Whatsapp Status Ideas (Funny, Cool & Short)

Whatsapp Status Ideas: Today I am going to share cool and funny WhatsApp status ideas for Whatsapp lover.

You will love these ideas. And will surely implement also.

Let me start with no time.

Have you ever tried to imagine your life without your cell phone? Even the thought of this scars you out.

If your cell phone gets lost then your life seems like a desert, completely empty. Continuous facebook chats, WhatsApp updates and all time earphones in your ears is your daily routine now.

Whatsapp is the new app which is favorites of many people these days.  Whatsapp is really helpful and it is very much user-friendly too.

Whatsapp is an app which provides the facility of chatting with many friends very fast an easily.

It also provides the utility of media exchange, be it images, videos, audios, contacts or someone’s location.

You can share any type of media with your friends through WhatsApp.  You can talk to many people by creating group of up to hundred people.

And by the latest facility provided you can also make calls through WhatsApp which is absolutely free.

Hundreds of emoticons on WhatsApp gives you another way to express your emotions.

When WhatsApp gives you this much ease of access then it should be keeps on updating time to time.

Your display picture on WhatsApp reflects the glimpse of your personality whereas the status of your WhatsApp is seen as your current situation these days.

If people owe this much to your WhatsApp updates then you should always keeps on updating your situation on WhatsApp.

And for this you need some great Whatsapp status ideas. These statuses can be cool or funny or short enough to tell people that whats you are up to.

Whatsapp Status Ideas

Here are some amazing and cool WhatsApp status ideas for your WhatsApp updates. These short WhatsApp status ideas will be great for you to try.

1). Funny Whatsapp Status Ideas

Show the funny side of yours to your friends. Put some short jokes or crazy one liner as your WhatsApp status.

Such statuses are something that people love to read out. Give people a chance to take some time out and smile. It is good to be the reason of someone’s smile. There will be at least that one person in your contact list who will take some time out to read out your funny Whatsapp status and it will put a smile on his face.

You can put the crazy funny emoticons as your WhatsApp status too.  Get over that seriousness in your life and do something different this time.are doing want knowledgeable advice!!

Here we go:

1). I’m not lazy, I’m on sleepy mode 🙂

2). I like my day when I am on leave 🙂

3). Hey guys WhatsApp is using me !!

4). Drink beer to save water 🙂

5). Don’t read my status, read something news

6). I’m just allergic to “Good morning” status on Monday

7). Doing nothing is hard to do, which has never end

8). After my death what will be my “WhatsApp status”

9). I wonder what happens if Doctor’s wife eats apple a day

10). I’m awesome but cares it !!

11). The great thing I learned from my college is texting without looking 

12). I steal your heart and you steal mine 🙂

2). Emotional WhatsApp Status Ideas

Whatever you are feeling right now you can express it all through your WhatsApp status.

If you wish then you can elaborate it in a line or you can simply write a short WhatsApp status.

For example if you are feeling angry about something then am sure you would not like to elaborate it then you can simply write ‘feeling angry’ for this.

If you are feelings happy or excited for something then you can elaborate it completely in your WhatsApp ideas.

Whatever you are feeling you can say it all without even saying a word through the WhatsApp status of yours. If you had a fight with someone you love then this is the best thing to show your anger without even saying a word to them.

Here are some example of emotional WhatsApp status ideas.

1). You never understand things until you experience it

2). You never known the value of the people until you loss them

3). Silence is the loudest scream

4). Love the people who hates you

5). Don’t try to hurt the people who gives you more priority

6). Never say good bye to the people who helps you in your need

7). Mom it is difficult to live without you

8). I hear my heart beat when I listen to your phone call

9). You are my first love and unable to forget you a moment

10). No love no pain

11). Don’t think others life is as smooth as yours

12). The gap between us never makes me apart

Whatever you are feeling right now you can express it a

3). Cool WhatsApp Status Ideas

For some cool and funky WhatsApp status, you can show off the other side of you. Show off some attitude.

