25+ Birthday Gifts for Sister (Perfect Collection)

Birthday Gifts for Sister: A sister is the first friend that we make. Whether you are a guy or a girl, having a sister is like having thousands of friends around you. For a guy, a sister is her guarding angel. She saves him from dad’s scolding. She hides all his mistakes with a warning of not doing it again. But when you do the same mistake again then too she saves you.

For a girl, a sister is her best friend. She can share each and everything with her. Being of the same gender, they share a great understanding and maturity level. Having an elder sister is like having another mother. And having a younger sister is like having a crime partner 24X7.

There is no way that the role of a sister can be replaced with any other relation. So value her presence in your life.

Fight with her but do not say anything which hurt her emotionally. Make fun of her but not that much that it demoralizes her. Make her feel loved and special when needed. And live the life at its fullest with her. Because no one can ever replace the place, she has in your life.

Life is small, and it gives very few chances to shower your love on the loved ones. So do not miss even a single chance to celebrate the special moments of life. Be it the achievements of your sister or the other occasion. Do not leave any stone unturned to mark the date for her.

In the complexity of life, many times we do not get enough time for the family members. And after getting married, it becomes totally impossible too. But this is the time to take an initiative. This is the time to find the space of love for your sister. No matter how successful you become, the teasing of a sister can never be replaced by any other entertainment.

So this is the time to make your sister feel on the top of the world on her birthday. If you are not able to figure out that what should be gifted, then here you go. You can take help from us.

25+ Perfect Birthday Gifts for Sister

Here are the amazing birthday gifts for sister. These ideas are for both the situations that whether you are earning or non-earning. These are the ideas which are under the budget of yours. And you can easily afford them too.

All the birthday gifts for sister are unique and different from one another. They can be picked according to the taste and choice of your sister. Let’s make a move and surprise your sister on her birthday this time.

birthday gifts for sister

1). Personalized Greeting Card

Birthday Gifts for SisterThe most easiest and simple birthday gifts for sister can be a greeting card. You can get these greeting cards from any gift store. Renowned chains like Archie’s Gallery also provide some great variety of greeting cards. You can get such cards easily from anywhere. You can get a “best sister” card or “a sister like a friend” card on the birthday of your sister.

You can add your own creativity in the birthday gifts for sister. You can make the greeting card look more personalized. In fact girls like those things more which give them a personal touch of feelings. They love such small things a lot. It means a lot to them if you do something on your own for them.

You can make a greeting card on your own. This would look totally emotional to your sister. You can add some of the candid photographs in such greeting cards. You can also write such moments which were so special to her. There are a lot of ideas available for the birthday cards on the Internet. You can take some inspiration from them too. And if you have something of your own then you can add some modifications in it too.


2). Hand Bag

Birthday Gifts for SisterHand bags are the love of every single girl. So it can be one of the most perfect birthday gifts for sister. There are different types of hand bags available in the market. You must be known to the taste of your sister. The right color and design of the hand bag should be selected for your sister.

Apart from the hand bag, you can also gift a sling bag or bag packs to her. There are numerous cute hand bags available. You can buy them either from the shop or from online stores too. They have a huge variety in them.

There are a lot of brands in the hand bag which can be used as the birthday gifts for sister. Brands like capresee, Baggit, Gucci, Charles & Keith, Jimmy Chu and many more are there for hand bags.  These brands are very cool and impressive to be used for the gifts. Hand bags can be a smart choice to be used as the birthday gifts. They are very useful to carry all the day to day things for a girl.


3). Memories of Old Days

Birthday Gifts for SisterYou must be thinking that how can you gift her memories of old days. These are the memories that you two have together. Being a brother, you must have been protective towards her. And being a sister, you must have been like a friend to her. But if you do some creativity then it can become one of the most beautiful birthday gifts for her.

You must be thinking that what I am talking about?

Then here is the perfect idea for you for the birthday gifts for sister. You can pick some of the old photographs and videos to prepare the best birthday gift for her ever. You can get some hard copies of the old black and white photographs and then get them stick to the wall of her room. You should do this while she is not in her room.

You can also prepare a slide show or short movie. All you need is the soft copies of the photographs and the videos too. You can add some of the songs in it. And then prepare a short documentary on it. Play the documentary at midnight on her birthday to give her the best surprise of her life.


