Best Battery Saver App for Android

Best Battery Saver App for Android: Is your smartphone or tablet battery drained fast? Stop blaming your mobile battery capacity. Why, because, we use it extensively with power killing applications, such as Media Player, Games (think about Temple Run) and other non-mentioned activities eat the battery power.

Even though you are not doing the power eating activities your battery cannot stand up for a long time, because you have not closed already opened application.

Do you know about the background running application?. Android run some application in the background for using other features, which you may not use mostly. If you stop the unnecessary running application you can save the power consumption and works for a long time.

To save the power in your mobile battery, you have to optimize the Android smartphone. As an end level user, you may struggle to do it. Even you know you must spend some time to get it done manually.

You can do it quickly by clicking a single button. You need the best battery saver app for Android. Such application helps you to retain the battery power. If you do it daily you do not plug in your smartphone frequently. The battery saver run and do the necessary optimization and prevent from quick drain out your battery.  

Best Battery Saver App for Android

You are going to know about the great collection of the best battery saver app for Android working smartphone or tablet. Each application carries powerful functionality. Go through it and read the feature in detail.


1). DU Battery Saver & Phone Charger

du-battery-saverMaking your battery last longer with the DU Battery Saver & Phone Charger is one of the best battery saver app for Android. It brings 50% battery life of your Android mobile phone and Tablets, as well as It extend your battery life by the healthful battery charger stage features.

Since the background running apps the battery cannot long lasting, So you stop the background running application by pressing the optimize button and save power consumption. It has Battery Monitor show the usage and life of the Android devices battery.

You know about the accurate estimate of how long battery will be lasting based on your usage like playing games, WiFi, Bluetooth like that. Afterward, you will control the unnecessary activities and keep your battery from becoming empty.

The DU Battery Saver comes a lot of features likes smart pre-set battery power management modes, one touch controls and more.

The Key Features Of DU Battery Saver & Phone Charger:

  • Smart Preset Mode feature allow you to choose the right power balance mode based on your usage. If you need customize the mode that matches battery life and performance.
  • Phone Cooler monitors continuously and disable the CPU intensive application for controlling the phone temperature in a safe level. Such thing protects your Android devices hardware.
  • Healthy Charging Manager is used to charge the mobile phone in a healthy way. Moreover, it avoids from over charging your Android smartphone including the regular power consumption are monitored.
  • One Click Optimization can find & fix the issues that are power consumption problems. It optimizes your mobile settings for better energy savings.
  • You can see the battery power details in percentage or time, as well as show the status of battery life and usage.
  • It boosts the charging speed up to 20 percentage.


2). Avast Battery Saver

avast-battery-saverSave your Android phone battery from draining out fastly by installing the Avast Battery Saver, which is the advanced and best battery saver app for Android. It optimize your Android phone and improve the performance, as well as reduce your battery power consumption.

The Avast Battery Saver detect the high power consumptive apps, So you can think to remove the app from the phone. It analysis your phone usage and historical data and draw a plan when you need to charge the plan.

Furthermore, you will know when will the battery dead and requiring the charge for your phone with accurate estimation of remaining battery timings.

Another notable feature is called App Monitor, is used to checking what are happening when an app is not active. For example, some app load CPU and transfer the data while it inactive also, after seeing the detailed statistics report about app consumption you can decide to delete or use it.

The Key Features Of Avast Battery Saver:

  • Four different modes that is Home, Work, Night and Super Saving Emergency mode. You can choose the mode or switch over from one mode to another mode easily within the application.
  • You can decide to stop or uninstall an app from your phone. Once you stop it remain inactive until you launch it again.
  • You get the detailed report about the Android smartphone consumption usage and help you to extend the life of the battery.
  • In the result screen, you see the total percentage of consumption, CPU usage, WiFi usage, Mobile data usage, Able to stop or uninstall the app.


3). Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

battery-doctor-appsDo you like to extend the battery life of your Android mobile phone?. Probably, you say yes, then you have to install Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) is one of the best battery saver app for Android. The app keeps your battery lasting and reduce to charge your battery often, and it provides the detailed battery information.

It uses the 3 stage charging system for maintaining your battery health and ensuring you do not overcharge. Such precaution system helps to extend the life of the battery than normal period.

You can see the whats are the application and features takes the high power consumption in detail, Based on the information you have to take the action, such as adjust brightness, remove the unwanted apps.

You know the accurate estimation of battery’s remaining time based on the variety of the situations, such as playing games, WiFi on or off and more.

It has come with widget help to manage the battery optimization in a simple way by adjusting the settings like brightness, WiFi and more and manage the power saving mode. Furthermore, you can find more features.