You can put some classy one liners for the cool WhatsApp status ideas. You can also go for the smiley with a Google on and you can compliment it with the amazing WhatsApp display picture.

A cool WhatsApp status is that which displays positive side of yours by using fewer words. It shows your outlook to the worst situation and also your idea of living.

You can also go for some short and classy lines as your cool Whatsapp statuses. Hot is the past it is time to be cool now.

1). Silent people have the loudest minds

2). Sometimes it is better to be alone rather in a crowd

3). Doubts will kill our dreams

4). Win the race with confident

5). Your strong prayers may hear by God

6). No doubt you are a successful person

7). You can see miracles tomorrow

8). Treat failures are steps to reach our goals

9). Judge others but judge yourself before

10). Sometimes silence is the best answer

4). Short WhatsApp Status Ideas

Short WhatsApp status ideas are the best way to express that what you are up to right now.

Whatsapp already provides you some of the statuses which can be used time to time if you are in no mood to put some new status. You can use available when you are free to talk to anyone. You can busy when you are too much work load and you are using WhatsApp very less.

Also you can use the ‘at work’ or ‘at college’ status to let everybody know that you are up to something important.

These WhatsApp status ideas save your time from typing anything extra than required. If you are in a hurry then you can put them as your WhatsApp status.

Such WhatsApp status saves a lot of time of yours, the time you save from receiving the unwanted calls can be utilized somewhere else and by putting such status nobody will going to disturb you anymore.

1). Dear heart don’t fall into love, you get pain

2). I disappointed because of you

3). I miss you forever

4). It is just undigested word that you leave me

5). My fear is to lose you

6). Our life is our harms

7). Igo cuts love

8). You are my as equivalent to my breath

9). It is always better to be alone than with the bad company

10). I don’t think people cares me when I die

5). Situational WhatsApp Status Ideas

When you are up to something or traveling somewhere then you can put your WhatsApp according to the location along with a display picture of the place.

These Whatsapp statuses really compliment your display pictures. You can use such Whatsapp status ideas according to the situation. These can be short or long enough to describe everything. It depends upon you that how do you want to keep it.

If you are going to have exams then you can put your WhatsApp status as exams and it will help your peers to know that you are busy and they would not disturb you.

No need to make long calls, no need of texts to everyone, all you need to do is just put a status and free from all the worries.

1). Never try to put your happiness in someone’s hand

2). Never under estimate the persons you see

3). I wonder the time you spare for me, thanks a lot

4). Your lie “I love you” is the prettiest one for me ever, which ringers in my ear

5). Pain also can’t be measured, though you feel it

6). Don’t think Sitting alone in the room is a waste, poets, writers and painters do spend years together alone in the room to get perfection to their work

7). It is a waste of time to argue with an idiot

8). Don’t confuse with the attitude and the personality

9). Hide your pain behind your smile and make everyone happy, though it is very hard

10). Don’t be jealous by seeing others wealth, which makes you unrest rather.

6). Love WhatsApp Status Ideas

When you are in love you just want to tell it to everyone. The medium can be anything.

Be it facebook or other social media, all you want to do is just tell the whole world that you have got the best feeling in the world.

If you are saying it to everyone then why not WhatsApp be your medium too. You can put the lovely status to express your love for your soul mate.  And for expressing your love you can use the love WhatsApp ideas.

You can put the romantic lines of soft songs as your love WhatsApp status. Also you can put the heart emoticon as your WhatsApp status. They really work to express your love without even saying anything.

1). I never stop caring you, but if you decided to push me out, I will move

2). You are always in front of me, I can’t stay without you presence

3). Without you, I feel like I am in the desert

4). My life without you is just imperfect

5). Darling please burn all my worries with your sweet words

6). Realized how much you loves me, thank you darling being in my life

7). When you are away from me I thought of telling you so many things, but when you are in front of me my mind becomes black.

