Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Father

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Being a father is the toughest job in the world. The responsibility of taking care of each family member and the constant pressure of earning well is something no father can escape from. Although, generally people are more attached to their mother rather than father but the reality is that both holds equal importance in one’s life.

Father and mother are those backups of our life without whose support we can never achieve great heights. Whether it is career or love, it is always important to consult them. You may find your father a bit harsh on you but deep inside his heart he loves you unconditionally.

This is just the harsh reality of real world that makes him rigid towards you. But a father is the one who continuously think about the betterment of his family. This is not necessary that he display his love all the time but he never lacks behind in fulfilling his duties towards his children.

If you have not got the chance to show enough respect and love towards your father then father’s day is giving you one such opportunity to do so. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in every year. This is just the perfect day for you to gear up and show how much special he is in your life. This is not only your mother who deserves to feel lucky for having such children.

30+ Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Father

Do not worry about the gifts that you are going to give to your father. We have compiled a long list for father’s day gift ideas. These are easy to find and affordable ideas which will prove to be really useful for your father. You just need to take a look at the list given below and decide that which one is the item that you are going to pick for your father as father’s day gift ideas.

father's day gift ideas

1). Leather Briefcase

Leather BriefcaseAre you bored of your father’s old and faded bag that he carries to the office every day? I am really sure that even he does not like it too. Here is the perfect catch for two of you. You can buy him a brand new leather briefcase as the Father’s day gift ideas for him.

I would not recommend any kind of experiment with the bold colors. As far as the leather is concerned brown and black are always a good choice. They are the best bold colors to keep the things subtle and sober.

If you are buying a briefcase then you should thoroughly see that there must be enough pockets inside it for your dad’s stuff. Pockets for documents, files and stationery stuff are must for him. Such things are perfect to make your dad’s life more organized.


2). Chronograph Watch

Chronograph WatchA chronograph is a special type of watch which works as the stopwatch and also regulates the normal work of a watch. The modern chronograph can tell you the time to even the tenth of the second. It has that elegant look which leaves behind the looks of a normal watch.

There are brands like Titan, Fastrack, Maxima, Timex and many more that offers the best of the chronograph watches. There are digital as well as analogue watches which are totally going to suit your dad. If your father likes the old stuff then the antique chronograph watch would also suit him.

Such kind of Father’s day gift ideas stands out among all. This unique gift will be totally unexpected for your father and there is no way that he can resist himself from wearing it.


3). Travel Toiletry Bag

Fathers day gift ideasAnother Father’s day gift ideas which can organize his tours and travels problems is this travel toiletry bag/pouch. The leather coated bag with the water resistant property would be perfect to keep his essentials safe.

There are a lot of types of travel toiletry bags available for your father. They all vary on the basis of quality, size and colors. My recommendations have always been the rough colors like Black, Brown or military green in context of men. If you know your father’s choice well then you can experiment with something new too.

Just like the leather briefcase, the travel toiletry bag should also have maximum space which is further classified into pockets or sections. This will allow your father to keep up the stuff more manageable and easy to approach.


4). Travel Coffee Mug

Fathers day gift ideasIf your father is always on travelling and trips because of the office work then you should give him something which can ease his trips. Think about something which can help him for a great time being and which always remains to be his helping hand is a great idea.

The Father’s day gift ideas which can truly help your father on the outings is the travel coffee mug. The lid over the mug works as the thermal insulation which keeps the temperature of the thing inside constant.

The hot coffee or the chilled juice, everything prepared for him would remain safe without the fear of spilling it or cooling.  The brands like Milton, Murphy Richards and many more are the perfect options for it.


5). Grooming Essential Subscription

Grooming Essential SubscriptionIf your father has forgotten to pay attention on himself then you can do it on his behalf. He also has the right to groom himself. And keeping that in mind I have come up with this amazing product as the Father’s day gift ideas.

Instead of doing the things all at once you can let him enjoy it slowly and steadily. You can buy the grooming essentials for him on the basis of monthly subscription. With the help of this subscription he is going to receive all the grooming items and other products in the duration of a month.

There are different types of subscriptions which are based on the duration and supply. You can decide the subscription and the brands either through the online shopping sites or through any offline store easily.