The Key Features Of Battery Doctor (Battery Saver):

  • If you are using the rooted Android mobile phone, you can use the OPM management.
  • The app support around 28 languages, English, Chinese (Simplified and T), German, French, Russian, Japanese, Korean and more.
  • You can schedule the power saving mode based on your situations, such as working, sleeping time, class, and more.
  • Another unique feature is that you kill the running application when the screen is off.
  • The Save power shortcuts destroy the task by one tap and disable the apps, which consume high power.


4). Battery Life Repair

The Battery Life Repair is one of the best battery saver app for Android that does the necessary optimization for long lasting the battery power. It increases the duration of battery better with the advanced technology. So that you do not rush for looking the plugin to charge you mobile phone frequently every day.

Start using the Battery Life Repair help to sustain your battery life and improve the battery long lasting. It comes with powerful functionalities to save your battery.

The Key Features Of Battery Life Repair:

  • It has the simple and user friendly interface make you navigate easily.  
  • You can know the latest temperature, voltage details in the information tab.


5). Battery Saver 2

There is a multipurpose app that takes care your Android powered smartphone or tablet’s battery and help to boost the performance of mobile and the name of the best battery saver app for Android is Battery Saver 2. It has contained verify of tools to ensure the long lasting of the battery power, as well as improve the lifespan of the battery.

You can see the battery level in percentage including the battery life. When you watch videos, playing games, Reading eBooks, Standby and based on other circumstances it indicates the remaining time accordingly.

It has contained 8 different utility, such as Memory Cleaner, Life Indicator, Settings Optimizer, Charge Alert, Deep Sleep Mode, Notification, App uninstaller and status Bar power up your mobile performance keep your Android phone battery in a safe zone.  Let’s see more details about the features.

The Key Features Of Battery Saver 2:

  • The alarm informs you when it charged to 100%, 70%, 50%, 30%, lower than the 20% and the On and Off features are available.
  • You can turn off the various function by clicking the one touch button and save the battery power.
  • Memory Cleaner improve the Android performance by killing the unnecessary task with one button. If you optimize your memory it saves the battery also.
  • Deep Sleep Mode stop the data transfer while you are not using the mobile phone. You can cut down the data sync time as desire you with every 5min, 30min, never.
  • The Application uninstaller supports to remove the apps in bulk.
  • It provides you the Battery and Memory optimizer widget for checking the status of the memory and battery level easily.


6). Battery Saver – Power Doctor

As the Battery Saver – Power Doctor comes with great function save the battery and keep long lasting, as well as increase the Android phone performance extensively. Your Android phone run some unwanted apps in the background and send the data even you are not using the mobile, So it drained out your mobile battery.

You have to stop the unwanted apps and clear the memory that will save the battery energy and long lasting. The Battery Saver stop the apps, which is running unnecessary and clear the memory it will speed up the Android and save the battery.

The app supports foreign languages, So if you are not comfortable with English just switch over to your mother languages.

It equipped with the power doctor widget makes easy to access the function quickly and allow you to turn one or turn off various function simply. More feature is coming with the best battery saver app for Android working smartphone or tablets.

The Key Features Of   Battery Saver – Power Doctor:

  • The Deep Sleep Mode optimize by disabling WiFi, Auto-Syncs on your smartphone and protect  from sending data by the some apps when you put the mobile in idle.
  • The remaining time tracker shows the exact remaining time of the battery according to the usage of the game, audio playback, browsing, and more.
  • It supports 17 world languages, such as English, Portuguese, Deutsch, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Maleayu, Turkce, and more.
  • It tracks and show the usage of the each app you know that which apps consume high power based on the data you can choose to force stop, or remove it.


7). Battery HD

Are you carrying the power bank along with you because of your Android phone battery is not long lasting?. You need the best battery saver app for Android mobile phone and save your battery from draining out fastly, Here is the Battery HD do the job for you.

Once, you start the Battery HD app will optimize your Mobile battery, as well as provide you the detailed information about your mobile battery usage. You can utilize the information to understand the usage of power consumption and remove the unwanted apps or adjust the settings according to the details.

The Key Features Of  Battery HD:

  • You can see the usage chart for understanding how the battery uses the power.
  • The Charge Alert is responsible for notifying for charging your mobile.
  • You know how many hours the battery lasting for Playing Games, LED Flashlight, Browsing, Video & Audio and more.


8). GO Battery Saver &Power Widget

A best battery saver app for Android working smartphone or tablet. The Go Battery Saver &Power Widget gains trust from the user because of it hits 15,000,000+ downloads and still counting its numbers. The power manage app comes with the great function to save your battery and keep it up for long lasting.

The finest features of the application are Power saving mode, smart saving, toggle control, power testing and more. Such feature keeps your battery healthy and extends the battery power in a great way.

The Key Features Of   GO Battery Saver &Power Widget:

  • You are informed about the precious estimation of battery remaining time.
  • You know how much the battery long lasting if you turn off the WiFi, Bluetooth and more things on your Android mobile phone.
  • You can do the battery optimization in a just a click.