4). Gift Basket

Birthday Gifts for SisterIf you are not having much time to do something special for your sister, then you can go for this. It takes some time to prepare the handmade things for your sister. But because of some situations, you cannot do it sometimes. This perfect gift basket can make it up for you as the birthday gifts for sister. It has all the things which a girl likes. If not the prepared one then you can get her a gift basket prepared on your own.

Now you must be thinking that what are the things which should be kept in the gift basket?

Then here is the simple list of the things which should be included in the gift basket. You can include the things like different types of chocolates. A dark chocolate, some candies, and some yummy chocolates are the essentials. A cute diary, girly kitty pen, some yummy cookies, and many other things according to her taste can be kept.

You can also do some modifications in the basket. A small greeting card can also be kept along to make it the perfect birthday gifts for sister.


5). Musical Jewellary Box

Birthday Gifts for SisterEvery girl has the biggest problem of keeping her accessories and jewellary at right place. Sometimes her neckpieces end up tangling in each other. As a result one of the neck pieces gets brutally damaged. Many a times she has to give away her favorite accessories because of the damage. But now she would not have to bear it any more.

You can get her a beautiful solution of this problem.

You can present a musical jewellary box as one of the birthday gifts for sister. This would help her in keeping her favorite jewellary with utmost care. And the mechanism of the box is like whenever you open this, it plays a specific music. This would be like the icing on the cake.

It can be one of the most beautiful birthday gifts for sister from you. You can select the music as her favorite one or as the birthday song too. You can also add more than one musical symphony to the box to make it more creative. Each time she will open up the box, she is going to remember you for this.


6). Spinning Cosmetic Organizer

Birthday Gifts for SisterThere have been times when you and your sister would have been fighting over the issue of her cosmetics. Because of the less space, she just put her cosmetics here and there. And being a brother it bothers you the most. Because it takes a lot of time to find yours in her. But now you can help her in arranging her cosmetics properly in less space.

There are a lot of things for that in the market. But you can buy her a spinning cosmetic organizer as the birthday gifts for sister.

It comes with different rows for different types of products. She can arrange the products according to her wish. It has spinning mechanism which means just by spinning it she can get the things she wants. It makes it more comfortable and easy to use. It is the best product to use the lesser space smartly.

You can choose the color and designs according to your wish. This can be one of the nicest and smartest birthday gifts for sister. Now you guys would not be having any more fights over the issue of finding personal products.


7). Instax Mini Camera

Birthday Gifts for SisterYou must be thinking that why I am suggesting a mini camera in this age of smart phones and digital camera.

Then here is the answer. If you want to gift something unique to your sister on her birthday, then this can be the one. A camera with which gives you images instantly can be cooler than the digital camera and smart phones.

It happens that soft copies of the pictures can be deleted by mistake. But hard copies always stay with you forever. There are no chances that they can be deleted. So while making memories, let’s make them in a different way. It can be one of the coolest birthday gifts for sister ever.

Now you would not have to worry about formatting your phone or laptop. Because you will have your memories captured for the lifetime safely.


8). Sisters Stretch Bracelet

Birthday Gifts for SisterThis is a gift which can be given from a sister to a sister. If you are a younger one and not earning then, this gift would be just perfect for you to give to your sister. A bit of care and emotions can easily overpower the happiness gained by the money.

This is the time to make your sister feel loved in a different way.

You can get a personalized bracelet for her. Engrave something like “sister, friends forever” or “best sister ever” on it. And then give it to your sister on her birthday. This is one of the most unique birthday gifts for sister. Make sure that it should be stretchable instead of the tying one.


9). Smart Media Lap Desk

Birthday Gifts for SisterIt is one of the smartest and wisest birthday gifts for sister. It is really eye catching and useful. It is a gift which is used on a daily basis. It will sort out all your problems of keeping your essentials correctly. You can place the things like mobile phone, tablet, laptop and many more on it. Now you would not be feeling the warmth of the laptop heating while using it. This desk protects you from all the heating of the devices.

This smart media lap desk is specially designed for the usage of the tablet. You can fix your tablet in the desk and then use it through the help of Bluetooth connectivity of keyboard and mouse. It will keep you away from all the harmful effects of the tablet. You can also place your coffee mug and phone on the desk as well.

These smart media lap desk comes in different sizes and variety. You can pick them according to the work of your sister.


