Love Quotes for Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Love quotes for your boyfriend: Love never forces someone to care or sacrifice something. It never even demands of anything and never even makes someone sad.

It is just the people who iterate the feeling of love in a very different way. Sometimes things go this much complicated that finally it results in the separation. That just happens because we lake communication as well as efforts to make them stay in our life.

But if we try even a little bit then we can make our love story the best out of the rest. It just takes two minutes to say to your partner that he or she is looking incredible, and the result is their smile.

Life is too short to waste it in fighting so better utilize each second in spreading love and affection.

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You can dedicate some love quotes for your boyfriend while he is doing so much to keep you happy.

Instead of buying expensive products for him you can share some candid moments of love by starting your day with some love quotes for your boyfriend.

There are various love quotes listed out here to dedicate to your boyfriend and your girlfriend. Just a little words of love from you can make someone’s day. And the benefit is all yours because you are the reason for this smile.

I saw many times some boyfriend or girlfriend always start his day to say best love wishes to his and her, that’s why inside this post I cover both type best quotes like love quotes for your girlfriend or love quotes for your boyfriend. if you are girl then you can check love quotes for your boyfriend, if you are boy then you find here some very good payless awesome love quotes for your girlfriend.

If you are girl then you can check love quotes for your boyfriend, if you are boy then you find here some very good payless awesome love quotes for your girlfriend.

Love Quotes for Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

1). No sense for my life without you, hence I decided to be with you forever.

2). I would like to travel along with you forever.

3). I feel it is a perfect life when I am with you.

4). I feel much confident when you besides with me.

5). I feel more happy when you say “take care” the word itself shows me how much you love me !!

6). Before I go to sleep I wait for your “good night” message.

7). It is very difficult to describe my love on you, to know you must hear from my heart.

8). The days will passes without notice of day and night; I wish it should continue forever!!

9). You are away from me but still our relationship is strong and become stronger, I miss you darling!!

10). I wish you hold my heart forever.

11). No reason why I love you, I wish this relationship should long last forever and ever.

12). No need of understanding how our love works out to be continue as partners!!

13). I promise my love on you is an endless!!

14). No doubt I feel for you from my heart, soul and mind!!

15). I feel to irritate you when you are busy hehehee.

16). Though you annoy me the more I feel to be closer to you, understand my love!!

17). in the sunset time I feel to come and hold you from the back and peep into your work and make disturb you !!

18). My thoughts never change as you be my each and everything !!

19). You are my world, nothing or no one will interrupt us !!

20). I fixed my mind that you are my life partner, ever since the day I saw you 11

21). I swear that I will be according to your will and wish !!

22). those words when I read “no one can love you this much” yes the same I feel now for you darling !!

23). I feel empty when you are not with me !!

24). Now I believe that “God has special plans for us” and that is you for me !! thanks to God.

25). People think I am mad when I smile / laugh myself when I remember your sweet romantic words.

26). I feel we both are on the flying carpet and flying to the beautiful world where love drizzle like pearls drizzle.

27). I feel weightless and with full of emotions when I am with you.

28). My dear prince I feel like fall in love with you again and again.

29). Last Valentine’s Day is the every forgettable day in my life, still I feel fresh that till to date.

30). What gift can I give you other than my heart on this Valentine’s Day?

1). Cute Love Quotes for Girlfriend

If you are not the one who listens to many songs, then you can go for the cute love quotes for your girlfriend.

It can be something about the memory that you two share or something that you like the most about her.

If she is the one for you, then you should not leave any stone unturned for her whether it is your emotional forte or something other. You should always make her feel special whether it is your words or your actions.

When it comes to dedicating something to her, then you can go for the cute love quotes without even giving a second thought. Even the worst fight can be sorted out by these little efforts from you.

All you need to do is just grab her hand, hold her tight and say these beautiful lines by staring in her eyes.

You can quote something like you are the second most beautiful person on the earth, first is the smiling you.

2). Cute Love Quotes for your Boyfriend

It is not necessary that only boys should make efforts to woo their girls. Sometimes it should be a both ways effort.

Every relationship requires these small efforts by both the guy and the girl. A relationship can never sustain so long without the much-required efforts from both the partners.

If he is buying the flowers for you, then you can get him crazy by your words. This is the time when you can go for the love quotes for your boyfriend.

He understands that you can not afford many luxuries to him, but you can, at least, provide some words for him. If you have not done it till now, then it is the time to do it now for sure. Show him some love and get the same in return.