6). EDC Kit

EDC KitYou must be thinking that what is the meaning of an EDC kit? Then let me tell you that the EDC is the Every Day Carry Kit. Such Father’s day gift ideas are something that your father may need a lot of time. Instead of wasting his time for finding the things differently, he can now access them together.

This is just a simple and easy tool which will surely help your father a lot. This cool accessory would look perfect for your father. This kit is comprised of a Key Smart, a screw key, and a USB key.

Now, there is no need to describe the importance of all these little tools in one’s life. They are made up of the blackened steel which means that no need to worry about the damage or corrosion problem.


7). Sleek Leather Wallet

Slim Leather WalletAnother important accessory for a man who wishes that his wallet do not make an odd shape into his pocket is this slim leather wallet. You must have seen this hundreds of times that the wallet your dad is using has become very old and outdated on the basis of looks and usage.

This happens because your dad never pays attention on his needs and necessities. But sleek leather wallets are completely different and would sort all the wallet problem of your dad. It has perfect place for keeping his cards, money, license and other important document safely.

The best part of such Father’s day gift ideas is that they still remain slim in the pocket keeping the look flamboyant and stylish. And when all his stuffs will be organized then using them will not be a mess.


8). Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VRThe Samsung Gear VR is perfect for the dad who is a tech freak. Usually after being old people miss the fun in their life and blame their restricted life style for it. Do not let your dad do the same.

Let your dad enjoy the virtual world with the help of this virtual reality viewer. Movies that have exceptional sci-fi technologies in them would look as if they are happening around you. they can be easily operated with the help of smart phone.

I would strongly recommend this exceptional master piece of technology for your dad to keep up with the latest technology. This amazing Father’s day gift ideas for dad are also Netflix and Hulu enable too which means no end to the fun.


9). Classy Metal Oversized Watch

Fathers day gift ideasIf you think that less is the new more then you should rethink because the perfect and glamorous looks of the oversized watches are ruling the world right now. You must have seen that underrated and old watch in the hand of your dad many a times. But now this is the time to change his perception towards modern day accessories.

This is one of the classiest Father’s day gift ideas for your dad. If you are confused about the brands then you can go for Fastrack, Titan, Rado, Timex, Fossil and many more. There are also some expensive and exclusive collection of the over sized watches by international brands.

To make such presents look more presentable you can do some homework. Get the case of the watch covered with some exciting father’s day message sheet which will add some extra efforts of yours in it.


10). Leatherback Notebook

Fathers day gift ideasThis is not something ordinary or quite normal that you are thinking it is. This is actually a complete package under leather covering to protect the belongings of your dad nicely with a grace. This is a complete space provider for not only a diary but for keeping many of his documents and small things safe and sound.

It has different sleeve for keeping card and cash safely. Your father can keep his notebook and pen in it too.

Its exceptional space for keeping the things well arranged is really commendable and superb. This is one of the most perfect Father’s day gift ideas. It is the right time to update the living idea of your dad and transform it into something more impressive.


11). Insulated Bottle

Fathers day gift ideasIf you are thinking that this product is something very ordinary or mainstream then you are totally wrong because this is something that your father needs a lot but you never noticed.

The constant changing weather required a lot of things to stay warm or stay cool. This can be the hot coffee in the chilling winters or the cool fruit juice in the warm summers. Keeping that in mind this insulated bottle would make one of the most perfect Father’s day gift ideas.

There are a lot of brands like Murphy Richards, Milton and many more that gives you the best of this product. It is totally cost efficient and if you are a kid then you can arrange this product in your pocket money only.


12). Laptop Sleeve

Fathers day gift ideasTo keep the gadgets of your dad safe and secure you must secure them with perfect solution. For this you can select the laptop sleeve for his laptop as the Father’s day gift ideas.

This is father’s day and you must pick such type of laptop sleeve which has a father’s day message on it. For a change you can also get the photo of you with your dad edit out on this laptop sleeve too. You can select sleeve for the other gadgets like iPad or Macbook too.

This is the best idea to carry out on the father’s day and to keep his electronic gadgets safe too. It would keep his gadgets look cool and colorful all the time no matter how much time may pass.


13). Power Bank

Fathers day gift ideasThe most important thing for a person who is involved in business meetings and office work is his smartphone. No doubt your father must have a lot of work handled by his phone To keep him connected to everyone it is important that his phone must be in the working condition all the time.