10). Alarm Clock on Wheels

Birthday Gifts for SisterThis is one of the most thoughtful and unique birthday gifts for sister. Each day we have to face the problem of getting up early in the morning. Even after putting numerous alarms in the phone as well as on the clock we do not get up. Because we put them on the snooze and dozed off again.

But what can be done when the alarm clock itself would not let you put it on the snooze?

Yes, you got me right. This is an alarm clock with wheels. So when you will be trying to snooze it, it will be out of your reach. And as a result you will have to get up from your bed. If your sister is facing the problem of waking up late in the morning, then this gift is just perfect for her.


11). Foot Massager

Birthday Gifts for SisterIf your sister is the one hard working woman, then this can be the best birthday gifts for sister to relax her. In the strict schedule of every day, women forget to devote some time for them. As a result, they become short tempered, weak and fragile. So, on this birthday of your sister make her feel relieved and relaxed from all the worried of her life.

Gifting her foot massager can be very thoughtful and impressive too.

There are numerous foot massagers available in the market. You can pick any according to the applications and usage. This time, when she will return to home, she can get some time off with herself only. This will make her body feel light and calm. The pain in the feet caused by the heels can be easily relieved through this foot massager.


12). Kitty Headphones

Birthday Gifts for SisterIf your sister has the love for listening to music then picking up the headphones would be a smart choice for the birthday gifts for sister. You can pick up the headphones of Toshiba, Phillips, Sony and many more. They offer the quality headphones and other techno devices.

But here comes the twist in the tale. You can add some modifications in the headphone too.

Give these headphones a cute look according to your sister. You can apply some creativity to it too. Apply some kitty covers on the headphones and make it look cuter than ever. You can pick up any color according to her taste and choice.

There headphones would be the companion to her on every journey and tours. She will proudly display it to everyone and would be so happy by your gesture. Such birthday gifts for sister are the perfect blend of technology and cuteness. Apart from the kitty covers, there are other covers available too.


13). Selfie Brush

Birthday Gifts for SisterYou must have heard about the selfie sticks, but it is something different than that. It is a selfie brush. Along with combing her hairs it will also capture her selfies. If you have a younger sister then it would be one of the coolest birthday gifts for sister. She is surely going to love this new thing.

Selfies are something every girl cannot resist herself from. She clicks a selfie almost every day. This type of gift is just perfect for her.

She can flaunt this latest selfie brush in front of her friends and can grab their attention. You can get this selfie brush from the online stores. It is the latest device, and there is no way that she can hate it at all. Here you will gift it, and there she will be clicking selfies through it.

This is one of the perfect birthday gifts for sister of a teenage.


14). Personalized Pendant with Necklace

Birthday Gifts for SisterSmall pieces of jewellary are always the one which is being adored the most. A small pendant or a beautiful ring can be the most beautiful thing to be gifted. You can also pick one such thing as one of the birthday gifts for sister. Getting her a jewellary would make you feel matured and protective towards her even more.

You can pick a pretty pendant along with a chain for her.

Here is the icing on the cake. You can also make this present a bit personalized. You can do some creativity with the pendant. You can gift her heart shape pendant. Inside which it has her photo as well as yours too. It is going to be an emotional stuff for her. She will cherish this gesture for the lifetime.

You can also get the photo of your parents fixed in the pendant. Pick such material which does not get damaged even after daily use.


15). Personalized Soft Toy

Birthday Gifts for SisterSoft toys are the love of every girl. Even before she actually falls in love with someone, she is actually in love with her soft toy. They have names, they gain all her attention, and they keep all her secrets. They are the one who have seen all the shades of a girl. They are the one who knows all her dark secrets and childhood crushes.

This is the time to increase the number of soft toys on her bed.

Let’s get her one more new friend in the form of a soft toy. There are very less girls who do not like the soft toys. But if your sister likes one then you should not miss the chance in using it as the birthday gifts for sister.

You can get her a teddy bear or Pooh or something else which she likes. You can also make it a bit personalized by doing some creativity. You can print a message on it for her. You can also gift her Disney princess doll along with her name on it.


16). Fragrances

Birthday Gifts for SisterA girl is always recognized by the fragrance that she uses. A bold girl always uses a strong fragrance. A simple and decent girl always uses a mild fragrance. And the one who is adventurous always experiments with her fragrances. So the fragrance plays a vital key to recognizing the nature of a girl.

