag your favorite animals showing love to each other or some love birds that are making love.

You need to use bright colors for all these animals and birds to show their best appearances. You can also draw a sketch on tiger and tigress making love just like you see in those animated movies.

For another great piece of art, you can go with playful birds like parrot, sparrows, doves or just any birds in love.

In small creatures, a pair of butterflies can be an amazing choice to sketch. So put them on your paper like flocking together and add some loving text near the scratch.

Penguins, zebras, pandas are great too as they will be very cute things to draw for your boyfriend.

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7). Pick His Favorite Cartoon Characters

Cartoon Characters

Other than all these cute things to draw for your boyfriend that are pet animals and birds, you can also go with his favorite cartoon characters or something from anime.

These cartoon characters can make a darling scratch that you can gift him with some love staying or just those three words “I love you.”

It can be something like from the TV show Toradora, lovely complex or from any romantic anime tale that your boyfriend feels love for.

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8). Robot Love

Robot Love

It’s not necessary to stick just with birds, pets, and animals. If he is interested in robotic things, then scathing the robots in love is the perfect idea to present him with these cute things to draw for your boyfriend.

Just prepare your paper and sketches of any light color of your choice and draw two cute looking small sized robots with big eyes and a cute smile.

Take it as a theme where one proposes other with a red rose and make some hearts on their dresses and in the air as well.

9). Holding Hands

Holding Hands

It feels a simple scratch but can be a valuable one if you add some love quotes with the art.  You can make it colorless with the help of a pencil.

You need to draw two hands holding together and a sweet love quote at the end of the sketch.

To make it realistic, you have to focus on the beauty of hands, so you have to use some very good drawing skills for making these holding hands in the category of cute things to draw for your boyfriend.

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10). Mickeys Together

Mickeys Together

This one is going to be one extra cute from all these cute things to draw for your boyfriend. Not only your boyfriend, but you would also love this while drawing for him.

Mickeys re everyone’s favorite from childhood to adult age, so when you give to extreme cute drawing to him, he is going to feel like on cloud nine.

To get the best effects, don’t use a white paper and take a light yellow sheet where you can draw two mickeys with black nose, eyes, and ears.

Draw one of these like kissing another on the cheek and then add some red hearts around and present this super cool sketch to him.

11). Kissing Cheeks

Kissing Cheeks

If you are in search of some romantic drawings for boyfriend, then start drawing a lovely couple and imagine you and your boyfriend together.

In this sketch, create him with an emo hairstyle and his girlfriend kissing his cheeks. It doesn’t need to be colorful as it can give the best look even in white and black shades. If you don’t like the idea of kissing on cheeks, then man kissing on his girl’s forehead.

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12). A Star and a Heart

A Star and a Heart

Imagine him like he is a star and you are in the shape of a heart. This drawing is very simple yet falls in cute things to draw for your boyfriend.

You need to take one white sheet and first make outlines in the shape of star and heart with two legs and hands.

Fill in the heart using the yellow sketch leaving all the parts black as legs, hands, eyes and the smile. Do the same outlining for the heart and fill it with the shade of red and leave all other body parts black.

You can draw these like coming to hug each other and decorate the remaining space with two or more quotes.

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13). Pikachu Together

Pikachu Together

If Pokémon is his favorite types of anime series, then you can present him a cute drawing of two Pikachu kissing on cheeks.  You can draw it using yellow and red scratches in the same shade as you see in the Pokémon series.

Else you can also draw using black pencil on a white sheet, just draw the outlines of the body and start filling with eyes, ears, triangle shaped mouth, and that one circle on the cheek with black color and leave the rest as it is.

Make one small white circle just near the sides of eyes to give your Pikachu two perfect eyes.

14). Cone and Filling

Cone and Filling

Imagine an empty ice cream cone on a paper colored with the light brown shade just like the regular ice cream cones.

Now all you should add is the cream filling and fill it with your favorite color like pink if you love strawberry flavor or any of your choice.

After coloring these two objects on the paper, make two eyes and a smile on each of them and write any love quote or words of your choice.

You can also apply the idea of burger and fries together instead of the ice cream cone and filling, fill it with the colors as you regularly see and make eyes and smiles with some nice quotes.

15). Love Tree

 Love Tree

If you like to express your love on the branches of a tree, then go with the tree sketch from these cute things to draw for your boyfriend.

It is actually very simple to draw; all you have to do is make the outlines of the roots and the branches.

Make it with just black sketch color and desire the holy tree with small hearts, some filled with red and some are colorless with just outlines and hand over this master piece to him with a quote at the bottom.

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16). Love Drawing

Love Drawing

In this one, you need to draw a heart but broken into two parts and draw and two persons on both sides of the heart. Show your sketch like you both are putting efforts to bring the two broken parts of the heart together.

Make this sketch in three or four sections, and in the last section, you both successfully put the broken heart together and make it complete and hug each other.


There are several cute things to draw for your boyfriend that you can choose from this list of cute things to draw for your boyfriend. These sketches are adorable and time-saving too, so start gathering your colorful pen, papers, and drawing skills.

Choose his favorite types from these cute drawings and be ready to see his surprised face and all the best with those lovely expressions of him.

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