But the main problem with the smart phone is its battery condition. In the upheaval times of the business it becomes double essential to keep up with the phone all the time. From calling his colleagues to checking important mails it is important that the battery of his phone must be fully charged. And that is not a big deal in today’s world.

You can pick a high capability power bank for him. It is like the most thoughtful Father’s day gift ideas.


14). An Adventurous Outing

Your dad has always been the one who took you to the exciting outings and adventurous trips. But has he ever considered it for him with his friends?

If he has not been to any adventurous outing from a long time then this is the right time to arrange one for him on this father’s day. All you need to do is plan an exciting outing for him along with his friends. This outing must be comprised with all the things that count on his wish list. This will make his day just the perfect one. It would be the most perfect Father’s day gift ideas.

For the instances you can include the camping, cliff riding, trekking and many more in this package. You should also consult with his friends before so that they can take some time out from their schedule for this.

15). Whiskey Wedge

Fathers day gift ideasIf he is a cocktail as well as whiskey lover then this is just the perfect Father’s day gift ideas for him. This can sometimes be a struggle to keep the whiskey cold for your dad and addition of bulk ice saturates it. But now this problem can be easily solved.

Gift your dad the whiskey wedge on this father’s day. It gives a different slot for inserting the ice. This slot prevents the whiskey to get saturated and also keep it cool. This slot is wedge shaped and that is why it is called whiskey wedge. To celebrate his love for a great drink it is necessary to get him one. This whiskey wedge is totally affordable and can be easily ordered from online shopping sites.


16). Superman Beer Mug

Fathers day gift ideasYour dad has always been the superman of your life. No matter what time it is but he has always been there for you in every situation. So to celebrate the spirit and love for your dad it is important to value him in a different way.

Get the jumbo size beer mug and make sure that it is the largest one. And if you are not able to find anything big then you can get it done on special order. If you think that beer mug is too ordinary for Father’s day gift ideas then there is a catch right here.

In the next step you need to engrave the mug with superman tag along with his name on it. It would make your gift different from the randomness. It is just the perfect stuff for your dad on the occasion of father’s day.


17). Tablet

Fathers day gift ideasFor a hard working person like your father, a tablet can be one of the most perfect Father’s day gift ideas. A tablet can be really helpful in all his office work and many more too. For his leisure time he can play different games in it. And it is really compatible to use numerous apps which may seem a bit difficult to use in our cell phones.

As per the price and brands is a concern then you having numerous options in it. If you want an affordable tablet then brands like Samsung and Lenovo are something that you can go for. If you want to focus on the quality then iPad are also a great option.

By connecting the auxiliary keyboard and mouse, it can be used like the laptop itself. It will increase the ease of accessing of a tablet to a higher and professional extent.


18). Gym Subscription

This is one more step towards the fitness of your father. If you are seeing him getting obese day by day then getting him a gym subscription as Father’s day gift ideas would be perfect. The robotic life styles of the people make them sit in the office and work like hell. It ultimately results in the obesity and mental stress.

It is really important to pay attention towards the drowning health of your dad before it gets too late. Gifting the gym subscription is such a nice and thoughtful present. Make sure that the gym subscription should be of at least three months. This much time is required to get a person in shape.

The gym should have the proper machines and proper diet plan too. Try to choose for such gyms which are joined by his friends. It will make him feel more comfortable out there.

19). Projector

Fathers day gift ideasYou must be thinking that how can projector be such a nice choice as Father’s day gift ideas?

Then you need not worry about it at all. If your father wants to move on with the technology in his hands then you should totally go for this gift for the father’s day. Getting him a projector as gift would be the best thing ever for him.

To enjoy the love for movies, projector is the perfect device for it. Now instead of going for a movie outside he would prefer to watch it at home on the projector. It will give a thrilling experience of watching movies or some other videos at home.

There are a lot of projectors available in the market. But choosing the right one is really necessary. You can choose the Epson Projector for it. As it is one of the best quality projectors. There is a cardboard projector too. This is totally affordable and its working is easy too.


20). Golf Kit

Fathers day gift ideasJust like your mom you too would have felt annoyed with the habit of your dad to spread his golf equipments here and there. But still it is the most favorite game that is played by your dad on the weekends. It can be out of interest or out of friends. But your dad is not seems to be ready to leave the golf at any point of time.