The fragrance can also be used as the perfect birthday gifts for sister too. You can get her some amazing perfumes of deodorant on her birthday.

It is a myth that gifting a perfume can cause the arguments between the two. But it is just a rumor, and it has nothing to do with the reality. In fact giving someone, their symbolic smell can be something unique and beautiful.

There are numerous brands that offer the best quality of perfumes. It is important to not only smell good but smell good all the day. So quality perfumes and deodorants should be picked for that. You can pick small miniatures of different perfumes. Brands like Gucci, Dior, Channel and many more are there to offer variety of fragrances.


17). Pearl Studded Jewellary Box

Birthday Gifts for SisterA beautiful jewellary box is the dream of every girl. As you know that girls like to show off, so it gives them the perfect show off stuff. These jewellary boxes are studded with the pearls on them. They look amazingly beautiful and pretty. This much pretty that all her friends would be envy of her.

You can get an amazing pearl studded jewellary box as the birthday gifts for sister.

These jewellary boxes come in different sizes and shapes. Picking up the rounded one would be the nicest choice as it looks elegant. These jewellary boxes also come in the set of three. Varying with the sizes they look absolutely stunning and eye catching.

It would make it easier for her to keep all her jewellary safely. It will prevent them from dust and entanglement with each other. It will not only help in keeping them safe but would give an elegant look to your closet of the accessories.


18). Jewel Watch

Birthday Gifts for SisterYou must have seen those funky and sports watches. But according to the latest trend the jewel watch is quite in fashion for the girls. These jewel watches goes perfect with the traditional gowns and wedding functions. These are gems studded watches which are absolutely marvelous. These are the perfect blend of creativity and uniqueness.

You can get a jewel watch as one of the birthday gifts for sister. It will be perfect if you get it in a pretty box too.

You can get such watches through any jewellary shop. There are numerous options available on the online stores too. It would be much better if you buy them through an offline store. It will make sure that you get it repaired if any problems occur. Online stores too offer a lot of varieties in such jewel watches.

Brands like Titan, Rado, and Timex offer great masterpieces of the jewel watches. There are also other brands too which offer these watches on an affordable price. This can make a totally creative and unique birthday gifts for sister.


19). Chocolate Hamper

Birthday Gifts for SisterThis is one of the birthday gifts for sister which can be used in case of urgency. If you have not planned anything because of the busy schedule, then you can opt for this one. Sometimes it happens that because of some work you are not able to do something extra for your loved ones. At such times, a chocolate hamper can do wonders.

There are some small tricks and ideas by which you can personalize a chocolate hamper as the birthday gifts for sister.

It is so much simple yet unique. You can stick a small chit on each chocolate with some messages on it. You can also buy the chocolates written with happy birthday tag. These chocolates are easily available in the market.

Also, add some flowers in the hamper to make it look a bit pretty and beautiful. Make sure that each chocolate is picked considering her choices and taste. And there is no way that a girl can deny to the chocolates. Your sister will be very much happy after having this much chocolates and messages from you.


20). Beautiful Evening Gown

Birthday Gifts for SisterHaving beautiful dresses in her closet is the dream of every girl. This is in the habit of the girls. Whenever they have to step out of the house, they think that they do not have enough clothes. No matter how many dresses they have. They would always want one more. Being a sibling, you can make her wish come true.

You can get her the beautiful evening gown as the birthday gifts for sister.

Get her an evening gown this much pretty that she can wear it on her birthday itself. She would be thanking you for thousand times after receiving compliments from everyone. Make her look the prettiest girl of the night through your birthday gifts for sister.

Being a guy, it becomes too hard to shop for a girl. So here are the tips for you-

  1. Do not get something over the top for your sister. No girl like this.
  2. Find something decent yet classy.
  3. Go for the brands like Vero Moda, Dolce & Gabbana, UCB and many more.
  4. Buy matching jewellery if it is under budget


21). Cute Clutch

Birthday Gifts for SisterMany times you would have noticed your sister, struggling for finding money in her large hand bag. This happens because of the mismanagement of the things. It is not only her. But many girls do the same. They just put their money in the bag and hence it becomes a havoc to find out it when in need.

But now she would not have to do it anymore. And you must be thinking that how can you help in it.

