10 Best Amazon Review Sites to Get Amazon Products on Discount

Amazon has redefines online shopping but have you ever considered Amazon review sites for the same? These are the sites which provides Amazon products for nearly free or on a discount price in exchange of a review. Sometimes, you can find the deals offering 50% – 70% discount too.

Over the time Amazon’s customer review policy has changed a lot and the same has reflected on these websites too. So, you might not get as many deals as you used to get earlier. However, each site has its own policy which is further discussed below in a detailed analysis.

Top 10 Amazon Review Sites

These reviews work in both ways as it helps the other customers to know more about the given product while it helps the user who is a writing it to earn some discount and deals. If you are a student or someone having quite a free time then you should definitely try spending some time on these Amazon product review sites and get into the online marketing process for your own benefit.

1. Snagshout

Website: https://www.snagshout.com/


Snagshout is such a platform which provides Amazon discount for review. It provides a connectivity option between sellers and the customers and it somehow helps both of them to earn some profit on Amazon. Sellers get a chance for the marketing of their product via reviews and customers earn exciting discount deals on them.

So, it is a win-win situation for both of them. In order to keep the authenticity intact, all types of users (sellers/customers) are supposed to sign up here.

There can be daily limit on the number of reviews you can post every day. In exchange of these reviews you are provided discount codes which you can use while you checkout on Amazon. Snagshout also provides such deals for prime products too but for this you need to be a Prime customer.

Types of categories whose products are mentioned on Snagshout are beauty and health, kids and baby, media, grocery, electronics and computer and many more. You can literally save up to 50% through Snagshout easily.

2. Best One Review

Website: https://www.bestonereview.com/

Best One Review

Best One Review gives you the opportunity to join their platform as either a seller or a shopper and in this way both the people can enjoy the perks of their platform. Both the membership options are absolutely free and Best One Review works like the rest of the Amazon review sites only.

You can find a huge product list here which belongs to multiple categories like electronics, kitchen & Dining, Beauty, Health and Grocery, Automotive, Home Improvement and a lot more.

Forget about 50% discount, you can find even 90% off on some of the products too. For this you just need to sign up on this platform with your basic information and then click on the desired product as Deal Request and get that product for a much cheaper price than the original one.

All of this works on the basis of the coupon code provided by the seller of that product. This increases the brand visibility for the seller while the shopper can save a huge amount on their desired products easily.

3. Vipon

Website: https://www.vipon.com/


Vipon is amongst those few Amazon review sites which also operate in form of mobile applications too. This makes their accessing super simple for the users and all types of people can use it too. The sign up process on Vipon is absolutely free and there are no subscriptions plans too.

All the products enlisted on Vipon are not from Amazon but from the respective sellers of the Amazon. So, basically this is a more direct way to get connected to them.

You have the option to check out categories like kitchen & dining, pet supplies, beauty & grooming, adult products and a lot more. Usually the deals offer 50% or more discount in form of coupon codes. These codes can be applied while you checkout from actual Amazon site.

Vipon is also one of the only Amazon review websites which works for various Amazon servers like US, Canada, UK, France, Denmark etc. Vipon maintains an excellent interface and also keeps the user updated about upcoming deals too.

4. Elite Deal Club

Website: https://elitedealclub.com/

Elite Deal Club

The next one amongst the Amazon review sites is Elite Deal Club. I know it is hard to believe but you can buy Amazon products through Elite Deal Club on a discount of 99% too. So, this is quite like finding the free products on this website which is just amazing for mass Amazon shopper.

You can sign up here through your email or Facebook account too and it is absolutely free to be a part of this platform. But I think the site is more beneficial for shoppers rather than for sellers.

From hi-tech gadgets to kid’s toys, you can find a huge variety of products listed here. But of course, there is no surety that you are going to get these discount coupons on daily basis. They have certain criteria to serve to the users.

You can only grab one product until 2 pm which can be exceeded to 5 afterwards. In fact, through the weekly promotional offers, you can even get free Amazon gift cards too. Isn’t it just amazing for a shopaholic?

5. Deal Go! Go! Go!

Website: https://www.dealgogogo.com/

Deal Go! Go! Go!

Dealgogogo is quite unique, not only in terms of its name but also in terms of its working too. You can easily find various Amazon product review sites but only a few of them are reliable like Dealgogogo. In fact, this is the only option in this list which is available in form of a Chrome extension too.

All the sellers who post their products here are associated with Amazon and they list a number of products on such sites for their brand promotion.