If he loves to play golf with his club people then golf kit can be the perfect Father’s day gift ideas. But now the question arises that how to select the best golf kit?

You can get a wooden golf kit for him. It is one of the finest golf kits that one can have. It comes with the set of various equipments in it. a golf ball, wooden golf clubs, ball markers, wooden tees, and a perfect golf bag to carry these things are a perfect gold kit.


21). Leather Flap over Case

Fathers day gift ideasIf your mom is irritated with the habit of your dad to lose his things every time he goes on a holiday then here is your solution. It happens that he place his razor somewhere else and the shaving cream somewhere else. But now he can arrange them all in a single case.

You can buy a leather flap over case as one of the Father’s day gift ideas. This is perfect for the office use too.

He can keep his office files, purse, keys, cards, pen and many other things in this case. This case is suitable to keep the heavy things like tablets too. Now he would not have to lose his pen drives and hard disks because they can be kept safely in this leather case. This piece of awesomeness is just perfect to keep all the important things of your father.


22). Luxury Pen

Fathers day gift ideasIf you are in no mood to consider it then let me assure you that you should also get a luxury pen for him. There are a lot of types of pens available in the market. Some are just like the usual ones but some are really luxurious and classy.

There are the options of choosing between fountain pen and ball pen too. You can choose from the brands like Pierre Cardin, Park Avenue and many more. This can be a perfect Father’s day gift ideas.

These luxury pens are really durable and classy too. They look perfect when teamed up with the three piece suit. It makes you look more sophisticated and gentleman. It is one of the classiest gifts that can be given to your father.


23). Tie

Motorized-Tie-RackTie is another piece of cloth which is really important to complete the three piece suit of a man. The classy gentleman look cannot be achieved until it is complimented by the stunning tie. There are a huge variety of ties available in the market.

Apart from the ties, bow can also be used as the Father’s day gift ideas. Ties like plain tie, lined tie, check tie are always in fashion. Brands like Louis Phillip, Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani and many other offers you the quality ties.

For making this gift more memorable, you can also print the name of your dad on it. This will give a personalized touch to your efforts. You can get him more than a single tie. It will compliment all his shirts and would make the nicest gift for him.


24). Classy Shirt

Classy attires are always the nicest choice as the Father’s day gift ideas. For the men clothing line you can either go for the material of fine quality to get it stitched or you can also go for the readymade garments too. It all depends upon the choice of your father.

There are various brands of the raw material available if you want to stitch the shirt. Brands like Raymond’s, Linen Club, Polo and many more offers the best quality of materials. And if you want a readymade shirt then you can go for the brands like Louis Phillip, US Polo Association, Crimson Club, Jack and Jones, Levi’s and many more.

This shirt should be totally formal. Sophistication is really necessary in the terms of clothing. This is how you can get the perfect gift for your father on this father’s day.


25). New Smartphone

SmartPhoneIf your dad is making excuses every now and then to not buy a new smart phone then you can be the one to get him that. This can be a really wise move to get him a new smart phone as the Father’s day gift ideas.

In this modern world it is really important to stay updated with the technology. So, you should also make your father upgraded with every new gadget and devices. It is so affordable to buy the smart phones these days. And you should be the one taking advantage of this fact.

You can pick any smart phone from the trusted companies like Samsung, Micromax, Apple, Motorola and many more. It is so important that you get such phone which has proper data storage capacity. And make sure it has a great front and rear camera too. This is what required the most these days.


26). Handmade Greeting Card

Fathers day gift ideasAbove all the materialistic things, what counts the most is your love for your father. This is what needed the most to maintain the perfect relationship between you and your dad. Something the handmade stuffs always excel all the remaining gifts that you buy from someone.

You can make greeting card as the Father’s day gift ideas on your own. And instead of making so many cards, you can make a single one too. But the greeting card should be simple and should contain various pictures of you and your dad together.

From All his past memories to the achievements he has received, you can add these pictures into the card. If you want then you can prepare a scroll type card too. A message sheet framed in a beautiful square would also look good for the father’s day gift.


27). Photo Lamp

Fathers day gift ideasWhat if you can personalize the light source lying on the bedside of your dad’s room? The unique photo lamp would always remind your dad of the moments that he spent with his family. This is just the perfect Father’s day gift ideas which are simply irreplaceable.