9). Battery Optimizer: Clean Daily

A best battery saver app for Android from the Intel@ security and the app is Battery Optimizer: Clean Daily. It is a collection of comprehensive optimization tools, such as battery saver, memory cleaning, storage cleaning and mobile data tracking.

The application improves the battery power long lasting and you have a control over the battery usage. You can use to increase the speed of the Android performance too.

You get the battery saving recommendation based on your battery timings, So you can save and know when to charge it. The Auto extend function do the battery saving action according to your settings and preference automatically. Such option makes the process quickly.

The Battery usage monitor keenly tracks your battery consumption usage and make you know what app is draining out the battery then decide to remove it or force stop it. Such report gives a control to use the app during you are in tours.

The Key Features of Battery Optimizer: Clean Daily:

  • Quick Booster is a one tap optimization tool clear memory, free up storage and save your battery.
  • You get the real time status and take the necessary action from the memory, storage, battery and data.
  • Data manage to keep the track records of the mobile data usage and help you to control the limit data usage and avoid from incurring the additional charge.
  • Storage cleaner does the necessary optimization to speed up your Android by deleting unwanted files from devices storage and SD Cards. Furthermore, it clear cached files, obsolete apk files, uninstall the unwanted app, large file remover, which file have more than 10MB.
  • Word language supports, such as English, Brazil, Dansk, Nederland, Bahasa, Indonesia and more.


10). ShutApp – Real Battery Saver

Try optimization boosts your battery power long lasting. Simply, you have applied the necessary optimization with the best battery saver app for Android is called ShutApp – Real Battery Saver.

You can close the high power consumption application quickly with one tap and keep your battery to running entire day. Even if your Android mobile is not rooted it shut down background running application automatically.

The MagicBall makes easy and accessible to close the apps and receive notification quickly. Even your mobile is not active it send data, such thing eat your battery power. You can stop such data transfer by installing Doze apps. And more feature is awaiting to improve the battery duration.

The Key Features of ShutApp – Real Battery Saver:

  • Close the unwanted apps and save the mobile data usage.
  • You can exclude the important apps from hibernation through whitelist it.
  • Block the unnecessary data transfer while your mobile inactive


11). Power Battery – Battery Saver

Power Battery – Battery Saver considers one of the best battery saver app for Android, give up about 60% battery life for Android powered mobile phone and Tablets. It comes with more function that keeps your battery power long lasting.

The Power Saver & Monitor detect the high power consumption apps and indicate you how much battery power you can save if you use the 1tap saving. Moreover, you get an idea about the of power consumption of each app.

It boosts the battery charging with the three-charge stage that are Speed, Continuous, and Trickle. Speed your charge by cleaning memory and stopping high power consumptive apps. It avoid the overcharge and undercharge, which help your Android battery in a healthy state.

You can know that how long the battery will run based on various situations, such as Movie watching, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth on or off and more. According to the battery remaining time, you can watch a video or whatever you can do or save the battery for urgent use.

The Key Features Of Power Battery – Battery Saver:

  • You get the detailed information about the phone details, such as voltage, capacity, temperature and more.
  • Let customize the power mode by changing the settings, such as Screen timeout, Wi-Fi on or off, Screen rotation on or off and do more and save the battery power for long time.
  • You scheduled and change the power saving mode according to your usage.
  • Just optimize your smartphone and accelerate the speed of the devices better than before.


12). AVG Cleaner & Battery Saver

Power up your mobile phone with the best battery saver app for Android and the name of the application is AVG Cleaner & Battery Saver. The app saves your battery power and keeps running long, so you do not charge your mobile phone often in a single day.

The battery saver feature monitor and show you the most power consuming apps, according to the report you can off the app and save the power in emergency time.

You can pause the running apps in the background that also reduce the battery usage gradually, as well as speed up your Android Phone.

You can see the Battery Profile, such profile helps you to switch over quickly based on your situation and save the battery at the time. However, this feature is available as a 30-day free trial. Once you like it then upgrade.

The Key Features Of   AVG Cleaner & Battery Saver:

  • There is four battery profile available that are Low Battery, Home, Work, and Car.
  • You can clear the cache memory data, bad & similar photos, as well as other unwanted data and boost up your Android phone performance.
  • You notify about rarely used apps, based on the report you can keep it or remove the apps from your mobile.


You have seen about the best battery saver app for Android save your battery power consumption and extend your battery life. Each application is carrying great features, such as great estimation of remaining time, battery optimization, and more

A non-healthy battery charging decreases the life of the battery, So, some of the application protect your Smartphone from overcharging and keep it in a healthy charging method.

However, You have chosen a best saver app for Android running mobile phone or Tablet and install it. Soon you will realize the power of power management apps, which you keep out from searching power plug or carrying the power banking with you wherever you go.

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