32 Quotes for boyfriend to Express Your Love & Feelings

Want to express your love and feelings to your boyfriend but don’t find right words? Looking for Quotes for boyfriend? I know your answer is yes. Since it happen with many girls. They feel blank when they are with their boyfriend.

That’s why today I am going to share 32 cute and love boyfriend quotes to help you in expressing your feelings.

Quotes for boyfriend to Express Your Love & Feelings

So here we go. Let’s get started to checkout this amazing collection of cute quotes for boyfriends and send one quote which you think best match to your current heart feeling.

1). Dear Love, Today morning is very beautiful. Since today I am realised how special you are for me! Good Morning!

It is Perfect quote for boyfriend to send in morning to tell him how special he is for you.

2). I am feeling at top of sky. This feeling is very amazing. I never feel like same before this time. I am very thankful from my bottom of heart to God to send an amazing person like you.

Feeling something that you never experience then send this love quote to him

3). I know things have been ruined between us, it happened due to my confusion since as day by day you are making rich, I started feeling like I started to love because you are getting richer but today I felt no it was not your money. It was you whom I love.

If it suits your condition only send, otherwise it doesn’t make any sense for you.

4). People broke after breakup and I am feeling like new born baby since I realised today how much I love you and yes, I love you truly. My love, I want to say. I love you today. I loved you yesterday and I will love you forever.

If you recently broke up with him and but realizing how special he are for you. You can send this quote to him.

5). New relation has begun my darling. Let’s feel me your lips, your touch, your cheeks and everything.

Another very romantic quote for boyfriend, Hurry up and send this now.

6). I am not fear  to lose you since today I decide, I will spend every moment with you, actually it was not decided by me, it was decided by my heart. I love you so much.

7). Honey, I miss your cute smile. When you make naughty face just to make me smile, I fall in love you again with you.

Very cute quote for your boyfriend, send this right now without any delay.

8). Good Morning My Love, I want to hug you tightly but you are not hear. So I am closing my eyes and feeling you in my arms. Do same once you receive this message. It feels like I am in heaven with you.

9). I never meet a person like you. You are really amazing, loving and caring.

10). I can spend my whole life with you since I started to love you mora than me.

11). I want to hug you tightly. Yes, I am doing this. I am feeling you are kissing at my back. Umm it’s feel like heaven.

12). My love, I am eagerly waiting for you. Just come back into my life, hug me tightly and tell to my heart.  You also want to spend whole life with me.

13). I like to wear your clothes because it makes me feel very close to you. I love you darling.

14). When we meet first day, I am quite surprising to see your behavior because you were very different from others. I love the way you live the life.  Yes, I still remember our first meeting.

15). When you message me first time, I feel like my love is messaging to me. Yes, I feel this into very first time. Actually my heart feels this.

16). It doesn’t matter how much time we have spent together every time when you smile, it kills me and I am fall in love with you.

17). I want to wake up in your arms every morning. You make my life beautiful.

18). Love has been reached on the new height now, Yes, I am waiting for that day when you will came to meet me and hug me tightly, kiss my lips.

19). I miss all those nights which I spend together. And I am eagerly waiting for next night which we will spend together. Yes, I have some amazing ideas to make that night more special.

20). Dear love, Good Morning, Wake up and say You love me so much, Yes I am dying to listen those three magical words.

21). I never thought I will meet such an amazing person into my life. You are my life. Yes, I can do anything for you. If you call me selfish then it’s okay. Yes I am but only for you.

22). Come and lay into my lap and let me feel kiss you 20 times. Yes, I want to kiss your pinky lips and play with your beautiful hairs.

23). How is my little naughty! I am missing your touch babe. I love you lot. And I know you also do.

24). You are the only person which make me feel very happy, amazing and special. I hope I will be in same your life.

25). I will do everything for you. I will make those naughty faces for you. I will send funny jokes and yes love messages every day. I know for you now I am friend, but I promise myself today I will help you to know you feel me more for me. I love you so much my darling.

If he don’t know his feeling then you can send this message to him as a reminder to tell him you are going to make all your efforts for him. It can be one of best cute quotes for boyfriend if you are in same situation.

26). Wake up darling! I am dying to see your cute sweet and naughty smile.

It is one of cute good morning quotes for boyfriend. So why are you waiting girls, send this and tell him about his cute smile.

27). Have an amazing day to my Love!

28). I pray God will full fill your all wishes.

29). Today feeling is very amazing, I can’t express in words so come and let me hug you and feel you and show my feelings to you.

30). The way you love me, It is always new. I feel always it is first day we are spending together.

31). I know I don’t need to say you, you can feel what I want to say to you.

32). Yes, I love to say daily I love you so much My Love. Ummmaaahhhh

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Now, I have reached at the end of the article. All quotes for boyfriend are written from my heart. Internet is full from messages collection which you can send to your friend but most are copy past.

But this collection is unique and written from my bottom of heart. I hope you girls will love these boyfriend quotes collection. And Love to send to him to feel him amazing and special.

Keep visiting to get more unique quotes for boyfriend, I will update this list soon.

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