There are many sites as well as shops that do such things for their customers. The price of this photo lamp completely depends upon its size. The bigger the size, the more editing its requires and therefore it costs more than the small one.

For a big size light lamp with photos (25 inches) you need at least 30-35 high quality photographs to get edited on the lamp. This is absolutely affordable gift for you. It would not cost you much and will surely love by your father.


28). The Best Dad Plate

Fathers day gift ideasGiving the personalized touch to each and everything on this father’s day will really make your dad feel special. You can use the porcelain plates as the Father’s day gift ideas. Now you would be thinking that how can you use such kind of plate in order to impress your dad on the occasion of father’s day?

The porcelain plates are just the perfect ones to edit out and convert into a heartfelt gift. There are many sites available or you can get them personalized by a photoshop expert nearby you.

If you do not want to use the porcelain material then you can use the metal plates too. You can use different plates for displaying different types of messages for your dad. A wall with the different messages plates would look amazing to your dad.


29). Classy Watch Case

Fathers day gift ideasIf your father has a great collection of watches then a watch case would be one of the best Father’s day gift ideas. Now he would not have to hustle for his watches in the cupboard. Now there won’t be the problem of watches being misplaced or mishandled at all.

Now he can find his watches kept safely in his watch case. You can personalize it with the help of some art work on it. You can engrave the father’s day message on this watch case elegantly.

This is the best way to cherish the love of his watches. You should prefer the leather work as the material of the watch case. You can protect it with the velvet coating which also gives a luxurious touch to the case and keeps it safe too.


30). Hot Cookie USB Mug Warmer

Fathers day gift ideasIt is a new and unique product to be used as the Father’s day gift ideas. It will prove to be one of the coolest and most useful gifts that you have ever gifted to your dad. And am very sure that he will surely gonna love it and start using it right away.

Usually in the quest of reading newspaper and other chores dads usually forget to drink their coffee which eventually becomes cold. This results in heating it again and loosing the real essence of it.

You can get him a hot cookie USB mug warmer. All he needs to do it just connect the USB of mug warmer with any electrical source. Now just by placing the cup of over it, the coffee would remain warm and ready to drink any time.


31). Clock Safe

Fathers day gift ideasWhy not pick something mysterious as the Father’s day gift ideas this time?

It is so important to have a vault at home. But it should be somewhere where it cannot be find out by any outsider in order to keep it safe from the theft attacks. It should in disguise which is only known to the family members only.

Now you can get something like this for your dad. You can gift him a wall clock safe. This clock seems to be normal from the outside but it is basically a vault from inside. It gets fixed in the wall and creates the illusion of being a simple wall clock. It can prove to be a great gift for your dad to hide his important documents and other valuable items.


32). Smart Glasses

Fathers day gift ideasThere are many people who have not heard the name of smart glasses before. Well, smart glasses are the new product of the evolution of technology. After smart phones and smart watches, smart glasses are now also the part of the group.

Smart glasses are the type of glasses which are used to give the 3D representations of the videos. This effect is more powerful than the 3D. You can see the images floating in front of you when you wear these smart glasses and watch the movies.

This would be the coolest Father’s day gift ideas ever. For the smart glasses you can go for the Epson smart glasses. They give an illusion of watching a movie over an 80 inch screen.


33). Perfume

Fathers day gift ideasPerfume can be such a wonderful gift to present to your father as the father’s day gift ideas. You can also gift him a perfume set instead of a single perfume bottle. There are various miniatures set available on online shopping sites too.

If he would have been applying the same perfume again and again, then you can change the track. Brands like Jimmy Choo, Dior, Channel offers the great deals on the gift set of the perfumes.  It can be one of the nicest gift for him.



Now that you have gone through the entire father’s day gift ideas then you would have made up your mind surely that what you are going to pick for him. Some of the items are easily available on many of the online shopping sites. This will make the delivery even simpler for you. You can order them directly in your dad’s working place too.

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Some are DIY ideas and some of them would really need your time and efforts to carry them out. But the basic thing that you need for all of them is the will to make him smile on this day. Although fathers are not very sentimental or they do not show their emotions easily, but this time he would surely does it. I am very sure that he is surely going to like all the gifts from his children.

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