101 I Love You Quotes with Images to Express your Love

I Love You Quotes with Images: Saying I love you to anyone, who have a special place in your heart may require courage because these feelings are deep and strong to be expressed by voice. The feeling of love is just felt in hearts. It is one of the most amazing feeling a person can experience and share with everyone he/she loves. You can share ‘I Love Your Quotes’ with the person you love the most.

I Love You Quotes With Images

Here is the best collection of latest ‘I Love You Quotes’ for you:-

1). I Love You Quotes for Him

He has always stood by your side making things fall into the right order. Be there for him and share the love. Send this quotes which talk about love and its beauty. Words indeed work to keep the fire alive. If you feel that he is disconnected then share a thought which makes him revive the hidden love. Send him I love you quotes to target his heart. Sometimes words are enough to please your partner.

2). I Love You Quotes for Her

She is sensitive and vulnerable when anything major happens. You need to surround her in your love nest. Share a wonderful quote on ‘Love’ each day to keep her heartbeat for you. The spark in every relationship should be charged time to time. You words would work as the perfect source for this task. I love quotes can be sent to make your partner realise how much you care for her and her emotions.

3). I Love You So Much Quotes

Love has no limit. If you are in love with someone then express it at the right moment. Use words as your weapon to attract the other person. There are numerous I love you quotes which can be sent to your precious one as an adorable gesture. It would surely bring a smile on their face. Love can be expressed to friends and family as well. Tell them how much you love them through the use of these quotes.

4). Funny I Love You Quotes

There are numerous ways to express your love for someone. Keep it a fun and interesting way to share your heart with the one you love. Send them funny I love you quotes which would work to lighten the partner’s mood. There are humour-filled love quotes which can be sent to your loved one to illuminate their soul. This is a two-way weapon which would bring a laughter wrapped in admiration. Use funny love quotes wisely.

5). Why I Love You Quotes

Haven’t said it to him/her yet? Feeling shy to express? Share your love through effective I love you quotes. Do not hesitate now as time is precious. Tell your precious one why you love them. Let them feel the magic every time you send a magical quote. Emotions shouldn’t be curbed, but should be transferred. Let love flow through your words framed in those quotes. Be it morning or night time, drop a wonderful quote to your admired one.

6). I Fell in Love with You Quotes

Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? Do you feel the rush when he/she passes by? Do not hold these feelings but spill it out. Tell them how you have fallen for them. There are numerous I love you quotes that will help you confess your true feelings. Love is a magical thing which should be celebrated. Select sensible words which work instantly to charm that person within seconds after reading.

7). I Still Love You Quotes

There are moments when things go against your relationships. Busy schedule surrounds you or minor clashes spoil your day. Send your partner with I love you quotes that hold the message of togetherness.  Make them realise that love never ends but a push is required to revive it again. Words are very powerful and can work in your favour to tell him/her that you still love them. An evening love quote would fix their mood surely.

8). How Much I Love You Quotes

There are times when you might feel a great push inside, that is the time you should send I love you quotes to your precious one. Let them know how much you love them through such powerful quotes. Make the best use of words in order to bring your loved one close. Ignite the fire in their heart by expressing your love through spell-binding quotes. Make their morning special by dropping one such quote.

9). I will always Love You Quotes

Make your partner feel special by making her realise that love won’t be hindered with time. Surprise him/her with I love you quotes during the day. Share your heart by sending a lovely quote that tells your partner about the intensity of your affection. You will always love them and stay with them- transfer this thought using the power of words. Such an act would surely make them happy and strengthen the bond to complete the journey of life.

10). In Love with You Quotes

People might falter when it comes to realising that warm feeling in the heart. Are you in love with someone? If yes, then don’t waste time and send them I love you quotes to express this feeling. Utilise the morning time and send them a perfect love quote which reveals your affection towards that person. This is a beautiful feeling which shouldn’t be contained. Search wonderful quotes which can help you in this quest for love.

11). I Love You Mom Quotes

How many times have you told your mother that you love her? We live in the same house but never appreciate her care and concern. This is the time to tell your mom how much you really love her. Drop I love quotes for mother that can help you express your feelings for the lady who has strived all these years to take care of you. Words which are kind and connecting should be chosen so that a smile automatically comes on your mother’s face.

12). I Love You like Quotes

There are times when you compare your love with something that is valuable and precious in the world. Give a proper definition to your love by sharing I love you quotes which are strong and powerful. You love them like the moon or the stars- tell this to them using words as a source. There are several wonderful love quotes which contain such impressive words. Drench yourself in this beautiful feeling which would make you and your partner travel a different dimension where love dominates.

13). I Love You Forever Quotes

If you don’t express then how would love flourish? Your partner might be low or stressed and require your support. Be the healer in their life and make them understand that you love them forever. Send precious words through Ilove you quotes which can prove very useful to bring them back to your shell of affection. A pretty quote sent during the day would surely bring a big smile on their face. Don’t think, act it out today!

14). I Love You Son Quotes

Children are the brightest source of happiness in every family. When was the last time you told your son that you love him? With age the love gets locked between parents and children. Revive the lost feel by sharing magical I love quotes to your son which makes him realise that you have always showered your care and concern for him. Such an act would help to strengthen the bond. Words indeed hold the power to do wonders.

15). I M Sorry I Love You Quotes

Have you done a mistake and need to apologise for it? Is your loved one sad because of you? Fix this issue by sending I love you quotes which are draped in apology. Tell your partner that you are sorry for your deed but love is a constant feeling. Make them relax by sending thoughtful love quotes. Even if they are angry, they would require your presence to heal the wound. Drop words of affection in the morning or at night when they are at ease.

16). I Love You Sister Quotes

The bond between siblings is special and extraordinary. Make your sister realize how much you love her by sending surprise I love you quotes. They might be funny, caring or deep. The thought should be direct and connecting in those quotes. No matter how much you fight with her or tease her, she is your secret keeper. Appreciate her presence by telling her how much you love her. There are some very inspiring and effective quotes for sisters which can do magic.

Final Say

Love is a special feeling and must be expressed in a special way. Sending I Love you quotes is the best way to express the feeling of love for just any special person in your life. You can send I love you quotes to your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, father, kids, or any other person, who is really special for you. Make them feel special by sending them the best I love you quote.