Bellow Inside this section we cover some very cute love quotes for your boyfriend, hope you also like these give love quotes.

Try out the quotes like “if all men are prince then am glad am with the king”.

3). Short Cute Love Quotes for your Boyfriend

Bored with those long letters of appreciation and affection to dedicate someone you love?

Do you really want to try out something amazing and marvelous that can refresh your relationship then girl get up and search out for some great short cute love quotes for your boyfriend to get that spark back in your life?

If a small pinch of love can make your life amazing, then imagine what these efforts would do to your love life.

Short cute love quotes can be something like “you are the one”, or it can be something like “you are the reason of my smile”.

Place these love quotes for your boyfriend strategically in your bedroom and then check out his expressions while finding them accidently. The curve of his lips would not leave smiling until the next surprise from you.

4). Cute Love Quotes to tell your Boyfriend

Love is a name of the feeling which can not be judged. It is the feeling which can only be felt without even thinking twice.

It is the feeling which teaches us the real meaning of sacrifice and care. If you haven’t fallen in love yet, then this is the time to go through the most amazing part of your life.

And if you already in love with someone then this is the time to show them how much you love them and especially girls.

Instead of fighting with him and telling him something that he doesn’t want to listen try to say something which is only meant for him.

You can choose the cute love quotes to tell him that how much special he is for you. Life is too short to love and express the love so do not waste your time to do it now.

You can tell him that “I have never dreamt of Mr. Right, but I guess I have already met him in reality.

5). Cute Love sayings for your Boyfriend

Those were the days when people used to share their incredible experience about love, and they became sayings later on.

Those were the days when Pablo Picasso used to feel the love and paint it down, and William Shakespeare used to write thousands of words in praise of the feeling called love.

But now the society has become modern. People do not even have time for the love. Relationships are just meant to be staying together only for these days. Women are considered to be getting more and more demanding these days.

But now it is the time to change the stereotype and put some effort by dedicating cute love sayings for your boyfriend. You just have to quote what others have already said, and he’ll be all yours.

You can choose the cheesy lines like “if love is a fire then I want to get burnt”, “people fall in love, but I have risen in love”.

6). Cute Relationship love Quotes for your Boyfriend

A relationship is always a two-tier system. When one fails, the other one can not survive. So one should always care for the other one.

Neither male nor female can alone pull off the cart of their life. The little efforts from each other can always make one relationship healthy and beautiful. The beauty a relationship always lies in caring and sacrificing for each other.

This effort can be comprised of dedicating some cute relationship love quotes for your boyfriend.

Naturally, he also deserves some love from you. You can pick the quotes cited by some others, or you can create something on your own too.

It can be the moment you guys cherish or some line of a song that you both love a lot.

You can go for the quotes for your relationship like “my daddy took care of me like a princess, but it seems like am the queen for someone.

7). Cute, Funny Love Quotes for your Boyfriend

Boys like or should I say love those girls who are a combination of beauty with brain.

A good sense of humor always grabs attention from many people. And when you have a great sense of humor then why not utilize it in making your guy smile.

It should not be a rule that it is always him who put lots and lots of efforts for you. Try to step into his shoes and feel what it is like to be like him.

Shower your love in form of cute, funny love quotes for your boyfriend.

He would feel delightful by seeing you going crazy for him. Just behave utterly ridiculous and childish. Your stupidities would even look cute with him.

You can even pull his cheeks, dance crazy and write some funny quotes here and there to make him smile all day.

It is so simple to make your guy smile by the quotes like “men are dogs, but you are the true one.

8). Funny Love Quotes for your Girlfriend

It is said about a girl that she looks, even more, beautiful while smiling. So why not you become the reason for her smile. And why only smile, let’s make her laugh out loud.

Cause happy girls are the prettiest. You love her, and she knows it, but you should also show it to her time to time just to let her know that she is the only one for you. And you can go to any extent to make her smile.

Don’t go for the entire funny story to narrate her just pick some funny lines such as funny quotes to make her smile. A smile from your girl can make your day. Just quote her something hilarious that can blow her mind completely.

You can make her laugh by “am so jealous of you, how can someone get a partner like me.

Everyone need love in his life, I think without love, life is not possible.

If you are in love with someone else and you want to share best wishes then this post having all best stuff for you which you can share with your partner..

Hope you are enjoying this article love quotes for your boyfriend or love quotes for your girlfriend also like given stuff.

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