So here is the answer to your problem. You can pick the cute clutch as the birthday gifts for sister. A clutch would solve all her mismanagement regarding keeping her currency. She can out her currency, credit cards, license and many more things in it. It can totally do wonders to her.

There are a lot of designs and variety in the clutches which can be selected. Some have big laces to use them as the sling bags. Some are excessively unique and marvelous. Some are just rough and tough to use in daily chores. Brands like Madame, capresee and many more offer some great quality of clutches for girls.


22). Best Sister cum Friend Coffee Mug

Birthday Gifts for SisterCoffee mugs can also be one of the great birthday gifts for sister. Every day when you wake up, one thing that appears firstly is the coffee mug of yours. It wakes up the brain cells and inspires you to lead the day confidently.

A coffee mug can make a lot of difference in your life.

The things written on the coffee mug can really change your morning completely. So, why not use it as the one which inspires people. So you can get such a coffee mug to your sister on which some nice quote is written. You can also gift her coffee mug on which things like “world’s best sister” or “a sister like a friend” is written.

You can also edit her photos on the coffee mug. A sweet message can also be edited on the coffee mug which will always make her feel special. Serve her the first coffee of her birthday in this coffee mug. It will make her surprised and happy at the same time. This is the time to make her feel luckiest through your birthday gifts for sister.


23). Handmade Photo Album

Birthday Gifts for SisterA photo album is always a nice thing to be used as the birthday gift. It is even more special when you are a close friend or the family member. You know about each and every special moments of your sister. In fact it would be the most useful birthday gifts for sister. Girls are so much crazy about clicking photographs and collecting them. So it will help in keeping all her photographs safely.

There are a lot of variations and modifications that can be done in this scrapbook cum photo album.

You can write some memories along with the photographs. This will let her know that you remember about all her special moments. You can do something else too for her. Stick some of her craziest photographs in the albums. You should definitely pick those pictures which were taken without her acknowledgment. She will be surprised to see them.

You can also make a collage out of them and then stick them in the album. This will be the perfect birthday gifts for sister. Leave some space for her so that she can use it for the future photographs.


24). World’s Greatest Sister Cushion

Birthday Gifts for SisterA personalized gift always does wonders as the birthday presents. They give you personal warmth which can never be achieved through the luxurious gifts. Even a warm hug is enough to melt the hearts of people. These are the things which cannot be replaced by the money.

So you can pick such things as the birthday gifts for sister which always remains close to her heart. These are the things which stays in front of her eyes and always reminds her that how much loved she is.

So, giving her a personalized cushion can be a very nice choice as the birthday gifts for sister.

You can edit some photographs of her on the cushion. And at the back side of it, you can print some birthday quotes on it. Short things like “world’s greatest sister” or “happy birthday sis” can be used for it. This would look totally cute and would rock as the birthday gifts for sister.

As per the creativity, you can get more than one cushion. You can write “world’s” on one, “greatest” on second and “sister” on the third. Along with it, you can print her different photos on the back of the cushion.


25). Selfie Stick

Birthday Gifts for SisterGirls are really crazy about clicking selfies every now and then. They try numerous applications and make their pictures look super hot before uploading them on their social media accounts. They are just so much excited to take photos whenever they hang out at new place. If you would ever watch a girl’s Instagram or Facebook, then you will get to know her selfie look.

So picking up the selfie stick for the birthday gifts for sister can be a nice choice. There are various types of selfie sticks available in the market.

Some of the selfie sticks have auxiliary cables from which they are connected to the phone. Some of the selfie sticks have Bluetooth connectivity too. Some have their clicking button on themselves. And some have their button as a remote which is not connected to the selfie stick.

You can get them from an online store too. And they can also be bought from an offline store. There are also various colors available in them too. Selfie sticks can be such a nice birthday gifts for sister. She will be really happy with your choice.



By keeping the small things in mind, you can get some amazing things as the birthday gifts for sister. All the things are picked according to your budget. If you are a non-earning person, then there are ideas like handmade album, selfie stick and many more which are really affordable.

If you want to do something else then a beautiful evening gown, jewelry box are the perfect ideas for that. If your sister is a bit foodie then giving her chocolate hamper and gift basket would be a perfect idea too.

Kitty headphones, smart media lap desk and alarm clock on wheels would fulfill her technology needs. These would look pretty as well as smart gifts. These are the smart choices for the birthday gifts for sister. You can select any gift but make sure it should be according to the taste of your sister.

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