8). Darling just hear my words through my heart, which I can’t express my love to you

9). Be open to me and express your love which I really love to hear it

10). It is the happiest thing to see your face when I wake up early in the morning

7). Sad WhatsApp Status Ideas

If you are feeling really sad or faced a heart break then you do not feel like talking to anyone. You just feel like the world has come to an end for you.

You just keep on crying every time. And in such a situation even the updates of your social media accounts changes.

Suddenly you start putting sad and heart breaking quotes as your status over facebook and Whatsapp. For such sad WhatsApp ideas you can use the heartbreaking quotes or lines of some sad songs.

You can also use the sad smiley for your WhatsApp status.  Or you can simply use short WhatsApp status ideas as feeling lonely or feeling like crying for the sad WhatsApp status.

1). If you fall in love then be ready for the tears

2). Missing someone is the worst feeling ever

3). If you are in love, you will have horrible pain

4). I don’t to learn which I don’t like

5). Life has up and downs like a roller coaster, it is up to you whether you enjoy it or not.

6). Your pain tells you that you are still alive

7). It’s pain full when comes to you that you are happy without me

8). You just can’t fulfill all your family needs

9). It is difficult to pretend as if you love, one day the truth comes out

10). Be calm and do things

11). The surprised thing is two lovers get separated, if love is there no question of separate whatsoever may be

8). Friendship WhatsApp Status Ideas

Move over the love it is the time to say thanks to your friends. Friendship is the most special bond because every relation is given by birth but friendship is something that we choose on our own and this relation does not demand anything.

They always support you in every situation, and now it is your time to say thanks to them without even saying anything.

All you need to do is just put a cute friendship or thanksgiving status for them and tell them that how much special they are for you. Sometimes it is important to let people know their importance in your life. And when it is friendship then it is never late.

1). Friendship can’t be measured.

2). I can’t measure the worth of my friend

3). Friends are the one who helps in troubles

4). A real friend is the one who helps when needy

5). A real friend never finds faults in you

6). Good friends care for each other

7). Close friends understand each other

8). True friends stay forever

9). A real friend never leaves you what the matter may be

10). A real friend share the most memories

11). You will find yourself in your friends

12). We all need a real friend in life

13). A real friend is equal to 100’s of relatives

14). Like doesn’t as love, it can be a friendly nature

15). Friendship is the only ingredient which smells fresh all the time.

9). Whatsapp Status Ideas for Events

It is something special and you want to make it more special then WhatsApp is just the perfect thing for you.

You can put a Whatsapp status for some events. Like if it is Christmas or new year and you are in no mood to send a separate message to everyone then putting a WhatsApp status is just the perfect thing for you.

You can just simply put a Whatsapp status and wish everyone just by a single status.

Here we go.

1). Happy Holi to my all dear friends!

2). Wish you and your family prosperous Diwali!

10). Birthday Whatsapp Status Ideas

It is your friends or someone special’s birthday and you want to do something special for them.

Buying expensive gifts is not just enough these days. If you want to do something different for them then you should opt the cool WhatsApp ideas for them.

For this all you need to do is put their photo as your WhatsApp display picture and then put a Whatsapp status for them to wish them a happy birthday.

And keep on changing the display picture and status for them throughout the day. They will surely notice your efforts and they will love all your special things.

1). Happy Birthday My Dear Friend! 

2). Wish you super duper birthday!

3). Have an amazing bday!

4). I am so happy, you are my friend, without you, my life becomes boring. Happy Birthday Stupid!

5). Happy bday honey!

Inspirational Whatsapp Status Ideas

1). Opportunities don’t come to us, we make them

2). Please don’t give up, beginning is always the hardest one

3). Love the work you do and it become easy for you

4). Thousand miles journey starts with a single step

5). You must keep moving by balancing the situations

6). I will win, may not be immediately but definitely

7). We born to express not to impress

8). Don’t try to impress other you may lose your reality

9). Dreams are the pillars for your future, built it strong

10). You may not be perfect, but you are awesome

I hope you enjoyed this post about whatsapp status ideas. if you liked these cool and funny whatsapp status ideas, don’t forget to your followers.

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