As a shopper, you need to firstly sign up on this website which is a free process. Then select the product you want the coupon code of and do the required process to obtain the coupon code. It might be possible that sometimes no deals are available, you can simply wait in such cases.

The kind of categories Dealgogogo deals in are baby, automotive, pet supplies, office products, home improvement and a lot more. You can also become a part of their Facebook group for VIP features.

6. Giveaway Service

Website: https://www.giveawayservice.com/

Giveaway Service

Giveaway Service is a platform which connects sellers with authors to get reviews and testimonials on their product. It is a legit option of Amazon review sites which works for free for the authors but sellers need to pay a certain price for it.

The authors or the shoppers also get premium advantage of getting discount on the products too. The kind of products given on this website are electronics, crafts and tools, books and magazines, automotive etc.

However, I feel that Giveaway Service is a more limited type of platform as compared to the other websites. But thankfully, the chances are that you can get products for even free here. And of course, the timely discounts and deals are always there to save your money.

It is important for the author to get registered here with the full details of them through which more and more sellers can approve their work. You are then provides coupon codes which can be used on Amazon site for discounts.

7. Product Elf

Website: http://productelf.com/


Product Elf is the kind of Amazon review sites which works exactly like the earlier option of Giveaway service. This means that it is free for the shoppers but sellers have to opt for the paid subscription option given here.

The subscriptions options are either $17.95 per month or $179.95 per month. Well, of course these are for the sellers and for the shoppers, you can simply register here with your basic details.

So, how you can get Amazon discount for review through Product Elf? Currently it has a division called Ripple Influence which handles this process but you would have to sign up through Product Elf only. It offers deals and discounts on a variety of products like automotive, kids & baby, electronics & computers, toys & games and many more.

Product Elf guarantees you to acquire at least 60% of discount on the products enlisted here. Their services are available world-wide and they even work for Amazon Prime products too. However, you would have to obtain the subscription of Prime.

8. Swagbucks

Website: https://www.swagbucks.com/


Swagbucks is the next pick amongst the Amazon review sites which can be called more sort of an all-rounder. Apart from Amazon, it provides deals and discounts for other services too and can also provide free gift cards for these services as well.

You can start by signing up on their platform which is totally free and then earn points for your various activities. Apart from reviewing the products and answering the surveys, you can also earn deals by watching videos, shop online and search through the web too.

This is by far the simplest way to save a lot on your everyday purchase from Amazon. Swagbucks is also available in form of mobile apps and browser extension too which further boost their accessibility.

Swagbucks focus more on providing gift cards rather than on discount deals and apart from Amazon, you can also find gift cards for Walmart products too. It is definitely one amazing place for both sellers as well as shoppers.

9. AmzRC

Website: https://amzrc.com/


Another recommendation for the Amazon review sites is AmzRC or Amazon Review Group and Discount Club. It provides access to both sellers and reviewers (shoppers) and they both need to create account here before they can start their process here.

However, the service is free for reviewers while Sellers need to opt for the subscription of $19.99 per month to access all the features on this platform.

AmzRC is amongst the most reliable as well as popular Amazon review websites which can even offer free Amazon products to you too. While the discount can be received for up to 60%-70%, you are more likely to find free products here too. But of course, you need to be an authentic reviewer for that.

There are a number of products enlisted here and you can always discover something new every day. All the discounts are provided in form of coupon codes only which can be further used on Amazon’s official site which making a purchase.

10. iLoveToReview

Website: https://www.ilovetoreview.com/


iLovetoReview is the final choice for the list of Amazon review sites. Of course, after the change in Amazon’s policy people were busy in finding better options for discounts and such review sites emerged as great option for the same.

It is completely free to join the community of iLovetoReview and it makes a great platform for both Amazon sellers as well as shoppers.

There are a number of products enlisted here belonging to categories like kitchen & dining, fashion, makeup and beauty, accessories, gadgets and a lot more. I think this site is more beneficial for students who keep on looking for ways to find discount on Amazon’s products.

The community of iLoveToReview cherish only honest review so make sure that you do not create any issues in the rush of finding discount on the products. You can go to their subsidiary Deal Hustl to review the products and earn great discount and deals on your favorite items.


You should not doubt the legal procedures of these Amazon review sites at all. After the change in Amazon’s review policy, they surely witnessed a downfall and some even went down too but they are still into operation and promises great deals on the products.

Apart from the ones I mentioned, Amazon too operates this review service called Amazon Vine but it is invite only. Here new or pre-launched items are sent to the trusted reviewers for free in exchange of honest reviews. But till the time you are waiting for your own invite, you can review products through these sites mentioned above.

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