10 Best eBook Torrent Sites 2022

Want to access free digital books and searching for best eBook torrent sites 2022? If yes, you are going to love this list of book torrenting websites.

From fantasy to history and to science, you have numerous options to choose from and plenty of eBook torrents to try. But of course, for that you need to know about the best torrent sites which specialise in providing eBook torrents to the users. And of course, you can download the eBooks too through them.

Top 10 eBook Torrent Sites in 2022

Now a major concern arises that there are plenty of torrent websites and how you can decide that which ones are the best for eBooks? So, leave that to me as I have handpicked the 10 options of sites providing eBook torrents which are power packed with a huge database along with versatility too. But make sure to use VPN service before browsing these torrent sites.

1. eBook3000

Website: www.ebook3000.com


If you ever wish to get access to one of the most accomplished eBook torrent sites then you should directly move towards eBook3000. Of course, you know torrent sites are a bit annoying because of pop-ups and ads but I am sure you will love the content and database available on them.

This one specializes in providing a huge database of eBooks which belongs to various categories. These are business, newspaper, programming, sports, hardware, novels etc.

You can also search for any eBook through their Title or ISBN easily in the given search bar on the site. eBook3000 does not require you to do the registration process on the site as there isn’t any. You can simply download your desired eBook but make sure to use VPN service to protect your identity.

Along with the necessary information about a book you can also discover a bit of review/description of it too. This is what sets this site apart from the other torrent sites for books as its interface and features are quite beneficial for the users.

2. Extra Torrent

Website: https://extratorrent.ag/


You might be wondering that since when Extra Torrent started keeping up with eBooks torrent too. But well, you need to dig deep for that and get over with movies first. Extra Torrent has a very rich database of books and hence I mentioned it amongst the eBook torrent sites.

You also have optional sign up option here as well which is absolutely free. All the database of the ebook is divided between various categories on the basis of genres.

You can browse categories like comics, drama, educational, adventure and even audio books here. Isn’t it just the right place to feed your book hunger very well? If you want to know that what others are reading then join the community and become a part of an active discussion here.

There are torrents being added each hour and this gives a rapid boost to the database of this site. You can find more than 27K eBook torrents here and more are updated on daily basis.

3. Books Share

Website: https://www.books-share.com/

Books Share

If you are looking for such book torrenting sites which are entirely dedicated to eBooks only then you need to check out this one called Books Share. This one is a very interesting as well as eye-catching website whose interface is something I loved the most.

You can sign up here for free and can also request eBooks on their platform. In this way, you always know that the site has something to offer each time you browse it.

Talking about their database, then it is quite huge and well-arranged too. You can find plenty of categories here like computers, cooking, fiction, art and everything else that you ever wished for. All the books are available in their full version and not only you can download them but also read them online too.

So, basically this site is definitely your cup of tea especially because of its superbly organized database. I am sure you are going to like it way more than other eBook torrent sites for sure.

4. Planet eBook

Website: https://www.planetebook.com/

Planet eBook

Planet eBooks is kind of different from the other eBook torrent sites. It is not clumsy or does not host ads or pop-ups on its platform. But it is for the people who are into classic literature rather than the modern one. This is definitely for someone who not only enjoys literature but adores it.

The site is mobile friendly so you always have the option to access it on the go. You can find the eBooks here in multiple format and hence they support all types of devices.

But what I didn’t like about this website is their categorization because there isn’t any. Although the interface is alluring but they should have made a way for genres here. You are definitely need to be having a VPN service to access their free eBooks collection here.

All the eBooks available here are of high-quality and you can easily download them without even having to pay a penny for them. However, the database is not as diverse as it is on the other torrent websites.

5. Free Book Spot

Website: http://freebookspot.unblockall.org/

Free Book Spot

I am sure you are going to face some issues while opening such kind of book torrent sites but you should always have a VPN service handy for such kind of situations. So, talking about Free Book Spot the it is just like its name which provides a completely free platform to the book lovers to download their favorite eBooks from here.

You can also create an account here for free which is kind of beneficial when you want to add books from your side to the server.

They have this huge categories of genres here like art, architecture, biology, DIY and even audio books too. Apart from the genres you can also find other sections too like most popular, catalogue, wanted, expired etc. What I liked the most about this website is that it does not contain any ads on its server.

However, according to their new policy, books are going to remain free till the next 5 days from the day of their uploading. So, do not waste any more time and get on such kind of eBook torrent sites to grab yours.

6. Many Books

Website: http://manybooks.net/


Many Books is a different kind of option amongst the eBook torrent sites. The site provides both free eBooks as well as some discount deals on other books too. The eBooks provided can support multiple platforms like Kindle, Nook, iPad etc.

The interface is super simple and intuitive and you are going to love the super simple and very to the point theme of the site.

Although the site does not have any policy for registration but you can surely subscribe to their news letter via your email and it is free too. They have over 33,000 free eBooks on their site along with tons of course and educational books too.

As for the database here you can browse various genres like fiction, romance, fantasy, horror etc. You can also directly search for your favorite eBook on their search bar option. Books are provided along with a bit of description as well as rating which makes it simpler for the reader to decide which one to go for.

7. The Pirate Bay

Website: https://thepiratebay3.org/

The Pirate Bay

Do I even need to mention that how beneficial and useful The Pirate Bay is for finding the torrents for books. Of course, the site is a bit clumsy but there is no denying to the fact that you can find almost every single thing on this website and that too without any struggle.

With the rich database of movies and audio, The Pirate Bay keeps up with the database of various eBooks too.

However, there is no direct category mentioned for that so you would have to search for it in the search bar. The reason of mentioning this website on such a low ranking is that the database of eBooks here is not rich and organized enough as compared to the other websites.

Make sure that you are using a VPN service while downloading eBooks from The Pirate Bay. Also, the domain of the website keeps on changing so you would have to keep up with this too. Apart from the general eBooks you can also discover some audio books here too.

8. IT eBooks

Website: http://it-ebooks.info/

IT eBooks

IT eBooks is actually a different kind of mention amongst the eBook torrent sites. It is entirely dedicated to the books belonging to the genre of Information Technology. So, this website is for the tech-savy and geeky kind of people who are not able to afford the pricy books in the market.

The interface is pretty clean and the navigations are quick and simple. Apart from browsing their database, you can also directly search for your desired book here.

On the home page itself, they keep a track of the latest eBooks added to their database along with their review and description. This helps the users to know about the content of the book before downloading them which is a big help to save your data.

From computer programming to Machine Language, there are eBooks available on every single thing related to IT here. In fact, this site is quite beneficial to those college students who are not able to buy books because of their high prices.

9. eBooks Directory

Website: http://e-booksdirectory.com/

eBooks Directory

EBooks Directory is a website which not only provides book torrents but also gives access to documents and even lecture’ notes too. I think every student should know about this website to discover the most useful database required for their studies online.

And you are going to love in here because the site does not host any ads and there are no issues of signing up or pop-ups too.

All the content is available for free and you can go through various categories too like medical books, business books, biology and many more. This is entirely dedicated to the financially challenged students who cannot pay for actual books.

They have more than 10,000 free e-books to offer which are available in about 700 categories. They update their database on daily basis so no books can be left out from being uploaded here. Now, you can also access this website from your mobile too and hence you get the best opportunity to access everything on the go.

10. Free eBooks

Website: https://www.free-ebooks.net/

Free eBooks

The next one in the eBook torrent sites is Free eBooks which is a medium to find the free books for your entire life. You can literally save a lot of money when you are downloading books from their platform because the quality is really good and the format support many devices too.

I think you should definitely join their website through the free sign up process to become a part of their community.

There are hundreds and thousands of categories of books provided here. Some of them are philosophy, textbooks, politics, fiction, audio books and many more. There are various other sections available like great book lists, featured books, best books overall etc. to keep you updated with all kind of books which are trending right now.

There are various USB bundles available of the books and if you are not able to find your book yet then you can search for it in the search bar by its title or author’s name.


Finding free books is not less than digging gold and a true book lover surely knows their value very well. These eBook torrent sites mentioned right above are the best way possible to browse a very large database of books and that too for absolutely free.

Of course, print books are totally different from eBooks and more convenient too but I am sure you would think twice before shelling out such a large sum on just books. And definitely eBooks are tech-savy and way convenient to use no matter where you are.

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